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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 18/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 18 The production of Rogue s serum went slowly. There were so many things to keep in order, and so many things
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      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 18

      The production of Rogue's serum went slowly. There were so many
      things to keep in order, and so many things that could go wrong, but
      after two weeks doctor Lecter and Jean had at last managed to
      manufacture a sample which they thought was somewhat pure, after many
      unsuccessful attempts and tests.
      They repeated the attempt a few times to make sure that they got
      the same results, and they did, every time.
      They both agreed on that the sample was ready to be tested on a
      human - which meant Rogue, even though she didn't know about any of
      this yet.
      The relation between Jean and doctor Lecter had been quite cold
      since their talk about Ororo, but when they had managed to produce a
      successful sample, Jean forgot to be cold, and flew around her
      colleague's neck, screaming and jumping happily.
      - We did it! she cried. We *did* it!
      Hannibal had seen Ororo several times during the past two weeks,
      and they had done a lot of exciting things together. He had taken her
      to watch a play in New York City, to an art exhibition, and to his
      favourite opera, "La Vita Nuova".
      They had made love another two times since their first time, and
      last time Hannibal had actually dared to stay over the night in
      Ororo's room, despite that he knew it was risky.
      Professor Xavier and a few more knew he took her out sometimes, but
      he didn't believe anyone knew what kind of relationship they really
      Jean did probably not know, or then she chose to ignore it, since
      she had not brought the matter up again.
      When he spoke to Jean, it was about work, nothing else.
      Erik had come by a few times to ask him how he were, and given him
      some magazines and newspapers to read. Doctor Lecter thanked him
      politely, and asked Erik to thank the professor.
      Presently he was reading a book which Ororo had lent him, and
      devoted less time to the magazines.
      - Do you believe we can test it on Rogue? Jean asked, while she was
      holding their newest sample in her hand, in a beaker, solved in water.
      - It should be without risks, Hannibal answered. But first we have
      to tell her, and allow her to digest the news. And there are always
      risks, whatever you do. Anyway, the choice is hers.
      - Will you talk to her?
      - Sure, I can do that. But I think we should notify professor
      Xavier beforehand, don't you think?
      - Of course, said. Jean. *I'll* do that.

      Jean visited Charles as soon as she got an opportunity, and told him
      that they probably had succeeded in manufacturing a successful test
      Charles was very positive and proud.
      - It was thanks to doctor Lecter that it happened, Jean admitted.
      It had never been possible without him. I know that he was supposed
      to assist me, but I rather think that *he* did all the work, and I
      - Where is doctor Lecter now? asked Charles.
      - He is down in the lab.
      - Why didn't he follow you up here?
      Jean shrugged. - I suppose he thought you didn't want to see him.
      Charles became quiet and lowered his eyes. Then he sighed.
      - Very well. You can at least tell him that I am very grateful for
      his help, and that I can talk to him, in case he'd want that.
      - Of course, I'll tell him that, Jean promised.
      - It is just that... I don't want him to think that I loathe him,
      because I don't, but I am in fact very grateful because he is helping
      us, but it is just that... in some way... I don't know, Jean, Charles
      said truthfully. His presence just gives me the creeps.
      - I can see what you mean. I can't say I love him myself, even if I
      spend much time with him.
      - Ororo likes him, said Charles. He has really managed to charm
      - Ororo doesn't know what she has gotten herself into, said Jean.
      - No, perhaps not, but she is an adult, Charles pointed out. She
      can make decisions on her own. I know that you see her as your little
      sister, Jean, but she is in fact capable of taking care of herself.
      We have to accept that.
      - Yeah, I guess so, Jean sighed. Although she's fallen in love with
      a serial killer!
      - Yes, despite that, Xavier said gravely.

      Logan was just about to leave, when someone knocked on the door. He
      looked at Rogue, who was sitting at her desk, doing her homework, to
      see if she knew who it could be.
      - Is Jubilee coming? he asked. Or Kitty?
      - Not to my knowledge, Rogue replied. Open the door, and we'll
      Logan opened the door. Outside stood doctor Lecter, wearing a white
      lab coat.
      But in spite that he had been at the mansion for over two weeks,
      Logan did not really know who he was, but he had merely caught quick
      glimpses of him in the corridor, every now and then.
      Someone had mentioned his name to Logan, but he couldn't remember
      it correctly.
      What confused him even more, was why the man was here.
      He frowned. - You are... Lector, right? he asked.
      - Yes, Hannibal *Lecter*, with an "e". You must be Logan.
      - Yeah. What do you want?
      - I would need to talk to your girlfriend, Marie. Is she in?
      - About what?
      Doctor Lecter smiled. - Stay here and listen, if you are curious.
      This concerns you as well.
      Logan was stunned, but he still let doctor Lecter in, and became
      curious of what he had to say.
      - Hannibal! exclaimed Rogue when she saw him. Hi! What are you
      doing here?
      - Hello, Marie, said the doctor, smiling. I have something
      important to tell you.
      Rogue put her books aside, and regarded him with a questioning
      expression. Logan stood behind her and placed his hands on her
      - Marie... doctor Lecter began. Really, Jean should be here with
      me, since her part in this is as big as mine is, but now it happened
      to be that I must come alone.
      - What is it? Rogue asked confusedly.
      - Well, it is something that Jean and I have been working on. Have
      you not wondered why I have stayed here for so long?
      - You're the professor's guest. It's not my business to wonder,
      replied Rogue. But what is...
      - We have done further research on your serum, said doctor Lecter.
      And now we believe to have found a substance which truly works.
      Rogue's entire face whitened. At first she couldn't make a sound.
      - You mean... she whispered. Against my power?
      - Yes, exactly. We found the error, and we *believe* we have
      corrected it. That is what I came here to say, Marie.
      - But I'm allergic to it!
      - I know, but we found the contamination which caused the allergy,
      and removed it. Now it is gone, and we think you can start taking it
      again. I have to ask you if you're willing to try the serum.
      Rogue flew up from her chair and started howling, screaming,
      jumping, and clapping her hands like a little child.
      Only one last warning thought stopped her from throwing around
      doctor Lecter's neck, despite that she could not touch people - yet.
      - Oh, yes, yes, yes! she cried and looked as though she would
      burst from happiness. I want to test it on myself, anything, just
      make it work, oh, I'd like it so much... oh, Hannibal, thank you...
      - Hush, little friend, calm down now. It is not really done yet.
      And you are aware of that there might be risks involved, even though
      we believe them to be small.
      - That's alright, I want it anyway! When can we do it?
      - Shall we say tomorrow afternoon? That will give Jean and me some
      time to go through it all once more.
      - Okay...but... I'm waiting...
      Hannibal approached her and took her gloved hand in his own,
      squeezing it.
      - It is good that your attitude toward this is so positive, he
      said. We'll see it will be just fine.
      - It has to, Rogue said, suddenly serious. It *has to*.
      - We'll go through the details tomorrow, said doctor Lecter, then
      he and left.
      Rogue turned to Logan and wrapped her arms around his ribcage.
      - There you see, patience is a virtue, after all! she triumphed
      with the happiest smile in the world.
      Logan, on the other hand, was so shocked he couldn't make a sound.
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