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OT: Warning - plagiarizer alert

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  • Saille
    On April 30, 2003, a writer named Siona posted an X2 story entitled Forgetting How to Cry to NightScrawlers (www.nightscrawlers.com), apparently unaware that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
      On April 30, 2003, a writer named Siona posted an X2
      story entitled "Forgetting How to Cry" to
      NightScrawlers (www.nightscrawlers.com), apparently
      unaware that I, as Slarti, am also the Nightcrawler
      fic writer Saille. Myself and several other members of
      the board immediately recognized her X2 story as an
      uncredited rewrite of my Ultimate X-Men story "Judas'

      I gave her three days to attribute my story, she did
      not comply and denied her guilt. I hate to seem petty
      about this, but as ficcers who have no copyright
      protection, and admittedly violate copyright with
      every word, it seems prepostrous to feed on a member
      of your own community. I wish to protect my original
      storyline, so here I am.

      Her story and my response, posted at NightScrawlers:

      Her story and my notice in the reviews on

      My story has existed online for a year in its complete
      form and more than a year and a half in its short
      form. It is archived in many places on the internet
      and has been posted in part to the Outside the Lines
      list affiliated with CFAN.

      A few places my story can be found:

      My old fic archive:

      Fur and Brimstone:

      And, finally, the first place the original shorter
      version of my story was posted, on June 22, 2001, at
      the Nightcrawler Monument at Hostboard:

      Judge for yourself.

      I credit Siona the original characters and sections
      which bear no close resemblance to mine, but I feel
      credit should be given where credit is due.

      This notice is posted to warn the fan fic community
      and to protect myself as well as spank a child who
      should know better. Before you judge me harshly for
      doing this, stop a moment and think about if it had
      happened to you.

      Saille Slartibartfast

      "If, in the real world, everyone is famous for 15 minutes, then on the Web, everyone is famous to 15 people."
      - David Weinberger

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