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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 25/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 25 After Charles had headed for his office, Erik went down to the devastated med-lab to look for Jean. Jean,
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      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 25

      After Charles had headed for his office, Erik went down to the
      devastated med-lab to look for Jean.
      Jean, Scott, Logan and Rogue had been working there all morning,
      cleaning and tidying up.
      The material damage had really seemed more serious than it was, and
      it looked remarkably better now when all the glass splinters and
      spread out chemicals had been removed from the floor. But much of the
      equipment had been destroyed. That couldn't be denied.
      - Are you coming to help us clean up here? Logan asked
      sarcastically when they saw him come.
      - You seem to have done well without me, Erik replied. I actually
      came to talk to Jean.
      Jean handed her brush and dustpan to Rogue, and went to talk to
      - How bad is it? Magneto asked.
      - Well, you can see for yourself, Jean said with a sigh. It will be
      expensive to replace everything.
      - Don't worry. I'll pay for it. Mystique was really my
      - You mean that?
      - At least partially. I know how important this lab is to the
      school, and to you especially, Jean.
      - Thank you. That would be perfect.
      Erik tried to smile, but he felt all but cheerful.
      - I even managed to find a small bottle of Rogue's serum that
      hasn't been destroyed, Jean said. It will last for a couple of days,
      I'd believe. She has to take injections twice a day, like a diabetic
      has to take insulin.
      - And where is Mystique? Erik asked at last.
      - Would you like to see her? Jean asked.
      - Not really, but I guess I have to. Can you please take me to her
      - Sure. Come on.
      Jean brought Erik to a thick door with a numberplate on its right
      - Is she in there? he asked.
      Jean nodded.
      - Unlock the door. I want to go in.
      Jean bit her lower lip and looked hesitant. - Is that wise, you
      think? she said carefully. She was very aggressive last night. She
      Erik shook his head, determined. - She won't hurt me. Never. She
      won't go that far. Please open the door, now.
      - Very well. Alright. I'll wait right outside.
      Jean pressed a code onto the numberplate, and then gently knocked
      on the door.
      - Mystique? she called. Erik wants to see you. Is it alright if he
      No answer. Jean shrugged and assumed that Mystique had calmed down.
      Erik nodded at her, and she pulled the door open. He looked inside.
      Mystique sat huddled in the head end of her bunk, with her legs
      drawn up to her chest, and her arms around her knees. She lifted her
      head when Erik came in. Jean closed the door behind them.
      Now, finally, Mystique spoke. Her yellow eyes stared accusingly at
      - So you came, anyway? he said mockingly. I thought you said you
      never wanted to see me again?
      Erik noticed that Mystique's hands, forearms and thighs were
      bandaged. Jean had left her a robe, and a pair of panties and
      slippers, but she didn't seem to have touched them.
      - There is no reason for you to be sarcastic, he replied calmly as
      he went and sat down on the side of her bed. We have enough problems
      anyway. Don't you think so?
      She didn't answer, but simply stared at him.
      - Raven, Magneto said. Why did you do it? You can at least tell me
      that, can you not?
      - It was because of you... murmured Mystique. I wanted to have
      revenge on you.
      Erik sighed. - So you wanted revenge on *me*, and then you
      destroyed the Xavier-institute's medical laboratory? Couldn't you
      have taken it with me instead, so we could have...
      - But you never came home! Mystique suddenly cried. I tried to tell
      you I that wouldn't allow you to treat me like shit anymore, but you
      wouldn't listen!
      - So this was a trick to get my attention?
      She just shrugged in reply.
      - Oh my God! Erik exclaimed. How old are you? Three years old?!
      - I only wanted to make it clear that I wouldn't allow you to treat
      me like you do anymore!
      - And how do I treat you? How have a mistreated you? Are you
      referring to my relationship with Charles? Are you jealous?
      - You treat me like I was non-existent! What am I to you, anyway? I
      was good to have around when you wanted to fuck, but now when you
      don't need me to that anymore, you just dump me, like old shit! You
      used me, and now you dump me! I hate you!
      Erik sighed. - I *did not* use you, and you know that damn well.
      You wanted me to fuck you, and everything we did, we did on your
      terms. Always. You do remember that, right? So don't come here and
      tell me that I have used you!
      - You did use me! cried Mystique. I did everything for you, but
      actually you didn't give a shit about me! Ever!
      - No, that is not right, Erik objected. I did care about you, but I
      have never loved you like I love Charles. Don't you understand that I
      love him?
      - You say so, yes, but really you don't give a fuck about him
      - That was low, Raven. Why can't you simply accept it, and be happy
      for me? I would be happy if you found your soulmate, Raven, someone
      who you really feel that you belong with. Do you begrudge me to be
      - How can you want to be with him? she said with a grimace. He
      is... I mean... Does he even feel it when you fuck him? Isn't it like
      fucking a dead guy?
      - No, it isn't like that at all. Our sex life is working perfectly.
      Charles is a wonderful lover, despite his physical handicap.
      Mystique just snorted. - Right... she muttered.
      - What is wrong with you, Raven? You have always known about my
      sexual orientation. I have had male lovers all the time, and you have
      known about it. I even took them home, sometimes. You never objected
      then. And you knew about my relationship with Charles when we were
      young. So what is the problem now?
      Mystique simply shrugged again. - I don't know. You seem to have
      forgotten me, that's all.
      - I had hoped that we could stay as friends and colleagues even
      now, but apparently I was wrong, Erik said shortly. I have
      unfortunately no other choice than to let you move out of my house.
      When she heard this, Mystique gasped and immediately bounced up
      into a sitting position.
      - What? You can't do that! Where do I go?
      Erik just shook his head. - I am afraid I can't have you in my home
      anymore. I will find you another place to live.
      - No, please, let me stay, she begged and grabbed Erik's arm. I'll
      do what you want, just don't throw me out. You know what? I can be
      Charles, if you wish. I can be him, Erik, I can.
      - Raven! You can't *be* Charles! How can you even think that? You
      can take his appearance, yes, but you'll never *be* him. That was the
      stupidest thing I have ever heard!
      - But what do you want me to do, then? she asked in a trembling
      - I want you out of my home. This isn't working any longer. You can
      stay until I find you another place, but then you are out.
      - Please... I'll change, Erik. I can change... I promise...
      - You are not a young girl, anymore, Raven. You can make it on your
      own. We will be much better off, both of us, if we don't share a
      home. I hope we can remain friends, but we can't live together any
      Mystique sighed and leaned back against the wall.
      - But I love you... she whispered.
      - I only want your respect, Magneto replied. I want you to respect
      my relationship with Charles. Can you do that? Ever?
      She didn't answer. The look in her eyes had become completely blank
      and she looked almost apathetic.
      - Raven, anyway, we are leaving now. You can stay at my place until
      you find something else, like I said. Come on now. And put those on,
      first. The people here probably don't want you to walk through the
      mansion naked.
      At first Mystique didn't react, but when Magneto threw the clothes
      onto her lap and snapped that he didn't want to start fighting about
      this too, she obediently put on the robe and the panties, and stuck
      her feet into the slippers.
      Erik knocked on the door and called for Jean, who soon unlocked the
      - I am taking her out of here, he explained in reply to Jean's
      questioning look. We are leaving today.
      - Oh... she said. But does Charles know?
      - Not yet, but I will talk to him.
      - Have you worked out your problems now? You and Mystique, I mean?
      Jean asked.
      - There isn't much to work out, replied Erik and started leading an
      almost catatonic Mystique toward the elevator, which would take them
      up to ground level.
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