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FIC: Fall in Apgar: August and Everything After 2/10

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Disclaimer in Part One Update list: autumnfic@yahoogroups.com An Meal Ready to Eat is a vile military version of lunchables. ************************** Start
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      Disclaimer in Part One

      Update list: autumnfic@yahoogroups.com

      An Meal Ready to Eat is a vile military version of lunchables.


      Start turning the girl into the ground

      roll the new love over

      The drive to Apgar had taken approximately three days. They
      stopped for half a day when they reached the abandoned Military base in
      Great Falls, Montana. They’d picked up an arsenal of weapons and MRE’s.
      They had picked up plenty of food, but it was always best to be safe.
      Andrew had been fascinated by the black wrapped Army food, and marveled over
      the tiny bottle of Tabasco and the after dinner mint. The main course
      itself was less exciting, but it would be adequate should they need to
      survive on it.

      The continued journey to Apgar had proven uneventful, and they’d
      arrived at their destination anticipating everything from the conditions of
      the cabins they hoped to inhabit to the general quality of what life would
      bring them in this new place. The convoy rolled to a stop and all the
      mutants scrambled out of the vehicles to take in their new surroundings.

      It was breathtaking. Apgar Village was the first place they had been to
      that didn’t show signs of the damaged world. Lake MacDonald spilled out
      fifty feet from where they’d stopped. It was deep blue, serene and utterly
      peaceful. Douglas fir’s, ponderosa pines and thousands of evergreen trees
      covered the landscape.

      And the ground wasn’t strewn with bodies as it had been in every other
      area. The world was alive and thriving here, and it was beautiful. Erik
      headed towards the cabins in the distance while the remainder of the road
      weary gang walked down to the picturesque lakeshore. He found the office of
      what had been the base of cabin rental operations and bent the hinges of the
      locked door until it sprang open. The room was dusty but appeared to be in
      good order. There was no telltale stench of death, so Erik explored freely
      in the closet until he found a locked box. When he shook it the box
      rattled, so it looked like he’d found the keys to the cabins. Using his
      powers once again Erik opened the box and found the labeled keys as he
      smiled to himself and took the box outside.

      The cabins were clustered into two groups. One was more traditional
      hotel rooms, while the other group was of two-story cabins. Erik fished
      through the keys until he found one that corresponded with cabin one. The
      door creaked and the room remained dark when he clicked at the light switch.
      He wasn’t surprised that there were no electricity, but a trip down to
      Columbia Falls and they could pick up some generators. All of the furniture
      appeared to be intact and Erik was pleasantly surprised by the size of the
      rooms. The kitchen was a little bit on the small side, but the living room,
      bathroom and downstairs bedroom were all to scale. A nice sized loft filled
      the upstairs.

      Erik chuckled lightly to himself. This place would be livable.
      It would be a most welcome change from the sterile environment of the
      underground bunker. Andrew deserved to play outside in the sunshine like a
      normal child. Jubilee and Scott’s baby would have the chance to grow up in
      the light of the world. And Marie, he needed to find a cure. Only one
      seemed very likely to work and Erik was torn on if he could in fact go
      through with such a plan, but she was his world-she couldn’t die. He shook
      his head and started towards the lake. Darkness wouldn’t set in for another
      few hours but it would be best to get a head start on moving into the cabins
      before darkness.

      He found everybody wading in the water except for Andrew who had
      emerged himself completely despite the cold. A mountain lake in August was
      still a mountain lake. Slipping off his shoes, Erik joined his family, and
      he had indeed come to think of them as a family. He was related to Marie by
      blood, but he thought of Scott, Jubilee and Kitty as his own children, and
      Andrew as a grandchild. He even called him grandpa, but Victor was another
      matter. He’d bee in the Brotherhood since Erik had founded it, but over the
      years the two men had never formed more than a professional relationship
      with each other. His thoughts were interrupted however as Andrew caught his
      right leg and pulled Erik until he overbalanced and fell into the cold

      His less than graceful journey into the water was met by hearty
      laughter from the rest of the group. Erik himself chucked and watched as
      Scott, Kitty and Marie fell victim to Andrew’s antics. Victor made a big
      show of resisting, but was eventually taken down by the little water sprite.
      Jubilee alone remained untouched and sat on the rocky beach with a smile on
      her face. Andrew couldn’t swim yet, but he was clearly enjoying himself.
      She was thankful that the small group of mutants were so good with her son,
      they’d each taken great steps to make his childhood happy in a bad
      situation, she looked forward to the arrival of the next addition of the
      Summers’ family.

      An hour later and quite a bit wetter, they piled into the trucks
      and drove into the area in front of the cabins. After living in such close
      quarters everybody was very appreciative for the chance of having his or her
      own space. There were plenty of cabins around and it was agreed that Kitty,
      Marie, Erik and Victor would have their own places while The Summers took a
      slightly larger cabin for their new home. They spread out throughout the
      site, but stayed close enough to be within shouting distance.

      For Marie it would be the first opportunity to live on her own,
      and the Summers wouldn’t have to share a bedroom with their son. An inside
      joke between them was that they’d perfected the art of silent sex, which was
      verified by Jubilee’s second pregnancy. Victor chose a cabin at the far end
      of the field, away from the rest of them. He appreciated them, but he hated
      to be confined. Victor had only gone underground because Erik had asked

      He knew he could survive on the outside by himself. Radiation,
      anthrax, the haunta virus-none of those affected him. But the mutant
      massacre was something Victor couldn’t avoid forever. He stood out too
      easily, and there were only so many places to hide by yourself. With a
      group, you always stood a better chance that someone else would die.

      A few days later Erik couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Marie
      had fallen ill the day before with a high fever and fatigue. His decision
      was made. Marie was resting in her cabin and Erik knew the window of
      opportunity was short. He’d made tough decisions before, but never one that
      so greatly affected hiss family. When Mystique had taken ill he’d been out
      of his mind with grief. She’d died so suddenly, and he hadn’t seen the
      symptoms before, but with Marie it was a different matter. Marie was the
      reminder of his wife, and his greatest creation. The bond between them was
      deeper than blood. They had survived the apocalypse, and lived in a
      confined space for five years. Losing her now would be too hard, too much
      after everything that had already happened.

      “Come in” Victor’s voice called from inside the room.

      “Hey Erik, whadda ya want?”

      “Marie’s sick. Its Legacy.” Erik said, point blank.

      “You want me to heal her?” Victor said.

      “You know you’re the only one who can help her.”

      “Erik, we agreed about this already, you want to go back on your

      “She’d my daughter Victor!” Erik said, his voice hard as steel.

      “You’ll recover Victor.”

      “What’s in it for me Erik?”

      “What do you mean?” He asked, voice controlled.

      “I want a reason why. You wouldn’t give her to me two years
      ago. A man has needs.”

      “Marie won’t go for it.”

      “She will if you ask her too. She adores her daddy.” Victor

      “Can we discuss this at a more opportune time?” Erik asked

      “This is very opportune for me Erik.”

      Erik narrowed his eyes at the leering man. It would be Victor
      to pull something like this; he was notoriously patient, but very ruthless.

      “Let’s go.” The large man said, leading the way to the door.

      Erik nodded thankful that Victor was making this easier, he’d
      angered him, which made him feel less guilty about what would happen, he
      still regretted deeply what would happen, but Marie was his blood. Victor
      wasn’t, that’s all it boiled down too.

      The men entered the cabin to find Marie stretched out, sleeping
      on the hide-a-bed in her cabin. “Does she know?” Victor asked.

      “She guessed, she’s a smart girl. Her mother had it.” Erik said,
      pain evident in his voice.

      Victor nodded in agreement, and tried to shake the sleeping
      woman awake. “I’m gonna heal you Marie.” He said with uncharacteristic

      Erik kept a close watch on the hairy mutant. “Use your hand on
      hers, it works best that way.” He lied.

      He’s seen Marie’s mutation in action once before and he knew
      that it made no difference if it was lip to lip or hand to hand. He just
      didn’t want Victor’s lips near Marie’s own. Besides it was easier this way.
      Victor took the young woman’s hand and within seconds he was on his knees
      unable to pull away. Erik stepped forward and pushed down on Marie’s arm
      pinning Victor in place. The feral mutant was convulsing and his eyes had
      rolled back into his head. Marie had failed to wake from the ordeal, which
      proved how far gone she already was from the illness.

      When he was sure Victor was dead, Erik removed his daughter’s
      hand from the corpse. He kicked open the back door of the cabin and set to
      work. He’d laid a sheet of plastic on the ground and tied the ends up with
      rope. An axe and several burlap bags were waiting to be used.

      Marie awoke the next day, and much to her surprise she felt
      good. Really, really good. No aches, no fever, no fatigue. She stretched
      luxuriously, and went out the back door to enjoy the morning view. To her
      surprise she’d seen a small amount of blood on the ground, puzzled she bent
      down to look and was surprised to find several oranges hairs. Had a cat
      killed something here? No, that was silly there were no cats for miles

      Her heart started thumping as realization kicked in. She had
      had Legacy, which stalled for nobody, and yet here she was feeling fine and
      dandy. The only cure for the virus was to be immune, and precious few
      mutants had that gift, she knew only one. Victor. Victor had orangey hair,
      and wasn’t vulnerable. She had the only power that could kill him.
      Deduction drew to the fact that Marie had killed Victor Creed. The growl in
      her head confirmed that.

      Chocking back a sob Marie raced around the building and ran to
      her father’s house.

      “Is it true?” She whispered.

      “Yes.” Erik said, not caring to insult her intelligence and act
      as if he didn’t know what she meant.

      “How could you?”

      “Legacy. It took your mother Marie, you know it almost took
      you.” Erik’s voice shook.

      Her fears confirmed she slammed the door and jumped in the
      nearest truck. She didn’t know how to drive, but she could access Victor’s
      memories and go from there. With a shaky hand she started the truck and
      took off.

      Hours later Marie was over the Canadian border in what had been
      Watercrest National Park. Her anger had finally subsided and the tears were
      now starting to flow, pretty soon she was almost driving blind and she
      swerved off the road. The resounding ‘Thud’ forced her foot to slam down on
      the brake. She parked the car and opened the door afraid of what she’d


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