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"Midnight Conversation" (1/1) Logan/Bobby/Piotr/Kurt(PG-13) ,X2

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  • wildfire7_us
    Disclaimer: i don t own any of this, no profit is made. Marvel and Fox own the trademarks and all that stuff. Rating: G X2 spoilers Feedback: appreciated, but
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2003
      Disclaimer: i don't own any of this, no profit is made. Marvel and
      Fox own the trademarks and all that stuff.

      Rating: G

      X2 spoilers

      Feedback: appreciated, but be kind this is my first fic.

      if you want to archive this on a site just go ahead, I'll consider it
      a complement.

      Logan awoke with a start. No like that didn't happen often, but it
      seemed the whole school was on edge since Jean had died, no
      SACRIFICED herself for us, her team, her family even. He sat up,
      running his hands through his hair,"Well, might as well go
      downstairs, sleeping seems a bit pointless."

      Logan walked into the kitchen, and found Bobby with a spoon down a
      carton of ice cream. The big muscular kid, "what was his name
      again?",Logan thought, Piotr, that was it, he was sitting on the
      other side of the counter, focused in a drawing he was working on.
      And Kurt was completely oblivious to all of them, holding a rosary in
      his hands, praying in German.

      Bobby looked up at Logan, trying to smile, at least a little, but it
      wasn't easy. Professor Xavier was doing his best to keep everyone in
      good spirits, Mr. Summers had isolated himself, barely leaving his
      room at all, only to eat, on occasion.

      Logan got a soda from the cupboard, and handed it to Bobby, who
      quickly froze said drink for Logan. Kurt noticed this, turning
      around,"Guten tag, Herr Logan", "Likewise, elf", returned Logan.

      Logan looked at Kurt, he was such a conflict in Logan's eyes. Looking
      as Kurt did, he had every right to verbally attack Logan, to fight
      back, to be bitter and down about himself. But, he wasn't, that,
      Logan thought might be Kurt's greatest strength, his faith, his

      Piotr looked up from his sketch, "There, finished." he said with just
      a hint of a Russian accent. Admiring his work, a potrait of the front
      of the mansion. Bobby looked at Kurt, who sat perched in chair.

      "Ummm, Kurt?" asked Bobby. "Yes, Robert?", replied Kurt. "Do you
      really believe in the afterlife?"

      The other three looked at Bobby for a second, Bobby tried to change
      the subject, but Kurt would have none of it. "Yes, Bobby, i do
      believe that death is the final destination for a person."

      "Bunch of garbage", muttered Logan. "What's the use in believing in
      the afterlife if God turns His back on you? Like he has to us."

      "God has not turned Hi back on us Logan. I believe that Jean was a
      good person even though I did not know her well. I believe she is in
      heaven." replied Kurt, who seemed a little on edge when Logan
      challenged the only thing that had kept him alive for some his life.

      Logan looked at Kurt, how could someone who looked like him be so
      naive? "God turned his back on us, when he made us the way we are,
      Kurt. You of all people should know that." Logan said.

      Kurt only smiled, "I was like you once Logan, blinded by fear, hate,
      or maybe even pride. Refusing to put my trust in any but myself. Then
      something happened one day."

      Logan asked, "What you come to your senses and believe that it was
      right?". Kurt said," No, I found God, my friend."

      "Ummm", Piotr and Bobby said almost at the same time. Logan and Kurt
      stopped their "discussion" long enough to look at them. "Got
      something to say, boys?" Kurt asked.

      Piotr started talking. "When I was a child, I grew up during the last
      days of the Soviet rule in Russia. Life was hard, living on a farm,
      but we survived. Then one day, a few years ago, after the fall of the
      Soviets, my sister, Illyana was playing in a field, she didn't see a
      tractor coming towards her; not thinking I ran in front of the
      tractor, and my mutation emerged, steel covering my whole body. The
      tractor plowed into me, it was completely demolished; I, however was
      not harmed at all, not long after Xavier asked me to come to here. I
      sometimes still wonder, why me? why did I have to be a mutant? Then
      one day I realized, There has to be a God, for us to have the powers
      we have. Everyone has a purpose, Logan. we just need to find our own."

      Bobby looked at Piotr, he had never heard him talk that much since he
      got to the school. He began to talk as well. "I'm not sure if I
      believe in God. I mean no offense Kurt, but after what my own family
      did to me, I just don't know if I can trust someone that made me a
      mutant. My family turned their backs on me, their son. And for what?
      Cause I'm a mutant. My own brother was the one who called the police
      on us. How could he do that?" The other three looked at Bobby, he
      seemed angry, bitter, which was surprising for Bobby.

      Kurt thought for a moment before he spoke again. "I understand what
      both of you are saying, but remember Bobby, I was abondoned as a
      child as well. But all of you are now my family."

      Logan thought over what all three of them were saying very carefully.
      How could he not have at least a small glimer of hope that Jean was
      still around, in spirit if not in body? It did feel good to think
      that, even if he still wasn't sure what he believed.

      Kurt said,"Well Logan? Do you think you can have a little bit of
      faith?" Logan looked at him,"Yeah blue, i think i can."

      All four of them started talking into the night telling each other
      their faith, their hope. And just a room or two away Scott stood
      listening. The moonlight catching a glint of his red shades. "Maybe
      she still is here." He thought to himself.

      He heard her voice is his head, " I love you, Scott." He smiled
      hearing her voice. Yes he would be alright.

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