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Fic: One of These Boys is Not Like the Others 1/3

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Title: One of These Boys is Not Like the Others Author: Autumn Email: autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com Archive: DDFH, APE, others please ask. Summary: A
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2003
      Title: One of These Boys is Not Like the Others

      Author: Autumn

      Email: autumnleaves@...

      Archive: DDFH, APE, others please ask.

      Summary: A mysterious death leads agents Scully and Mulder to a school in
      Westchester New York. An X-Men/X-Files crossover. Bunny tossed by THL in
      offering of the DDFH’s April theme week.

      Rating: R (implied relationships, language)

      Disclaimer: The X-Men is property of Fox and Marvel. X-Files belongs to
      1013 Productions and Fox. The original song belongs to Weird Al Yankovic
      and it is a parody of the Backstreet Boys ‘I Want it that Way’.

      A/N: I’ve replaced a bunch of the WA lyrics with my own, which are
      indicated with an astric (*). The song is to the tune of ‘I Want it that

      This is set roughly around X-Files season six, and two years after the X-Men


      Thursday, April 23

      F. B. I. Headquarters

      Washington D.C.

      Agent Dana Scully walked through the door to find
      her partner hunched over the projector. “Morning Mulder.”

      “Mwornin” came the muffled reply.

      Scully settled down in the desk chair and waited for her partner
      to begin his slideshow. “Hold your hose Scully, this is gonna knock your
      socks off.” Mulder grinned and clicked the button; a strange picture filled
      the screen.

      “This was found at the scene. As you can see there are what
      appear to be claw marks on one side of the body. Second and third degree
      burns cover the front and left side, the back appears to have been smashed
      into a wall with tremendous force, and there’s evidence of freezer burn at
      the bottom. Whata you make of that Scully?”

      “Well Mulder, we won’t know for sure until I have a chance to
      examine the remains, but I’d say it was obviously a crime of passion.”
      Scully answered swinging her blue gaze towards Mulder.

      “Well, the local police can’t figure out what happened, so guess
      who’s up to save the day.”

      Scully simply nodded and picked up the suitcase from behind the
      desk. She’d long since learned to have a case full of clothes and
      toiletries ready to go at all times. Mulder still hadn’t picked up on this
      habit and the pair was forced to stop at his apartment before continuing to
      the airport.


      Four hours later the agents had pulled up to the front of an
      impressive looking mansion and knocked on the door. A large, hairy man with
      pointed hair opened the door. “If you’re selling something we’re not
      interested. And before ye ask, no I haven’t accepted Jesus, Mary or Joseph
      into my heart and eternal damnation sounds fine to me.”

      “You must be Logan.” Mulder said, recognizing the face from the
      case study.

      “I’m Agent Dana Scully, this is my partner Fox Mulder. We’re
      from the FBI.”

      Logan glanced between the two of them and opened the door. He
      scowled as the two suits asked for Charles Xavier and demanded to see him at
      once. Logan stalked down the hall and threw the door open to Charles’
      office. “Cops are here.” He told the older looking man before nearly
      plowing Mulder over in his hurry to get away from the duo.

      “I understand that you’re here to solve this mystery.” Charles
      greeted them.

      “Yes sir, that’s what we do.” Mulder volunteered.

      “Sir, is there anything in specific we should know about the
      people we’re planning to interview?” Scully pinned the bald man with a

      “Surely you are aware of the reason this school exists?”
      Charles asked.

      Scully and Mulder exchanged a look before nodding their
      agreement. “I’ve cleared the main rec hall for your convenience, and the
      small room in the back of it is where you’ll find the remains. Do let me
      know if there’s any way I can assist in your investigation.”

      “We’ll need to use a portable CD player, but that should be the
      only equipment that we are lacking.” Scully informed him.

      “Very well. I hate to cut our meeting short, but I fear that I
      have an awful lot of business to catch up on that simply can’t be put off
      any longer.”

      “Thank you Mr. Xavier.” Mulder said.

      “Please, call me Charles.” The bald one smiled warmly.

      The G-men ushered themselves out of the office and walked
      towards the room they had been directed to. They locked the doors and
      proceeded towards the room where the corpse was located. The smell of burnt
      plastic still permeated the air, and the two coughed from the overpowering
      scent. “It looks even worse in person.” Mulder cracked.

      “What sort of person would do this? Its just, a little
      excessive if the killer was excessively angry.”

      “You’re the one who said it was a crime of-passion” Mulder said,
      strongly emphasizing the last word.

      “Mulder.” Scully said, fixing her partner with a glare.

      “What?” He asked innocently. The two regarded the other with a
      long look before Scully broke the silence. “Who do you want to interview

      “How many do we have?”

      “10. Five men, five women.”

      “You don’t actually believe in the possibility of mutants do you
      Scully?” Mulder asked, mimicking one of his first questions to Scully from
      five years ago.

      “Mulder, you believe in aliens, and you’re questioning this?”

      “It’s just that, it seems a little bit too comic bookish.”
      Mulder finished.

      “Mulder, there is scientific evidence that indicates that the X
      gene really exists.”

      “There’s also scientific evidence that you’re cute.” Mulder


      “Nothing. Hey, check out the burn marks on this thing. It
      looks like it was blasted by some intense heat.”

      “Well, there is a fire thrower, and a man who can emit optic
      blasts in residence.” She answered.

      Mulder gave a derisive snort. “It just doesn’t seem very

      Scully laughed lightly, it wasn’t often that she got to see
      Mulder doubting anything. She admitted to herself she rather liked the
      reversal of roles. “I’ll perform the autopsy on the remains downstairs,
      Charles said there was a full medical facility downstairs.”

      “I’ll look over the files again, we can decide which ‘mutant’ we
      want to interrogate first.”

      “Scully rolled her eyes and left in search of the med lab for a
      gurney to transport the corpse. She could tell it would be an interesting


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