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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 20/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 20 The whole afternoon Rogue and some of her friends prepared for the party. Professor Xavier had given his
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2003
      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 20

      The whole afternoon Rogue and some of her friends prepared for the
      Professor Xavier had given his students permission to skip the
      remaining classes that day, so they could help Rogue with the party
      Kitty was there, of course, and Jubilee, and John.
      The party would be in the school's great dining hall. They had
      moved all the chairs and tables against the walls, and decorated the
      otherwise dull hall, so that it would look more festive.
      There even was a smoke machine at the mansion, and someone had
      taken it out and dragged it to the dining hall, so it could be turned
      on when the party began.
      Logan helped Rogue moving benches and tables, and that was good,
      since there was no one else as strong as he was.
      It was hard work, but they were all having a good time, and time
      passed quickly.
      Ororo was making brownies and muffins, and was presently in the
      kitchen. Jean had unfortunately no time to help with the party
      arrangements, since she had to stay in the lab and make more of
      Rogue's new, efficient serum, so it would last for some time ahead.
      But she had promised to come later in the evening.
      Rogue's friends, especially Jubes, were curious of the
      mysterious "doctor Lecter" who had appeared so rarely, and yet done
      so much. Rogue only gave secretive answers, but promised that they
      would see him at the party, since he was to come.
      - Is he one of those famous scientists? Jubilee asked. He's got to
      be, since he's so bright. But why is he here?
      - I honestly don't know, Rogue replied truthfully. You'll have to
      ask him yourself.
      Although Rogue knew that Jubilee would of course not have the guts
      to ask.
      - Maybe you should ask Ororo, she said instead. She's been spending
      much time with him, and surely knows more than I do.
      - Has she been dating him? exclaimed Kitty, who had now joined the
      conversation. Huh? Has she?
      - I don't know dating... began Rogue, and realized her mistake, but
      it was already too late.
      - Oh, there is a *romance* going on! grinned Jubilee. Who could
      have believed miss Munroe would ever start dating? And isn't he much
      older than her? He's at least fifty, isn't he?
      - And he's so weird! Why is he hiding all the time?
      - He's not weird at all! Rogue interrupted. I've met him. His name
      is Hannibal, and he is really sweet. And if miss Munroe likes him,
      then it's her business. Forget I said anything.
      - But Marie... if you know something, tell us, Kitty begged.
      - I don't know anything more, sorry, said Rogue. We shouldn't stand
      here talking and wasting a lot of time. There is much left to do.
      She left Kitty and Jubilee and went to put a bag of popcorn in the
      microwave oven. Instantly she regretted that she had even mentioned
      Hannibal and Storm's "close friendship".
      Sometimes Kitty and Jubilee could be real pains in the ass!

      Hannibal entered the kitchen and found Ororo, fully occupied making
      brownies before the party. She was just about to pour the cake
      mixture into a baking tin.
      - Oh, hi darling, she said with a sweet smile when she saw him.
      - Good evening, Ororo, the doctor replied. Are you baking before
      Marie's party?
      - Exactly. I have to hurry so I will get it done. You are coming to
      the party, right? It is for your honour as well.
      - Yes, certainly, I will be there.
      - I am so happy for her, smiled Storm. The whole girl shines like a
      sun. It has been an awful time for her not to be able to touch
      - I can imagine. But now she has gotten a fresh start in life. I
      will come to the party this evening, doctor Lecter added, but then I
      think I have to leave soon. I have already stayed for too long.
      Ororo's happy expression was erased. She put down the baking tin
      and turned to face him.
      - Oh? she said quietly. Why? Don't you like it here?
      - But of course I do. I like it too much. But you know my
      situation, Ororo. I cannot remain here.
      - Why not?
      - The FBI wants me. I cannot remain territorial, Hannibal said.
      - You'll be safe here, Ororo persisted.
      - No, I can't expose you to that. You are not responsible for me. I
      have to make it on my own.
      - But I don't want you to go! she exclaimed. I want you to stay
      here, with me. I...I... think that... I... love you, she whispered.
      And she wasn't lying. She had really fallen in love with Hannibal
      Lecter, in only a couple of weeks. And now he would leave her.
      He approached her and put his hands on her shoulders.
      - Ororo, he said slowly. Don't say that. You cannot be in love with
      me. It was never meant to be. Don't you realize that?
      - Why not? she said. Why wasn't it?
      - Because it just wasn't.
      Now he sounded resolute.
      - Ororo, stop thinking like that. You are only making it worse for
      - How can I control my feelings? she sobbed.
      - No, you can't, he admitted, but let me give you a piece of
      advice, as a psychiatrist. Accept it as soon as possible, and it will
      pass. Trust me.
      - When are you leaving? she asked in a whisper.
      - Tomorrow morning, I suspect. I will attend the party, for Marie's
      sake, but then I have nothing left to do here. The sooner I leave,
      the better. I am sure professor Xavier agrees with me.
      Suddenly a new kind of passion flared in Ororo's eyes. - If you go,
      I'll come with you! she said fervently.
      Doctor Lecter sighed. - Ororo, you can't do that, he said shortly.
      You belong here, and I... don't belong anywhere, really. You can't
      come with me. That is out of question.
      - But I love you! Don't you love me at all? I thought... that...
      you... liked me...
      Her voice broke and the sobs took over.
      - Ororo, Hannibal said gently. I do like you. I like you very much.
      You are a nice and beautiful woman, and a wonderful person, sweet,
      loving, intelligent... and I admit that I was attracted to you when I
      came here, but that does not mean that I love you.
      It felt like something broke inside her, but at least she knew now.
      He did not love her. There was no chance for them to be together. Not
      ever. Tomorrow morning he would whistle out of her life as quickly as
      he came, and only leave memories behind.
      - Okay. I see, she said with a sad smile. I won't pester you
      anymore with my silly little crush. Can we just pretend like it never
      happened, or something?
      - My dear, I only want you to be happy today. At Marie's party. Try
      not to think of this, but have a good time instead. For me, and for
      Ororo nodded, but she felt all but happy. - Sure. Alright, she said
      - I like you, don't forget that, said doctor Lecter and embraced
      Yes, she knew that. But that was not what she wanted. She wanted
      something that she could never get from him.
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