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FIC: Past Forward (Epilogue) PG-13

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  • Jamie Madigan
    Disclaimer, etc., with prologue Epilogue Two months later: Jubilee They had been back home for a month, and Jubilee had never been more miserable. It was the
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      Disclaimer, etc., with prologue


      Two months later: Jubilee

      They had been back home for a month, and Jubilee had never been more

      It was the middle of the night, and while everyone else was snug in their
      beds, she wandered the halls of the mansion, not even remotely tempted to
      raid the refrigerator or go out and find a good place to have a beer and
      dance. She was obsessing, as usual, about Sandoriel.

      The mop-up operation after the fight at the castle took no time at all.
      Maron was a suspicious bastard who kept as few people nearby as possible.
      The actual army battle took a little longer, but it went much as the General
      had predicted. Most of the Barenians and a great number of the Gifted
      soldiers took off before the fighting began. General Symon's army had little
      trouble defeating the fighters who were left behind.

      Alyn had quickly recovered after his dose of antidote, and all the other
      members of their group came out of the fight without so much as a scratch.

      Jean had worried them for a while. Sidre said she'd seriously overtaxed
      herself by letting them borrow her telekinetic powers. Every time one of
      them used the power, Jean grew weaker. Finally, the task of holding
      everything together became too much for both of them, and Jean had
      collapsed. She slept for 18 hours and woke up feeling fine and brushing off
      anyone's concern for her health. When they got home, Jubilee heard her
      telling the Professor that she'd had a breakthrough with her Gift, that it
      was stronger than ever.

      The people of Sandoriel had been thrilled to find out that their Princess
      Emmarie had been found, but they seemed equally happy when the princess
      herself crowned the new king of Sandoriel -- Will Danis, Celeste's father.
      That made Celeste a princess, and Jubilee admitted to being privately amused
      at how uncomfortable the attention made Blondie. Sure, she'd come through in
      the end, but that didn't mean Jubes had to bond with her or anything.

      They spent almost a month in Sandoriel after the fighting was over, helping
      to settle things down and witnessing the birth of a new country as the
      Barenians finally got their wish. Rogue spent a lot of time with her
      long-lost family finding out about her parents and her country.

      Jubilee spent every possible moment with Alyn, running errands for the king,
      ridding the castle of everything to do with Maron, helping people who were
      injured in the main battle, attending boring banquets and making out in
      every closet, nook and cranny they could find in the castle. Once Alyn
      caught on to the whole kissing thing, he threw himself into it passionately.

      Eventually, the group retraced its path all the way back to Fairfield,
      Alyn's home. The night before they were to return home, Alyn finally made a
      move, and Jubilee joined the Drunken Sluts Club. But she didn't tell anyone,
      because it was too important, too personal to talk about. Too painful, now.
      She remembered at least 50 times a day how she'd twined her hand with his
      and whispered, "I love you."

      He had pulled her closer and kissed her hard, but he didn't return the

      And he didn't ask her to stay.

      She would have, she knew. Given up everything she knew, given up the X-Men
      and her friends. Given up rock music and Pop Tarts and pizza, dancing and
      television and Matt Damon movies. She would've given up the damn mall, if
      only he'd asked.

      She was afraid she was a horrible, evil person, because she could barely
      stand to be around her friends anymore. It was bad enough that Scott and
      Jean had disappeared two days after their return to the mansion and showed
      up a week later married. At least Jubilee was spared from having to attend a

      But they were acting uncharacteristically newlywed-y. Every time she turned
      a corner in the mansion they were making out or just snuggling and gazing at
      each other like they had just started dating or something. At least, she
      thought grumpily, she and Alyn had the courtesy to hide in a closet for that

      Things were still going great for Kitty and Bobby. Obviously they hadn't
      been so concerned for their missing friends that they didn't have time to
      have sex every five minutes and on every available surface. Or so it seemed
      from the extensive rundown of events Kitty insisted on sharing. At least she
      was spared the public displays of affection in their case. Kitty had moved
      into the room right next door to Popsicle, apparently so they'd have access
      to more flat surfaces for sex.

      Some of Rogue's stuff was still in their room, but she'd all but moved in
      with Logan as soon as they'd come back. And Jubilee was happy for them. She
      was. Most of the time. But she felt if she had to witness Logan groping her
      friend under the dinner table one more time, she would gouge her own eyes
      out with her fork.

      She was a little bitter.

      As always, on her nighttime wanderings, she returned to the mirror. The
      professor had had it moved upstairs into a room connecting with his office.
      He was currently considering what to do with it. He was reluctant to destroy
      it, because Rogue had already told him she wanted to go back and visit
      sometimes. Yet he was understandably concerned about who might eventually
      use the gateway to come into their world. Still, Jubilee could tell that he
      was intrigued enough by the mirror that he would never get rid of it.

      She would sit, sometimes for hours, in an overstuffed chair next to the
      mirror, just thinking. She could go back. She could make Rogue open the
      gateway for her, and she could go back to Sandoriel, track down Alyn and
      force him to love her.

      She sank back into the chair and pulled her legs up, wrapping her arms
      around her knees. She knew it was impossible to make someone feel love, but
      she'd really thought he felt something for her. Jubilee closed her eyes and
      tried to remember every detail of his face. His smile. His warm eyes. The
      little line that he'd get on his forehead when he was trying to puzzle out
      what she was saying. The way his hair would flop down into his eyes.

      The strange sound in the empty room had her bounding to her feet. Her heart
      sped up as she saw the mirror had begun to light up. It suddenly occurred to
      her that they were never sure they'd gotten all the *donte* out of
      Sandoriel. There were no records of how many had been created, so they had
      no way of knowing.

      Jubilee sent out a mental warning to the professor and stood back from the
      mirror as a figure stepped out and into the room, looking around wide-eyed.


      She watched in shock as he turned her way and grinned, dropping a large bag
      at his side. "Jubilation Lee."

      She wanted to go to him but couldn't seem to move. "What ..."

      "I wanted to see your world for myself," he said, slowly coming toward her.
      "But, really, I wanted to see you."

      "Alyn --"

      "I missed you, Jubilation. I tried not to love you because I knew you would
      leave, but it did not work. It is darker in Sandoriel without you."

      She put her arms around his waist and buried her head in his chest. "You
      came to visit me."

      He pulled back slightly. "I came to stay. I ... I mean, if you want me to

      She was actually speechless. But, typically, it didn't last long. "It just
      so happens, I've been looking for a roommate," she said.

      "Well, I am your man, then." He grinned at her.

      As he pulled her into a kiss, Jubilee decided she could live with that. She
      definitely could.


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