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FIC: Past Forward (2/14) PG-13 Rogue, Jubilee, Jean

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  • Jamie Madigan
    Past Forward - Jamie (madjm@mac.com) Disclaimer, etc., with prologue 2 Logan Logan was brooding, and he was doing a good job of it. In fact, he was pretty sure
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2003
      Past Forward - Jamie (madjm@...)
      Disclaimer, etc., with prologue


      Logan was brooding, and he was doing a good job of it. In fact, he was
      pretty sure there was no one on earth who could match him for brooding.

      At least that's what Marie said. Used to say. When she was still speaking to

      He sat on his bed, gripping a bottle of beer and glaring at the door. His
      thinking went in constant circles. He had to find a way to make her talk to
      him, so he could explain. He should stay away from her; she deserved someone
      better. And how dare she be mad at him anyway? She expected too much from
      him. But what if he'd ruined any chance he'd had with her? He had to find a
      way to make her talk to him, so he could explain. ...

      And so it went.

      It wasn't his fault to begin with. Well, hardly his fault.

      He'd been flirting with Jean again. Mostly, he just did it to yank Scooter's
      chain, and because she was a damn fine woman. He actually *liked* her, which
      was more than he could say about most people. Plus, it was a lot easier than
      dealing with his feelings toward Marie. He knew she had feelings for him --
      he hated how his heart sped up at the thought that she might even love him
      -- but he couldn't help but feel that he wasn't good enough for her. So he
      kept things on a friendly level with Marie -- mostly -- and flirted with

      But since the mission to Donovan Laboratories, and her illness afterward,
      Jean had been acting a little strange. Still, when he'd asked her when she
      was going to leave Summers and have a taste of a *real* man, he hadn't
      expected her response.

      She kissed him.

      Now, once upon a time, this would've been great. It's what he dreamed of.
      Mostly. But it wasn't like he'd imagined at all. There was nothing in the
      kiss. She might as well have been kissing a rock for all the passion she put
      into it. And only he saw the tears in her eyes that she blinked back before
      pulling away.

      He wasn't all that surprised to see Scott standing behind them, but he was
      jolted by the sight of Marie. She looked horrified, betrayed. Summers' face,
      on the other hand, was completely blank before he turned and walked out of
      the room without saying a word.

      Marie shook her head and followed him, and that was the last he saw of her
      for two days. The girl had an uncanny ability to avoid him, considering his
      superior senses. And after that, the few times he managed to get her alone,
      one of her little friends would just "happen" to show up, sending him a
      scalding glare or making certain nasty comments under her breath. He
      wondered if they knew he could hear every word. Nobody had ever actually
      called him a "skank" before. At least, not that he could remember.

      Jean had collapsed crying after the Kiss Incident, which is what the kids
      were calling it, and he'd spent an hour and a half holding her and letting
      her cry and talk everything out. Most of what she'd told him he couldn't
      repeat. It wasn't for him to tell anyone. But he could let Marie know that
      the kiss wasn't his idea and didn't mean anything.

      He had to talk to her. Logan barely resisted the urge to throw the beer
      bottle, instead dropping it on his nightstand and rolling off the bed to
      pace the room. The only option open to him, really, was to grab her out of
      her room. He'd make her talk to him. He'd explain everything. Though, on
      second thought, maybe things were better this way.

      Logan stumbled and fell to his knees as a blinding golden flash filled his

      He began to remember.

      For years, all he'd remembered were bits and pieces. Images. Faces.
      Feelings. A bit of a song that made him feel ... something, and then he lost
      it. It was like trying to hold water in his hands. Impressions were all he
      got before the rest slipped through his fingers.

      This was different. It was like a pipeline opened between the past and his
      mind, and it rushed back in, filling up all the empty spaces in his brain.
      His seventh Naming Day. The day Samuel fell through the ice of the river.
      His mother. The first time he'd seen A'Mirion. Samuel's wedding. The
      memories came, faster and faster, making him dizzy. Joining the King's
      Guard. Kissing Minna. The day ... the time ... his first ... They flew by so
      fast he couldn't grasp them all. It was too much. He saw Sidre. The cave.
      His promise.

      He saw the bright golden light again, just before he passed out.



      Breathing heavily, Jean sat up straight in bed. She reached out for Scott
      before remembering, glancing over and sighing at the empty place next to
      her. She missed him. Though she knew it was for the best, she wanted nothing
      more at that moment than to rush down the hall to his new room and climb in
      bed with him. He would be warm and solid. Strong.

      She needed him. Jean shook her head and pushed out of bed. It took her a
      moment to get a handle on what was wrong. For once, it wasn't the nightmare
      about suffocating at Donovan Labs. She almost thought she'd heard *Jubilee*
      yelling at her about Rogue. She sighed and rubbed her throbbing temples.
      Jubilee would be the death of her one of these days; she just knew it. As it
      was, Jean blamed her increasing number of gray hairs almost entirely on the

      Grumbling to herself, Jean slipped into a robe and padded barefoot down the
      hall. The girls' room was at the other end. Surprisingly, even when they'd
      graduated and started training for the team, all three girls had wanted to
      continue being roommates. Most of the others who stayed had their own rooms.

      A good thing, too, she thought, speeding up as she passed Bobby's room.
      Certain sounds coming from that room obviously required some privacy. She
      wondered for a moment who was in there with him but quickly dismissed the
      question. That was one good thing about Jubilee. Spend a few minutes with
      her, and you'd know most of the good gossip in the mansion.

      Jean frowned. Actually, the good gossip was probably at least a little bit
      about herself and Logan. And Scott. Now *that* was something she really
      didn't want to think about.

      She was surprised to find the door to the girls' room wide open, and she
      felt a tingle at the base of her neck when she saw the room was empty. That
      strange feeling usually meant trouble. What had she heard Jubilee yell? She
      stood in the doorway, drumming her fingers on the doorframe and frowning.
      Rogue. It was about Rogue.

      That answered the question about where to go next.

      The Nightowl: http://www.geocities.com/panda_grrl2000
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