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The Cyclops Awards (Feb, March, April)

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  • CyclopsFearless@aol.com
    This is later than I d planned, but there were a lot of good fic s in April and I had to reread each one several times before I d finally made my decision.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
      This is later than I'd planned, but there were a lot of good fic's in
      April and I had to reread each one several times before I'd finally made my
      decision. Without further ado, the winners are . . .


      Fan-Fic - Orange Misdirection by Blueprint

      A bit short but a nice Scott, Logan piece.

      Writer - Blueprint

      I really like the whole Orange series and I'm interested in seeing
      where Blueprint is going with this. Will Scott and Logan become a couple, or
      will they remain just friends? We'll see.


      Fan-Fic - Paint It Black by A.J

      I don't even know what to say other than WOW! This was a very powerful
      if short fic. I can't wait to see what A.J comes out with next.

      Writer - Phil Hartman

      Phil hasn't actually written any Cyke fic's for a while, to long in my
      opinion :::hint hint:::, but he does portray Scott very well in his many
      Arc's that he's posted to OTL over the years.


      This was, as I mentioned before, a tough month to chose a winner for.
      I managed to get it down to four fic's and had to reread them many times.
      It's taken a while but I've *finally* made my choice.

      Fan-Fic - Trying to Be 5,000 Years Younger by Ana Lyssie Cotton

      This was an awesome fic! It captures Scott's pain and his struggle
      against Apocalypse even after their separation, *so* well. I'd definitely
      recommend this to all readers, Scott fan or not.

      Writer - A.J

      A.J has managed to captured some of Scott's most emotionally painful
      moments quite well. I hope he has more in store for us soon.

      As always, all winning stories will be put up on my site unless the
      author e-mails me (privately please) and requests his/her fic not be put up.
      All winners will be notified privately. Congratulations to you all. Keep
      those Scott fic's coming!!!


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