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[ADMIN] Beta Readers ... How to get one? (please read)

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  • Minisinoo
    ... Good question and ... I ve thought about this issue of asking for beta readers onlist. Although we ve softened our gag rule a bit to allow onlist
    Message 1 of 3 , May 7, 2003
      --- Josephina Chang <jscz@...> wrote:
      > Hi all--I'm in need of a beta reader for a first go at a fanfic of
      > this genre ... or, if listadmin, to tell me that soliciting like
      > this is not permitted.

      Good question and ... I've thought about this issue of asking for
      beta readers onlist. Although we've softened our "gag rule" a bit to
      allow onlist feedback, I think that allowing onlist beta
      solicitations *might* get a little too wild. :-)

      BUT ... I have an alternative suggestion, and one that's based on
      what C-FAN (Comicbook Fanfic Network) used to do. Kielle kept a list
      of willing beta readers. I used to point people to it, but it's now
      out of date.

      We need a more recent list. Fortunately, Yahoo offers a database
      option! That makes it *very* easy for us to create a database of
      willing beta readers. When someone needs one, or when a newbie
      arrives asking for one, s/he can be pointed in that direction.

      The new Beta Reader Database can be found here:

      Just click on "Beta Readers," and anyone may add (click "add

      Besides name and email, I've included a little information that might
      assist people in finding a good beta match:

      characters of interest:
      'ships of interest:
      characters will not read:
      'ships will not read:

      Not all of these have to be filled out, of course, but it does allow
      people to avoid contacting a beta who's just going to turn around and
      say, "EW! I won't read THAT." ;>

      The "other" column is for anything you think might be of note. If,
      for instance, you have a degree in English, or you're an editor in
      RL, that might be the place for it. (No, obviously that's not
      required, but it's useful information.) If English is NOT your
      native language but you're willing to read for content rather than
      grammar, you might want to so indicate.

      Hope this helps, and hope people can make use of it!

      Co-Mod, XMMFF

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