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"A Life Half Lived" Rogue/Scott/Logan (PG-13) X2 [2/??]

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  • mischievous_angel85
    Disclaimer: Don t own so don t sue. Author s Note: What rating just the f word require... I ve got this story as a PG-13 but does it need to be higher?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
      Disclaimer: Don't own so don't sue.

      Author's Note: What rating just the f word require... I've got this
      story as a PG-13 but does it need to be higher?

      Feedback: Oh! Yes please!!


      Logan's POV

      I knew I'd be leavin' again. But I wasn't sure how long I should've
      waited after Jean's funeral. Maybe I could've waited a little longer.
      No that's a lie I had to get out of there before she got hurt.

      I didn't want to tell her I was going. Ol' Chuck made me, he said I
      owed it too her and he was right, 'for her peace of mind' were his
      exact words. She'd only look at me with those sad eyes and ask me why
      I was going and when would I be back. The truth was I wasn't really
      sure where I was going or when I'd be back. I would definitely be
      back though. I made a promise to her. A promise not easily broken. I
      promised I would look after her and I intended to. That was the
      reason i was leaving.

      After Jean died alot of things changed. Not everything but alot.

      The mansion got redone up real nice again and classes keep going. She
      sat her finals and accepted Ol' Chuck's invitation to become a
      teacher. She of course joined the X-Men, and as much as I'd hate to
      admit it, that scared me shitless.

      She was growing up right in front of my eyes. So quickly. And fuck!
      She was getting smart.

      I think she thought she needed to be. No more staying in her shell.
      If she was going to be an X-Men she had to start acting like one.
      Mind you she looked fucking hot in that uniform!

      That Bobby kid left. I always knew he would. I was the only one who
      would never leave Marie. Not for too long anyway.


      "Logan!" Fuck! It's Scooter

      "Yea?" I growled

      "Do you know where i could find Rogue?" he asked

      "Nup" I knew perfectly well where she was but i wasn't going to tell
      him. Just cos Jean's gone doesn't mean he gets my Marie. And he knew

      "Well, if you see her can you tell her I'm looking for her?" he

      "Yup" I said turning to walk away

      "Oh and Logan?" Fuck!


      "Thanks for sticking round" Fuck, fuck fuck.

      "No problem" Fuck I'm a jerk


      "Ok, so I want all your definitions on my desk by Monday morning, no
      excuses please. Have a nice weekend"

      I knew she saw me in the doorway and as kids scattered from the
      classroom i just stared at her. I finally decided I better say

      "You look good up there kid" I said

      "Thanks, but don't call me kid" she replied

      That's right i thought. You're not the little girl I met on that
      fuckin freezing road all that time ago. Anyway....

      "Seen Scooter lately??" I asked

      "No why?" She answered

      "He's been looking for you or something" I shrugged "Anyway, I'm
      going away for a while ya know... dunno when I'll be back... So take
      care you hear?"

      I didn't want to see the look in her eyes so I just turned and walked

      Later I found a cheap motel and decided to stay the night and try and
      figure out just exactly where i was going. What the fuck? I asked
      myself. You've never done that shit before. You used to just drive
      and not care. Shit you've been with them too long! I thought. Never

      I'm not exactly sure what I'm even doing out here. All I know is that
      Marie would have been hurt if I'd stayed. All the women that I've
      cared about in my life end up getting hurt. Just look at Jean. There
      was no way in fucking hell I was going to let that happen to Marie.
      No fucking way!


      I'm not a religious guy but everyday I send a thought upwards hoping
      that Jean is at peace, wherever she is and that nothing will ever
      come to harm my Marie.

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