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  • Tony
    Hey Everyone: I ve proofed and even added new chapters to my fan fiction, Endless Waltz. Check it out at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php? storyid=1267457
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      Hey Everyone:

      I've proofed and even added new chapters to my fan fiction, "Endless
      Waltz. Check it out at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?
      storyid=1267457 Enjoy and please review.

      Below are the latest chapters.

      CHAPTER 4


      The morning was calm and peaceful despite the events of last night.
      The animals went along with their daily business. Birds chirping,
      bees buzzing, and squirrels scavenging.

      "Wake up!" "Wake up!" Jubilee said pushing Michaels body.

      "Ugh, ugh." "Wha..." Michael moaned.

      "Wake up it's a nice day outside." Jubilee said loudly pushing
      Michael's body more fiercly.

      "Arrrrrr go back to bed." "It's too early." Michael said trying to
      shield his eyes from the sunlight.

      "Wake up before I blast you." Jubilee said.

      Girls walking past their rooms giggled and passed jokes as they saw

      "Go back to bed." Michael said.

      "Alright that's it." Jubilee said charging her fingers.

      Jubilee aimed at Michaels covers and shot the fireworks at him. He
      was stunned and awoke instantly.

      "Damn what the fuck are you trying to do!" Michael exclaimed.

      Laughter around their room began to grow louder as many of the
      students had witnessed what just happened.

      "Oh my god, your such a baby." Jubilee said.

      The students began to clear the area as the smell of breakfast
      filled the floor.

      "Breakfast is ready so get it while its still hot." Ororo said on
      the intercom.

      "Hey Michael do you wanna go out for breakfast?" Jubilee said.

      "With who?" Michael asked.

      "I dunno, me and you." Jubilee said.

      "Okay but will you at least let me get dressed first?" Michael

      "What...I can't watch?" Jubilee joked.

      "Only if I can blast you." Michael chuckled.

      "What?" Jubilee said with confusion.

      "Get out!" Michael exclaimed as he pushed her out of the room and
      shut the door.

      "Oh now that's original." Jubilee said banging the door.

      Just then Kittie walked straight through her door and saw Jubilee.

      "Hey Jubilee what's up?" Kittie asked.

      "Nothing, me and Michael are going to get some breakfast together."
      Jubilee answered.

      "Uh oh!" "Go girl." Kittie teased.

      "It's not like that were just friends." Jubilee defended.

      "Um okay like I don't see any boys waking me up." "There is
      definitely a spark between you two." Kittie said.

      "Whatever." "So what are you doing today?" Jubilee said changing the

      "Me and Bobby are going to the arcade." Kittie said.

      "Uh oh!" "Go girl." Jubilee mocked.

      "Your so dirty Jubilee." Kittie laughed.

      "Hey is he still mad about yesterday?" Jubilee asked with a bit of

      "No, I think he just wanted to prove to Xavier that he was ready to
      become an X-men." Kittie responded.

      "Yea he's says he's ready and I'm sure Xavier knows this." "I hope
      he becomes one soon or we might all freeze to death." Jubilee joked.

      "Yea." Kittie laughed.

      "Hey I'll see you later I'm going down for breakfast." Kittie said.

      "Yea bye." Jubilee said.

      Kittie walked down the stairs of the school. Just then Michael came
      out the room.

      "Finally you took long enough." Jubilee said.

      "Hey um go down and ask Xavier about the car, I gotta go and see my
      mom." Michael asked.

      "Okay so I'll wait for you outside then?" Jubilee answered.

      "Yea." Michael said running down the stairs.

      He tried to find his mom but he couldn't. He couldn't sense her.
      He tried again, he still couldn't sense her. He picked up Xavier.

      "Hey Xavier why can't I sense my mom." Michael said telepathically.

      There was no answer. Michael was getting scared. He ran to
      Xavier's office and he was sitting in a chair typing on the computer.

      "Didn't you hear me?" Michael said.

      "Hear what?" Xavier asked.

      "I can't sense my mom, I tried to telepath you but it didn't work."
      Michael said nervously.

      "Michael relax your mother is here." "She is safe." Xavier said
      trying to calm Michael.

      "Xavier what has happened to me." "I can't feel my powers." Michael

      "Extreme stress and depression sometimes creates hormonal imbalances
      which can sometimes disable telepathy since the imbalances occur
      within the brain." Xavier said.

      "So your saying this is only temporary?" Michael said.

      "Yes, it's temporary." "Just try not to think about the things that
      happened." "It may take awhile but if you still feel uneasy I can
      get some medication for you." Xavier answered.

      "I think I'll be okay." "Um...Where is my mother?" Michael asked.

      "She's still sleeping, she's on the 5th floor, I think her room is
      next to Psylocke's." Xavier said with grief.

      "Okay." "Um...Is something wrong Professor." Michael asked with

      "Well it's..." "We can talk about this later." "Right now I want you
      to go out and have fun." "By the way, you can use the Civic; it's
      the only care available." Xavier said.

      "Okay well I think Imma see my mom first." Michael answered.

      "Okay bye." Xavier replied continuing his work.

      "Bye." Michael replied walking out of the room.

      Michael walked up to the 5th floor. He didn't remember the
      teacher's hall. It was slightly bigger then the students halls. He
      passed Wolverine's room and the laughed at he saw the slash marks on
      the door. He passed Mr. McCoy's room and there was a fresh scent of
      flowers coming from it. He passed Psylocke's room and he looked
      over to the next room. Unlike the rest of the rooms there was no
      labeled tag. He opened the door and his mother was sleeping in the
      bed. He walked over to the edge and rubbed her shoulder. She woke
      up leisurely.

      "Hey hunny." Ms. Kosetti yawned.

      "I'm going out with Jubilee." Michael said.

      "Okay be careful." Ms. Kosetti said.

      "Mom are you going to be okay here." Michael asked.

      "Yea I'll be fine." "You go and spend time with your friends." Ms.
      Kosetti said slowly falling back to sleep.

      Michael smiled and left the room. He walked down the stairs and out
      of the school. Jubilee was already in the car waiting for him.

      "Hey mommy Ashley's here!" Claire exclaimed running through the

      "Your up early." Ms. Redfield said.

      "Ashley came home with Chris last night." Claire asked.

      "Yea it was late when they got home." Ms. Redfield answered.

      "They are still sleeping, Mom how am I going to get to school
      today?" "Chris is sleeping in because he doesn't have school today
      because of yesterday." Claire asked hoping to stay home.

      "Hmmm, yea Chris doesn't have school all week and I have to leave
      right now for work..." "I guess you can stay home today..." Ms.
      Redfield answered.

      "Yes!" Claire cheered.

      I have to go sweetie, here's a 20, tell Chris to take you out to
      eat." "Bye sweetie." Ms. Redfield replied.

      Claire kissed her mother goodbye she her mom drove off. Claire went
      to Chris's room and tried to wake him up.

      "Chris wake up" "I'm hungry, wake up!" Claire yelled pushing Chris'

      "Go back to bed." Chris said turning over and covering his face with
      the covers.

      "Grrrrrr I hate you!" Claire screamed with frustration.

      Claire went back to her room and tried to wake up Ashley.

      "Ashley wakeup!" "Take me to McDonalds!" Claire said.

      "Uhhhn later, I'm so...tired." Ashley moaned.

      "I hate you too!" Claire yelled walking back to the kitchen. She
      glanced at the clock and it read, "7:42." Claire walked over to the
      phone and dialed the numbers "642-7829" and waited for an answer.

      "Hello?" "Who is this?" a girl questioned.

      "Hey it's me Claire, hey Shan can you take me to McDonalds?" Claire

      "Ummmmmm won't Chris get mad at me if I take you?" "He's still
      pissed at me." Shannon said.

      "He's asleep, please...please I'm so hungry!" Claire pleaded.

      "I really can't...I'm sorry my car has no gas." Shannon answered.

      "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Claire screamed slamming the phone on the hook.

      "What am I going to do?" Claire thought with her stomach rumbling.

      "Hey dirtball get dressed were going out." Chris said.

      "Yay!" Claire rejoiced.

      "Hey um how much money did Mom give you?" Chris asked.

      "Um 20 dollars, so where are we going?" Claire replied.

      "The pool hall." Chris answered.

      "No!" "They don't serve pancakes." Claire whined.

      "They have nuts...In your mouth." Chris laughed.

      "Oh my god Chris your so mean to my sister." Ashley interrupted.

      "Okay um, why waste 20 dollars on pancakes when you can
      intelligently invest it in a game of pool." Chris said.

      "Ugh Ashley make him." Claire whined.

      Ashley gave Chris an evil glare. Chris paused and showed signs of
      being broken.

      "You guys are gay." Chris said.

      Ashley and Claire slapped hands and said, "girl power."

      "Okay um we can't stop McDonalds on the way, and you can eat at the
      pool hall." Chris said.

      "Okay I'm going to get dressed" Claire said running towards her room.

      "What not coming?" Chris asked.

      "Nah I think I am home to see my mom." Ashley said.

      "Is she okay?" "Did you call her last night?" Chris asked.

      "Yea she called me said she came home from the hospital." "She
      wanted me to stay at Mr. Ardo's so I did." "I ended up wearing
      myself out." Ashley responded.

      "That's good, at least your mom is okay." Chris replied.

      "Yea I'll see you later." Ashley said walking out the door.

      "Bye." Chris replied.

      "Claire hurry up!" Chris yelled.

      Claire hated being rushed so she ignored that and continued at her
      normal pace.

      "Hurry the fuck up!" Chris yelled again.

      "Hold on!" "Shit" Claire shouted.

      Claire came out her room dressed in some tight jeans and a belly
      shirt. Chris looked at her with surprise.

      "Um...Go change." Chris demanded.

      "Why?" Claire asked.

      "Are you trying to get picked up!" "Go fucking change now!" Chris

      "I'm not changing, I think I look cute." Claire teased.

      "Go change or your not leaving the house." Chris ordered.

      "Fine!" "I hate you!" Claire pouted going back to her room.

      "And hurry up, it's 8:00 and I'm trying to be out." Chris yelled.

      Claire finished dressing and walked out the room. She changed her
      shirt to a hooded sweater.

      "Are you happy now?" Claire asked.

      "Word." Chris said.

      "Well let's go" Chris said rushing to the door.

      Chris locked the house up and unlocked his car.

      "Do you always have a different car every week?" Claire asked.

      "Yea well I like this one." "It's the companies." Chris said.

      "Where do you work again." Claire asked suspiciously.

      "I sell drugs Claire." Chris joked.

      "You've had that job for like ever, shouldn't you have your own car
      by now?" Claire asked.

      "I have to help Mom." Chris said trying to avoid the subject of

      Chris ended up taking Claire to McDonalds. Chris pulled up in the
      drive thru.

      "Welcome to McDonalds can I take your order?" A clerk said.

      "Hey Claire what do you want?" Chris whispered.

      "Um...number one looks nice." Claire replied.

      "Yea can I uh get a number one with a large orange juice." Chris

      "Anything else." The clerk asked.

      "No that'd be all." Chris answered.

      "Okay pull up to the front window." The clerk replied.

      Chris drove the car around the side and the pay window opened.
      Chris handed them a five and headed towards the serve window and
      picked up the order.

      "Hey um...Where did you get that 5?" Claire asked confusedly.

      "Durrrrrrrrrr it's mine." Chris answered.

      "But I thought you were broke." Claire replied.

      "No you assumed I was." Chris said cockily.

      "Well if you have money then give me back my twenty." Claire whined.

      "No it's pool money." Chris said.

      "No Mom gave it to me!" Claire whined.

      "No Mom gave it to you to feed you and now that your fed I'm going
      to play pool." Chris declared.

      "Ugh that is so not fair." Claire complained.

      "Do you have somewhere to be because your not going with me." Chris

      "I can't stay home alone!" Claire yelled.

      "Your 13 years old, I was 12 when I first stayed home alone." Chris

      "Ugh Imma tell Mom you left me home all by myself." Claire whined.

      "I don't care, your not coming with me!" Chris yelled.

      "Please, I don't wanna stay home alone." Claire whined.

      "Ha! Ha!" "What are you afraid the dark?" Chris joked.

      "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." "Please can I come with you?" "I promise I
      won't get in your way and...and...and..." Claire begged.

      "No I'll drop you off at Kimberly's." Chris yelled.

      "She's not home; she went to work with her dad." Claire answered.

      "Well then you're going to school." Chris replied.

      "Ugh...I hate you!" Claire yelled.

      "Good!" Chris said.

      "Please...Please I don't wanna go to school." Claire pleaded.

      "Look you can't get into the pool hall, you need an adult and your
      not 18." Chris said.

      "Your not 18 either." Claire retorted.

      "Um...That's not what my id card says." Chris responded.

      "Where did you get a fake id?" Claire asked with curiosity.

      "Durrrrrrrr I made it, you know with that thing that has the thing
      with the letters that you push." Chris joked.

      "Whatever." Claire said angrily.

      "You know fucking stupid that would be if I walked in there with my
      little sister?" Chris joked.

      "God your so...Ugh." "Whatever...Your so, just take me to school."
      Claire said miserably.

      Chris's cell phone began to ring.

      "Hello, who's this." Chris asked.

      "Oh my god, like you don't know who this is." A voice said.

      "Hey baby I missed you." Chris said.

      "I missed you to, so what's up." Valorie asked.

      "Nothing just dropping off my sister to school." Chris said.

      "How is Claire doing, tell her I said Hi." Valorie answered.

      "Hey Claire, Valorie said Hi." Chris said glancing over at her.

      "She's pissed at me." Chris laughed.

      "What'd you do?" Valorie asked.

      "I wouldn't take her to the pool hall with me." Chris replied.

      "Why not?" Valorie replied.

      "Because I won't be able to watch her and there are guys there that
      aren't so nice if you know what I'm saying." Chris responded.

      "Yea I guess your right, so when are you coming here?" Valorie asked.

      "Um you said Spring Break right." Chris answered.

      "Actually I really wanna get out now, I haven't been home since last
      night when I called you." "I'm at a mall right now." "I don't think
      I'm going home tonight." Valorie replied.

      "Valorie...Is it that bad?" "I mean I'm not trying to sound
      inconsiderate but it's not like you to skip school and
      runaway." "Actually that is something that I would do." Chris said.

      "Well if you enjoy being called a slut 24/7 and you like to get hit
      in the face then I guess it isn't that bad." "I just wanna see you
      and maybe my mother."

      "I thought it would be nice to see some of my old friends." Valorie
      answered on the brink of crying.

      "I'm sorry, you never told me he was a jerk." "Hey I'm gonna try to
      come down there tonight but um, the thing is, I don't know your
      exact address." Chris said.

      "It's 331 Evan's Street, Greensboro, North Carolina, 43872." Valorie

      "Okay I'll see if I can come tonight but don't get your hopes up."
      Chris said.

      "Okay I won't." Valorie said happily.

      "Hey I gotta go." Chris said.

      "Alright, I'll talk to you later then." Valorie said.

      "Later, I love you." Chris replied.

      "I love you to." Valorie said hanging up.

      Chris reached the Westchester Middle School. And pulled up in front
      of it.

      "Okay Claire, be home by 3:00 and tell Mom I am at work." Chris said.

      "Chris please...I don't wanna go, please..." Claire cried.

      "Claire...Don't cry." "It isn't that bad." Chris assured.

      "Yes it is, stuff happened and..." Claire cried as tears began to
      pass her cheeks.

      "Claire I don't anywhere to take you, I have things to do and I have

      "Please can I come." "Please Chris I'll do anything, please." Claire
      sniffled whipping her tears.

      "I'm sorry Claire I can't..." Chris said trying not to cave.

      Claire didn't say anything. She got out of the car and walked
      toward the front of the school. She looked back as Chris' car
      pulled off.

      "Did I do the right thing?" Chris asked himself.

      "Hey do you think this shirt looks good on me?" Jubilee asked
      holding up a blue short sleeved shirt.

      "Anything looks good on you." Michael bragged.

      They were in a store called Urban Mystics, a youth female clothing

      "It's good to have you back." Jubilee said.

      "Yea I missed you too." "I think a week of doing nothing would do
      wonders." Michael answered.

      "So what do you wanna do now?" Jubilee asked.

      "I dunno what do you wanna do?" Michael asked back.

      "Hey let's go to Vinny's, I wanna shoot some pool." Jubilee said

      "A pool hall?" "Don't you have to be like 18?" Michael asked.

      "Yea but the bartender is a mutant and I helped him out one time so
      he let's me in." Jubilee answered.

      "Cool then let's go." Michael said.

      Jubilee and Michael left the store and moved to the parking lot.
      Meanwhile, back at the Xavier School Psylocke had finally gained

      "Hey this is Logan, Elizabeth is awake." Logan said on the intercom.

      "I'll be right there." Jean said.

      "Wha...What happened." Elizabeth asked confused.

      "You were tracking an assailant and you got knocked out." Logan

      "Owwwww." Elizabeth said rubbing her head.

      "Easy your wounds are still fresh, you should wait awhile before you
      start walking around." Logan said.

      "I think I'll be fine." Elizabeth said pulling the bandages off her

      "No one ever listens to me." Logan joked.

      "We have to assemble a team and go after that kid." Elizabeth spoke.

      "Yea but we don't even know what were looking...Wait did you say
      kid?" Logan questioned.

      "Yea." Elizabeth answered.

      "How did you know it was a kid that attacked you." Logan asked.

      "Because he was using nano-machines." Elizabeth answered.

      "Your telling me that a little punk on steroids almost kill you?"
      Logan said with surprise.

      Elizabeth didn't answer him. She was annoyed when men were cocky
      around her.

      "Elizabeth are you okay?" Jean said walking in the Infirmary.

      "Yea I think I'll be okay." "They were only flesh wounds." Elizabeth

      "Flesh or no flesh you need some rest." Jean said trying to make
      Elizabeth lay down.

      "What about the attacker?" Elizabeth groaned.

      "The X-men can handle it." Jean assured.

      "Hey tell Xavier I'm going out." "I would like to check out a couple
      of things." Logan said.

      "Okay but don't wonder off to far, we might need you here." Jean

      "Yea you don't have to worry about that." Logan answered.

      Chris was met outside the pool hall by two of his friends, Jeff and
      Nick. Jeff Denzel was also a member of the E.S.A. Jeff's codename
      was "Sly" and was second in command of "The Elites" a veteran group
      in the E.S.A. Nick Trenton was the leader of "The Elites", his
      codename was "Circuit" and his specialty was code breaking.

      "What's up?" "Yo man I found out what happened" Jeff blurted.

      "Yea man, major drag." Nick said.

      "I don't even know why I hesitated." Chris replied.

      "I'll tell you why you hesitated, because the girl had some big ass
      tits...am I right?" Nick joked.

      "Yea man your such a sucker for pretty girls." "I swear if a fine
      broad had you in her sights you would just stand there and look."
      Nick said laughing.

      "So ya'll just sessioned?" Chris said trying to change the subject.

      "Yea pretty much, I swear, we don't get as much action as we used
      to." "The lower level agents are doing the meat of Operation Spark."
      Jeff sighed.

      "Who was the one that torched the gym?" Chris questioned.

      "Oh, that was me, Circuit, and Eraser." Jeff answered.

      "Word" Chris said.

      "So did we come here to talk about work or did we come to shoot
      pool?" Nick interrupted.

      "Actually...I just came to stop by, I gotta talk to Mr. Ardo." Chris

      "Cool, well I guess we'll see you later." Jeff said.

      "Yea guy, stay sharp." Nick said forming his fingers into a gun and
      snapping his teeth.

      "I will." Chris said, walking back to his car.

      Chris reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He
      dialed Mr. Ardo's number, and waited for him to pick up.

      "Hello Chris, what can I do for you?" Mr. Ardo asked.

      "Um, I was wondering if we could get the plane tonight." Chris asked.

      "Yea actually I think that would be a good idea but I need you to
      pick up a shipment at an armory in Virginia if you don't mind." Mr.
      Ardo replied.

      "Sure I can do that but, can I bring Fox?" Chris asked.

      "Yea that would be a good idea." "While you take the shipment she
      can help you get your girlfriend." Mr. Ardo suggested.

      "Okay I'll get her and suit up." Chris answered.

      Chris hung up the phone and called Ashley.

      "Hey who's this?" Ashley asked.

      "It's Chris, I need you tonight." Chris said.

      "What for?" Ashley questioned.

      "I need you to pick up Valorie while I got get a shipment for Mr.
      Ardo." Chris replied.

      "I guess I could do that but, wouldn't she be pissed if she sees me
      when she's expecting you?" Ashley asked?

      "Yea I know but make up something." "I really have to do this
      one." "I think Mr. Ardo was disappointed about last night and I want
      to show him that I haven't lost my touch." Chris replied.

      "Was she that pretty?" Ashley asked.

      "Hey I gotta go but tell Valorie that I will pick her up at your
      house." Chris said hanging up the phone.

      "Yea she was that pretty..." Ashley said to herself.

      Chris walked in the Composition Martial Arts building and took the
      elevator to the Armory. He showed them his security pass and suited
      up. After suiting up he took the elevator to the roof. There was a
      helicopter waiting for him. He hopped in and the pilot took off.

      "Locked and loaded I see." The pilot said.

      "Always." Chris replied.

      "My orders are to take you to the Naval Weapons Depot located in a
      northern part of Virginia." "There you will pick of a shipment of X-
      ztos, load it in the chopper and we take off." "There should be no
      delay if you have your shipment access codes." "The pilot said.

      "Yea I know the routine, I've done shipments before." Chris bragged.

      The chopper headed towards the armory while Ashley headed to the

      "Ma'am this is a restricted area only authorized personal are
      allowed here." A guard said.

      "Here you go." Ashley said flashing her E.S.A. pass.

      "Shit I don't even know Valorie's address." Ashley thought.

      "Hmmmmmmmmm...I think I'll call her." Ashley said as she pulled out
      her cell phone.

      Ashley scrolled through her list of numbers and found Valorie's
      name. It read, "Valorie Pierce - (401) 456-4578." Ashley waited
      for someone to answer.

      "Hello this is Valorie." Valorie said.

      "Hey this is Ashley, Chris is busy so I am going to pick you up."
      Ashley answered.

      "That's cool, so when are you coming." Valorie asked.

      "I'm at the Airport now, I just need to know where you live." Ashley

      "Um 331 Evans Street, Greensboro, North Carolina." Valorie replied.

      "Cool so where are you now?" Ashley questioned.

      "Um I'm at the mall." Valorie said.

      "Are you going to be home?" Ashley asked.

      "Yea I'll be home but don't knock on my door just wait outside, I'll
      be watching for a car." Valorie cautioned.

      "Um why not?" Ashley asked.

      "Because..." Valorie said hoping not to discuss it anymore.

      "Your dad doesn't know your coming does he?" "Valorie!" "Oh my god
      your gonna be in so much trouble!" Ashley exclaimed.

      "Ashley" "I'll tell you everything, just come and pick me up."
      Valorie pleaded.

      "Okay I'll be there just don't get into trouble okay." Ashley

      "I won't." Valorie said.

      "I'll be there as soon as I can." "Bye." Ashley answered hanging up
      the phone.

      Ashley entered the plane and neared the cockpit.

      "Pilot take us to Greensboro International Airport." "Make sure
      there is a car waiting." Ashley said.

      "Yes ma'am." "Estimated arrival time is 5 hours." "We will be there
      at 10:00." The pilot answered.

      "Cool, well let's get going I am in a rush." Ashley.

      "Yes ma'am" The pilot said nearing take off.

      Ashley pulled out her cell phone and called Valorie.

      "Hello, this is Valorie." Valorie answered.

      "Yea Imma be there like 2:00 at night." "It's a 5 hour plane ride
      and I might need some time to find your house." Ashley said.

      "Okay that would be good since I'll be gone before my dad leaves for
      work. He doesn't check on me anyway." Valorie said.

      "Hey I gotta turn this off, he's about to take off." "I'll call you
      when I am near your house." Ashley answered.

      "Okay bye." Valorie said hanging up.

      Chris looked at his watch. It was 5:00.

      "Damn it Chris, focus, don't think about her right now." Chris said
      to himself.

      "We are nearing the landing zone." "Get ready for extraction." The
      pilot said.

      Chris cracked his knuckles and cocked his Uzi's one last time.

      "Why am I so jumpy?" "I'm just going to the grocery store to pick up
      some goodies." Chris thought.

      "Something is wrong...Why do I feel like this." Chris contemplated.

      Meanwhile Jubilee and Michael were parked outside in the front of
      the Xavier School.

      "Hey Michael I had a really great time." Jubilee said.

      "I had a great time too." Michael said.

      Before Michael could say anything else Jubilee kissed Michael.
      Michael rejected her tongue and Jubilee blinked. Michael kissed her
      back and slid his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues massaging each
      others simultaneously.

      "Whoo look at these love birds." Kittie joked.

      "Go Michael, it's your birthday." Bobby laughed.

      Michael and Jubilee immediately stopped kissing. Michael's cheeks
      were extremely red and was blushing hard. Jubilee got out of the
      car and walked away.

      "I'll see you later Michael." Jubilee said trying not to giggle.

      Michael smiled and said, "Later."

      In the Infirmary Elizabeth was growing impatient with Jean about her

      "Jean, I have things to do, I can't let a couple of gun shot wounds
      interrupt my work." Elizabeth said.

      "Would you listen to yourself, your starting to sound like Logan."
      Jean replied.

      "I don't care who I sound like." "Jean, there are people out there,
      fucking kids for god's sake that are committing murder just because
      we are mutants...Just because we are different." Elizabeth said.

      "I know Elizabeth, I know." "All I'm saying is that you won't do
      much good in your condition." Jean said hoping to calm Elizabeth
      from walking out of the room.

      "I'm sorry, I just hate feeling useless." Elizabeth sighed.

      "I understand." "Right now you should focus on healing, you'll be up
      and about soon enough." Jean replied.

      "I know." Elizabeth said.

      Chris was at the entrance of the "Naval Weapons Depot" in Virginia.

      "Sir there is someone approaching the gates." A guard said.

      "Who?" The guard asked.

      "Sir this is a restricted area." "You need proper clearance to enter
      this facility."

      "Here." Chris said flashing his E.S.A. card.

      "Would you check it please." The guard asked.

      The guard took the card and swiped it on a PDA. Chris' name came up
      with what he was picking up.

      "Oh you're here for the shipment." "Right this way." A guard said
      opening the gates.

      "Hey sir, you have a hot weapon there." A guard said pointing to his

      "I know." Chris replied.

      "You can't enter the storage holds with a hot weapon." A guard

      "Do you think I am some kind of amateur?" "Can I just get the
      shipment and get the fuck outta here." Chris said with frustration.

      The guard swiped his card at the E.S.A. storage facility. The
      automatic doors opened and there were a lot of large crates.

      "Okay I'm just here to pick up a crate labeled, "X-ztos." Chris said.

      "What about all these other ones, the hold is filling up and we
      don't have any room for this other stuff." A guard questioned.

      "Look buddy I don't know what any of this shit is, I'm just here
      picking it up." Chris said trying to keep his cool.

      "Hey man, don't give me that shit." "For all I fucking know you
      could be a terrorist." A guard ranted.

      "Grrrrrrrr I am getting no where here." "Look, I showed you my pass,
      I have authorization, you have to follow proper procedure and load
      the "X-ztos" into a truck." Chris said.

      The guards paused. They weren't sure what Chris was trying to
      pull. Finally one of them agreed and called for a Forklift to load
      the crate into a GMC Flatbed.

      "Thank you gentlemen." Chris said.

      The guards saluted as Chris drove the truck out of the facility
      towards the chopper.

      "Hey pilot, I have the crate, how are we suppose to load it in the
      chopper?" Chris asked.

      "Wench it and I'll load it in the cargo bay." The pilot answered.

      Chris got in the chopper and strapped in. The pilot started the
      propellers and pulled up. The chopper was lifting the package in
      the air. The pilot engaged the wench and it pulled it up into the
      cargo bay.

      "We're going home." The pilot said.

      "Good." Chris said.

      Chris was sweating heavily and shaking. He didn't know what was
      wrong with his body. The nano-machines were binding through his
      DNA. This has never happened to any of the agents therefore the
      side effects are unknown.

      Chris looked at his watch, it was 7:00. He figured he would get the
      shipment back there at 10:00 and then go home and finally get some
      decent rest. Then tomorrow he could see Valorie.

      The chopper ride was long and tiring. Chris was feeling exhausted
      and completely worn out after doing nothing. When the chopper
      reached the Composition building he almost passed out changing his
      clothes in the locker room. Chris wasn't sure what was happening to
      his body but he knew something wasn't right so he decided to visit
      Ms. Salvatore before he was debriefed by Mr. Ardo.

      "Hello Chris, how are you doing tonight?" Ms. Salvatore asked.

      "I feel like shit, something's weird, my body feels tired, I can
      barely lift my arms." Chris explained.

      "Hmmmmmmmm...I am going to need some of your blood." "You know the
      routine." Ms. Salvatore replied.

      Chris placed his hand on the machine and it quickly poked his finger
      and extracted some of his blood into a slide. Ms. Salvatore took
      the sample and analyzed the nano-machine levels.

      "Chris, your nano-machines seem to be off the chart!" Ms. Salvatore

      "How is that possible, I didn't even use them tonight." Chris

      "Me and Mr. Ardo didn't tell you this but you seem to be the first
      to fully accept the nano-machines?" Ms. Salvatore said.

      "What do you mean?" Chris asked.

      "See the nano-machines were designed to grow stronger with grow and
      training." "Unlike the rest of your friends the nano-machines have
      bonded to your DNA quicker then anyone else." "It seems that you no
      longer need the nano-machines because your strengths are natural
      now." Ms. Salvatore explained.

      "Yea that's a real pretty story and everything but I can hardly
      move." Chris said with frustration.

      "Chris your body is mutating, you should really get some rest." Ms.
      Salvatore replied.

      "Wait a second, you mean I'm becoming one those freaks." "What the
      fuck have you done to me!" Chris yelled.

      "Calm down Chris, your not like them." "Your transmutation was
      stable and controlled." Ms. Salvatore said trying to calm Chris.

      "That is a nice way of saying that I'm a mutant...I'm a freak."
      Chris said walking out.

      Chris skipped the debriefing and headed home. He tried hard not to
      think about Ms. Salvatore's words. He could barely keep his eyes on
      the road. Things were flashing by him so fast that they seemed to
      blur. When he made it home as usual everyone was already sleeping.
      Chris did he usual routine and went to his mother's room. She was
      fast asleep. Chris went to his sisters room and she was also

      Chris had trouble sleeping that night. He couldn't believe that he
      was turning into a mutant. So many questions split through his
      mind. The irony of becoming what you so much hated tortured him
      throughout the night. He wondered if he had been a mutant since
      birth. He wondered if his mother and father were mutants. The
      questions went through his mind like a de-railed train. Chris
      pictured every mutant he had every slain, everyone from little kids
      to old woman. Their faces stamped in the back of his head. He
      couldn't accept the fact that he was becoming the one thing that he
      hated so much.

      CHAPTER 5


      Chris awoke early in the morning in a pool of sweat. He thought
      maybe last night was a bad dream but he knew it was not. He didn't
      know what to do. He walked around his house and his mom and sister
      were still sleeping. Chris thought of asking his mother if she
      herself was a mutant but he was afraid of the answer. If his mother
      admitted to being a mutant, then what would he do? Kill her? Kill
      his own mother? The very thought of it was a splinter in his mind.
      How can you hate your own mother? The woman that brought you into
      this world and nursed you to maturity. The woman that sacrificed so
      much for him.

      Looking for some relief Chris turned on his television.

      "Senator George Gilmore still relentless in making the mutant
      registration act possible." An announcer said.

      Chris turned off the T.V. with fear.

      "Am I considered a mutant?" Chris thought to himself.

      The thought of it made him puke. Just then his cell phone rang.
      The sound jolted his body.

      "Hello?" Chris said.

      "Guess who!" A voice said.

      "Oh hey Valorie." Chris said trying to be enthusiastic.

      "Geee you seem happy to talk to me." Valorie said.

      "I'm sorry, I feel weird." "My body is tired and I..." Chris said.

      "So when are you going to pick me up from Ashley's?" Valorie

      "Right now I guess." Chris said taking a look at his shivering hand.

      "Is something wrong Chris you seem...I dunno." Valorie replied.

      "No I'm just exhausted from last night but, I'll make it over
      there." Chris said.

      "Well I'll be waiting." Valorie said.

      "Okay I'll be there." "Bye." Chris said.

      "Bye." Valorie said hanging up the phone.

      "What am I going to do?" "I can't even fucking make a fist." Chris

      "Hey what are you doing up so early." Claire said yawning.

      Chris looked at his watch, It was 7:00.

      "I'm picking up Valorie she's at Ashley's house." Chris said.

      "Cool, can I come." Claire said.

      "Sure." "Let's just go." Chris said.

      "Okay." Claire said.

      Chris got his keys and locked the door. He was wondering why Claire
      was still here and then remembered that today was a Saturday.

      "Chris, your going to need all your strength for this so, don't fuck
      up." Chris said to himself.

      Chris started the car and pulled out of the driveway. His hands
      were shaking uncontrollably.

      "Hey Chris why are your hands shaking?" Claire asked.

      "I um...I'm cold." Chris answered.

      "Oh then turn on the heat." Claire said.

      Chris moved his hand to the power button for the heat on his dash
      but his hands shook so profusely that he missed.

      "Here, I can do it." Claire said pushing the button.

      When Chris reached Ashley's house Valorie was already waiting
      outside on the porch.

      "Hey!" Valorie said hugging Chris.

      "I missed you." Chris replied trying to keep his hands from shaking.

      "Hunny why are you hands shaking." Valorie asked with concern.

      "I'm really cold." Chris said knowing that he couldn't use that
      excuse forever.

      "Well let's go back to your house." Valorie rushed.

      "Is Ashley awake, I need to talk to her." Chris asked.

      "Actually she's sleeping." "I told her I was going to wait outside
      for you but all she responded with were moans and growls." Valorie

      "Okay, well um..." Chris said.

      "When did you get this car." Valorie interrupted.

      "It's the companies, they have a lot of them and they just like give
      them to us to drive." Chris said.

      "Sweet, I wish I had a car." Valorie said.

      "Wanna drive?" Chris replied holding up the keys.

      "Sure." Valorie said taking the keys from Chris.

      "Hey Claire!" "What have you been up to." Valorie said.

      "Oh nothing, Chris has just been being a jerk to me as usual."
      Claire joked.

      Valorie looked over at Chris and we was fast asleep. She tapped him
      but he wouldn't wake up.

      "Well Claire, I hope I still remember the way to your house."
      Valorie laughed.

      "Yea." Claire answered.

      "Is he always this tired?" Valorie asked.

      "Yea he works a lot." Claire replied.

      "I'll bet, so is your mom doing okay?" Valorie asked.

      "Yea she's doing pretty good." "How's your dad doing?" Claire said.

      "Um...He's okay I guess." "I wouldn't really know." Valorie remarked.

      "What do you mean?" Claire said with confusion.

      "I'll tell you later." "Right now I wanna enjoy the fact that I'm
      home." "What do you wanna while Chris is sleeping?" Valorie said
      changing the subject.

      "Well it's kinda early and nothing is open yet so I am thinking
      about going back to bed..." Claire joked.

      "Okay then I guess I'll just chill until you guys wake up." Valorie

      Valorie pulled up at their house. Nothing had changed about it. It
      still had the blue panels and dark blue roof. The yard was clean
      and the flowers were sprouting.

      "Hey Claire how are we suppose to get Chris out of the car?" Valorie

      "We could always just leave him here." Claire joked.

      "Help me carry him." Valorie said grabbing Chris' legs.

      "Damn he's heavy." Claire said tightening her grip on Chris'

      "Hey set him down on the chair while I open the front door." Valorie

      "Okay." Claire answered laying Chris; body on the chair.

      Valorie took the keys from Chris' pocket and opened the door.

      "Okay let's do this one more time." Valorie said lifting Chris'

      "Yea, do you still remember where is room is?" Claire asked grabbing
      Chris' legs.

      "Yea, it's the last one down the hall." Valorie said.

      Valorie and Claire entered the house and turned right after entering
      the door. Ahead of them was a long hall. Walking down the hall
      they passed the bathroom. Turning left would lead them into
      Claire's room. After passing Claire's room there was another room
      ahead of that one, it was their mothers. Turning left of their
      mother's room they reached Chris' room. On the door of his room was
      a poster of the band SlipKnot. Valorie opened the door and took a
      quick glance around the room. The walls were painted dark blue and
      there was a desk with two computers on it. There was also a
      bookshelf with books and shoeboxes on it. Valorie looked around and
      saw his bed. The covers were messy and unmade; they looked like
      someone just got out of it.

      "Valorie, it's getting heavy back here." Claire complained.

      "Okay let's just lay him on his bed." Valorie said heading towards
      the bed.

      Valorie and Claire layed him down on his bed and rolled him on his

      "Awwwwwwwwwwww he looks so cute." Valorie joked.

      "Yea...Whatever." Claire remarked.

      "So what do you wanna do since everyone is still sleeping?" Valorie

      "Actually...I was thinking about going back to bed." Claire replied.

      "Yea I guess going back to bed is a good idea." "It's only...7:20."
      Valorie said.

      "Yea I have bunks, but I call tops." Claire said.

      "Cool." Valorie said walking with Claire back to her room.

      Back at the Xavier School, Professor Xavier was planning to take a
      trip to see someone.

      "Ororo, has Logan come back yet?" Xavier asked.

      "Not yet, I'm sure he's out looking for something." "His impatience
      worries me." Ororo answered.

      "It's okay, do not worry about Logan he can be very resourceful."
      Xavier said.

      "I know." Ororo replied trying to express her feelings of worry.

      "I am going to visit Magnus. I want to address some issues with him
      about these mutant hunters." "Maybe he knows something we don't."
      Xavier said.

      "Are you sure that would be a good idea?" "Something tells me that
      he doesn't plan on staying incarcerated for to long." Ororo replied.

      "I know, I know that he will once again escape and continue war on
      the human race." "I just don't see any harm in visiting him." "After
      all he is an old friend." Xavier explained.

      "I understand." Ororo said.

      Xavier telepathically wheeled himself out of the office and to the
      front gates of the school. There was already a cab waiting for
      him. Ororo watched from his office has he headed to the prison
      where Magneto was kept.

      Meanwhile, Elizabeth awoke in a puddle of cold sweat.

      "Are you okay?" A voice asked.

      Elizabeth cracked her eyes and a figure appeared. It was Bobby.

      "Yea...I'm fine." Elizabeth said.

      "I volunteered to keep your watch." Bobby replied.

      "Why?" "So you can have eye sex with me?" Elizabeth shot back.

      "I'm sorry about the shit I gave you earlier." "It was just..." "I
      thought if I beat you I would finally be able to become an X-men."
      Bobby explained.

      "So let me get this straight..." "You thought if you beat
      me..." "Then you would become an X-men." "Kids these days, to them
      its all about power and no technique." "I bet that was the first
      time you ever fought a person that knows ninjitsu..." Elizabeth

      "Look okay, I learned my lesson." "I know I am not ready and I don't
      want you to think less of me because I made a mistake." Bobby

      "Just between you and me, I'll give you a little tip..." "Becoming
      an X-men isn't about who has the best powers or who is the
      strongest, its about who can be an effective leader." "Who can take
      the weak and make them strong." "You can't become an effective
      leader until you realize that the X-men is a team." Elizabeth

      "So what are 'we' going to do about the mutant hunters?" Bobby

      "I don't know." "That kid was highly skilled." "He could of killed
      me but he didn't..." Elizabeth said.

      "Why didn't he kill you?" Bobby asked.

      "I don't really know..." "I'm sure he's killed other mutants before
      but for some reason he just hesitated." Elizabeth explained.

      "Do you think they're others like him?" Bobby asked.

      "Yea I'm sure they're." "I'm sure there are people even more skilled
      and sick then he was." Elizabeth said.

      "I see your up and about." Jean interrupted.

      "Yea I am feeling better." Elizabeth said.

      Jean walked over and checked her wounds.

      "You seem to be fine but your wounds still need some
      healing." "Don't expect to be in the Danger Room for a couple of
      days." Jean advised.

      "Yea I know, take it easy." Elizabeth joked.

      "Hey Bobby, by the way Kittie is looking for you." Jean said.

      "Is she even awake yet?" "It's still 8:00." Bobby asked.

      "Yea she is in the garden." Jean said.

      "Cool." Bobby said walking out.

      "I have to go Elizabeth, I have a couple things to take care of with
      Scott but, I don't want you leaving okay?" Jean said.

      Elizabeth didn't answer just gave a smile as Jean left the
      Infirmary. Elizabeth looked out the window and flashed back to last
      night. She tried to make out his face through his mask but she
      couldn't. His identity was unknown.

      "Hey wake up." Valorie said tapping Chris.

      "C'mon Chris its 10:00, wake up!" Valorie yelled.

      Chris creaked his eyes and saw Valorie's face. She was smiling and
      suddenly the events of last night hit him. He remembered about his

      "Hey Valorie, I know I..." Chris said rolling to his feet.

      "Look it's a nice day outside, let's go and do something." Valorie

      "There is something I need to take care of for work." Chris said.

      "But you just came from work last night." Valorie whined.

      "I know I just have to do this one last thing." Chris said.

      "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Chris I came down here for you." "It's a beautiful
      Saturday outside and you said you'd spend time with me if I came
      down here." Valorie stated.

      "Look I know, I'll be back in a couple of hours." "I have to do this
      one thing, its really important." Chris said.

      "Fine...Go ahead just leave me again." Valorie replied.

      "Don't be like that." "I'll be back, and then we can spend the whole
      day together." "There's just this thing I need to take care of, it
      won't take long." Chris said.

      "Okay then, go." Valorie said almost crying.

      Chris hugged her and said, "I'll be back, my sister is here and
      besides you need to talk to my Mom when she wakes up."

      Chris walked out the door in the clothes he slept in last night. He
      had to go talk to Mr. Ardo. Last night felt like a nightmare and he
      wanted to get things clear. On the way there Chris could feel his
      new strength. He could feel his legs tighten has he tried to
      control the pressure of the gas pedal.

      When Chris got to the Composition Martial Arts Building the guards
      at Mr. Ardo's office wouldn't let him in because he didn't have his
      E.S.A. pass on him. He didn't remember where he put it.

      "I'm sorry sir but without proper clearance we can't let you in." A
      guard said.

      "Look man, don't give me a hard time hereĀ…" "No one has to get
      hurt." Chris responded.

      "This is a code 3, I need two Inf's down here immediately." A guard
      said clicking his radio.

      "So that's how it is going to be." Chris said.

      Chris grabbed the guard and flipped him over on his back and punched
      his neck. He then walked into Mr. Ardo's office.

      "Hello Chris." Mr. Ardo greeted.

      "Don't fucking try that shit." "Why wouldn't you let me in?" Chris

      "What are you talking about?" Mr. Ardo asked.

      "Your fucking guard wouldn't let me in because I didn't have my
      pass!" Chris yelled.

      "Well then, you know the rules." "Besides, those guards have orders
      and they follow them." Mr. Ardo explained.

      "Sir there is a guard down that has requested two Inf's." An Inf

      "It's okay, there was just a misunderstanding, take the injured
      guard to Ms. Salvatore." Mr. Ardo said.

      The two Inf's walked out of the room and carried the guard to the

      "Please take a seat and let's talk about your mutation." Mr. Ardo

      Chris sat down and said, "My body has grown stronger, I don't even
      have to initialize the nano-machines to use them." "They are like a
      part of me now."

      "I know." "That was the whole purpose of the nano-machines
      project." "But your special, we didn't expect you to splice with
      them this early." "We predicted that the mutation wouldn't occur
      until you are around 23 years old." Mr. Ardo explained.

      "Does that mean I am a mutant...One of them?" Chris said anxiously.

      "No your not a mutant...You have nothing to fear." "I normally
      wouldn't tell the other agents this but the nano-machine process can
      be reversed." "If you would like we can take your abilities away but
      you won't be able to use the nano-machines anymore." Mr. Ardo said.

      "No it's okay, I just wasn't sure what was going on." "I mean...You
      said I was different, I thought it was because I was a mutant or
      something." Chris replied.

      "No you have nothing to worry about." "We think that you have
      developed faster then the others because of your superior combat
      ability." "Seriously there is nothing wrong with your body." Mr.
      Ardo assured.

      "Okay I just wanted to make sure." Chris said getting up from the

      "Wait, there is another issue I need to discuss with you." Mr. Ardo

      Chris back down and listened.

      "You remember the shipment you picked up." "Well that is actually an
      experimental camouflage that I would like you to test." Mr. Ardo

      "What do you mean?" "I thought you postponed Operation Spark because
      of the heat I caused." Chris answered.

      "The X-ztos or rather 'Stealth Camouflage' uses superior optics to
      make the user completely invisible to the untrained eye." "It is
      completely adaptable to all environments and if the user remains
      still will be hard to track." Mr. Ardo replied.

      "So your saying I'll be invisible?" Chris asked.

      "Yes but not completely." "The Stealth Camouflage is an orb that
      attaches to your belt." "When pressed it renders the user
      invisible." "The orb has a limited battery supply of 20
      minutes." "The orb can be removed and recharged but isn't advisable
      because if the unit is tampered with it will self-destruct." Mr.
      Ardo answered.

      "Most mutants have a heightened sense of smell and being invisible
      wouldn't do much." Chris replied.

      "Yes it's only the beginning. We are working on a suit that hides
      body heat, odor, and has the stealth camouflage integrated in
      it." "Maybe some day we can even incorporate these attributes in the
      nano-machines." Mr. Ardo said.

      "I think by that time mutants would be on the brink of extinction."
      Chris said grinning.

      "That'd be the day." Mr. Ardo laughed.

      "So back to what I was saying..." "I want you to assassinate a
      mutant named Howard Burns." "He's owns a diner called 'Joe's Eats'
      done in Michael's neighborhood." "I hear he is running for president
      of the National Mutant Rights group." "I'm not sure if he's a mutant
      or not but either way I want you to kill him and plant a bomb at his
      restaurant." "A lot of mutants visit the place and it would be a
      blast if they were killed a couple days later...Let's say
      maybe...After his funeral." Mr. Ardo joked.

      "I can do that." "When do you want me to commence?" Chris asked.

      "Tonight." "Suit up at 12:00." "I have attached the Stealth
      Camouflage on your suit." Mr. Ardo said.

      "I'll be here." Chris said leaving Mr. Ardo's office.

      Back at the Xavier School Logan had returned and called a meeting of
      the X-men in the Briefing Room.

      "Logan what's up." Ororo asked.

      "I found something interesting." Logan said.

      "What would that be?" Ororo asked as the rest of the X-men listened
      with intent.

      "I went back to Michael's house to try and pick up the kids
      scent." "I found this." Logan said tossing the card onto the table.

      "What is it?" Scott asked.

      "It's the kids id card." "He must have dropped it fighting
      Elizabeth." Logan said.

      "What are we going to do about this?" Elizabeth demanded.

      "Calm down Elizabeth." Ororo said.

      "I think we should contact Xavier." Scott said.

      "He's out right now, we must handle this ourselves." Ororo said.

      "I haven't tried to find the kid but I am guessing the information
      on this card is fake." Logan said.

      "Why?" Elizabeth asked.

      "Well you said it was a kid that fought you." "This says he's 18, I
      think this is a fake id." Logan explained.

      "I can do this alone." "Besides I'm the only one who knows what he
      smells like." Logan says.

      "What are we going to do if we find him?" Elizabeth asks.

      The others pause and there is no response. Logan walks out of the
      room and sees Bobby listening to the conversation. Logan growls at
      him and continues walking. Soon then Bobby walks in the room while
      the others seem to be planning something.

      "I want in." Bobby uttered.

      "Bobby we don't have time for this we are busy right now." Scott

      "Look I am serious, I think I can help you guys." Bobby said.

      "These are experienced killers, there's no way you can help us out
      here kid." Elizabeth says.

      "Look can you guys just hear me out." "I think I'm ready." "I want
      to prove myself." "Just give me something...Anything..." Bobby

      "You'd be better off if you stayed here." Ororo said.

      "Look I'm sick of this fucking shit!" "When will you realize that I
      can help you." "I can be an X-men." Bobby yells.

      "You really think your ready." Scott said.

      "Yes, I think I can handle it." Bobby replies.

      "Well then...Your first assignment is to um..." Scott says trying to
      think of something.

      "What Scott is trying to say is that we don't know what we need to
      do ourselves..." "Look we will call you when we need you." Ororo
      said hoping to satisfy Bobby.

      "Whatever." Bobby said walking out.

      "That kid has no idea." Elizabeth thought.

      Bobby had other plans. He knew that if he could figure out who the
      mutant hunters were then they would definitely make him an X-men.
      Bobby thought if he checked out a couple of Anti-Mutant places he
      would get a couple of leads and eventually maybe get inside the

      Xavier had finally reached the prison. Before entering Magneto's
      cell they scanned him for any metal objects.

      "Sir I'm gonna need your keys, nothing is allowed pass this area." A
      guard explained.

      Xavier pulled his keys from his pocket and handed it to the guard.

      "Sir your going to need to use this plastic wheel chair also." A
      guard said.

      A guard picked up Xavier and laid him on the plastic wheel chair.
      Xavier rolled passed the barrier and into Magneto's plastic prison.

      "It's been awhile." Eric said.

      "Hello Eric." Xavier greeted.

      "What brings you here?" Eric asks.

      "I need your help with something." Xavier said.

      "With what?" "I can't possibly help you while I am in here." Eric

      "There is a group of assassins that tried to kill a student of
      mine." Xavier explains.

      Eric laughs as if someone had told him this before. "How many times
      will you protect those that hate you, those that try to kill you?"
      Eric asks.

      "As long as I am alive." Xavier answers.

      "I admire your perseverance for it takes a strong man to let your
      enemy cause suffering to your people and do absolutely nothing."
      Eric replies.

      "Darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that." Xavier

      There is no reply and the cell grows quiet.

      "Times up." A guard says walking to the entrance.

      Xavier turns his chair around and wheels toward the entrance.

      "I will get out and when I do people will know the name Magneto."
      Eric rants.

      Xavier says to himself, "And I'll be there to stop you."

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