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  • Evamaria
    Hey there, Newbie here, bearing gifts in form of four 100 word drabbles... Normally I write only Marie/Logan (to be found on my website) - but sometimes it s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003
      Hey there,

      Newbie here, bearing gifts in form of four 100 word drabbles...
      Normally I write only Marie/Logan (to be found on my website) - but
      sometimes it's fun to try something new. Hope you like them!

      Take care,

      X-Men Drabbles
      Author: Shirasade (shirasade@...)
      Website: http://www.just-in-dreams.com/fanfiction
      Feedback: Always welcome!
      Fandom: X-Men movieverse
      Rating: G
      Disclaimer: I don't claim to own any of the X-Men, they all belong to
      Marvel, and I'm not making any money with them.
      Warning: Some SPOILERS for X2.
      Note: My very first non-Marie/Logan - drabbles (100 words) written on
      request in my fic journal (http://livejournal.com/~shirasade_fic),
      mostly inspired by X2.

      Beginning (Jubilee)
      For Erin

      Jubilee didn't get what was so great about Wolverine. Sure, he had
      some cool mutations and a terrible past -- but that was true for a
      lot of people at Xavier's, Jubilee included.

      Therefore on the day of Logan's return Jubilee crept out of the house
      to smoke in peace. She jumped when suddenly a familiar gruff voice
      asked: "You got a light, kiddo?"

      She silently handed it over, and watched Logan lighting himself a
      cigar, returning the lighter with a grin, and then leaving without
      another word. Jubilee stared after him in surprise.

      Maybe Logan wasn't so bad after all.


      Fire (John/Marie)
      For x_men100

      There had always been a flame at the core of John's being, burning
      red, yearning to break free and set the world on fire.

      At Xavier's John had learned to control the flame, until it was
      hardly more than a flicker of heat. He had also found friendship --
      and love. His red glow was dimmed by the blue of ice and the creamy
      tone of untouchable skin.

      But now, looking at the picture of a happy family, while his love was
      kissing his best friend, the flame soared up again, coloring John's
      world a fiery red. Setting him on fire.


      Settling (John/Bobby)
      For Shelly

      John could never stay mad at Bobby. It was just impossible to look at
      his boyish open face and be angry for longer than the time it took a
      match to burn out.

      Not even Rogue's arrival had changed their friendship, at least not
      where it was obvious. John had taken one look at the light in Bobby's
      blue eyes and had settled for remaining his friend.

      Standing at the window of the heli, John's looked back for the last
      time. He was done with settling for anything. The future awaited him.
      A future without Bobby.

      Gods were alone anyway.


      Comfort (Logan/Scott)
      For soleta.

      He had loved Jean. It wouldn't hurt so much if he hadn't, right?

      But Logan couldn't silence the tiny little voice in his head calling
      him a hypocrite. Because how could he even pretend that his feelings
      had been as deep as those of the man Logan could hear sobbing from
      the end of the hallway.

      Before he had quite realized it, Logan found himself standing in
      front of the door of what used to be Jean's bedroom and now sheltered
      only one lonely, heartbroken man.

      He raised his hand to knock, but didn't. Who was he to offer comfort?


      fic archive: http://just-in-dreams.com/fanfiction
      fic journal: http://livejournal.com/~shirasade_fic
      personal site: http://just-in-dreams.com/lovesong
      travel log: http://evamaria.livejournal.com

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