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Dead and Burried Pt3/3 Rating NC-17

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  • Kat Hunt
    Author: Lady-T and Hunter Title: Dead and Buried Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: We didn t do anything. Blameless we are, totally and utterly blameless. Honest.
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      Author: Lady-T and Hunter
      Title: Dead and Buried
      Rating: NC-17
      Disclaimer: We didn't do anything. Blameless we are,
      totally and utterly blameless. Honest.
      Summary: The storm brings trouble. A strange and
      slightly twisted Halloween story.
      Notes: LT is lazy and doesn't like thinking of plots.
      Hunter is lazy and doesn't like thinking of
      adjectives. Together things sometimes actually get
      done. Eventually. About 6 months late.

      The storm howled outside, battering the glass panes
      with angry fingers as the sleet and snow slithered
      endlessly through the night.
      The wind-blown shadows of ice flurries danced against
      the glass as the bathroom door opened, sending a crack
      of light across the thick carpet followed by a wall of
      hot steam.
      Logan padded across the floor to his bed leaving wet
      footprints in the pile of the carpet, one towel draped
      around his hips and another briskly rubbing his wet
      hair into damp spikes.
      Illuminated only by the light spilling from the
      bathroom his skin shone in the half-dark, covered with
      tiny droplets of water that glittered like crystals
      with every movement.
      His flesh was pink from the heat of the shower and he
      could feel a small growl build up inside him in answer
      to the sudden pick up in the storm's tempo, the
      frenetic cry of the wind suddenly beginning to scream.
      He shook his head like a wet dog, getting the last few
      droplets of water from his hair before dumping the
      towel on the floor and plopping himself down onto the
      The temperature suddenly seemed to fall around him and
      Logan paused in his search for the TV remote, little
      goose bumps of ice suddenly running down his neck. The
      hairs across his body shivered and stood on end, his
      head turning slowly to face the source of the icy
      She smiled a slow, carnivorous grin from the doorway,
      a look that didn't quite reach her eyes.
      Her voice purred like warm treacle dripping down his
      spine, following the cooling drops of water on skin
      still wet and flushed from the shower.
      The cream silk of her robe seemed to glow, floating
      over her curves in a sensual caress, brushing skin and
      lingering. He couldn't help but stare at her,
      swallowing the sight of her body just right for
      She raised her hand and from across the room he felt
      the irresistible pressure against his chest, pushing
      him back against the bed. He let the touch guide him
      down, a bemused smile on his face as he let his head
      fall softly onto the pillows.
      Snakes of cloth seemed to swiftly ooze out of the
      sheets around him like tendrils of weed, creeping and
      binding. circling his shoulders and legs with a
      sibilant rustle as he shot her a confused glance.
      "Not above using mind tricks, Jeannie?"
      Jean curled her fingers. "Never."
      She licked her lips and walked towards him, the
      pressure on his chest spreading slowly down his arms
      until it reached his wrists, dragging his hands up and
      out until he was stretched across the bed like a
      Christ-figure on his cross, the pressure easing to
      nothing as the sheets bound themselves around his
      wrists. Serpentine cloth seemed to slither where she
      wanted it, forming out of the flat sheet, sliding and
      caressing across bare skin like melted chocolate,
      setting hard as concrete in velvet.
      He pulled against the pressure on his limbs for a
      moment, fixing her with a dark look as she laughed.
      "You won't get far." The words hung in the air for a
      second as she smirked. "And don't tell me you don't
      like it Logan, I can tell that you're lying."
      She cast a meaningful look at his crotch and the start
      of an erection that was just beginning tent against
      the towel. More in response to that fact that she was
      near him than anything else, but a part of him thought
      that he should take what he could get because the
      scent of her under cream silk was just too hard to
      "What is it, Logan? The lack of control? Not having to
      be the one held responsible for your actions...? No
      guilt, no blame..."
      She smiled slow and smooth as he narrowed his eyes at
      her. "Never figured you for the submissive type."
      She gave the towel a sharp jerk, pulling it open to
      expose his naked body before she crooked a finger and
      the pressure momentarily returned. It rolled down him
      until his hips were held tight against the mattress.
      They were bound by a coil of fabric low against his
      stomach that wound around the top of each thigh in
      turn, weaving him firmly into the sheets as the
      tactile, fluid cloth set suddenly hard.
      He grumbled low in his chest, ignoring the response of
      his body as she climbed onto the bed and swung one leg
      over his waist, straddling him with a thigh either
      side of his hips as her cream silk robe splayed out
      across his stomach.
      Her hands plunged roughly into his hair, lifting his
      head from the pillows as she forced his lips open with
      her tongue, huffing with satisfaction as she felt him
      eventually return the kiss.
      His tongue probed softly back inside her mouth, for
      the moment not questioning why she came to be here and
      just accepting that she was, licking against her lips
      as she began to pull away. He sighed raggedly as she
      slid down to nip him on the throat, her hands running
      along his cheeks and neck before gliding over his
      shoulders and down to caress his ribs as she sat up.
      His chest heaved as she touched him, the pressure of
      the bonds still pushing against his limbs as she
      slowly circled his nipples with long, cool fingers.
      He was stuck somewhere, trying to reconcile the idea
      of a hot shower and an early night becoming suddenly
      the most sordid of his fantasies. Her weight above him
      pressing down on his lap, her hands reaching slowly
      along his body...
      He shuddered as her fingers fluttered against his
      stomach, finally forcing his mouth to work.
      �Jeannie, just what do you think you're doing?�
      Trying to search her eyes in the gloom she laughed
      dryly, her head turning as her back arched in a
      languid stretch.
      �Why Logan,� she sighed, eyes finally catching his in
      a flash of fire, �I thought you would have figured it
      out by now.� She leaned over him, her tongue flicking
      out to lick his jaw as her breath hissed into his ear.

      �I�m going to fuck you to death.�
      He felt himself shudder at the invitation and the
      soft, wet lick of her tongue, his body flooding with
      heated blood as she slowly ran her fingers through the
      trail of hair on his stomach.
      She arched one impeccable eyebrow at his obvious
      arousal and he swallowed hard, trying to dislodge the
      lump that had suddenly formed in his throat.
      "What about Scott?"
      The question hung between them for a second before she
      "He's in no position to complain."
      Her reply barely registered before she took his
      swelling penis in her hand, smiling at the resultant
      squirm, watching his neck arch as she pumped her fist
      slowly down his length. She tugged on him lightly
      then, the hitched breath at the spark of pain all the
      she needed to know. He screwed his eyes shut,
      overwhelmed by sensation, murmuring her name as her
      fingers pressed into his hard flesh.
      Fantasy come to life, her hands on him, around him,
      better than his imagination could have ever dared to
      She blinded him with dreaming, fingers slipping just
      into the edges of his mind and smoothing away
      suspicion, glossing over whatever confusion she found
      until he no longer cared why she was there... He just
      gloried in the feel and the scent of her, the sex that
      was heavy in the air and had always been so long
      denied to him.
      She curled her lip at the sound of his voice breathing
      her name and she chastised him with a rake of her
      fingernails down his abdomen, watching the muscles
      flutter beneath taut skin.
      "No talking."
      He hissed in pleasure, levering his eyes open to watch
      mesmerized as she pushed the robe down from her
      shoulders. The silk dropped away to reveal a naked
      body in the peak of physical condition, bare, rounded
      breasts topped with darkening nipples as she dropped
      the robe off the bed.
      His breathing deepened in response, hands flexing
      against the binding sheets as she stroked him. God,
      all he wanted was to touch her...
      He could feel the damp heat between her thighs
      pressing against his skin, the surge of thickened
      blood in his veins making him ache. She ran the tip
      of her index finger in circles just around the head of
      his erection, narrowing her eyes as he huffed and
      gasped, making little whimpers of need in the back of
      his throat.
      "No," she murmured. "I never would have figured you
      for the submissive type at all. Shall we play a game,
      my Wolverine?"
      He didn't reply, too far gone with the feel of her in
      his lap as she bent her head forward.
      "I asked you a question. Shall we play a game?"
      Her tongue flashed out to play back and forth over the
      top of one nipple and he moaned quietly in reply.
      "I'll take that as a yes."
      She fixed her mouth over the firm little nub of flesh,
      pressing her teeth into it and biting him slowly,
      pulling the nipple with her as she began to raise her
      head. It slipped from between her teeth as he grunted
      with the small flash of pain, the length of her rough,
      hot tongue smoothing over it before repeating the
      process with the other side.
      He felt like he was riding a crest of ecstasy, the
      woman he had wanted for as long as anyone could
      remember, here and now pulling fantasies out of the
      furthest parts of his mind. Perfect in detail as she
      slowly raised herself above him, guiding his rock hard
      erection between her thighs.
      So perfect, so fucking perfect as she sank down onto
      him, and maybe he should have suspected something but
      it all felt so good and any suspicion in his mind was
      long, long gone...
      So hot and tight and wet as he stretched her open,
      filling the burning core inside her. So good and
      desperate as she gripped him within her channel,
      grinding down until he was as deep as he could get,
      and then she sat there, holding him still when all he
      wanted to do was thrust as hard as he possibly
      He moaned, murmuring to God and her name in ecstatic
      agony, his head rolling from side to side as she sat
      on his hard swollen flesh, her hands raking up and
      down his chest.
      And then she started to squeeze.
      Squeezing his cock inside her body as something began
      to lightly squeeze against his windpipe, the pressure
      growing in his throat as she began to thrust against
      his hips.
      He moaned stupidly, confused between the two
      sensations and unable to move, wheezing for air as her
      fingers circled his nipples, her hips rocking back and
      forth against his pelvis as she began to whisper her
      own pleasure.
      She took one hand off his chest and moved it to her
      breast, playing with the darkening, swollen tip as she
      began to thrust harder, feeling him ride in and out of
      her body as his windpipe finally closed off
      He began to struggle then and she relished in it, his
      mouth flapping open uselessly as he fought to draw a
      breath, his eyes rolling back as she rode him hard and
      deep, pinching one of his flat little nipples tight
      between her finger and thumb.
      So good, so bad... his lungs burned...
      She thrust down hard, angling her hips to press him as
      far against the front wall of her channel as she
      could, dragging his body endlessly in and out until
      she could feel her orgasm close.
      He could feel the weight of her on his hips, the
      tight, desperate pull of her core as she fucked him,
      but also the burning, the terrible pain in his chest
      as he battled to breathe, pulling him in two different
      directions at once. And then her words, barely just
      filtering through as he blindly struggled to draw
      "Come for me, Logan... you can't breathe until you
      come for me..."
      Oh God...
      He closed his eyes and let it take him, the race for
      release... The sudden panic, burning in his chest like
      the heat around his cock, heart hammering a mile a
      minute as adrenaline filled his system.
      He tried to focus, blind and desperate, searching for
      an orgasm that would release him from all his
      suffering, desperate to find it before he suffocated.
      She kept riding him, feeling the pressure build inside
      herself as she squeezed, willing it to last until he
      was nearly there... nearly there...
      His head swam, dizzy and disorientated, black spots in
      front of his eyes, every nerve ending passing raw
      electricity inside his body as she pumped hard and
      fast. Her body gripped him as she sank down again,
      impaling herself over and over until he couldn't tell
      one from the other, until it was all too much, until
      she was screaming as she came and pulling him
      deeper... All of it merged and formed into a furnace
      of blinding white fire, boiling in his stomach in a
      race for blessed release before erupting in a
      paralysing, spastic seizure, coming harder than he
      ever remembered as release exploded through him and
      sweet cold air finally filled his lungs in a
      desperate, choking battle. Unable to choose between
      screaming or gasping for air, his eyes rolled wildly
      as his fingers curled into tight fists, his hips still
      twitching against her hold on him as the last of his
      orgasm burned through him.
      She felt him shake and quiver underneath her, gasping
      hard as she continued to milk his cock inside her sex,
      never letting up even as the dizziness started to
      clear from his eyes.
      He choked her name roughly before a coughing fit
      overtook him.
      "What... what in the..."
      She shushed him with a finger to his lips, a soothing
      brush against his cheek as he screwed his eyes closed.
      He coughed again and she smiled, curling her fingers
      once more above his chest, forming her hand into a
      fist over his breastbone.
      Pain... it lanced through his body as something inside
      him started to squeeze, a wail of hurt escaping his
      His eyes snapped open as he started to struggle
      against his bonds seriously now, trying to throw her
      off, pulling against impossible restraint as crushing
      pressure filled his chest.
      "Get off... Get off me!"
      She laughed as he choked and thrashed, sealing off his
      windpipe again as her hand started to crush his heart.
      His eyes rolled back in his head then, fingers and
      toes curling against the pain and pressure in his
      chest, the colour draining from his face as her other
      hand pressed down on his abdomen, digging telekinetic
      fingers into his liver.
      He would have screamed if he could have, past the red
      and white pain and the scorching heat in his body.
      Past the insanity in her eyes and the claws escaping
      free from his hands that were useless to free himself
      with, pinioned as he was.
      She saw the blue tinge of approaching death on his
      lips and she smiled, a dark blossom spreading out
      underneath his skin as he bled inside, still
      struggling with the last of his strength, thrashing
      against his restraints.
      He was buried inside her even now and every desperate
      jerk of his body translated to another thrust for her,
      riding out his death throes as her mind kept him hard.
      She bit her lip, feeling him buck and twist, rolling
      her hips as her hands tightened their grip on his
      crushed heart, leaving the pulped mess of his liver
      and plunging deep into a kidney...
      He was slowing, he was dying, but she could draw this
      out, just enough, nearly there, nearly there, and...
      "Holy fuckin' shit! What are you doin'?!"
      She screamed as she came, her head snapping back as
      the body beneath her finally gave up the struggle,
      Remy at the doorway frozen in blank shock as she
      finally turned to look at him.
      It sent shooting ice down his spine, the look in her
      eyes, the purest, black evil boring a hole right
      through him...
      Oh God, Oh God... he could taste the panic in the
      He reached for a card but she was too fast, stealing
      them out of his fingers with the barest flick of her
      power as she climbed off Logan's body.
      She left him lying there, the serpentine sheets
      falling soft and lifeless over his skin as she
      released the grip on his throat. Close... so close...
      Limp but not dead. She could feel his powers kicking
      in to fix the damage but she had time... time enough
      to deal with this. Hips swayed as she walked towards
      him with purpose, fast on her feet as she flicked the
      robe from the floor, wrapping it around herself
      without ever using her hands.
      And then Remy felt it... the sharp impact that threw
      him back against the wall before she ever even touched
      him. The invisible grasp that picked him up and flung
      him like a rag doll from side to side down the
      corridor, beaten against each wall in turn until he
      could feel the blood in his mouth and the grind of
      broken bone in his chest.
      He came to land with a thump, knocking over a small
      table and scattering the contents across the floor,
      blindly reaching for anything solid among the debris.
      His hand wrapped around the broken piece of a glass
      paperweight, charging it desperately before she could
      steal it from him, throwing it with all the strength
      he could muster...
      She snarled as the glowing pink glass arced across the
      hallway, headed right for her before her mind caught
      it, changing the direction and shooting it through the
      closest window like a bullet exploding from a gun.
      The window shattered, letting in the storm as the
      percussive boom rattled through the building, a dark,
      angry look holding tight over her features as her mind
      dragged Remy from the floor, holding him high in the
      air as he coughed and spat blood.
      She flung him backwards again, his body hitting the
      far wall and knocking free one of the swords that
      fanned out on display over the oak panels.
      A last desperate attempt, he thought. A last chance.
      His last thought, his only thought before his fingers
      tightened around the hilt.
      He struggled to find his feet, raising the weapon as
      he charged towards her, screaming in rage and pain and
      fear as he brought it down in a perfect arc, perfect
      to kill her, perfect to end this...
      A perfect arc that never hit as he was lifted bodily
      from the floor and thrown backwards again, his spine
      to the wall and this time he didn't fall...
      He looked down at his chest, the bloodied sword blade
      poking through his ribs glittering oddly in the
      darkness, the pommel pressing against his spine as it
      held him suspended from the ground.
      He let go of the sword he had been clutching so
      desperately before, letting it fall to the carpet with
      a dull thud as he reached out to touch the red covered
      blade through his chest.
      His fingers tightened around it, breath rattling
      noisily in his lungs as his head lolled backwards.
      "Oh... merde..."
      His breath hitched as his eyes closed, whimpering
      before growing limp, suspended on the wall like a
      grisly painting as Jean snarled in satisfaction,
      watching his blood drip onto the carpet. She spun
      around then, stalking back to Logan's room, cream silk
      robe billowing around her as the storm flowed in
      through the broken window, snow and sleet clouding the

      Walking through the storm, she appeared like a ghost.
      Pale white, almost translucent against the cold as she
      stopped and glowered, the bed lying empty in the
      centre of the room.
      She closed her eyes, reaching out her mind to find
      him, the distinct feeling of his consciousness
      sparkling through her senses. Weak... he was weak.
      Near death but healing. He'd rolled himself off the
      bed and into the far corner and, through the bleak
      white storm, she could sense the uneven beat of his
      damaged heart leaking as much blood as it pumped. He
      was hurting and she fed off the knowing, the fact that
      she could bring him to his knees with just the touch
      of a thought.
      She floated to the centre of the room, hovering just
      off the floor with the tall bay windows behind her,
      flexing her fingers as she watched him crouched in the
      corner like a beaten dog. Deep purple bruises covered
      his chest and back, bleeding inside still as he grit
      his teeth through the pain, skin covered in glistening
      sweat despite the freezing cold billowing through the
      He growled softly as the lightening seared the sky
      once more, silhouetting her against the tall windows.
      "Is that all you can manage, Logan?" She cocked her
      head to one side, smiling sarcastically at him.
      His voice was rough when he spoke, ground out against
      the pain in his sides.
      "I don't want to hurt you, Jeannie."
      "That's your weakness."
      She flicked her fingers out and he thumped back
      against the wall like he'd been punched, blood oozing
      down his cheek from the clawed fingernail marks that
      had appeared on his face. He snarled again, baring his
      teeth but she sneered at him contemptuously.
      "I could rip you apart, you can't frighten me. I could
      peel the metal from your bones piece by piece and rip
      it out through your skin. I hold your life in the palm
      of my hand and all I have to do is squeeze."
      As if to prove her point she clenched her fist,
      hearing him whimper in a shocked flash of hurt.
      Logan grit his teeth, steadying his breath and leaning
      his head against the wall as he tried to swallow down
      the flaring red heat that seemed to swallow his body.
      "That was just a taste. Do you want more?"
      Jean watched him with curiosity, eyes glittering as he
      eventually seemed to find control of himself,
      painfully rising to his feet with what seemed like
      monumental effort, arms wrapped around his battered,
      naked body. His eyes were fixed on her as he stumbled,
      barely catching himself against the wall, leaning
      against it in the end for the support as his injured
      body screamed to be allowed to rest.
      "I don't want to hurt you, Jeannie..."
      He said it again and she laughed at him.
      "You can't even touch me. Look at you, you can't even
      stand up!"
      He growled. A dark, dangerous noise in his chest, his
      back hunching slightly as he battled the damage within
      his own body to make his legs move, to push away form
      that wall and take that first step towards her...
      She had amusement on her lips, watching his body shake
      at the strain, each slow step seeming to take even
      longer than the last, his legs shaking with the effort
      not to fall as he closed the distance a fraction at a
      "What are you trying to do? Fight me?"
      He didn't reply, grunting slightly with the exertion
      as his heart strained to pump sluggish blood though
      crushed arteries. He was healing, but slowly... so
      damn slow...
      "You're pathetic. Little, little man..."
      Outside the storm screamed, shrieking winds battering
      the glass behind her floating body, Logan's low growl
      echoing the angry weather.
      He took another dogged, shaky step and she curled her
      lip in disgust.
      She raised her hands, curling her fists as the glass
      from the windows exploded inwards with her scream,
      shattering in a haze of razor sharp crystals and
      beaten, wet snow. Rain and wind and glass shot across
      the room with the low, percussive crack of the
      thunder, the empty windows letting the storm rage
      though them.
      Lightening illuminated the wind-beaten crystal shards
      and he screamed... a thousand glass blades exploding
      into his naked flesh at once, the ice cold wind and
      force behind the impact hurling him back against the
      bed, his head cracking on the wall as he fell.
      He barely even registered the sheets against his
      spine. All he could see was blood, oozing into his
      eyes and burning his skin. Every movement seemed to
      burrow the shards deeper inside his body, cutting him
      open from within. He couldn't move...
      It hurt... hurt so much...
      God... and then there she was, floating above him with
      her hair and naked skin, that cream silk billowing in
      the wind, her laughing face watching his pain,
      reaching out to touch him with the softest sweep of
      her fingers across his face and...


      It all dissolved into shocked pain, like the
      lightening stole her smile, the claws in her stomach
      slowly moving up into her chest.
      She looked like she wanted to scream, but she had
      nothing left to do it with. Breath gurgled in her
      lungs, blood on his hands as, for a second, her
      control began to falter. Her hand wavered as she sank
      down on top of him, fingers curling against the pain
      as their blood merged, eyes clenching shut as she
      fought to stop the waver in her consciousness.
      Whispered into his skin, whimpered in pain as his
      claws slowly withdrew, bloodied wet hands holding her
      tightly against his chest as she shook...
      "I... I didn't want to hurt you..."
      He sounded broken, hurt as much inside as out, sinking
      his hands into her hair, cradling her head against his
      shoulder like he'd always wanted to do, glued together
      with boiling crimson...
      She whined low in her throat, clinging tightly to his
      abused chest as the blackness crept forwards, tears
      escaping down her face as the two minds inhabiting her
      body slowly began to unravel.
      Oh God... she was choking...
      It hurt... it hurt too much and she sobbed
      hysterically in his arms as little by little the
      darkness came, quieting her, numbing her, and then
      finally, silently, killing her.

      The storm outside raged, filling the broken windows
      with numbing, blank cold as Logan buried his face
      against the side of her head.
      He cried, holding her tightly, pressing choked,
      desperate kisses against her ear, rocking slightly and
      whispering in his grief as the lifeless body in his
      arms gradually began to cool.

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