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Fic: Outtakes and Mistakes: It's All About Jean (The X2 Rewrite)

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Title: Outtakes and Mistakes: It’s All About Jean (The X2 Rewrite) Author: Autumn Email: autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com Summary: Same premise as always
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003
      Title: Outtakes and Mistakes: It’s All About Jean (The X2 Rewrite)

      Author: Autumn

      Email: autumnleaves@...

      Summary: Same premise as always iin the Outtakesverse, except we begin
      exploiting the many plot holes, and nonsensical lines, setups, character
      changes of X2.

      Rating: PG-13

      A/N: WARNING, contains spoilers for X2.


      Logan Returns:

      The dishrag formerly known as Rogue (hereafter referred to as
      TDRFKAR) was sitting in the living room with her bubble butt boyfriend
      Bobby. Everything in their five- minute- old relationship was going along
      just peechily, when a loud motor like noise began rumbling down the
      driveway. TDRFKAR’s eyes lit up in excitement and a low keening noise
      issued from her mouth. Bubble butt Bobby scowled, already there was a
      threat to his relationship with the white striped girl. He put on his most
      menacing look, which was only slightly scarier looking than a giggling
      Carebear and ran after HIS girlfriend.

      “Logey-poo!” TDRFKAR cried out and flung herself at Logan,
      regardless of the fact that she had lethal skin, which wasn’t entirely
      covered up.

      ‘Logey-poo’ however wasn’t paying much attention to the young woman
      he had risked his neck for-repeatedly only a week before. He absently
      sidestepped the woman’s attack and she consequently hit the ground with a
      thud. “Oh hey kid. Have you seen my lo- I mean Jean around?”

      TDRFKAR’s face crumbled from the lack of attention from the man
      who really held her heart. Her lower lip trembled and she began wailing
      loudly. Luckily for her, the back pocket boyfriend arrived just in time to
      pick up the pieces of the crushed girl. “I’m Bobby. I’m her boyfriend.”
      The teen began, shaking the distracted man’s hand. “Stay away from her, or
      I’ll freeze more than just your hand.” The ice-blue eyed teen threatened.

      Logan finally turned his attention to the younger man. “You’re
      Jean’s boyfriend, what happened to Scott?”

      “No, I’m her boyfriend.” Bobby said, indicating the still crying
      woman next to him.

      “Oh. Have you seen Jean?” Logan asked Bobby who was currently
      placing a paciphier in TDRFKAR’s mouth.

      “No. It’s a big school. Now go away, you’re threatening my

      Logan walked away, muttering ‘must find Jean’ under his breath,
      completely oblivious to everyone else around him. And suddenly, there she
      was, the love of his life, the cream of his crop, the apple of his eye, the
      reason he was breathing-Dr. Jean Grey. “Jean” he croaked, his voice
      cracking with all the emotions he had suddenly gained in the past week and a

      “Hi Logan, how nice to toy with- I mean see you again.” The red
      haired woman beamed before narrowing her eyes in a very birdlike manner.
      “Did you find out anything about your past?”

      Tears suddenly sprang up into his eyes, but he bravely fought them
      back. A kinder, gentler Wolverine could still be a bad ass when he wished
      to be. He cocked his eyebrow, looked her in the eye and said, “The base was
      destroyed, and nothing was left.”

      Jean just laughed. “Did you bother looking for it underground?”

      “Yeah Logan, don’t you know that all secret bases are hidden?” Storm
      asked, gliding in from behind Jean.

      “There’s permafrost year round big guy, it stops the people like you
      from detecting the highly insidious nature of the base below the well ruined
      surface.” Jean threw in.

      Logan seethed, how could he have been such an idiot? “You mean I
      traveled all that way to find nothing, and you people knew where it was all
      along and you never told me?”

      TDRFKAR stopped her sniveling long enough to raise her hand timidly.
      “I knew where it was Logan, but I didn’t want to tell you. I thought Bobby
      might get jealous.”

      “That’s right, I would have.” Bobby agreed.

      “Well fine, if you people are going to be dicks to me, I’ll just go
      sulk. And then I’ll smoke a cigar, flirt with Jean and talk to the
      professor who I trust with my life from now on.” Logan huffed and lumbered
      up the stairs to find a quiet room to brood.

      “Logan!” Storm called after the burly man.

      “We need you to baby sit tonight. As you can see, our oldest charges
      act like children, and we need a big strong manly man around in case someone
      stages a sneak attack on the mansion.” Jean spoke.

      “Where are you gonna be?”

      “Off somewhere so I can make a grand entrance later on and show
      everyone up. Proving once again that it’s all about me.” Jean answered

      “Jean, I want to kiss you.” Logan said, dropping to his knees and
      making himself look like a total ass.

      “Maybe I’ll let you. But you’re too scruffy and smell bad, take a
      shower.” Jean said, smiling charmingly.

      The adults departed the room, and Bobby was left with TDRFKAR who was
      still carrying on like she was having the life sucked out of her-again. But
      he didn’t mind, because he was Bobby and she was his girlfriend, and for the
      first time in his life he had a remote chance of being laid, even if it
      would most likely kill him.

      (Next Up: Rogue who? attack on the mansion, Storm *hearts* Kurt)


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