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[ADMIN] The FAQ (please read; new members must read before posting)

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  • Minisinoo
    X-Men Movie Fanfic List FAQ Version 3.0 Originally written 7/18/00 by Kate Andrews. Current version modified 5/4/2003 by Minisinoo, based on Shana Nolan s FAQ
    Message 1 of 3 , May 5, 2003
      X-Men Movie Fanfic List FAQ
      Version 3.0

      Originally written 7/18/00 by Kate Andrews. Current version modified
      5/4/2003 by Minisinoo, based on Shana Nolan's FAQ of 2001.

      A long-overdue update folks, taking into account the advent of X2.

      1. So, what is this thing, anyway?
      2. What's allowed?
      3. What's not allowed?
      4. No comic universe fic?
      5. How do I label my stories?
      6. Where do I find the stories?
      7. Can I put these stories up on my website?
      8. Feedback? What's that?
      9. Can I upload to the Files and Photos Section?
      10. Who are the boss people around here?



      This list is devoted to fanfiction set within the universe of the
      X-Men movies: X1, X2, X3 and any spinoff films (e.g., Wolverine).

      2. WHAT'S ALLOWED?

      A) Fiction based on the X-world of the films -- any genre, rating,
      pairing (or none). Unfinished works are permitted, but please
      so-indicate in your story notes, as some readers prefer to wait for a
      story to be completed before starting in to read it. Crossovers are
      also permitted.

      B) Public feedback and discussion of posted stories is once again
      permitted. This rule has gone through waves. Originally, the list
      allowed public feedback, then due to the sheer volume of daily posts,
      discussion and feedback was asked to be taken to our sister
      discussion list (xmenmoviefanficdisc@yahoogroups.com). But in the
      past year, traffic has been extremely light, so we're revoking the
      "stories only" rule. If, however, things turn heavy enough to start
      swamping mailboxes, we reserve the right to return to a "Fic Only"

      If you're sending feedback on a story, it'd be helpful to place
      "[FB]" in the subject header. Also, simplifying the subject to title
      and author would be appreciated. ALL feedback will be assumed to
      contain possible spoilers, so please don't read a feedback letter on
      a story you haven't read yet and complain about spoilers. Likewise,
      any fiction based on a movie installment may be assumed to contain
      spoilers for that movie. (In short, if you haven't seen X2 yet and
      you read fic about it, YES, you might be spoiled.)

      Please do NOT post heavily critical feedback onlist, unless the
      author has specified that such feedback is welcome.

      C) Posts concerning fanfic matters (such as fanfic contests), as well
      as archive announcements and site changes may be posted. Please
      indiate such posts with a [META] in front of them.


      A) GENERAL DISCUSSION OF THE MOVIE(S) is not allowed. This is not
      the place for X2 (or X1, or X3, or ...) film reviews, discussion of
      the characters, the actors, the director, or possible sequels.
      (Please take that to X_MEN_2@yahoogroups.com)

      Please don't post an introductory "Hi, I'm new." We're delighted to
      have you and glad you're enthusiastic, but this list is edging
      towards 800 members. PLEASE keep that in mind, or other list members
      might cheerfully skin you. :-)

      B) Flames of any kind are absolutely forbidden. Goes without saying,
      but I'll say it anyway. You flame, we'll boot you, do not pass go,
      do not collect $200. What's a flame? An ad hominem or personal
      attack on another list member, or a post containing vitriolic
      hostility towards an author, a story, a character, a pairing, etc.

      C) No virus warnings, get rich quick schemes, cookie recipes and
      anything about a sick boy who wants 5,000 greeting cards before he
      dies is not a message for this list. Also, one line "me too"s and
      off topic discussions that go on and on are frowned upon.
      *Basically, if your message is only for one or two people, please
      mail it to those people.*

      4. NO COMIC UNIVERSE (Comicverse) FIC?

      This particular list is for movieverse fiction only. There ARE
      already three big (and several smaller, more specific) lists that
      permit comicverse fiction. Try the very large X-Fiction, on yahoo
      groups; the "mother list" of comicbook fanfic, OutsideTheLines, on
      Topica.com; or if you're into Ultimate X-Men, Ultimatexfic, on yahoo
      groups. They will all welcome your comicverse story. But the only
      comicverse permitted here would be a crossover with the movieverse.
      (If you wish links to the above groups, please check the version of
      the FAQ in the files section.)


      Any story should be labled in the subject line something like this...

      "Every Time" (1/3) Rogue [NC-17], X1
      "Streaked Glasses" (1/1) Scott, X2

      Let readers know the title, what part you're posting, the main
      character/s (optional) and a a rating or warning for adult material.
      (See comments below about warnings.) Unfinished stories are welcome,
      but should be labeled as such. PLEASE, at this point in time, label
      whether a story fits into X1 continuity only, or fits into X2
      continuity. There are some big, honkin' surprises in X2, and people
      who haven't seen the movie yet may wish to avoid reading fiction
      about it.

      At the beginning of the story, please include the following:

      Title, author, (brief) summary, and a standard disclaimer. Brief
      notes are allowed, but if your story has a lot of notes, you may wish
      to post the notes separately, labeled as (0/4), or "Notes." Many
      readers find The Endless Notes headers to be off-putting.

      If you're posting a story (or story chapter) that has adult elements
      (e.g. extreme violence, graphic sex, or disturbing topics), please
      post a WARNING or a rating in your subject header -- "adult," "R," or
      "NC-17." I, myself, don't hold with the rating system, don't use it,
      and so can hardly ask others to. But due to the fact there are
      underage members on this list, as well as members who may wish to
      avoid such stories, please use some manner of warning system for
      adult material.

      If your story is archived on your site or elsewhere, why not post the
      direct URL? Quite a few readers prefer reading HTML versions.

      You may also add a statement regarding the archivability of your fic.
      Unless you state otherwise, anything posted to this group is free
      game for DevilDoll to take for her archive. If you want a different
      version of your story on the archive, it's your responsibility to
      contact the archivists, and if you can send them a version that's
      already HTMLized, they'll probably kiss you for saving them work.
      (See below for contact information.)


      You can run a search on the group by title. There are also a couple
      of old archives. First is the previous (now defunct) archive for
      this group (http://www.geocities.com/xmenmoviefanfic/index2.html); it
      has no fiction written after about June of 2001. Then there's
      Kielle's first archive, X-Men Movieverse Fanfiction
      (http://www.xmmff.com), which was taken over by Vic and is now being
      run by DevilDoll, the current archive associated with this group,
      though it doesn't contain any stories written since about November of
      2000. They plan to change that realsoonnow.

      IF YOU'D BE WILLING TO WORK ON THE ARCHIVE, please contact DevilDoll
      (devildoll@...). Maybe you're not a writer, but would like to
      get involved somehow? Archive assistance is one of the things that
      movieverse fanfic badly needs!


      Not unless you contact the author for her/his permission first, you
      can't. Some people will grant blanket archiving permission for their
      stories, but it'd probably still be polite to contact the author, if
      your archive isn't the group archive.


      It's the lifeblood of fan fiction. If you liked, loved, or even were
      mildly amused by a story, PLEASE drop the author a line. We writers
      put hours and hours into writing these stories that everyone gets
      free of charge. It's depressing as hell to send it out and not know
      if anyone read it, let alone liked it. Even better are the e-mails
      that tell us what you like, specifically, what lines made you laugh,
      what sections were unclear, what dialogue made you choke on your soda


      Due to problems with people joining the group and uploading porn and
      links to porn sites, we will now be controlling the files section
      fairly closely. You may not upload files or photos without
      permission. (It probably won't be hard to GET permission, but please
      email us first.) And if you add your site to the Links section, it's
      your responsibility to keep it current -- and we will be checking to
      make sure we don't have links to advertizement and porn sites.


      Ah -- that'd be Victoria P. (victoria_p@...), or me (Minisinoo,
      minisinoo@...). Devil Doll (devildoll@xmmff) is in charge of
      our archive. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact
      one of us.

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    • Josephina Chang
      Hi all--I m in need of a beta reader for a first go at a fanfic of this genre, one who preferably likes all the characters ;) and has a pointy stick for
      Message 2 of 3 , May 7, 2003
        Hi all--I'm in need of a beta reader for a first go at a fanfic of this
        genre, one who preferably likes all the characters ;) and has a pointy
        stick for reticent muses. Email me privately at jscz@... if
        interested--or, if listadmin, to tell me that soliciting like this is not
        permitted. thanks in advance,


        "Indifference . . . is the strongest force in the universe. It makes
        everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance
        against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go
        unchecked. It doesn't act, it allows. And that's what gives it so much
        power." -The Snow Queen
      • Minisinoo
        ... Good question and ... I ve thought about this issue of asking for beta readers onlist. Although we ve softened our gag rule a bit to allow onlist
        Message 3 of 3 , May 7, 2003
          --- Josephina Chang <jscz@...> wrote:
          > Hi all--I'm in need of a beta reader for a first go at a fanfic of
          > this genre ... or, if listadmin, to tell me that soliciting like
          > this is not permitted.

          Good question and ... I've thought about this issue of asking for
          beta readers onlist. Although we've softened our "gag rule" a bit to
          allow onlist feedback, I think that allowing onlist beta
          solicitations *might* get a little too wild. :-)

          BUT ... I have an alternative suggestion, and one that's based on
          what C-FAN (Comicbook Fanfic Network) used to do. Kielle kept a list
          of willing beta readers. I used to point people to it, but it's now
          out of date.

          We need a more recent list. Fortunately, Yahoo offers a database
          option! That makes it *very* easy for us to create a database of
          willing beta readers. When someone needs one, or when a newbie
          arrives asking for one, s/he can be pointed in that direction.

          The new Beta Reader Database can be found here:

          Just click on "Beta Readers," and anyone may add (click "add

          Besides name and email, I've included a little information that might
          assist people in finding a good beta match:

          characters of interest:
          'ships of interest:
          characters will not read:
          'ships will not read:

          Not all of these have to be filled out, of course, but it does allow
          people to avoid contacting a beta who's just going to turn around and
          say, "EW! I won't read THAT." ;>

          The "other" column is for anything you think might be of note. If,
          for instance, you have a degree in English, or you're an editor in
          RL, that might be the place for it. (No, obviously that's not
          required, but it's useful information.) If English is NOT your
          native language but you're willing to read for content rather than
          grammar, you might want to so indicate.

          Hope this helps, and hope people can make use of it!

          Co-Mod, XMMFF

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