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Fic: Fall in Apgar: Augusst and Everything After 1/10

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  • Autumn Leaves
    Title: Fall in Apgar: August and Everything After Author: Autumn E-mail: autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com Feedback: Anytime, any kind. anywhere. ; ) Rating: R
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2003
      Title: Fall in Apgar: August and Everything After

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: autumnleaves@...

      Feedback: Anytime, any kind. anywhere. ; )

      Rating: R

      Category: Drama

      Summary: The apocalypse has come, Legacy has been unleashed and the world
      is in tatters. How do a small band of mutants survive the fallout?

      A/N: I was so inspired by Terri’s own ‘Seasons in Yellowstone’ series that
      I asked her if I could borrow her world and create my own AU. She
      graciously agreed and even beta’ed it for me.

      Check out Terri’s series at: http://xgrrl27.homestead.com/seasons.html

      FIA is set in Apgar Village in Glacier National Park. The seasons change
      swiftly and fall is short. I saw it as the perfect background to throw our
      favorite characters against. Keep in mind that this is a post-apocalyptic,
      hell-on-earth world they exist in. Some of the choices made seem like the
      only viable option.

      Disclaimer: The X-Men belong to Marvel and Fox. All song lyrics in this
      story are from Counting Crows’: August and Everything After.


      Step out the front door like a ghost

      into the fog where no one notices

      the contrast of white on white

      And in between the moon and you

      angels get a better view of the crumbling

      difference between wrong and right

      The world had changed in the last five years. Legacy had been
      unleashed and diminished the mutant population to less than 10% in the first
      two years of its existence. Civil war had brought the rest of the world to
      its knees as weapons of mass destruction and biological warfare had been
      implemented. Less than three million people were left in the world. Those
      who had survived the aftermath had been among the few who had heeded the
      warnings and taken cover in an underground shelter.

      Among the few who survived were Kitty Pryde, Scott Summers,
      Marie Lensher, Erik Lensher, Jubilee Summers, Andrew Summers, and Victor
      Creed. The Summers family and Kitty had fled the X-Mansion the minute
      Xavier had given the order. The few children who hadn’t been taken by
      Legacy had gone into hiding with various members of the united X-Men and
      Brotherhood. The death toll had been astounding, only Xavier and Ororo
      Munroe remained at the mansion while the Summers and Kitty chose to go
      underground with Erik, Marie and Victor.

      Andrew had been born shortly after the group entered the bunker.
      He was the first product of Jubilee and Scott’s marriage and the only child
      in the complex. Marie, at fifteen was the closest to his age and the only
      other member of survivors who had been under 18 when they’d gone into
      hiding. Andrew was lavished attention by all the adults and hid education
      had benefited by having some of the sharpest minds around teaching him. He’
      d learned to read well by age four, and was insatiably curious about
      everything. He took after his father in looks, but his personality was all
      from his mother.

      Marie was his favorite to hang out with because the other people
      were ‘too old and boring’ sometimes as Andrew put it. He found it very
      funny that Uncle Erik took longer naps than he did, and frequently asked why
      he was so lazy. Victor’s cat-like appearance had enticed Andrew to create
      his own brand of ‘stalking’ in which he would follow Victor around and
      ‘pounce’ on him. The generally surly man had taken a liking to the small
      boy and allowed things that nobody else in the world would have ever gotten
      away with.

      Victor had been getting restless though lately. He’d been
      cooped up for nearly four years and was anxious to get out to the real
      world, or what was left of it. A single news report was given from New York
      each night at 6 PM. It was all that was needed, there was never much
      reported except for more death and the dire predictions that the end of the
      human race would soon be upon them. Some countries were completely devoid
      of human life, and some were damn near close.

      The United States and Canada had the highest population with a
      combined 1.2 million people living in various provinces and states. In the
      latter, nearly all of the population was in the south, and it was nearly all
      human. The race of mutants had been decimated ever further with the
      outbreak of World War III. It was open season on any ‘filthy mutie’ as the
      general public believed them responsible for the crumbling of the world.
      Legacy had claimed millions of human lives though it had been intended to
      wipe out mutants only. A mutation of the virus had appeared very quickly
      after the release of the initial strain. With two strains out there it was
      a matter of time before the world was bathed in corpses.

      Cemeteries had been abandoned in the middle of the third year.
      There were simply too many people dying and not enough space. The cities
      had tried desperately to cope with the problem, but when it was clear that
      even mass graves wouldn’t solve the problem, it was abandoned. New York had
      become ‘the city of corpses’ as it had contained the most people. The
      stench of death was everywhere, the evidence undeniable, and quality of life
      didn’t exist. It was a time when survival was all that mattered, by any
      means necessary.

      Erik had implemented weekly checks for Legacy for all the
      inhabitants of the compound. It was always a tense 12 hours before results
      could be checked to see if all the members were in good health or had
      contracted Legacy. They had earlier agreed that if one of them should come
      down with the virus, Victor would head out to scout the area, as he alone
      was immune. If he came back with positive news, the infectee would stay in
      the compound and the rest would leave. An infected compound was no good to
      any of them.

      Victor’s restlessness resulted in a trip to the surface, and for
      the first time since they’d left the world behind he’d come back with good
      news. The town had apparently all died out, and hadn’t been affected by
      radiation. It was time to leave the bunker and breath freely; it was time
      to move to Apgar. The group had formed the plan to trek cross-country to
      the now abandoned Glacier Park. It was one of the coldest places in the
      northern United States and not likely to have any humans. It was also far
      enough away to have been exempt from the massive destruction that all of the
      eastern cities had endured.

      Victor’s news had resulted in the mutants springing into action,
      they would need to raid the town for supplies and locate vehicles. A car
      dealership ¼ mile outside of town had been loaded with trucks and cars when
      they’d last seen it. The newest survey of it showed that they still had a
      sufficient amount of vehicles for the group. Erik, Scott, Jubilee and
      Victor would each drive a vehicle while Kitty, Marie and Andrew would be
      passengers. The other three would be responsible for rounding up supplies
      at the abandoned stores. A Wal-Mart was located near the dealership, so the
      three hit that first.

      “Can you manage a cart by yourself Andrew?” Marie asked her
      young companion.

      “You bet!” He cried enthusiastically. “What’s a cart?”

      Kitty laughed, she’d forgotten that Andrew had never been inside
      of a store. “It’s one of those silver things inside that window there. Do
      you remember what a store is?”

      Andrew thought for a minute, when he was sure he had the answer
      he piped up. “A store is a place where people like mommy used to go to buy
      meaningless consumer things.” Andrew answered quoting his father.

      Marie grinned, the boy had some definite smarts about him, and
      he’d very gravely told her that one day when he grew up he wanted to be a
      shoplifter. “Hey Andrew, its your lucky day to be a shoplifter.”

      Andrew’s face lit up when he heard that and he merrily skipped
      ahead of the women, stopping at the glass doors. Kitty had retrieved a rock
      from the parking lot and after warning Andrew to stand back, threw it
      through the door. The satisfying sound of it shattering pierced the air and
      the three shoplifters entered the store to gather their loot. There was no
      electricity, which was to be expected, but Marie found a couple of
      flashlights at the check out stands. She’d also found a dead body. “What’s
      that smell?” Andrew asked, nose wrinkled.

      “Somebody died in here.” Marie told him gently.

      “Why didn’t they take her outside?”

      “There was probably nobody left alive to do the job.” She
      answered seriously.

      “That’s not right Marie. Can we give her a memory service?”
      Andrew asked solemnly.

      “Sure.” Marie answered, touched by the boy’s thoughtfulness for
      a woman he’d never met before.

      “Why don’t you pray for, ‘Kerry’” Marie said leaning over the
      skeleton to find the nametag on the smock.

      “Now we lay Kerry down to sleep, pray the Heavens her soul to

      since she died before we got here, pray the Lord her soul to
      take.” Andrew finished his impromptu alteration of his bedtime prayer.

      Kitty and Rogue bowed respectively and waited for the little
      priest to indicate they could move on now. The rest of the shopping trip
      was filled with excitement from Andrew and a few more ‘memory services’
      performed by Brother Andrew. The women and child filled the three carts
      with groceries, car parts, and bedding and countless other items that were a
      necessity to one starting a new life. When the carts were full they went
      back to fill three more. After being starved for entertainment for five
      years, they filled a cart with cd’s and players, one with small tv/vcr
      combinations and movies, and another with combinations of both. Andrew was
      fascinated with almost every aspect of the store and how all the displays
      were untouched but the people were dead.

      An hour later the three took the carts across the parking lot
      and found three trucks, two RV’s and a Suburban ready to load. Jubilee and
      Scott had pointed out that one day Marie and Kitty would both learn to
      drive, and more vehicles might be hard to find, therefore two trucks had
      been hitched to the back of the two RV’s. A final night in the compound,
      and the band of mutants would be ready to strike out into the great wide
      open. Erik rounded everybody up for the weekly virus test, while a heavily
      pregnant Jubilee divided up shifts for Erik, Marie, Kitty, Victor and Scott
      to watch the trucks at night. The world might be deserted, but thieves had
      a tendency to strike the unlikeliest of places. It was always better to be
      safe than sorry.

      Jubilee’s second pregnancy had come as a shock to the rest of
      the mutants. “Why would you want to bring a child into this world?” was the
      first thought voiced by Erik.

      Jubilee had privately thought the same thing momentarily, but
      the baby was part of her and Scott and in this uncertain world either of
      them could go at any moment. Jubilee didn’t want to be left in a world
      where Scott was only a memory without symbols of their love for one another.
      Andrew was their pride and joy and both wanted him to have a brother or

      Jubilee was due to deliver in late August or early September according to
      Kitty, who acted as the older woman’s gynecologist and midwife.

      Rubbing her back, Jubilee stood up and stretched. She was only
      twenty-eight, but at times she felt infinitely older. They had all been
      forced to grow up fast, especially Rogue who had spent almost all of her
      teenage years in the compound. Jubilee sighed and decided to call it a
      night. Scott came in to put Andrew to bed before joining his wife for a few
      hours sleep before it was time for his shift.

      Tonight Andrew wanted to be read to, instead of reading a story
      to his father. Marie had filled him in on the happenings with the dead
      bodies earlier and Scott suspected that Andrew wanted comfort.

      “Ready for bed Kind ‘Drew?” Scott smiled at his son.

      “Yes, Slave Daddy.” Andrew answered with all the regalnes a five
      year old could muster.

      “What will it be your royal highness?” Scott beseeched him.

      “The Cat in the Hat.” Andrew answered promptly.

      Scott had guessed right, Andrew did want comfort. The Dr. Seus
      tale was his son’s fallback book. He asked for it any time there was
      something on his mind. Scott cracked the book, sat Andrew in his lap and
      began the tale.

      Several hours later, the little family gathered up their few
      possessions and piled into their various vehicles. Marie and Erik hopped
      into the big red 4X4, which would lead the other trucks. When everyone was
      settled, the group took off. They’d filled various canisters and barrels
      full of gasoline yesterday afternoon and had plenty for the trip and then
      some. They were heading into an area where the closest area of civilization
      was at least twenty-five miles away.

      “You ready Marie?” Erik asked his daughter.

      “Sure am, it’ll be nice to go somewhere different.” Marie smiled
      a smile that wouldn’t quite reach her eyes.

      “I just wish mom was hear with us.” Marie said.

      “So do I dear. Your mother would have loved where we’re going.”
      Erik confessed.

      “Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if she was

      “All the time. I’m infinitely glad that you are here with me.
      I wouldn’t have made it without you Marie, you’re my world.” Erik said

      “Lets just hope that there’s something better up there. This,
      what we’ve been living is no life. Especially for Andrew and that baby.”

      “Indeed. We can’t be heading off to something much worse.” Erik

      The two fell silent. Erik had meant every word, Marie was his
      only child with his beloved wife and without her, he would have easily taken
      his own life. He’d build himself around mutant rights, but when Marie had
      been born that had changed. He suddenly had a child who depended on him for
      everything to think about. He couldn’t take the risks that he hadn’t
      thought twice about in the past. Mystique had demanded that he quit his
      ‘suicidal tendencies’ and grow up.

      She had been right of course, but Erik wasn’t inclined to
      change. His baby girl had had a strong effect on him though. Seeing her
      pink hand curl around his pinky, or smile when he made a silly face had
      triggered a change deep inside. Erik wasn’t about to offer the olive branch
      to Charles and his X-Men, but he agreed to stop attacking at such frequent

      Mystique had fell victim to Legacy early on, and Erik finally
      broke down and united with Charles when a grief stricken Marie had begged
      him to stop fighting a needless war when the world was already in ruins. It
      wasn’t long after that first act of friendship that Legacy had spawned two
      more viruses. One could lay dormant for years without detection, finally
      killing the victim within three days of symptoms, and one was very much like
      the Ebola virus of the Middle Ages.

      Mystique had suffered relatively little as the original strain
      took its’ victims within a day. Erik had secretly hoped that he himself
      would contract the same virus as his wife; the other two were simply
      horrible. It had been hard to take in three X-Men and not launch into
      rhetorical discussions about humanity’s understanding. Erik had proven
      triumphant. Humanity turned on mutant kind as soon as human casualties were
      reported due to Legacy; ironically it had been a disease of their own

      Erik had seen a massacre before, but the wasteland before him
      was somehow even more horrifying and wrong. Humans had brought it upon
      their selves, but it didn’t erase the tragedy of the innocence lost in the
      remainder of the world. It was a bleak place void of hope, and in
      retrospect, Erik was glad his daughter had been sheltered from what the
      world had become in five years. Erik also hoped that Apgar Village would
      still be there. He also hoped the cabins would be standing. Most of all,
      he hoped he had enough time. He glanced over at his daughter who had fallen
      asleep. Marie’s test had come back positive. She had Legacy and the only
      cure was for her to become immune.


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