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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (3/?) [Logan/Rogue, Ororo/Legolas, Scot t]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2003
      Hi all,

      Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:

      Thanks to Jonas and Estelle for beta.


      Part 3:

      “I see many riders approaching,” Ororo said as she landed beside Aragorn.

      “Did they see you?” Aragorn asked, trying to spot any riders in the distance but the plains where bare.

      “I don’t think so unless they’re Elves. I flew high,” she explained then she frowned as she added; “You should be able to see them within a few minutes.”

      “Anything wrong, ‘Ro?” Scott yelled from behind Aragorn.

      “A group of riders coming this way,” she replied, rising her voice for him to hear. Scott, Rogue and Logan moved closer to her and Aragorn.

      “Legolas. Come,” Aragorn yelled over his shoulder as he saw small figures in the distance. The figures began to melt into riders.

      “Great. With our luck it’ll be Orcs,” Logan complained, mentally getting ready for a battle.

      “Riders,” Legolas said unnecessary as he reached Aragorn.

      “Can you make out the banner?” Aragorn asked as the riders drew nearer, one of them holding a banner in his right hand.

      “Yes. It’s the Royal banner of Rohan,” relief was in Legolas’s voice.

      “I take it that’s a good thing?” Scott guessed as he saw the relived look on Aragorn’s face.

      “Rohan is like Gondor a human Kingdom. Though not allies there is no bad blood between Rivendell and Rohan,” Legolas explained to them.

      “What about Rohan and Gondor?” Logan asked, remembering Boromir’s beloved homeland.

      “They were allies once but since the King took a new adviser Rohan haven’t brought Gondor any help with the Orcs crossing their borders…” Legolas began.

      “So obviously they’re not on the best of themes,” Rogue finished for him. Gimli reached them about the same time as the riders did.

      “Riders of Riddermark,” Aragorn greeted the riders. However the greeting didn’t have the intended effect. Suddenly they were surrounded, the riders’ lances pointing straight at them.

      “I thought you said these were friends of yours?” Logan growled, pushing Rogue behind him and popped his claws as he sneered at the riders.

      “They are,” Aragorn insisted.

      “Then I’ll hate to meet your enemies,” Scott mumbled, his right hand going to his glasses. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli held their weapons ready but not raised. Ororo let a small ball of lighting form in her right hand but didn’t raise it. A man who seemed to be in charge rode towards them. His armour was golden and he sat tall and proud on his horse.

      “What business do you have in the Riddermark?” he demanded to know. He eyes swept over Logan, Rogue, Scott and Ororo. “What strange creatures are these?” he nodded towards Scott, Logan and Ororo who were obviously strangers.

      “I am Aragorn. We are friends of Rohan and of Théoden, your king,” Aragorn insisted.

      “The King hasn’t been himself lately,” the rider admitted and jumped off his horse. He pulled off his helmet to reveal long golden locks, a tired but handsome and aristocratic face and a very well built and strong body. He looked some years younger than Aragorn; closer to Scott’s age. “Those you see here are those who remain loyal to Rohan and for that we’re banished,” the pain in the warrior’s voice was clear.

      “Maybe you could lower your weapons and we can exchange sob stories later?” Logan suggested sarcastically. The warrior’s eyes got hard.

      “How dare you? Who are you? What are your names?”
      ”Give us yours and you shall have ours,” Gimli replied calmly, not showing any fear for the warrior or his band of men who clearly had them outnumbered and outgunned.

      “For that insult I should have your head, Dwarf,” the warrior hissed angrily and suddenly even more weapons where aimed at Gimli as if that was possible. Quicker than the human eye could follow an arrow had been aimed straight at the golden warrior.

      “You will die before the stroke fell,” Legolas promised darkly, his voice certain and his aim true.

      “Hmm…let’s not get carried away,” Rogue tried to ease the sudden very tight mood.

      “No one dies here today,” Ororo said certainly and her feet began to slowly lift off the ground but she stopped about a meter up. Loud gasps of surprise and fear went through the riders and they barely held their horses in place.

      “What is that…thing? Another of Sauron’s allies?” the golden warrior demanded to know, no fear but suspicion in his voice as he with his sword pointed to Ororo. Suddenly a red beam shot out from Scott’s eyes and cut the warrior’s sword in half.

      “She is a woman and my friend,” Scott said calmly, taking his glasses back on.

      “We are not spies nor your enemies. There’s no need for this hostility,” Ororo reassured them and landed again, dissolving her lighting bolt. Following her lead Scott lowered his hand but kept ready. “Logan,” Scott reached for him, laying a hand on his shoulder.

      “No way,” Logan denied, knowing what he wanted.

      “Logan,” a warning edge was in Scott’s tone.

      “Yeah, well…. I can take them anyway,” Logan gave in and withdrew his claws but didn’t lower his hands.

      “Legolas,” Aragorn laid his hand on Legolas’s arrow and the Elf let him lower the weapon for him.

      “Lower your weapons,” the warrior ordered of his men as he saw the others actions. His men did as bid. “I’m Eomer, nephew to king Théoden, banished from Rohan under threat of death,” the warrior admitted and Logan saw that the man was younger than he had first thought. The pain in his voice was clear as he remembered his banishment and how he had been forced to leave all he knew behind.

      “I am Aragorn. This is Legolas of Mirkwood realm and Gimli of Moria,” he pointed to each one in turn. Legolas gave a traditional Elven greeting with his hand to his forehead while Gimli merely nodded. “The others are new allies; Scott their leader, Ororo the white-haired woman, Rogue the lovely lady there and the man before her is her husband, Logan the warrior,” he introduced them.

      “A pleasure,” Eomer said and nodded at each of them in turn. “Though I’m curious…I’ve never seen such skin colour on a human,” his eyes swept over Ororo and Legolas barely held back his urge to raise his bow again. “…or such abilities. Are your friends wizards?”

      “No. They come from a land far away,” Aragorn explained.

      “Try a galaxy far, far away,” Rogue mumbled and drew amused smiles from her fellow X-men while the others merely looked slightly confused, not understanding what she meant.

      “We’re looking for some Hobbits,” Scott broke in, not wanting Eomer to know too much. He didn’t see any reason to trust him; having been held at gunpoint didn’t do much to build up trust.

      “They would have looked like children to you. We’re tracking some Uruk-hai who took them,” Aragorn explained.

      “Uruk-hai?” Rogue frowned.

      “Orcs,” Gimli briefly explained, not wanting to confuse her further with details of the difference between Uruk-hai and Orcs.

      ”We battled some Uruk-hai not far from here,” Eomer admitted.

      “Did you see them?” Ororo asked eagerly.

      “No but if they had been there…” the warrior looked sad. “Sorry. We killed all alive,” the warrior admitted, sounding tired of the thought of all that battling and death which had haunted his land lately.

      “Oh, God,” Rogue breathed in sharply. Logan gathered her in a calming embrace to try and ease her sadness.

      “It’s over that way,” Eomer pointed to the west. “It’ll take no more than a few hours to walk. You should be able to see it by the smoke as we burned the bodies.”

      “We have failed them and Boromir then,” Scott said softly, his voice sad.

      “There’s still hope,” Aragorn insisted.

      “I hope you find your friends well,” Eomer said and got back up on his horse and pulled his helmet back on. He gestured to some of his men and four horses were given to them. “I hope they’ll bring you safely to where you need to go and will bring you greater fortune than their previous masters,” he told them as the men handled the rains to Legolas and Aragorn. He then greeted Aragorn and Legolas and rode away with his riders.

      “By the Goddess….I hope they’re still alive. They’re only children,” Ororo said softly and the others nodded, not sure what else to say or add. Aragorn handed a horse to Logan and one to Scott. Rogue got up behind Logan and Gimli got with some difficulty and finally some help from Aragorn up behind Legolas. Ororo flew beside them.

      “Let’s go,” Aragorn ordered and they began to ride West. No one spoke, all hoping and praying they would find their friends well but all fearing the worst.

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