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The Return Chapter 4

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  • Megan
    They rode the rest of the way to the mansion in silence, stopping only for a quick breakfast at a local diner along the way. When they arrived back at the
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      They rode the rest of the way to the mansion in silence, stopping
      only for a quick breakfast at a local diner along the way. When they
      arrived back at the mansion, Logan quickly got off the bike and
      grabbed their stuff, leaving Jean alone with her thoughts for a

      'I can't do this...I can't keep hurting both of them like this,' she
      told herself before following Logan back into the mansion.

      Logan entered the mansion and saw Storm. "Storm, go get the
      others...I have someone you'll all want to see," he said. Storm went
      upstairs and quickly gathered Scott, Kurt, Rogue, Bobby, and the
      Professor. They all followed her downstairs.

      "What is it Logan?" Scott asked impatiently.

      "It's about Jean..." Logan answered. As if on cue, Jean walked
      through the door.

      "Jean!" Scott said running to embrace her. He kissed her and hugged
      her again. "What happened? How did you...we all thought you were

      "Logan found me at Alkali Lake...I'm not sure how I survived. The
      last thing I remember is leaving the jet..." she said.

      "I'll be upstairs if you need me," Logan said before turning and
      heading upstairs. He couldn't stand to watch Jean with Scott. The
      others heard the door to his room slam shut moment later. He plopped
      on his bed and stared at the ceiling, his eyes glazed over.

      Downstairs, everyone was thrilled to see Jean. She hugged everyone
      and answered all their questions as best she could. Once al the
      excitement died down and everyone went back to what they'd been
      doing, Jean turned to Scott. "I need to talk to you," she told him

      They went upstairs to their room and she sat in a chair. "I don't
      know how to say this without you being hurt...Scott, I'm breaking
      our engagement. I'm sorry," she said.

      "What?" he asked surprised.

      "I can't do it...I...I've been having doubts for awhile. I've
      forgotten why I fell in love with you, Scott. I'm sorry, I just
      can't continue in this relationship," she said trying to explain.

      Scott swallowed the lump forming in his throat at her words. He'd
      just gotten her back and now he was losing her all over again. "I
      don't understand...I thought you loved me..."

      "Scott, I do love you; that's why I'm doing this. It'll only hurt us
      both if we keep this up. I love you Scott, I always will, but I'm
      not in love with you anymore. I'm sorry," she said getting up and
      going to the door. "Please don't let this interfer with our work or

      "You think I can't seperate our professional and personal
      relationships?" he asked in a harsher tone than he meant to.

      "I think this is going to be hard for both of us. I only hope that
      after some time has passed, we can be friends. You're a wonderful
      man, Scott, but you're just not for me. I'm sorry," she said leaving
      the room quickly. She slid down the wall until she was sitting on
      the floor and began to cry.

      She needed someone to talk to, someone to comfort her. She hated
      what she was about to do, because she knew she'd hurt him earlier,
      but she didn't know who else to turn to. She made her way to Logan's
      room and knocked on the door.

      "Yeah?" he called not moving from the bed. He was in no mood for
      visitors, especially if it were Rogue questioning him about why he
      left. He just didn't understand why she was so stuck on him; he was
      too old for her, and she had Bobby.

      "It's me; I need to talk to you," he heard Jean say from the other
      side. "Scott and I had a fight," she said when he openeed the door.

      He moved and let her in. "Look, I can't keep picking up the pieces
      for you everytime you two don't see eye to eye, because then you
      leave; It hurts like hell to see you go right back to him..." he

      "I broke it off with Scott," she interrupted. SHe knew he was still
      hurting from her earlier actions, and she hated herself for it.

      "Oh, I'm sorry," he said hugging her as the dam holding her tears
      back burst. He let her cry on his shoulder for what seemed like
      hours. He calmly stroked her back, trying to soothe her.

      "I'm sorry," she said pulling back and wiping her eyes. "I shouldn't
      have come to you."

      "It's ok," he said. "I'm glad you did."

      "No; I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry. I should go," she said
      heading for the door.

      "You dont have to," he said. "You said you wanted to talk to me...sp

      "I really shouldn't..." she said turning to look at him.

      "Why did you come to me? If you just wanted someone to talk to, why
      not go to Storm?" he questioned.

      "I don't know...I felt drawn to you, I suppose," she lied. She knew
      why she had gone to him. "I better go," she said.

      "Where? Back to pretty boy so you can apologize for hurting his
      tender little feelings and go back to being with a man you don't
      love?" he asked a little angrily.

      "No..." she replied turning around.

      This is always how it goes...you fight with him, then come cry on my
      shoulder, only to leave me for him once again," he continued.

      "Logan, stop..." she said, getting upset herself.

      "Why did you end it with him if you knew you were going to change
      your mind and go running back to him?" he questioned. "I won't take
      it anymore...if you walk out that door and go running back to him,
      don't come back to me for a shoulder to cry on. I won't be your
      second choice..." he said.

      "Would you shut up for a minute!" she interrupted. "First of all,
      you aren't my second choice...I'm not using you to get back at
      Scott; he doesn't even know I'm down here," she said
      angrily. "Second of all, I broke up with Scott..." she said.

      "Go on," he said waiting for her explaination.

      "I broke up with Scott because I'm falling in love with you," she
      said quietly.

      Logan was a little shocked. "You broke up with him for me?"

      "I guess I flirted with the dangerous guy a little too much," she

      "I'm sorry I yelled at you," he said still a little in awe at her

      "It's ok; I've been juggling you and Scott for weeks, hurting you
      both...it wasn't fair of me, I'm sorry," she said. "I really should
      go now," she added reaching for the doorknob.

      "Jean..." he said as she opened the door. He quickly caught her arm,
      spinning her around and clsing the door in the process. "Jean, don't
      leave; I love you," he said hugging her.

      "I'm sorry I hurt you," she said wrapping her arms around her neck,
      pulling him closer.

      "That doesn't matter anymore," he said pulling back, wiping her
      tears away with his thumb. He leaned in and kissed her softly. He
      pulled away smiling and picked her up, carrying her to the bed.

      Sorry this is kinda short, but it's late and I'm tired...hope you
      liked it!
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