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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 15/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 15 When Erik and Charles woke up in the morning, they both discovered they were in a strong need of a shower.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2003
      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 15

      When Erik and Charles woke up in the morning, they both discovered
      they were in a strong need of a shower. They had dried up semen and
      stains of the lubricant almost everywhere; Erik's stomach, chest,
      hands and groin were sticky.
      It was even worse for Charles. He had dried up semen on his back,
      stomach, and between his legs - even his pubic hair was completely
      stiff from it - and also on his inner thighs, since some of
      semen had trickled out of his rectum during the night.
      When he woke up, and felt how sticky he was, he couldn't help
      - I think I need to get cleaned... he chuckled and nudged Erik, who
      still appeared to be asleep, tightly pressed against him. Erik just
      grunted something inaudible first, but when he came to life, he
      couldn't other than agree.
      He sighed. - Well, Charles, I think we do need a shower, he agreed.
      The proof of their pleasure last night was still sticking on them,
      and as dry stains on the sheets.
      - I'm sorry that our love has to be so sticky, Charles said.
      - Hmm... Erik agreed, and sat astride Charles' pelvis, while he
      on his back in the bed. But it was good!
      - Yes, it was, Charles said with a smile, and stroked Erik's
      slender arms with his hands, and then rested them on his shoulders.
      - Hey... Erik said slowly and bit his lower lip, as though
      something troubled him.
      - Yes?
      - Are you still mad at me because I... brought Lecter here? Magneto
      Charles was quiet for some time before he answered. - No, he said
      then. I am not mad because of that any longer. I made a too big deal
      out of it already to begin with. I realize that you only wanted to
      help him. It's alright.
      Erik smiled and leaned down to kiss his friend. Charles returned
      the kiss, but was then reminded of how sticky they both were.
      - We should have a shower, he finally said.
      - Together?
      - Of course. If you scrub my back, I'll scrub yours.
      - What about your front side? Erik said with a grin.
      - You're happy to scrub my front side as well.
      Erik reached down his hand and grabbed Charles' sticky, flaccid
      - And this? he asked smoothly.
      - That too! the telepath laughed.
      - Only if you return the favour.
      - Sure, I'll be happy to.
      - Deal.
      Erik jumped out of bed, without caring to dress. He bent down and
      lifted Charles into his arms. It was a bit straining.
      Charles was not much shorter than Erik was, and probably also a
      little heavier, and Erik was an old man, with limited physical
      In spite this, he carried his paralysed lover to the bathroom and
      even managed to close the door behind him.
      Charles was impressed, but he didn't show it. Maybe Erik would
      offended if he didn't believe he could do it.
      The pleasurable shower lasted for over an hour.
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