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FAN FIC: Cry For Mercy ch16 (SLASH) f/f pairing NC-17

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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER. There is lesbian sex in this chapter as well as m/f. You were warned! -Linda J. CHAPTER 16 Sherry Brown pulled
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2003
      There is lesbian sex in this chapter as well as m/f.
      You were warned! -Linda J.

      CHAPTER 16
      Sherry Brown pulled into her driveway around 11:00 Halloween night
      and the first thing she noticed when she got to her porch was
      someone had knocked over her 30lbs cement bowl shaped pot. The mums
      she had so lovely planted inside the pot were now scattered over her
      yard along with large clumps of potting soil.
      "I hope someone gave you a poison apple tonight." Sherry cursed the
      trick or treating vandals underneath her breath. She decided to
      leave the mess in her yard until morning when she could at least see
      what the hell she was doing.
      She opened her door and went inside. Her cat which she named
      Grissibella, greeted her master with much meowing and purring as she
      rubbed her fluffy grey coated body sensually over Sherry's legs
      while her master reached down to take her high heels off of her
      exhausted feet.
      "Hi Gris." Sherry said in a tired worn voice. "Miss me today?"
      Both master and pet made their way to the bathroom of Sherry's
      modest four-plex apartment. Out of habit, Sherry checked
      Grissibella's food dish and was thankful that it still had enough
      food for her pet to survive until morning. Sherry then began to run
      a bath and undress. When she finally settled into the warm soothing
      water, it felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.
      The past few days had been especially hectic now that the Mutant
      Registration Act was about to be voted on. She and the fake Senator
      Kelly worked nearly every waking hour to reverse the damage the real
      Senator had caused. Luckily both women were familiar with all the
      little tricks and gimmicks politicians use to kill a bill and even
      though it would be close, they were confident their plans would
      Ironically, as Sherry closed her eyes and leaned back to enjoy her
      bath, the thought occurred to her, `I hope I'm not in over my head.'
      She was referring of course to the situation with her current
      assignment. Sherry had kept the shape-shifter's secret so well that
      even her own superiors were unaware they were guarding a mutant.
      The plan was simple. As soon as the bill dies, Senator Kelly's
      helicopter veers off course and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. No
      more Senator Kelly to worry about and no more of this double agent
      horse shit.
      Sherry found herself looking forwarded to the end of this ordeal
      with mixed emotions. On one hand it was just plain stupid to mess
      with S.H.I.E.L.D. no matter how good your intentions were,
      especially for someone who had only been in service for less than a
      And although it was beginning to look like she and Mystique were
      going to pull this off there was always that chance that something
      would go wrong. Sherry knew that getting "life" in a federal
      penitentiary would be a light sentence compared to what could happen
      to her. Mutant haters were very unforgiving to those who defended
      mutants. Not to mention what would happen to Mystique if she were
      ever caught. `Well it's too late to change my mind now.' She thought
      as she felt herself drifting to sleep.
      Suddenly Sherry heard the doorbell ring. "You've got to be freaking
      kidding!" She said aloud as she got out of the now cool bathwater
      and put on her black satin robe which she hung on a hook on the back
      of the bathroom door.
      Again the bell rang. "Alright, alright," She yelled. "I'm coming."
      Contrary to her cautious nature, Sherry opened the door not knowing
      who to expect. She was thoroughly surprised to see a very sexy
      looking man who stood about 5'11" with dark, nicely trimmed short
      hair, and lovely olive skin.
      In his hands were a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne;
      and to top it off he spoke with a French accent.
      "Good evening my sweet Sherry. Won't you let me in?" His smile could
      melt butter.
      Sherry stood in the doorway stunned and dripping wet from not having
      time to towel dry herself. A normally modest and prudent lady,
      Sherry blushed as she felt her nipples harden in the night air which
      was turning colder by the minute. She was about to close the door on
      the stranger when she saw his eyes change to a familiar yellow. She
      felt her heart flutter once she realized who it was. "Yes, of course
      you may come in." She smiled and stepped aside to let her guest in.
      Mystique walked in and took her true naked form the moment Sherry
      closed the door. She gave her host a coy smile as she slowly and
      sexily slinked away from her.
      Sherry followed behind. "Um…Ray," she asked in a soft but confused
      voice. "Why are you here?"
      Mystique turned around and leaned up against Sherry's bedroom
      doorway. Mystique softly glowed with a blue halo as the light from
      the lamp on the bed stand shined on her bare skin. She reached out
      for Sherry's satin robe's belt loops and pulled her close. Sherry
      resisted for only a moment but quickly gave in to her own lustful
      "I've…I mean…I haven't…" Sherry stuttered. "What I mean to say Raven
      Mystique however, quickly interrupted her. "You mean…" She spoke as
      if she was instructing Sherry what to say. "This is your first time."
      "As a matter of fact it is." Sherry agreed trying to sound calm.
      "Mmmm…" Mystique nodded her head understandingly. She looked down on
      Sherry's cleavage lustfully and started stroking the exposed part of
      Sherry's chest. "And your point would be…"
      Sherry didn't have an answer for her. She only felt heart beating
      faster and her breathing become more rapid. She licked her lips with
      anticipation as they began to swell. Mystique watched Sherry's face
      as she allowed her finger to reach even lower toward Sherry's supple
      breast. She then began pulling the robe away from Sherry's body
      exposing her hard pink nipples.
      "You see me this way all the time." She seductively cooed. "Now it's
      time for me to look upon you."
      Sherry said nothing as she willing stood still while Mystique began
      to untie the belt with one hand and open the robe with the other.
      The robe fell to the floor.

      *******SLASH SCENE*********
      There was no more than a few short inches between the two women;
      both naked and free in front of each other. Sherry felt that warm
      wet feeling between her legs as she imagined what would be happening
      Mystique took the dominant role and began to gently pinch Sherry's
      nipple with her fingers while she reached behind her to caress her
      beautiful ass with the other hand.
      Sherry moved in closer and before she even realized what she was
      doing she began to kissing the blue mutant on the mouth. Both women
      opened their mouths and let their tongues play with each other.
      Sherry put her arm around Mystique and moved upwards gently
      messaging Mystique's middle and upper back. Sherry then reached her
      other hand to Mystique's breast and began to fondle and squeeze it
      Mystique then took the next step and moved her hand away from
      Sherry's backside and came over to the front, stroking her soft
      bush. The slit between Sherry's legs was sopping wet and Mystique
      easily slipped her middle finger inside and began to softly rub her
      sensitive clit.
      "Mmmmm" Sherry moaned as her body reacted to Mystique's experienced
      touch. Mystique then stopped everything; she let go of her and
      pushed her away. She stood there for a moment looking coldly at the
      venerable Sherry. She wanted to prove that she was in absolute
      control; she had the absolute power. "Are you ready for the next
      level?" She asked in a dead serious voice.
      Sherry obediently nodded her head.
      "Good." Mystique then led her to the bed and together they lay down.
      Mystique rolled over onto Sherry and began kissing her neck, biting
      and nibbling her way toward her navel.
      Instinctively, Sherry spread her thighs as Mystique inched her way
      towards Sherry's precious legs. Mystique lavished soft wet kisses
      onto Sherry's milky white inner thighs as she reached around her
      hips and grabbed the inner parts of Sherry's legs, pulling her
      vaginal lips apart to make the clit easily available. Mystique
      lowered her head and began licking Sherry's soft pink lump with
      expert precision. She then inserted her middle finger into Sherry's
      Sherry rolled her eyes back and closed them as she felt wave after
      wave of sweet hot pleasure coarse through her body every time
      Mystique plunged her finger and wagged her tongue.
      Sherry trembled as she verged toward her climax.
      But before too soon, Mystique stopped licking and sat over to one
      side watching her lover's reaction as she increased her finger's
      Sherry raised her hips upwards adding to her own pleasure. "Oh Ray
      won't you fuck me harder?" She cried in passion. Mystique just
      smiled. "Look at you my dear." she nearly scolded. "You prance
      around Washington with your skirts cut to your knees, your blouse
      buttoned to your neck and in reality…you are just another slut."
      Sherry opened her eyes looking into Mystique's. "I…I love you Raven."
      Sherry heard Grissibella from her sleep. She woke up back in her now
      very cool bath. It had all been nothing but an erotic dream; except
      for the undeniable yearning she still had burning between her legs.
      Sherry got out of the tub; her feet were now prune like from sitting
      in water for more than an hour. She dried herself off and put on her
      modest full length beige gown. She soon went to bed hoping that she
      would have the same dream again.

      The school's party was winding down as most of the students had left
      for their rooms and were getting ready for bed. Both Dr. McCoy and
      the Professor had left some time ago. Though it was not intended for
      him to hear, Sabretooth was able to pick up the call was something
      about an emergency call form Col Fury, the head honcho of
      "Who's cleaning up this mess?" Sabretooth foolish wondered
      aloud. "The job goes to the first person who asks, `who's cleaning
      up this mess?'" Mercy said as she handed him a small trash bag. He
      grunted at her and grabbed the bag out of her hand but quietly
      started going around tiding up. The fact was he didn't mind doing a
      little cleaning if it kept him out of his room for a bit longer.
      "Hey, Morph…" The felinoid walked over to the sound system and spoke
      up to get the DJs attention but with no luck. Finally he
      roared, "Morph!"
      Immediately Marshall pulled the earphones away from his ears and
      looked innocently at Sabretooth.
      "Got a request?" He eagerly asked.
      "Yeah, turn it down a couple of notches will ya? Can't you see the
      crowd is thinning out?"
      "Oh, well how about this." Marshall offered as he quickly turned the
      sound down a bit, and changed the music to something a little softer
      and more romantic. Sabretooth nodded his head and went back to
      cleaning detail.
      The music was still a little too `alternative' for his taste, but at
      least it wasn't blaring in his ears anymore. A few of the couples
      took to the dance floor and began to slow dance; including Jean and
      Scott who took advantage of the opportunity to snuggle. Even Storm
      and Forge were cuddling up in a corner and Sabretooth sulked a bit
      feeling all alone but then he forced him self to get over it and
      move on.
      "Hey tiger," Mercy came from behind. "I'll help you with the
      cleaning if you wouldn't mind helping me collect the decorations and
      put them away."
      He turned around to look at her. He then realized that he still
      didn't know what she was supposed to be. He reached out and flicked
      one of her red antennas with his long index claw making it spring
      wildly back and forth.
      "Hey!" She quickly grabbed the antenna to hold it still. "Why are
      you always messing with my fluffy balls?"
      Sabretooth chuckled.
      "You know what I meant!" She scorned.
      Still smiling, Sabretooth gazed at her for a moment. "So what the
      hell are you?" He finally asked.
      "A butterfly." Mercy answered with a proud smile. "Do you like it?"
      He nodded his head somewhat as he continued to study her different
      new look. Then suddenly he had a crazy idea and reached out for her
      again, taking her by her shoulders. He was a much rougher than she
      was used to but she didn't think he was out to hurt her. He pulled
      her closer.
      "Let's dance."
      Mercy felt her cheeks blush as she shyly smiled. "OK." She meekly
      put her hands around his elbows at first, but then quickly moved
      them to around his waist. They started to gently sway their bodies
      to and fro, moving slowly in a tight circle as the music continued.
      At first, Mercy kept her eyes on his the whole time and they didn't
      say a word. It bothered her a bit that his face never changed its
      hard unreadable expression.
      As the dance continued she couldn't decide whether she was angry or
      grateful that he was too tall for her to give a spontaneous kiss on
      his mouth. Without warning he then pulled her in even closer. Her
      arms instinctively reached around him to hold him close, and she let
      her head fall on his large broad chest. Mercy fought back the urge
      to giggle once she was certain she could hear him purring. The
      situation was so awkward for her; she felt as if she was in heaven
      but at the same time she was dieing inside. She felt so much love
      for him that she feared it. Up until now, Mercy was willing to
      settle for a friendship and nothing else than to risk loosing even
      that in case he didn't feel the same.
      Mercy chose to put all that out of her mind as she tried to just
      enjoy this moment. She listened carefully to the Caribbean melody of
      the song, appreciating Morph for picking this of all love songs as
      she listened its' chorus.
      "You're really lovely,
      Underneath it all...
      Do you want to love me,
      Underneath it all...
      I'm really lovely,
      Underneath it all..."
      Even when the song was over, the two kept on moving in their own
      little circle enjoying the feel of each other's closeness. However
      almost immediately, they were interrupted by a small and very tired
      voice. "Mr. Creed, I'm ready to go now."
      The two adults stopped and looked down to see a very tired and warn
      out Claire who had already fallen asleep in a chair once tonight.
      She rubbed her tired eyes with one hand and clung to her trophy for
      the best costume in her age category with the other.
      Sabretooth looked down in Mercy's soft round and lovely face as she
      gave him a sad sweet smile.
      At that moment, reaching down and pressing his lips to hers seemed
      more important to him than taking his next breath while the voice in
      his head hysterically screamed at him.
      `She don't want you! She thinks you're stupid! You know you'll only
      hurt her! You're just gonna make a fool out of yourself!' He
      swallowed hard and hesitated for a moment too long.
      For all she knew, this uncomfortable look on his face was caused
      from not knowing how to tell her it was time to let him go. So Mercy
      patted him politely on his chest. "Thanks for the dance Tiger."
      "Sure Fluff; any time." He quickly let go of her scowling harshly.
      The sharp stabbing pain of once more being rejected, pieced through
      his not-so-hard heart as he mistook her "thanks" for a polite "no
      "Com'on Claire." He snapped and with that he went over to speak with
      Jean who was now helping clean up as well. "Say Doc, would you mind
      taking Claire upstairs?"
      Jean was a little surprised to have Sabretooth just come up and
      speak freely to her. She still had little use for him and the harder
      he tried to show her he wasn't such a bad guy, the less she
      trusted him.
      "Claire, let's go up stairs." Jean reached her hand out to the
      child. But before Claire would take the doctor's hand however, she
      needed a proper `good night' from her Sabretooth. Too tired to raise
      her free arm for him to pick her up, she settled for hugging his
      leg. Though this act was nearly identical to the way she had grabbed
      his leg earlier in the evening, it was much easier for him to deal
      with. He sofly rubbed her head.
      "Good night, squirt." He said in a sad soft voice.
      "Good night, Mr. Creed." Claire yawned as she took Dr. Grey's
      hand. `Well at least somebody loves me.'
      He sighed and stuffed his feelings deep inside as he returned to
      throwing paper cups and plates away, growling all the while.
      Mercy watched him from where he had left her standing alone, having
      no idea he was thinking of kissing her.
      `God, he's so damn moody!' She grossed to herself and went about
      cleaning up as well.
      When the party came to an official end and all the students had gone
      back to their dorm rooms, the rest of the adults pitched in and
      started taking down the decorations and put them away as well. When
      they were almost finished however, Mercy pulled Scott over to the
      side. "Scott, I know this is out of the ordinary but would it be
      alright if Sabretooth came with me to the art room and put these
      boxed decorations away?"
      Scott gave her an unpleasant look. Though Sabretooth had been given
      a great deal of freedom lately, that didn't mean he was completely
      Mercy went on to explain. "I really want to talk to him Scott,
      alone. It's really important."
      Scott still didn't look sold on the idea.
      Mercy defended her request. "Sabretooth has been nothing but a model
      prisoner the whole time he's been here. He gets to roam around
      during the day freely enough, what could he do at night that he
      can't do during the day?"
      Scott explained. "Mercy, I know- hell everybody knows you have
      feelings for `Tooth. We just don't want to see you get hurt. And
      trust me, when we mean hurt, we really mean HURT!" Then he
      sighed. "And yes he could do worse at night because if we are
      sleeping, our response time to an emergency is slower."
      Mercy wasn't ready to give up the argument. "But that's my decision
      to make. Scott, you know sooner or later you're going to have to
      trust him. Do you really want to wait until there's no choice?"
      "Alright Mercy, you're old enough to understand the danger you're
      getting yourself into." Scott sighed and gave up the fight.
      `But we know age has nothing to do with maturity.' That thought,
      Scott kept to him self.
      Mercy kindly smiled and turned away from him. "Tiger," She called
      out to him as if she had forgotten everything that had happened
      between them on the dance floor. "You get to carry all these boxes
      up stairs for me."
      Sabretooth had finally sat down and was drinking a glass of water
      when he heard Mercy call his name. His mood had once more swung back
      to something more pleasant.
      "Lucky me." He said light-heartedly as he stood up and stretched. He
      held out his arms and Mercy began piling the boxes into them. Soon
      there was a stack of boxes that reached up to his nose.
      "Think you can get that all?" Scott came over hoping that Sabretooth
      would say no.
      "Yeah, red-eye." Sabretooth assured him. "I got it."
      Scott almost changed his mind at the last minute. He still wasn't
      comfortable with trusting this maniac to return to his room on his
      on accord. For Scott, giving the keys to the Porsche to Bobby would
      be a piece of cake compared to this.
      Sabretooth studied the younger man's face curiously. He knew Scott
      had something heavy on his mind.
      "When you're done helping Mercy, just go to your room. I'll be by
      later to check on you."
      Sabretooth gave no reaction to this latest freedom he was offered.
      He merely grunted and began to walk out the door.
      "He's all yours Mercy." Scott surrendered. "I just hope you're still
      alive in the morning."
      Mercy took his remark as sarcasm and rolled her eyes. Scott wished
      she hadn't.
      Sabretooth dashed up the stairs and made it to the art room well
      before Mercy. He found the closet locked and set the boxes down.
      He took one last look in the mirror before taking his costume off.
      He admitted he enjoyed himself in spite of all the ups and downs he
      had in the evening. But he wasn't sure he would ever want to go to
      another one of these parties again.
      `Mags better get off his dead ass and make his move pretty soon or
      I'll go nuts.' He thought as he stripped down to his boxers. Funny
      thing was when he wore his "skins" as he liked calling his leather
      clothes, he never bothered wearing underwear, but now that he was
      wearing normal clothes he wore them all the time.
      Just then Mercy walked in on him.
      "Oh," She paused as she stood in the doorway trying very hard not to
      look at his crotch. "I can wait outside if you like." She offered
      with blushed cheeks.
      "No, Fluff." His voice was soft and tender. "I got nothing to hide
      from you."
      She smiled a bit and walked inside closing the door behind her. She
      went over and unlocked the closet. He went ahead in his boxers and
      began putting the boxes on the selves.
      Mercy waited until his back was turned before she found the courage
      to say what she felt she needed to say to him.
      "Um…Sabre-tooth." She wasn't used to calling him by his code name in
      his presence. "That stuff you were telling the professor at the
      party…I…I*sigh* I just wanted to let you know that I really do
      mean, `thank you' and…" She took a deep breath and let it out
      slowly. "And `I'm sorry' too."
      Sabretooth tuned around and stared at her for a moment. He naturally
      mistrusted anyone who tried so hard to make them selves sound so
      "What are you sorry for?" He cautiously asked.
      Mercy looked away. "You're right about me, Tiger. I am just a
      marshmallow. I was never mistreated for being a mutant and I never
      even tried to hide the fact that I was one. I just never ran into
      the wrong people I guess. *sigh* I forget how bad most of us have
      had it. Even most of these kids here have been through worse than
      Suddenly her voice became stronger as she got the courage to look at
      him and began to speak with conviction.
      "And for you to suffer so much at the hands of those who owe you
      their lives, well I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry you
      had to go through all that."
      He moved closer to her until he was nearly on top of her. He said
      nothing until he was certain there was no fear in her scent. Fear
      was a sure sign of a lie.
      When he was satisfied she was telling him what she really felt, he
      reached his hand out and caressed her smooth cheek.
      "Your welcome." He spoke solemnly to her.
      Mercy smiled warmly at him and put her hand on his and pressed it
      closer to her cheek. For only a moment or so the two remained still
      as they both waited for the other to break away first. Mercy then
      gently kissed his palm and rested her cheek there.
      Then suddenly her feminine scent caught him off guard and instantly
      the blood began to rush into Sabretooth's long shaft as his hunger
      for sex quickly grew out of control.
      Mercy tried to remain calm even though she could hear his low but
      threatening growl and he now had both of his hands on each side her
      face and neck rubbing them sensually.
      `Oh God, Scott was right.' Mercy began to fear. `What if he tries to
      strangle me?'
      Her breathing too became more rapid just like his, but for much
      different reasons. She wasn't about to scream however. She would
      rather die by Sabretooth's hands than have to face Scott and admit
      to him that he was right and she had been wrong.
      Slowly Sabre moved one hand down her neck line, down her shoulder
      and grabbed her arm. He pulled her arm up toward him so he could
      then take her by the hand. Once Mercy's hand was in his, he pressed
      it hard against his cock.
      "You want this?" Even then tone of his voice was crude and vulgar.
      Mercy thought of her reply. She quickly put her other hand on his
      chest over his heart.
      "I want this…"She paused, then grinned sheepishly. "…too."
      Sabretooth looked surprised for a moment waiting to see the look in
      her eyes. He could sense her fright but he could see she was
      determined not to flee.
      Slowly he devilishly grinned and with his claws, he began to `help'
      Mercy out of her costume and through the shreds in a pile on the
      Mercy reached over and stroked his face. She was surprised that the
      whiskers around his mouth were coarse and bristly while the hair on
      his cheeks, the longer more lightly colored ones were soft to the
      Saber grabbed Mercy's bra strap and ripped the hooks apart and
      slipped the arm straps over her shoulders. She voluntarily offered
      to take off her shoes, pants and hose as he got on his knees and
      began to fondle her breasts, taking turns sucking on each of them.
      When she was completely undressed, he removed his boxers and
      together the lay down on the floor he was of course on top. He began
      kissing her opened mouthed, careful not to hurt her with his fangs.
      She moaned in ecstasy as he moved his tongue deeper into her mouth.
      He stopped kissing her mouth and began to blowing in her ear,
      licking her lob and lingering his tongue down her neck.
      "What do the kids say?" He whispered. "Trick or treat?"
      Mercy whispered back. "Yeah."
      "Well Fluffy," He purred into her ear.
      "This ain't no trick, but I'm going to give you one hell of a treat."
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