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Fic: Fall in Apgar: August and Everything After 5/10

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Disclaimer in Part One A/N: Heaven’s Peak and Crystal Lake are both features of the ‘real’ Glacier park, and there probably is a Black Bear Trail, I’ve
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      Disclaimer in Part One

      A/N: Heaven’s Peak and Crystal Lake are both features of the ‘real’ Glacier
      park, and there probably is a Black Bear Trail, I’ve just never been on
      it; )


      And I’m not ready for this sort of thing

      September swept into Apgar after a magnificent thunderstorm in
      the last week of August. The six mutants had watched the sky crack open and
      deliver massive lightening bolts to various parts of the park. It had
      reminded the ex-members of the X-Men of their fellow mutant Ororo who’s
      power involved controlling the weather, unfortunately none of them knew if
      she was now alive or dead. Uncertainty had been hard to accept, but they
      had no choice and had for the most part learned to either assume the worst,
      or press on with hope.

      It had been especially difficult for Scott Summers to adapt to
      an existence that he couldn’t control and was full of chaos. The birth of
      his son had calmed him down somewhat, but in typical fashion, Scott had
      devoured every piece of knowledge about the area they now lived in. He had
      insisted on raiding the public library in Great Falls for information on
      Glacier Park. And now he wished to hit the local ranger’s cabin and to take
      all the books, pamphlets and videos about the surrounding wildlife, climate,
      and geography of Glacier Park and the Rocky Mountain region. To assist him
      in the theft, he brought along Andrew who when questioned had asked, “are we
      going to shoplift again?” with an enthusiasm that would have been quite
      worrisome in a different universe.

      Father and son hiked along a path that had been named ‘Black
      Bear Trail’ which allowed the hikers a majestic view of Heaven’s Peak on one
      side and Crystal Lake on the other. Andrew however was oblivious to the
      natural beauty that had captivated Scott, and was more interested in the
      tracks he’d found on the ground. “Dad, what’re these?”

      Snapping to attention, Scott hunched down on the ground and took
      a peek at the clear markings on the ground. Racking his brain for the
      recently digested information he came to the realization that it was most
      likely the track of a brown bear, which he told his son. “Then he’s on the
      wrong road.” The five year old said simply and continued down the trail.

      Scott chuckled at the comment and stood up again. He wasn’t an
      expert at tracking-yet but he didn’t like the fresh look it had to it. He
      scanned the area slowly, but didn’t see anything stirring in the immediate
      vicinity so he let it go, and went back to ogling the views. He’d never
      been much of an outdoorsy type, but Scott found himself with the urge to
      begin mountain climbing. Heaven’s Peak screamed at him to climb it one day,
      and he made the decision that come next summer, it would go on his ‘To Do’

      Kitty had come to Marie’s cabin three times in the past few days
      attempting to get the younger woman to talk, but Marie had remained quiet
      the entire time. Logan had become a somewhat permanent fixture at her house
      and had consulted Kitty about Marie.

      “She won’t cry about it. He was her dad, shouldn’t she do

      “People grieve in different ways, but we can’t make her cry. It
      ’ll happen I guess.” Kitty said.

      “It’s good of you to he here for her. She won’t let any of us
      in. I’m glad she trusts you Logan.”

      “Thanks.” He said uncomfortable, praise always made him a little
      nervous for reasons he couldn’t fathom.

      “It’s good to see you again. I didn’t really expect too,” Kitty

      A frown creased Logan’s face. He’d met the X-Men a few days
      after his arrival in the village and had been met with incredible
      resistance. It hadn’t been a big shock to him, self-preservation was a
      basic instinct and any outsider could be construed as a threat. He knew
      that Scott and Jubilee had spoken to Marie about him, and that there had
      been a fight, but she hadn’t told him the specifics of it. Kitty’s comment
      however was enigmatic to him, she knew he was staying in a cabin here, or
      had she expected him to be thrown out? When he’d met Marie she had
      essentially guaranteed him a place without mentioning consulting her fellow
      group members.

      “What do you mean by that?” He asked, pinning her with an
      intense stare.

      “Logan-you really don’t remember us do you?” Kitty asked,
      surprise evident in her voice.

      “I’ve never seen any of you before. Leave. If Marie wants to
      see you she will.” Logan growled out at her.

      “I’ll see you later.” Kitty said, not wishing to press Logan and
      being on the receiving end of his anger.

      Logan watched her retreat, and his claws slid out without his
      knowledge. He looked down at them and scowled. He paced in front of the
      cabin and waited for the feeling to subside. He wondered if he’d been like
      that before, if he’d always had that short a temper. Maybe it was linked to
      the claws, he just didn’t know. And it frustrated him that he couldn’t
      remember who he was and felt uncertain that he’d never seen Kitty, Scott of
      Jubilee before. In reality, he had no idea who he’d known and what kind of
      life he had before.

      “He didn’t recognize me Jubes. Something’s changed in him.”

      “I know, it just doesn’t make any sense. And tell me, what are
      the odds of running into him here of all places!” The pregnant woman

      “Yeah. Do you think we should try again? To tell her I mean?”

      “No. No way Kitty. Marie just lost her father. We can’t do
      this too her.”

      “Yeah, but I think Scott was right. He’s dangerous. Do you
      realize that none of us have seen Vic since Logan’s been here?” Kitty said

      “Oh my God you’re right.”

      “I told him it was good to see him again, but he didn’t look
      like he knew what I meant.” The brunette said shifting the subject again.

      Jubilee pursed her lips and rubbed her belly. “Let’s just get
      this baby into the world before worrying about weather Vic’s still in it or
      not babe.”

      Kitty laughed, and the two women settled into far more pleasant
      chitchat, leaving Logan and Victor out of their conversation, but not out of
      their minds.

      “You got everything there Andrew?” Scott asked.

      “Yep.” The boy said, swinging his Spiderman backpack side to
      side to illustrate his point.

      “Alright, well what do you say we get back home and see if your
      mom’s got a new brother or sister for you when we get home.” Scott joked.

      “Then she’ll look normal again. And she won’t waddle anymore

      “Well, only when she runs.” He conceded.

      Andrew nodded wisely. “I knew she was part Penguin.”

      “Who told you that?”

      “Aunt Marie.” Andrew answered as he opened the door of the
      ranger’s cabin and ambled in the direction home.

      “Well, Aunt Marie’s got a big mouth.” Scott answered.

      “She said you used to have a pole up your bottom. Is that
      true?” Andrew asked curiously.

      “I, um, well-“ He started.

      “Mom said the same thing too. And Uncle Erik said that it was
      mom who got it out. That’s gross.” Andrew made a face.

      At the mention of Erik, Scott watched his son’s face carefully.
      He’d been extremely distressed to learn of the old man’s passing, but had
      been a lot quieter about it in recent weeks. “I miss him dad. I wanted to
      tell that too Uncle Victor, but mom said she couldn’t find him.” The boy
      told him.

      “Yeah, I miss him too.”

      “Is it true you two used to not like each other?”

      Scott thought on what Andrew had said. It was true that he’d
      been on the other side of the fight than Erik had for years, and he hated
      the man’s approach to things, but he couldn’t in honesty say that he’d ever
      disliked the guy. “We just never really agreed on things son.” Scott said

      “ You’d ‘gree that’s a bear right?” Andrew said, pointing about
      100 feet ahead of himself.

      Scott’s head shot up and his eyes widened under the visor as he
      caught sight of two brown bears. ‘Shit, one’s a baby, the other one’s gotta
      be the mother’ he thought to himself. “Andrew, get behind me.” Scott
      ordered in the tone of voice he hadn’t used in years.

      The little boy obeyed and waited for his dad to make everything
      ok again. The warning growl that emerged from the bear’s throat alerted
      Scott to the fact that the female had seen and smelt them. From the little
      Scott had read about the animals, he knew that mother bears with young
      offspring were the most dangerous to encounter. He had his own cub to
      protect and held his ground as the female snarled again and the cub hid
      behind her. The ranger cabin was too far away to make a run for it, and the
      plain around them offered nothing but open ground.

      “Is it gone?” Andrew whispered.

      “No. Andrew lay down on the ground. Don’t move until I tell
      you it’s safe.” Scott ordered.

      The boy lay flat as Scott put his hand to the side of the visor.
      The bear had a cub of her own to protect, but Scott thought only of his son
      as he let loose with a blast of red light at the charging female. He slowly
      walked up to the smoking carcass and when he was reassured that the bear was
      dead, he began to survey the area for the cub, but he found it must have
      fled the scene. Scott walked back to where Andrew was laying and picked
      him up. “I’m just going to carry you for awhile.” He said softly and
      clutched the boy to his chest.

      The two moved on in silence, not seeing the cub scramble out
      from behind a cluster of fallen trees and running toward its fallen mother.
      Andrew peeked over his father’s shoulder and was greeted with the sight of
      the baby bear looking right at him. He looked sad to Andrew, who waved and
      made a face in an effort to cheer the little bear up. The bear sniffed the
      air, and identified the scent as the same one it had smelled earlier.
      Andrew watched the bear turn back to its mother before Scott set him back
      down on the ground. Andrew took his father’s hand, sensing that he wanted
      to keep him close to him. Neither of them saw the little bear sniff the air
      again and trot off down the trail.

      She felt numb. There was just no other way to explain it. Her
      father was dead, she knew that rationally, but her heart didn’t seem to
      process the information. Every morning for the past three weeks she’d woken
      up and thought of things to mention to her dad before being hit with the icy
      realization that he wasn’t there anymore.

      It hurt too much to feel the loss of her father. It had been
      different when her mother had gone, because someone else knew how bad she
      was feeling. Now there was nobody and she felt empty inside. Emptiness was
      preferable to the raging storm of emotions that would come in a few days
      time, but for now she could feel somewhat stable in her shell. She just
      wished that everybody else would understand that and let her be.

      Meanwhile Logan was dealing with his own inner demons and after
      battling with himself for hours, hesitantly voiced a question he thought
      would at least get some response from her.

      “Marie, you’ve never seen me before have you?”

      “No.” She answered in a dull voice.

      “Alright. Well dinner’s on the table if you want it later. I’m
      gonna head out for a few hours.”


      Logan sighed, she barely said a thing and when she did it were
      usually single syllable words. He knew she was still in shock, but he
      wanted to see a change in her. He’d rather see her crying, or angry than
      hear her hollow voice, or see her blank expressions. Her friends were
      worried about her, and so was he. But deep down he knew she would deal with
      the loss in her own way. With a last look at her, he opened the door, to
      his surprise he saw a baby bear sitting on the small porch.


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