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FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 4/?

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  • Henrika
    Look for story information in part 1. Chapter 4 Erik stood outside the main entrance of the Xavier-institute accompanied by Hannibal Lecter, waiting to be let
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      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 4

      Erik stood outside the main entrance of the Xavier-institute
      accompanied by Hannibal Lecter, waiting to be let inside.
      He had gotten back his topcoat and hat, and doctor Lecter looked
      like usually did, in his dark silk suit, which had probably cost him
      a fortune. Wonder where Lecter got all his money from?
      Erik longed to see Charles again, but he was also a little anxious
      for how Hannibal Lecter would be received at the institute.
      He was, after all, not a scared and lonely little mutant runaway,
      who needed help to learn controlling his or her powers. This was a
      man who had been convicted of several brutal murders, and been
      imprisoned on a maximum-security asylum for insane criminals - before
      he escaped, twelve years ago.
      Cyclops opened at last. As always, he wore his ruby-red glasses, to
      protect the world from his destructive eyes.
      - Magneto, he said and gave Erik a stern and affected smile.
      Charles said we were expecting you...and your friend, here, I see...
      Well, come in.
      He stepped aside to let them pass.
      Erik took the lead and Hannibal followed him, and gave while
      passing Cyclops an inquiring look from his maroon eyes.
      But since Scott unfortunately was doomed to see everything through
      his glasses, seeing a completely red world, he didn't see the
      red dots which were reflected in Lecter's eyes.
      - I assume you want to see Charles, right? Cyclops asked Magneto.
      - Of course, Erik replied. We have some things to talk about.
      Cyclops offered to escort them to Charles Xavier's office. Erik
      wondered why. Doesn't he think I can find there on my own? Or
      does he
      still not trust me?
      But that was not needed. Halfway into the lobby, Charles himself
      came to greet them, in his electric, humming wheelchair.
      - Erik! he said with a smile, and then let his gaze pass from
      Magneto to Hannibal Lecter.
      Charles' almond-shaped, deep blue eyes narrowed imperceptibly
      he looked into Lecter's maroon ones.
      Hannibal had to admit that the wheelchair-bound man's reaction
      surprised him a little. Not many people could look him in the eyes
      without turning their gaze away. This man could.
      Erik broke the gradually growing tension by hurrying to Charles,
      bending down, and giving him a kiss.
      - Hi, darling, he said, smiling widely. I missed you.
      Charles returned the kiss, but did it with some doubt, since he
      knew their new, peculiar guest was still regarding them.
      - I missed you too, Erik, he then said.
      Charles was watchful. It was natural. He didn't know the man
      Erik claimed was his "friend", and for safety reasons it was
      his duty
      to be a little suspicious against strangers.
      Although he had not read Lecter's mind. Usually he scanned
      newcomer telepathically before they were let in - often without their
      knowledge - to protect the inhabitants of the mansion.
      But something about doctor Lecter made him hesitate. He wasn't
      why, but the man gave him the chills.
      Charles looked at Erik instead. He could read Erik, even without
      entering his mind. Not for a moment did he believe that Lecter was
      Erik's "friend". This whole situation seemed somehow
      //Erik,// he said telepathically. //Will you tell me what really is
      going on? Who is he? And why is he here?//
      //He only needs to stay for a few days,// Erik replied with a
      thought. //You shan't worry.//
      //Worry? Do I need to?// Charles asked, and then realized he maybe
      needed to.
      Xavier gave them all a look each in turn. Scott seemed to be the
      only one who didn't know anything about what was going on.
      - Come on, all of you, Charles said at last. Let us go to my

      Charles gestured at Erik to come to his office, alone, once they got
      Hannibal Lecter and Cyclops were asked to wait outside. What the
      doctor thought was extremely hard to see. His could hide his
      emotions - meaning if he had any - incredibly well.
      He only gave Erik a friendly smile before the door to Xavier's
      office closed and separated them. Nor did he make any objections to
      being left outside with Cyclops. Doctor Lecter knew it was extremely
      important to be civil against one's host.
      When the two elder mutants were alone in the office, Charles looked
      at his friend and lover for almost 50 years, and waited for an
      explanation. The look in his eyes was questioning and obvious.
      But besides that Erik understood, he said nothing, but just looked
      back into the other man's eyes, quietly.
      - Well? Charles began at last. Can you tell me now? Who is he?
      - Who he is? said Erik. You... you don't know?
      Charles raised his eyebrows. - Should I know? he asked.
      - I mean... have you not read his thoughts?
      - No. I can't explain why, but something made me not to.
      Erik frowned in surprise. - What do you mean?
      - I don't know. But a nasty sensation came over me as soon as I
      laid my eyes on him. No offence, Erik, but I don't really look
      forward to having that man in my house. Can you tell me who he is now?
      Magneto let out a deep and troubled sigh. It took him some time to
      - Are you absolutely sure that you don't know who he is? he
      - I know he is not your "friend", Xavier said resolutely.
      But why
      do ask that? *Should* I know?
      - Charles... Erik said slowly and took a deep breath, as he walked
      closer to Charles. He realized he had to tell his friend the truth,
      otherwise Charles would find it out the unpleasant way.
      - You are right, he began. He is not my friend. In fact I first met
      him a few hours ago. He is... he is doctor Hannibal Lecter.
      Hannibal Lecter... The name whistled through Charles's mind
      like a
      refreshing spring breeze, and at first he didn't associate it
      anything he'd heard before.
      Surely he had also read a few articles about Lecter, and perhaps
      even heard about him on the news and seen his picture, but right in
      this moment the name didn't tell him much.
      Not before he gently brushed Erik's mind with his own, and had
      look at some of the events which he had experienced earlier the same
      day, at the university, and later in the car, he understood.
      For a moment Charles felt both dizzy and nauseous. His throat had
      gotten dry and his heart rate increased remarkably.
      - Oh God... he whispered, more to himself than to Erik. He is a
      criminal, a serial killer, an escaped mental patient... How... how
      could you bring him here?
      When Erik noticed how shaken the telepath had become, he got
      worried and rushed to him immediately, grabbing him.
      - Charles? he asked anxiously. Charles, what's the matter?
      Charles rested his face in his hands for some time, and waited for
      the dizziness to pass. He knew nothing. What should he do about this?
      Lecter was a killer. He realized Erik had brought him here with the
      best of intentions, but he didn't understand how his friend could
      have been so thoughtless and irresponsible.
      What should he do? Send Lecter away?
      No. He just couldn't. The man was a psychopath. Erik, and he
      himself too, had promised him that he could stay here for a few days.
      If he took his promise back now, Lecter could get nasty.
      Everyone said he was a hyper intelligent psychopath. He was capable
      of anything.
      Charles was suddenly glad that he had not scanned him. Who knew
      what could be found in the head of someone like Lecter?
      - Erik... Xavier whispered hoarsely at last, lifting his head. What
      have you done? Why on the earth did you say you would take him here?
      He is fucking dangerous!
      Erik looked guilty, and stroked Charles' cheek with one hand,
      as he
      looked into his eyes and tried to explain.
      - Alright, maybe it was a foolish thing to do, he agreed. But at
      that moment it seemed right. He has had a rough time, I mean, and I
      wanted to so something to help him...
      Xavier shrugged helplessly. - Oh, right? And my children, then? You
      were not giving them any thoughts, were you? I am responsible for
      them, and I have to make sure they're safe.
      - He won't hurt the children, Erik tried, mostly trying to
      Charles. Just let him stay here for a few days, as planned. You
      send him away now.
      - No. I know that.
      - So what are you going to do?
      - Charles sighed. - It might be best if I spoke with doctor Lecter
      himself. He is outside. Can you please ask him to come in here?
      - Sure.
      Erik rose and headed for the door. He pulled it open, and outside
      doctor Lecter was waiting calmly and patiently with Cyclops. He
      smiled instantly when Magneto came out.
      - Well? he asked. Did you manage to agree on anything?
      - Charles wants to see you, Erik replied and gestured at the door.
      Between four eyes.
      - Me? doctor Lecter asked.
      - Yes.
      - Very well.
      Hannibal Lecter opened the door to the office and sneaked inside.
      Erik assumed he should wait outside with Cyclops this time.
      The tall man with the ruby red glasses looked after doctor Lecter
      when he disappeared into Xavier's office. A wrinkle formed
      his brows.
      - And who is that, really? he asked Magneto suspiciously.
      - A friend, who needs help, Erik answered shortly, without getting
      more precise. He didn't care much for Scott Summers, and he
      going to pretend otherwise. And he was sure the feeling was mutual.
      - He is none of your little terrorist-friends, then? Cyclops asked.
      - No!
      - I am just asking. I am surprised that Charles allows you to drag
      along anyone want to this mansion.
      Erik didn't even bother to answer anymore. He was too weary to
      himself be provoked by Scott Summers. Besides he had other things to
      worry about.

      - Doctor Lecter, Charles said once the two men were alone in the
      office, looking into each other's eyes.
      - Professor Xavier, the doctor replied with his beautiful, cultured
      - Doctor Lecter, Xavier repeated. I will be as sincere as I can. I
      know who you are, and what you have done, roughly. We don't have
      get into any details. You have been a very destructive person.
      Now doctor Lecter smiled. His small white teeth gleamed. - Anyone
      can be destructive, he said. Nature for once.
      - Yes, you are right. But that was not the topic of our discussion.
      It is your stay here.
      - Did you "friend" Erik tell you about me?
      - Yes.
      - Are you concerned that I may hurt your students?
      Charles jerked. - How did you...-
      - I happened to overhear some of your conversation here before. But
      I can assure you that your fears are unjustified. I will not hurt
      anyone here if you are kind enough to let me stay for a while. I will
      try to be as invisible as I possibly can.
      - Doctor Lecter, what I really should do is to lift this receiver
      here, and call the FBI. You are an escaped criminal, and this is a
      school, not a hideaway for fugitives. But I will give you three days.
      That gives you enough time to find another place to hide at. Three
      days. Not an hour more. I will provide you with a room, food and
      - That will be perfect, professor Xavier. I am deeply grateful.
      Xavier's face hardened. - But understand something, doctor
      he said. If you hurt any of the inhabitants of this house, I promise
      you that you will regret it.
      - What I said before is true still, said Lecter.
      - Good. Then we understand each other.
      - Yes, professor, I think we do.
      Suddenly the door to Charles' office opened and Storm entered.
      looked apologetic at once when she noticed that she had probably
      interrupted something important.
      - Oh, I am sorry, she said. I...eh, didn't know we had a
      - Ororo, would you... Charles began.
      Hannibal's eyes widened instantly when he saw the beautiful,
      skinned woman, with those large, beautiful brown eyes and the flowing
      white hair, which formed a sharp - but pleasant - contrast to her
      skin. He inhaled her scent when she approached him.
      - Good afternoon, he said in a velvety voice. Who is this lovely
      young lady?
      - Hello, Storm replied with a hearty smile. I am Ororo Munroe, she
      said and reached out her hand. And you?
      - Call me doctor Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal said and shook hands
      with her. He could notice that his name told her nothing. She
      remained as unaffected as before after he had introduced himself.
      She was a stunningly beautiful woman, even doctor Lecter thought.
      He wondered if she too was a mutant, and if so, what her
      "power" was.
      He also wondered whether her unusual hair was genuine or a wig.
      - Pleased to meet you, miss Munroe, he said, smiling with a wink.
      You really are a very beautiful woman, he said then, after regarding
      her for a while. Her hair was genuine, he judged.
      - Thank you! Storm replied, happy but surprised. She knew she
      looked good, but not too many people here at the mansion had noticed
      her beauty. But this charming stranger had, and she couldn't help
      feeling proud.
      - Ororo! said Charles suddenly, noticing the look that doctor
      Lecter gave Storm, and didn't like it at all. Could you be so
      and show our guest to his room? I would have asked Jean, but she is
      down in the lab, as always. Scott will walk with you.
      - Certainly, Storm replied and gave Hannibal another smile. It will
      be an honour.
      - The honour is mine, Hannibal said in a voice that sent
      butterflies into Ororo's stomach. Although she tried her best no
      show it to him.
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