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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 21/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 21 Erik and Charles were also preparing for Rogue s party. They had decided to dress up extra nicely, in a
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      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 21

      Erik and Charles were also preparing for Rogue's party. They had
      decided to dress up extra nicely, in a tuxedo, with a bow tie around
      their necks, and everything.
      Erik had plenty of clothes at the mansion, but he did not have any
      tuxedo. Therefore, he had to borrow one from Charles.
      It went on him, but could of course have suited better. Since the
      two men didn't exactly have the same build, it was hard to find
      clothes that looked good on both of them. The tuxedo had to do,
      because it was the only one available.
      But Erik thought he looked a little ridiculous in the jacket, which
      was too wide over the shoulders and the trousers, whose legs were too
      And he could not get the bow tie straight at all. No matter how he
      tried to tie it, it was always oblique.
      He started to believe it would have been much easier if it had been
      a ready-made bow tie, sitting on a rubber band. No one could tell a
      difference anyway.
      Charles had not dressed yet. He was in the bathroom, brushing his
      teeth, after showering.
      Why did I agree to this? Erik asked himself when he for the tenth
      time failed to get the bow tie straight. Charles will have to help
      me, or I'll screw this.
      Suddenly Erik's cell phone rang. He turned away from the mirror and
      went to answer the call. He didn't bother checking who was calling.
      - Hello? he said, and heard that he sounded a little annoyed.
      - Erik, said Mystique on the other side. Hi, it's me.
      He sighed. - Hello, Raven. What do you want? I am kind of busy at
      the moment.
      - I'll tell you straight out, Erik, she said after a while of
      silence. I want you to come home.
      Erik frowned. - Home? he said. What? Now?
      - Yes, now! said Mystique, and he could tell by her voice that she
      was getting excited. You have been over there for more than two weeks
      now, without letting me know...
      - No, wait a minute, that isn't true! Erik interrupted. I sent you
      a message with my cell phone.
      Mystique snorted. - Yeah, how thoughtful of you! she snapped. So
      you remembered *that* anyway? I feel honoured! You didn't even bother
      calling personally. Is that what I'm worth to you? One single little
      phone message?
      - Alright, that might have been a little thoughtless of me, Erik
      said in a softer voice. I apologize.
      - Oh, you do? Very well. Are you coming home, then?
      - So you are saying that I should just pack my things and come as
      soon as you call?
      Now Erik got angry again.
      - Forget it, Raven! I can't come now. Maybe in a few days...-
      - Why not?
      - Raven, I am busy...
      - Busy! Mystique snorted contemptuously. Busy doing what? Busy
      fucking Xavier?
      Erik sighed deeply, and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his
      thumb and index finger, not to start screaming out loud.
      - Don't be stupid, he said lowly, aware of that Charles was in the
      bathroom and surely heard every word of this conversation.
      - Stupid! she hissed in reply. I can't understand that you rather
      fuck that old cripple than me!
      - Don't talk like that about Charles! Erik screamed in the
      telephone. Stay out of our relationship! There is nothing between you
      and me anymore! Can't you just accept that, Raven? It would make it a
      lot easier for all of us if you could.
      - What should I accept? Mystique said coldly. I thought we were a
      team, Erik! Is there no Brotherhood either, you mean?
      - We have a professional relationship, but nothing more.
      - I rather think we have no kind of relationship at all! You spend
      more time there than with me! Why not take the step and move out
      there entirely?
      - I have thought about it, Erik replied truthfully, but I think
      things are working well as they are now.
      - *You* think, *you* say, you, you, you! Everything seems to circle
      around *you*! What about my feelings? Have you forgotten them? My
      needs, and my thoughts! Don't you think of anyone but yourself?
      - I am sorry if I have hurt you, Raven, since that was not my
      intention, Erik said calmly. But Charles and I are together again,
      and you have to accept that.
      - What we had, then? Mystique said hollowly. Doesn't that mean
      - Of course it does. You have been an enormous support and a loyal
      companion. But we had sex. That was about it. You said so yourself.
      So I honestly don't understand what we are fighting about.
      - So you are not coming home, then?
      - Not now. I will come when I get time.
      - And until then you want me to sit here and wait for you, like an
      obedient little pup? Forget it! Mystique cried.
      - Then don't. I ask nothing of you. You can do exactly what you
      - You know what, *Magneto*? That was a really good idea! I am not
      being appreciated here anyway! she said acidly.
      - Can we end this conversation now? I am pressed for time, for I am
      going to a party, Erik said.
      - Party? Oh, really? said Mystique with a snort. And what kind of
      party is that?
      - For Rogue. I promised her to come. She has gotten a new medicine
      that has made it possible for her to touch people again.
      - How sweet! And you just *have* to go?
      - Yes, and I am looking forward to it. Now I have to stop. See you,
      Raven, he finished coldly.
      - Yeah, see you! Soon! Mystique spat.
      Erik hung up. He sighed heavily and took his head in his hands.
      Damn! Mystique's call had taken away all his good spirits. Now he
      only felt angry, annoyed and frustrated. Not until he looked up
      again, he noticed that Charles had come out of the bathroom, and was
      looking at him from his wheelchair, still wearing a robe.
      - It was Mystique, Erik explained. She... eh... called, and wanted
      me to come to her.
      - Are you going then? Charles asked.
      - Of course not! Erik exclaimed. Why would I? She can't just call
      and expect me to be there at once. I want to stay here, with you, and
      attend a party, and have a good time.
      - I heard you were upset. What was it about?
      - She managed to anger me. She can be a real bitch sometimes.
      - What did you tell her?
      - That she could do what she wants, for all I am concerned. I don't
      - Oh. I see.
      Charles tried to sound unaffected, but Erik could tell that he was
      only pretending. His eyes were sad despite that he tried to smile.
      - I am sorry she called, said Erik and looked at his cell phone.
      She shouldn't call here.
      Charles shrugged. - She is entitled. This is the place where she
      can reach you.
      - She only wants to destroy.
      - Erik, she is your ex mistress, Charles said. She has her reasons,
      I suppose.
      Erik went to Charles, kneeled in front of him and took a hold of
      his hands.
      - Darling, he said slowly, listen to me. There is only one man for
      me, and that is you. It is you now, and it always has been. Raven
      could never replace you. When I slept with her, I always thought of
      you. Always. She means nothing to me. She mustn't get between us.
      Ever. Do you hear me?
      - I know, Erik, Charles said softly and cupped the back of his
      lover's head in his hand. I know. You don't have to explain to me. I
      Erik leaned out and kissed him.
      - Charles, I would like to make love, he whispered.
      - Erik... we are going to a party, remember that?
      - Yes, but after that.
      - Alright. I promise. But first we are going to the party.
      Erik nodded. - Yes, first we are going to the party, he agreed.
      - What do you say about the tuxedo?
      - It is tolerable.
      - Your bow tie is oblique, Charles said. Let me correct it.
      He did it, and it happened surprisingly quickly.
      - There you go, he said, smiling. Now you are handsome and ready
      for the evening. Now I just have to find a tux for myself too, and
      then we can go.
      Erik nodded, and had no idea that the innocent party would become
      something like "Carrie's prom night" later during the evening.
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