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"The Look" (1/1) - PG - Ororo/Kurt - X2

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  • lifefromfire
    DISCLAIMER: Don t own em. Look to Marvel for that. I m just writing little extra thoughts that no one will understand if they don t see the flick, so I m not
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2003
      DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Look to Marvel for that.
      I'm just writing little extra thoughts that no one will
      understand if they don't see the flick, so I'm not really
      taking anything from you. And there's not much you could
      get from me...

      RATING: PG

      PAIRING: Kurt/Ororo (but only in the abstract)

      SPOILERS: Not really.

      FEEDBACK: I wouldn't mind...<grins> I'm a little
      uncertain of this fic. The structure is a different than I
      usually use.

      DISTRIBUTION: Want it? Take it, just remember to give
      me credit and include my e-mail addy. Also available at my
      site, Obsidian Quills:

      SUMMARY: Ororo thinks about Kurt and...biology.

      THANKS: To my beta, kaly, who cannot be blamed for any
      remaining awkwardness. I exercised authorial privilege and
      bypassed several suggestions.

      * * -- emphasis

      The Look
      by Nix

      Ororo has it down to a science.

      The cool, appraising look. The look that can say, "You are
      worthy" or "I am displeased" equally well, depending on
      the curve of her lips or the tightness around her eyes. All
      the while maintaining a sense of utter remoteness.

      When people put you up on a pedestal, you have to be able
      to be able to play the part. If you mess up, Goddess help
      you, because when that pedestal comes crashing down it's
      the person perched atop it that gets hurt in the fall. If it
      weren't for Charles Xavier, Ororo thinks she might have
      shattered completely.

      Charles picked her up and set her back on her metaphorical
      feet. This time she knew better than to get up on the
      pedestal again.

      That didn't mean that she had forgotten what she'd learned
      the first time around. The Look is part of that. She doesn't
      use it much anymore. It makes the students flinch, which is
      counter-productive even when they deserve it, and it just
      rolls over Charles.

      But it's good for taking Logan down a notch or two when
      his ego's getting in the way. And it works when some
      slimeball insists that "a beauty like you shouldn't be out
      alone." Most of the time. The rest of the time Ororo gives
      her hand-to-hand skills a quick brush up.

      And now she's discovered something else that it's good for.
      She watches Kurt from behind it.

      At first Ororo worried that he'd react badly to The Look.
      When they'd first met he'd had moments of such insecurity
      that she'd worried he'd simply...crumple. Then again, he'd
      also put himself in harm's way to help a bunch of strangers
      not once, but several times.

      Here at the school, among friends, Kurt is a lot like he was
      just after she and Jean picked him up - only more so. His
      eyes are always alight, laughing at life, and his feet are
      always firmly grounded in his faith. Metaphorically
      speaking. His literal feet find their way up walls and trees
      on a regular basis.

      In fact, that was the reason Ororo had first given him The
      Look. She'd wandered into the kitchen and, believing
      herself alone, had almost guiltily unearthed a bag of
      brownies from its hiding place in the back of the cupboard.
      A quiet chuckle had startled her and she'd spun, clutching
      the treat, to find Kurt hanging from the ceiling, grinning

      She'd leveled The Look at him almost without thinking.
      Kurt had done a back flip off the ceiling and swept a bow,
      still grinning. And he'd taken a brownie before he left.

      No one had ever reacted *playfully* before.

      Which made The Look all the better for watching him.
      Everyone else just thought she was being aloof. In reality,
      Ororo can't seem to take her eyes off of him. She wouldn't
      *need* a disguise if she could just forget he was there
      every now and then. But she can't.

      It's not the fact that he's blue or that he's shaped a little
      differently than usual. It's not even the tail. Or, rather, it
      *is* all those things, but not in the way most people think.

      Nearly everyone Ororo has met, human or mutant, moves
      in a way that's just a little...rough. Their arms swing out of
      time when they walk or they don't swing at all. Their
      elbows get in the way. They wobble on their feet, or they
      can't lift their eyes off the ground. Their hips sway too
      much, or not enough. They lean forward too aggressively,
      or slouch back, too shy. There's nothing *wrong*. It's just
      the way people are and Ororo knows she's no exception.

      The few exceptions she has seen are almost always either
      dancers or martial arts experts. It takes a lot of awareness of
      how the body moves for someone to blend those
      movements into real grace.

      Kurt is different.

      It's like he was put together perfectly the first time around.
      Like he doesn't have to learn how to move - it's just a part
      of him. Always smooth, always balanced. On Kurt the tail
      doesn't look extra. In fact, it almost makes Ororo wonder
      why *everyone* doesn't have one. His hands and feet have
      strength in them to match that in the rest of his body.
      Despite his lean build, there's no part of him that looks
      fragile. Kurt can do things with body tension that even
      mutant strength couldn't manage.

      Ororo needs to hide behind a mask when she watches Kurt,
      because half the time she can't help wondering what he'd
      look like unclothed.

      What would his muscles look like as they tensed and
      relaxed beneath his skin? How does his tail change the way
      his back and buttocks tighten and slacken?

      She imagines he must be evenly built all over. Mostly
      people, even athletes, have over-developed one or another
      set of muscles. Between the way he walks up the walls and
      the acrobatics he employs in both exercise and training,
      Kurt uses *all* of his on a regular basis.

      The thought makes Ororo want to run her hands over him.
      Just to see. Or, rather, feel. And what *would* it feel like,
      to make love with someone that physically harmonious?
      Would she feel awkward, a mere accessory? Or would he
      bring her inside that feeling, make her feel as if she were as
      liquid as he looks...

      Ororo closes her eyes for a moment, remembering what it
      felt like when he teleported her that first time. Here in the
      safety of the school, weeks after the event, she can lift the
      moment out of the desperation that had infused it at the
      time and remember how closely he held her. She strains to
      recall the split second when they weren't *anywhere*,
      when they were the only two people in existence.

      When she opens her eyes again he's watching her and
      Ororo has to force herself to arch an eyebrow, refining The
      Look a little. Kurt just laughs. "I was a performer for most
      of my life, mein Freund," he says. "Putting me in the
      spotlight, so to speak, only encourages me."

      "Really," Ororo says, with a small smile, and watches a
      little closer.

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