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FIC: One of These Boys is Not Like the Others 2/3

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  • Autumn Leaves
    ** Disclaimer in Part One ************** Westchester, New York “Our first interrogation is with Logan.” “The cranky, pointed hair guy right?” “His
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2003
      ** Disclaimer in Part One


      Westchester, New York

      “Our first interrogation is with Logan.”

      “The cranky, pointed hair guy right?”

      “His code name here is Wolverine, and his mutation is the
      ability to heal from virtually anything.” Scully finished.

      “Wolverine?” Mulder asked, his voice dripping with incredulity.

      Scully set the folder down and sighed. “Mulder, why are you so
      reluctant to accept the fact that these people are mutants?”

      “Because Scully we have two different views of what makes a
      mutant. Tooms, that’s a mutant.”

      “Eugene Tooms had a liver disorder.” Scully said simply.

      “The Flukeworm. Are you going to deny that too?”

      “He had a big mouth, that doesn’t make him a mutant!”

      “And you’re saying that every person here is a mutant?”


      “Prove it.”


      A knock at the rec room door interrupted the two, and Mulder
      opened the door for Logan, who looked less than thrilled to be standing
      where he was. “Mutants exist dick.” He growled at Mulder and slumped down
      into a chair.

      “Join us, please.” Mulder said sarcastically.

      “What sort of a name is Wolverine?”

      “What sort of a name is Fox?”

      “I wondered the same thing for years.” Mulder divulged.

      “Where were you last Friday?” Scully asked.

      “At the mansion.”

      “Who were you with?” Mulder asked.


      “Who’s that, your girlfriend?”

      Neither of the agents missed the slight shift at the mention of
      the woman’s name.

      “She’s not your girlfriend I take it.” Scully ventured.

      “But you have a thang for her don’t ya?” Mulder grinned,
      enjoying the irritated look on Logan’s face.

      “Don’t worry, we can smell our own.” Mulder said cryptically
      while looking at Scully who was flipping through the files to make a note on
      Logan’s file.

      Logan growled, and to Mulder’s amazement two sets of glistening
      claws shot out of the mutant’s hands. “Drop it bub.”

      “Nice prosthetics, Scully put you up to that?”


      “You wanna find out how real they are?” Logan asked in a
      deceptively quiet voice.

      Mulder just stared at him until the claws had retracted. The
      man began rubbing his knuckles and waited in silence for the agents to

      “Have you seen this before?” Scully asked, presenting Logan
      with a picture of the victim.

      “No. Well, it didn’t look like that at the time.” Logan

      “But you’ve seen the deceased before?” Mulder pressed.

      “I said yes, do I need to spell it out for you?”

      “When was the last time you saw the victim?”

      “Last Wednesday I guess. A bunch of kids were in the rec room,
      listening to the shit they call music, and I saw him there.”

      “What do the initials JVC stand for?” Mulder asked.

      “How the fuck should I know?”

      “Have you seen this before?” Scully asked, holding up a CD.

      “Yes.” Logan said, his eyes narrowing.

      “Can you tell me what’s on it?” She continued.

      Again, Logan shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and didn’t

      “Maybe this’ll refresh your memory.” Mulder said and set up the
      CD player.

      A gruff voice began crooning, filling the room with sound.

      /We are on fire, we have desires

      /But one is that way

      /One X-Men man’s gay *

      /But we don’t want to be mean

      /Since now he’s a queen

      /Don’t ask please, which X-Man is gay

      /Tell me who!

      /Ain’t sayin’ that its Bobby

      /Tell me who!

      /Ain’t saying that its Logan

      /Tell me who

      /I never wanna hear you say

      /Which X-Men man’s gay?

      A metallic slice cut through the air, and a moment later, the
      portable CD player had been impaled by three claws and began shooting
      sparks. Logan stalked out of the room, and Scully extinguished the fire.
      “I guess we know where the claw marks are from.” She said dryly, removing
      the mangled CD from the fried player.

      “At least we still have the tape.”


      Later that day…….

      “Mulder, we’ve been interviewing people all day. I think its
      time to try a different approach and use the song again. Let’s see if we
      can get the same reaction. If what happened to the CD player is the same
      thing that happened to the victim, then we need to see the other four use
      their powers.” Scully said as she repositioned the mangled CD player.

      “I still say it’s a prosthesis.”

      “Mulder, who the hell would use a prosthesis with claws?”

      “Captain Hook.” Mulder grinned.

      “Captain Hook is a fictional character. Besides he had one
      hook, this guy has three claws on each hand.”

      Scott Summers cleared his throat. “ You wanted to see me again?”

      “Yeah, have a chair. Why don’t you take off your glasses?”
      Mulder inquired.

      “I already told you what would happen if I do.” Scott said

      “Suit yourself.”

      Scully pressed play on the tape player she had procured, but
      kept it out of sight from the man in front of her.

      /Now I can see him

      /He’s in leather clothes *

      /But he don’t need a dogtag ID *

      /He likes Village people, he’s playing Croquet

      /But his ice isn’t cool to me *

      /He is on fire, his back perspires

      /Won’t say, won’t say, won’t say

      /Who’s gay!

      /He’s always saying’ ain’t nothing but a butt ache

      /Ain’t nothing but a fruitcake

      /I never wanna hear you say

      /Which one of us is gay

      /Tell me who!

      /Ain’t saying that its Johnny *

      /Tell me who!

      /Ain’t saying Scott or Charles *

      /Tell me who!

      /He’s baking up a soufflé

      /Which X-Men Man’s gay *

      /Okay, we’re all gay

      Scott Summers took as well to hearing his own voice crooning as
      Logan had. Before Scully could get out of the way, he had placed his hand
      at the temple of his visor and blasted it. Like his teammate, he turned
      tail and ran away.

      “Come on Scully lets get you to the med lab, looks like a nasty
      burn.” Mulder said, nodding at her right hand, which was raw and shiny

      “Now do you believe they’re mutants?”

      Mulder considered her for a moment. “Its plausible.” He said
      seriously before ushering Scully out of the room with his hand on the small
      of her back.


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