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Cry For Mercy Ch17 based on first X-men movie

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  • Linda J
    I started this fic last summer and I would have had it completed by now if it wasn t for that messy thing called life that keeps getting in the way of my
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2003
      I started this fic last summer and I would have had it completed by
      now if it wasn't for that messy thing called life that keeps getting
      in the way of my perfectly laid out plans!
      Disclaimer and such are all in Chapter 1
      This chapter does however have a very, very strong R rating
      containing M/M slashiness.
      Sabretooth/Magneto pairing

      Chapter 17

      Jean yawned and stretched as she began to make her way up the stairs
      to her and Scott's bedroom. "I think everyone had fun tonight, don't
      you Scott?"
      Scott quietly nodded his head. "Yeah." He quietly said to her as he
      too yawned. "Which reminds me, I have to go check on Sabretooth. I
      left him alone in Mercy's care but he should be in his room by now."
      Before Scott could turn the corner at the top of the stairs and head
      to Sabretooth's room however, Jean grabbed his arm. She was smirking
      like a little girl who had just found a copy of a nudie magazine, as
      she tried to give her beau some helpful advice.
      "Um Scott…do you recall telling me how Victor mooned you the first
      day he was here? Well unless you want to see even worse, right now
      isn't a good time to look in on him."
      Scott paused for a moment too stunned to speak. "You mean…" Jean
      nodded her head to Scott's unfinished question. He then thoughtfully
      asked Jean, "Is Mercy safe?"
      Jean paused for a moment, making sure of her feelings. Slowly she
      nodded her head to his question. "Sabretooth has no intentions of
      harming her. In fact, harming her is the last thing he wants to do
      to her right now!" She joked but then became serious again. She
      rolled her eyes and exhaled slowly before she carefully
      concluded. "Mercy sees a side of Creed that I can't. I don't know…
      maybe there is more to Sabretooth than I want to admit, or maybe
      she's making it all up in her head, but never the less; she wants to
      be with him and he at least for now, wants to be with her. So…" She
      gave Scott a bashful smile. "Let them have tonight together Scott.
      They're just going to spend it in bed any ways."
      Scott smiled almost happy for Sabretooth and he changed his
      direction to walk along side Jean towards their own bedroom.
      Besides, it seemed like Vic and Mercy had the right idea about how
      to spend the rest of the night as far as Scott was concerned. Now if
      he could just convince Jean it was a good idea too.

      "Where in the hell is he!?!"
      Magneto's shout echoed through the underground labyrinth like a
      great bell clanging from the highest tower. Everyone at the table
      knew exactly who Magneto was looking for when he used that angry
      tone of voice and Sabretooth winced as he felt the familiar sense of
      humiliation swell up inside of him.
      Sabretooth, Mystique, and Toad were all sitting around a the same
      small cozy card table; drinking beer, telling lies to each other and
      playing poker- just like they used to. Everything was getting back
      to normal; getting back to the way it had been before Sabretooth's
      failure, which led to Erik's imprisonment.
      He looked up from his hand of cards only to see both of his
      colleagues gazing coldly at him, and then quickly exchange
      mischievous looks with each other. It was as if they were
      telepathically deciding who got to shoot the first insult. Toad
      didn't hesitate for a moment and jumped at the chance.
      "So what did you do this time?" He quipped as he ran the tip of his
      tongue over his very small yellow teeth. "Forget to use the litter
      box again?"
      Instantly Mystique snickered, giving the felinoid a vicious and
      cruel look as she licked her lips; pleased that she had a front row
      seat to hopefully yet another one of `Tooth and Toad's legendary
      Sabretooth growled angrily at his two `siblings'.
      "Are we gonna finish this hand out or what?" He groused at Mystique
      and Toad trying his best to stay calm while ignoring Magneto.
      Perhaps the time he spent with Charles in psychotherapy hadn't been
      a complete waste of time after all.
      Then Mystique egged him on a little further. "Actually Toad, by
      Erik's tone;" Mystique spoke in her natural voice. "I'd say `Tiger'
      must have left another fur-ball in his helmet."
      Sabretooth thought it was odd of Mystique calling him Tiger, and
      especially by the sarcastic way she stressed the name. At the
      moment, all Victor wanted to do was reach over the table with one of
      his massive claws and swipe that shit eating grin off of that scaly
      blue face of hers! But he didn't dare.
      He was still under an unofficial probation period with Erik, and
      violent outbreaks were not tolerated by the Man of Magnetism, no
      matter how entertaining everyone else in the brotherhood thought
      they were.
      Sabretooth also knew his siblings were itching to see him tossed out
      into the cold for good, (or even worse) but he wasn't going to let
      that happen. It was no secret that Mystique was extremely pissed at
      him for having a little vacation at X-mansion while she tirelessly
      worked for the mutant cause, and Toad…well Toad never needed a
      reason to detest the felinoid. But if he could stand life with the
      panty-waste x-men frails, hell, this should be a piece of cake.
      Sabretooth humbly swallowed his pride once more and quietly growled
      to himself. He threw down two cards from his hand onto the table.
      "Gimme two."
      "Two?" Toad, who happened to be this hand's dealer, asked in a clear
      precise voice. "No, bloat I haven't got any twos; go fish."
      That did it!
      Instantly the murderous mutant shot up from his seat with a mighty
      roar! The table toppled over, while cards, beer bottles, and poker
      chips went flying through the air.
      "R-O-A-R!" Sabretooth had his chair in his hands and threw it right
      for Toad's head. "I've had it with you, you little piece of cock
      sucking shit!
      Toad who was also out of his seat, leaped out of the soaring chair's
      way and gleefully watched it smash into several pieces as it hit the
      cave's wall with a brutal force. He cruelly laughed at the much
      larger and very hostile mutant as he shimmied up the wall and stuck
      himself conveniently to the center of the cave's ceiling.
      He looked down at Sabretooth who was feverishly jumping upward to
      catch hold of the little green man with his bare claws. But every
      time Sabretooth jumped, Toad would leap out of harm's way to some
      other part of the ceiling.
      For what must have been a minute or so, Toad and Sabretooth bounced
      recklessly around the room, knocking over everything around them,
      resulting in much chaos and destruction.
      Mystique meanwhile stood back, enjoying the whole show. But she
      quickly changed her demeanor as soon as she recognized Erik's foot
      steps heading their way.
      "Stop it!" She chastised in fake anger. "The two of you are acting
      like spoiled brats!"
      Both `Tooth and Toad abruptly stopped, but only because they too
      sensed Magneto's approach as well.
      "Clean up this mess before Erik finds out the two of you were
      fighting- again…" She then turned around pretending she was just now
      aware of Magneto as he entered the rec-room.
      "Erik!" She mocked in a `glad to see you' tone of voice.
      *sigh* "What are we going to do with these boys?"
      Sabretooth and Toad both glared at her then at each other.
      "So much for a friendly game of poker." Sabretooth spoke under his
      "Never mind that right now." Erik coldly snapped at the shape-
      shifter. "Sabretooth, come with me."
      Funny thing was Sabretooth feared Erik would be even more callous
      toward him now that he had come crawling back to him begging for his
      forgiveness, but as it turned out, he discovered there was no way
      Erik could show less compassion for him if he tried.
      Dutifully he obeyed his leader and followed quietly behind him. As
      they walked through the courtyard, memories flooded Sabretooth's
      mind. He recalled the first time he met Magneto. Ironically he was
      not impressed with ol' `bucket head' but rather it seemed the other
      way around. It was Erik who had made such a fuss of him when
      Sabretooth first came into the family. He marveled over Sabretooth's
      strength, and graceful agility; not to mention his incredible
      quickness and speed for a man his size. For the first few weeks,
      Sabretooth could do no wrong and Erik could not stop praising him or
      fawning over him in front of the other members of the brotherhood.
      Strange thing was Sabretooth didn't catch onto Erik's sexual
      innuendos at first. But Erik was patient as well as manipulating. He
      carefully waited until he knew Victor looked up to him as he would
      his own father before he began to control the felinoid by
      withholding his approval and denying him a father's affection.
      By the time Sabretooth knew what was going on, he was too caught up
      in proving to the old son of a bitch that he was indeed worthy to
      rule as a warlord in Magneto's future Empire.
      He then recalled the first and very humiliating time he actually let
      Erik penetrate him anally. But once he got used to being mounted,
      Sabretooth found he liked getting fucked in the ass- that is as long
      as he got his rocks off too. And that's precisely what caused
      friction between the two men. Where Erik required only one orgasm
      every couple of days, Victor would and could fuck all night, every
      night and well into the next morning if his schedule aloud.
      But apparently those days were over now; since he had returned to
      the brotherhood, Erik had made no sexual advances toward him.
      Strangely Sabretooth had mixed feelings about this. He wasn't in
      love with Erik, heaven's no! But being Erik's bitch did give him an
      inkling of power over Erik. Even Victor knew when and how to deny
      someone a little affection now and then.
      `Guess Blue's got the old man right where she wants him.' He thought
      to him self as they continued their walk through the connecting
      caves. Sabretooth was seriously considering suggesting that he, Erik
      and Blue might some day soon get together for a little threesome
      when they finally arrived at their distention.
      They stopped in front of the cell where Claire was being held and
      looked inside. She didn't seem to notice either of them as she
      continued to draw pictures with the crayons Sabretooth thought to
      get her on their journey to the island.
      "About this girl," Magneto spoke quietly to his colleague,
      explaining his disappointment. "You should have known there would be
      trouble with bringing a child this young and needy here. She's too
      helpless and defenseless to be of any real value to me."
      Sabretooth defiantly spoke up. "She's a survivor, she'll catch on,
      I'll see to it."
      Erik sighed as he looked aimlessly around; mentally rejecting
      Sabretooth's every word.
      "No, I'm afraid that won't do." There was a brief but grim pause. "I
      want you to get rid of her."
      Sabretooth blinked in shock at Magneto's words. Surely he wasn't
      suggesting what those words normally suggested.
      "What?" The felinoid gasped.
      By now both Mystique and Toad had joined Magneto and were now
      staring at him with sadistic smiles on their faces. Apparently they
      knew perfectly well what was being put on Sabretooth's shoulders.
      "You know I am not one who likes to repeat my self," the old man
      warned. "This `gift' of yours is simply inappropriate and frivolous
      to be of any use to me. Get rid of her!" He threateningly stressed
      at the larger but now frightened mutant.
      However, Sabretooth stood there motionless with a confused look on
      his face. He hoped by playing his dumb act again, it might keep him
      from having to comply with Magneto's heartless request.
      "Why?" he then whispered in ghastly shock.
      "Sabretooth," Magneto plainly explained. "You spent a great deal of
      time with people who, well quite frankly have a way of making one
      lose perspective on what really matters in this world, and I have my
      doubts about your loyalty to me…" He quickly turned and gave a
      reassuring smile at the other two evil mutants standing along side
      of him. "…to us that is; and our cause."
      Sabretooth felt sick to his stomach as he understood exactly what
      the bastard was driving at; it seemed the Magneto was willing to
      sacrifice Claire in order to prove that he had absolute control of
      Sabretooth's heart, mind and soul.
      For the next several moments, Sabretooth just stood there silently
      pleading for Claire's life with his eyes. So far Erik had not given
      him any specific orders and Victor hung onto the dismal hope that
      some how he was mistaking Erik's unspoken commands.
      "Sabretooth," Magneto finally said in a calm and even polite
      voice. "Kill her."
      Victor's stomach churned and his heart jumped up into his throat
      while Mystique and Toad, though silent showed much pleasure in
      watching his agonizing torment.
      `Face it `Tooth,' Victor rationalized to himself. `Don't be a
      fool! The girl is now good as dead any ways. You know what'll happen
      if you don't kill her- they will and then you're next on the hit
      He hung his head in shame for a moment, regretting he ever brought
      Clarice here in the first place.
      Quietly, solemnly he walked into the cell, keeping his eyes on the
      frail, but loving and sweet child as she looked up from her
      drawings. He knew that she had been miserable ever since she came
      here but even so she looked at him with such forgiving eyes.
      "Sorry squirt, but you know how it is." He gently apologized to her
      just before his mind went blank. Next thing he knew, he was staring
      at his blood drenched hands.
      `Jesus! I did it.' Sabretooth thought in horror stricken silence.
      "I killed an innocent child." He gasped under his breath. He looked
      up at the three other mutants who had apparently just stood by and
      watched him commit the atrocity.
      "Are you happy now!?!" He angrily, hatefully spat at them.
      Both Toad and Magneto coldly turned and walked away without a word,
      while Mystique casually walked over to him.
      "Face it, Tiger," she reached up and wiped away the single tear he
      shed. "We're not the parenting sort are we?"
      Then slowly, gradually Sabretooth felt him self waking up from his
      nightmare; and for the first time sense he had slept in this room at
      X-mansion, he was truly thankful to be there.
      Sadly, Sabretooth seldom had dreams and when he did he took great
      value in them. Most of the time his dreams involved glimpses of his
      past, and usually the moment he awoke he either wrote them down, or
      at least tried very hard to remember every one of there details.
      This dream however, he was already trying to forget. It certainly
      wasn't of his past; `Christ! What if it's of the future?' He cringed
      in fear.
      `I'm not psychic.' He reminded himself. `But what if I AM psychic
      and all this talking I've done lately with Chuck just…shook it
      loose!' He pondered to himself.
      He decided however that this was too much to think about this early
      in the morning as the clouds in his head cleared away.
      The first thing he noticed once he was fully awake was Mercy's head
      resting peacefully on his chest. He quietly reached up and began
      stroking her head gently with his hand, letting locks of her hair
      loosely slip through his claws.
      He congratulated himself for Mercy's sound, hard slumber and decided
      to let her enjoy this blissful sleep he gave her for a little bit
      longer. He quietly recalled how he nailed her once on the art room
      floor, only to carry her off to his bed room and readily fucked her
      three more times once there! He especially enjoyed knowing how she
      loved every minute of it!
      He finally raised his head and pressed his lips to the top her head
      kissing her gently. "Mercy…" he softly whispered her name. But she
      was too asleep to hear him call to her. He smiled and laid his head
      back onto his pillow. He went back to stroking her long burgundy
      hair and quietly waited to see Scott's face when he opened the door
      and saw a naked Mercy snuggled up next to him.
      The drive to Stryker's house took forever or so it seemed to Miss
      Perry. There was something down right creepy about this Graydon kid,
      and driving him around as if she were his personal chauffer was one
      the most grueling tasks she ever endured.
      Neither he nor she said a word to one another as they made the trip
      through town going from the poorer side of the tracks to one of the
      ritziest neighborhoods in the county.
      But even though Graydon was "moving up" on the economic food chain,
      he still loathed the idea that he was being moved around one more
      damn time.
      When Miss Perry pulled into the Stryker driveway and stopped the
      car, he grabbed his suit case and marched to the door of the classic
      Victorian mansion without so much as saying "thank you" or "kiss my
      ass" to Miss Perry.
      William's current wife Deloris held the door open for him and tried
      her best to seem happy that Graydon would be visiting for an
      indefinite period of time.
      He had already spent an occasional weekend with the Stryker's in the
      past and knew exactly where his room was. He went up stairs without
      saying a word to her either and locked his bed room door behind him.
      He flopped himself on his bed, and concentrated all his anger on his
      latest foster mother Connie.
      `Stupid, fat bitch,' He seethed. `If it wasn't for her, I'd still
      have my bee-bee gun. I'll probably get shipped to some where else in
      a couple of days; the Stryker's are too old to adopt me. He sadly
      and reluctantly concluded. `So I guess this means I'll never have
      parents to call my own.'
      The thought of crying about it never entered his mind though. He had
      stopped crying for himself a very long time ago.
      It was several hours before he finally came down stairs to look for
      something to eat. Graydon began prowling around the house once he
      realized William had stepped out and Deloris was outside taking down
      the Halloween decorations and replacing them with Thanksgiving ones.
      He took the liberty of boldly went into Stryker's study. He no
      longer noticed his hunger as he found himself getting more and more
      curious about a particular folder on the preacher's desk. He opened
      the folder which contained several photos of people Graydon never
      "Pyro…Night Crawler…Cyclops…Iceman… Karma…Jubilee." He whispered the
      written names on the edge of every photo aloud as he studied each of
      their faces. "Rogue…Griffin…Storm…Mercy…Dazzler…Forge…Shadow Cat…
      "Quite an interesting group, don't you think Graydon?" William
      Stryker asked the boy as he walked into his own study, seemingly
      unsurprised to find Graydon snooping around his desk.
      Graydon immediately could tell he was in no trouble and went back to
      examining the photos in his hands.
      "Xavier's School for the Gifted," he read the heading on the folder
      "Or better known as Mutant High." Stryker informed him with a
      degusted voice.
      Graydon continued to thumb through the photos until he came across a
      flyer advertising a so-called variety show the school was putting on
      for the public.
      "Those freaks have some nerve to come out of their hole and put on a
      show next week." Graydon commented upon reading the flyer.
      The preacher nodded his head, agreeing with the boy's
      animosity. "But we'll be ready for them. I've already begun to
      organize a rally that will coincide with this little event and I
      promise you…" Stryker's eyes lit up with demonic delight. "Those
      muties will get a lesson they'll never forget!"
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