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"A Life Half Lived" Rogue/Scott/Logan (PG-13) X2 [1/??]

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  • mischievous_angel85
    Disclamier: Fox Studios and Marvel own the X-Men and X-Men movies. I don t. Damn shame that is!! :) Summary: Post-X2. Deals with the aftermath or Jean s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2003
      Disclamier: Fox Studios and Marvel own the X-Men and X-Men movies. I
      don't. Damn shame that is!! :)
      Summary: Post-X2. Deals with the aftermath or Jean's departure
      Author's Note: This is my first attempt at X-Men fic so please
      review. I also don't have a beta reader at this point so if you want
      to be mine please email me at nic_nats@...


      Rogue's POV

      I knew he would be leaving again I just didn't think it would be so
      soon. He stayed fro the funeral partly because he knew I needed him
      there. And even though he was there physically I knew he wasn't there

      He didn't tell me where he was going and if it was up to him I think
      he wouldn't have told me he was even leaving. But the Professor asked
      him to. For my peace of mind or something like that.

      And to tell you the truth.... I think I would have been better off if
      he hadn't told me he was going. It's the worst feeling in the world;
      the feeling when someone you love leaves you. I was beginning to
      think everyone around me was going to leave.

      Jean died. Bobby left for college. Logan takes off.

      Anyone else??

      Scott must've sensed what I was feeling after Logan left because he
      hugged me and told me he wasn't going anywhere.

      After Jean died a lot of things changed. Not all things but a lot.

      We returned to a newly renovated Mansion and I sat for most (except
      for the ones Jean taught) of my final exams. Then came the first BIG
      decision. College.

      The Professor called me to his office where he offered me the chance
      to stay on at the mansion to teach classes and become part of the X-

      I accepted.

      Booby didn't.

      I think we both knew that it was never going to last. He will always
      be one of my closest friends but nothing more. I love him deeply but
      only as a friend, nothing more.


      "Ok, so I want all your definitions on my desk by Monday morning, no
      excuses please. Have a nice weekend"

      It was the end of the first week back at classes after what was being
      referred to as 'The Attack' and three days after Jean's funeral.

      I looked up and saw Logan standing in the doorframe. Staring

      "You look good up there kid" he said

      "Thanks, but don't call me kid" I replied

      He looked sad at that. Why I'm not sure. But whatever it was he got
      over it quickly

      "Seen Scooter lately??" He asked

      "No why?" I answered

      "He's been looking for you or something" he shrugged "Anyway, I'm
      going away for a while ya know... dunno when (Or if I thought) I'll
      be back... So take care you hear?"

      And with that he was gone.

      Later I found Scott sitting alone in his room.

      "Logan said you were looking for me" I said softly

      Scott turned around alarmed.

      "I'm sorry," I said quickly, noticing a tear run down his cheek "I'll
      come back later"

      "No, no Rogue please come in" He said patting the bed beside him

      "Can I do anything for you?" I asked

      "No, it's me that can do something for you" he said sadly.

      He held out a necklace with a small pendent in the shape of an X
      hanging from it.

      "I was cleaning out some of Jeans things and I saw this and thought
      you might like to have it" His voice wavered.

      "Oh no Scott you keep it" I said

      "No Jean would want you to have it. I want you to have it. You were
      very important to her. She was very proud of you. Of what you will
      become." His voice sounded teary and I knew he was trying to hold
      them back.

      I took it and I wear it everyday. I wear it the same way I wore the
      dogtags. A bittersweet reminder of what we lost that day.


      I'm not a religious girl, but everyday I light two candles. One for
      Jean in the hope that her soul is at rest and one for the Wolverine
      in the hope that one day his soul will find someplace to rest.

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