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FICLET: Like Calls to Like, G, Drama, 500 words

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  • Kari
    TITLE: Like Calls to Like AUTHOR: Kari EMAIL: holly [at] members.limitless.org or girlxfriday [at] livejournal.com WEBSITE: http://girlxfriday.livejournal.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2003
      TITLE: Like Calls to Like
      AUTHOR: Kari
      EMAIL: holly [at] members.limitless.org or girlxfriday [at]
      WEBSITE: http://girlxfriday.livejournal.com
      ARCHIVE: Anywhere, but please let me know.
      FEEDBACK: If you'd like. It would be appreciated.
      RATING: G
      CATEGORY: Drama, Vignette
      SUMMARY: "He tells himself it's just a crush."
      A/N: Unbeta'd, written in about 30 minutes at work as a response to
      J's 500-word secrets challenge (found through Victoria P's LJ).
      Challenge can be found here:

      He tells himself it's just a crush. Nothing to worry about,
      to get worked up over. He doesn't need to beat himself up over
      something so small—even though she is only nineteen.

      Some small part of his brain tells him that she is legal, after all.

      When he returned, he started noticing her in ways he never had
      before. She was spunky, tireless, and her body was most definitely
      female. He never been attracted to dark hair before, preferring
      blondes and, of course, redheads, but something about her drew him
      in. Was it her eyes, eyes much too mature for her young face, that
      made him feel like less of an old man, a lecher, and more of a young,
      desirable stud?

      Or was it her just that her entire being screamed wild sexuality, and
      like called to like?

      Once, he caught himself staring at her during dinner. His senses
      were attuned to her, listening to her breath, her heartbeat, her
      voice, watching the way she ate. He quickly averted his eyes,
      focusing on his food instead. It was too bad that beef stir-fry was
      no substitute for the sight of her.

      Is the mighty, fearless Wolverine in love with a girl young enough to
      be his daughter? Or, he concedes, to be his granddaughter?

      He begins to spend more and more time in the Danger Room, beating the
      hell out of imaginary bad guys to keep his mind off of her body. The
      worst days are the ones when she insists on accompanying him. He can
      barely keep his hands off her as they spar, he in loose sweats and
      she in spandex, which he thinks shouldn't even be considered
      clothing. Instead of critiquing her after each session, as he does
      with the other students, he rushes to the showers, dousing himself—
      and his lecherous libido—in cold water. And sometimes, not even
      that helps.

      He knows he needs to tell someone, to get this off his chest so he
      can get some sleep. Jeannie seemed like the logical choice, but she
      still thinks he's in love with her, and he hates to burst her
      bubble. She's a sweetheart, but a bit dense for a telepath. The
      Professor, he is sure, already knows, as he has given him more than
      one disapproving look. But can't he see that Logan doesn't want to
      want her? That he agonizes day and night—especially night—about it?
      He tries to get her out of his head, but she's not leaving.

      So he goes to the one person that knows him better than he knows
      himself to confess what even he doesn't understand. Marie listens as
      he spills his secret, as he reveals the desires he's kept hidden for
      months. She doesn't judge him when he tells her he's in love with
      her best friend, that he craves the touch of a woman many years
      younger, that he doesn't want Marie. "Well," she murmurs,
      finally, "Jubilee is a beautiful young woman."

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