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Fic: Fall in Apgar: August and Everything After 4/10

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Disclaimer in Part One Whew! This thing is getting long! It s already clocked to 30 pages on MicWord, and I ve only written five chapters so far....
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      Disclaimer in Part One

      Whew! This thing is getting long! It's already clocked to 30 pages on
      MicWord, and I've only written five chapters so far....


      It’s 4:30 AM on a Tuesday

      It doesn’t get much worse than this

      In beds in little rooms in buildings in the middle

      of these lives which are completely meaningless

      The progression of Erik’s disease was swift. He’d been strong
      enough to walk back from the lake to the cabin with Marie’s support, but had
      immediately collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep. Marie had refused to
      leave him; she knew in her heart that her last hours with her father were
      arriving. She felt so guilty for everything that had happened between the
      two of them in the past 48 hours, and repeatedly apologized.

      Erik had been too tired to answer but she knew he’d forgiven her.
      He still felt that it was he that needed forgiveness in her eyes, but couldn
      ’t burden her with it. He knew she’d be all right with Scott, Kitty and
      Jubilee, but she’d grieved hard for her mother, and he suspected it would be
      the same with his passing.

      Marie left his cabin, badly in need of a thought-clearing walk. To
      her surprise she saw Logan outside of his cabin. “I don’t remember who I
      am.” He began slowly, continuing the conversation that had been hinted at
      in the truck.

      “I don’t know if I’m from Canada, I don’t know if my real name’s
      Logan, I don’t know shit.” He stated.

      Marie’s thoughts were distracted to the stranger in front of her.
      “I’m sorry. Was it a lab?”

      She’d heard of such places that used mutants for experimentation,
      torture and other sadistic pleasures of man in the mutant hating world.

      “I don’t know that either.” He stated with a hint of resignation.

      “How did you get to Canada? You were walking along the road like
      you knew where you were going.”

      “I had a voice in my head telling me to head out this way. A woman’s
      voice, and red hair. That’s all I remember. I don’t even know if she was a
      real person or if I’m just crazy.” Logan said, his face twisted in a

      “Whoever she was, she’s special enough to remember.” Marie tried to
      comfort him.

      “I guess” Logan shrugged noncommittally.

      “So, what happened here? When did the world go to hell exactly?”

      Marie looked up at him startled. “You’ve been out of the world for a
      long time,” she began. “The world, as you had known it ended five years
      ago. The Legacy virus was designed to kill mutants, and it decimated us,
      but the virus mutated and started killing humans as well. World war three
      broke out at about the same time and nuclear weapons, biological weapons
      everything was used. Dad took Scott, Jubilee, Kitty, Victor-and I down into
      an underground bunker and we stayed there for five years.”

      “Who’s Victor?”

      “It doesn’t matter. He’d dead.” Marie began pacing nervously.

      “You think it was your fault.” Logan said roughly.

      “It was. I killed him. I had Legacy and my dad, he thought he was
      helping and because of my mutation he knew that Victor’s power could save
      me.” She let out in one breath.

      “If it saved your life, it wasn’t wrong Marie. I really think that.”
      The sincerity in his eyes gave her pause; it was something her dad would
      have said.

      “Part of me is glad he didn’t do it, but Logan, somebody died because
      of me. I don’t know how to deal with that. Is your cabin comfortable?”

      “Yeah it is. Real comfortable. Thanks. For bringing me here.”

      “You’re welcome. I’m ah, gonna go for a walk, you want to come?”


      They set off hand in hand and walked a path that led around Lake
      McDonald. It was a lot more peaceful than the scene over at the Summers’
      house. Erik had informed Scott that Victor was no longer with them and that
      he’d come down with the virus. Much as he’d wanted to say his goodbyes to
      all three of the Summers and Kitty, it was simply too risky of one of them
      catching the disease.

      It had fallen upon Scott to have the unpleasant task of informing his
      son that Uncle Erik was leaving them. “Andrew, come over here for a

      “You remember when you went shopping with your Aunt Kitty and Aunt


      “Well, then you remember the prayers that you said for the people in
      the store?”

      “Yes dad.”

      “Can you say a prayer for Uncle Erik?”

      The little boys blue eyes conveyed his shock, and his lip began to
      tremble. “But, he’s fine dad. He doesn’t need praying.”

      “He’s very sick Andrew. Like Marie’s mother was.” Scott tried to
      break it gently.

      “But she died.” The little boy whispered.

      “That’s right.” Scott nodded slowly.

      “I don’t want Uncle Erik to die!” Andrew began crying.

      “Neither do I son, neither do I.” Scott confessed as he held his son.


      “How’d he take it?” Jubilee asked her husband later that night.

      “Not good Jubes. He really loves the old man.”

      “So do you, I can see it.”

      “Nah, its just your hormones, you think they make you clairvoyant.”
      Scott quipped.

      “Never mess with a pregnant woman’s emotions Mr. Summers. Or you may
      never get another chance to get her that way” the firecracker retorted.

      “Well in that case, I’ll just lay here quietly. Wouldn’t want to be
      the cause of a lack of brothers and sisters for Andrew and the baby.”

      Kitty popped her head into the couple’s bedroom. She’d been staying
      over with the Summers in case Jubilee went into labor early. As they had no
      medical equipment with them, it was rather touch and go as to exactly when
      Jubilee was due. Andrew had been born two weeks before his estimated due
      date, so the second time around they had decided to play it safe.

      “How’s Andrew?”

      “Stubborn. He sent me away from his room, but I think he’d like some
      company, just not mine. He’s mad at me.”

      “Doesn’t quite get the ‘don’t kill the messenger’ thing yet huh?”
      Kitty joked.

      “Something like that.” Jubilee answered rubbing Scott’s arm lightly.

      Kitty nodded and went upstairs to try and comfort the distraught five
      year old.


      “Dad?” Marie asked in a whisper.

      “I’m awake.”

      “How is it?” Marie asked tensely.

      “I’m not in pain Marie. Well, not an intolerable amount.”

      “I just can’t believe this is happening.”

      “I had my time. You on the other hand are still young, and I expect
      you to be a leader here.”

      “I can’t fill your shoes dad.”

      “I know that. They’re three sizes too big.” He answered dryly.

      “I don’t want you to go dad.”

      “I don’t want to either baby, but it’s my time.”

      “You cheated death for me. Its not fair that I can’t fix this.”

      “Marie, I did what I had to do because I love you. But I ask you not
      to even think about the same thing because you love me.”

      “Alright. I’ll try.”

      “Its all I ask.” He said and raised her gloved hand to his lips to

      Hours later Marie awoke to feel a stiff grasp on her arm. “Dad?”



      She knew it was no use calling for him. He was gone.

      Logan had spoken briefly to Erik the night before and had readily
      agreed to help Marie get through her grief. He’d held back the private
      details out of respect for Marie, but made it clear enough that Logan
      understood she had lost somebody she had loved immensely to the virus
      already. Erik had extracted the promise from Logan to take care of his
      little girl relatively easily, which had puzzled Logan until Erik told him
      he was a good judge of character.

      The vote of confidence was something unexpected, but not
      unwelcome. He’d taken a liking to the young woman in the short amount of
      time that he’d been acquainted with her, and he’d trusted her enough to tell
      her about his identity crisis. His gut told him to trust her, and it had
      never led him wrong before. He’d been careful watch Marie all day, he
      guessed that her father had passed away sometime in the night, and she’d
      spent the day making preparations for his funeral.

      Logan had been surprised and puzzled to see her dig a trench
      around the small cabin, and haul lake water to surround the area outside of
      the trench but he held his comments. He figured it would be explained soon
      enough. She emerged from the house at sunset with an empty red container
      and smelling strongly of gasoline. She struck a match and watched it catch
      flame immediately to the cabin.

      She walked back and stood where Logan was. They watched in
      silence as a roaring fireball engulfed the structure. “He liked fire.” She
      said, her voice rusty with disuse.

      “And it contains the virus.”

      Her face was void of any emotion and her voice was dull. On
      impulse Logan swung his arm around Marie and they watched the flames lick
      the cabin and disappear into the night sky.


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