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FIC: Toad's First Time, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Story Title: Toad s First Time Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Magneto/Toad Fandom: X-men movieverse Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be:) Series/Sequel:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2003
      Story Title: Toad's First Time

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Magneto/Toad

      Fandom: X-men movieverse

      Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be:)

      Series/Sequel: Independent sequel to "The Surprise",
      and "Bored".

      Summary: Toad has sex for the first time. With Magneto.

      A/N: Ok, I agree this might seem squicky, but honestly I don't
      believe there's anything you haven't read before. Just m/m

      Archive: My site: http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html
      If anyone else wants this, then go ahead, but ask first, please.

      Feedback: Please? Send it to henrika15_@...

      Thank you, Skye, for the beta! You're great!

      Mortimer Toynbee, also known as Toad, lay in his bed, in his room,
      not knowing what to do. He rarely did.
      Just like Sabretooth, he quite often got bored from spending a long
      period of time on this little island, off the mainland.
      And until Magneto fixed their helicopter, they were stranded here.
      But Sabretooth still had it a whole lot better than Toad, thought at
      least Toad himself. He had a TV and a computer in his room, and he
      had more authority than Toad.
      He could also (almost) anytime satisfy his overactive sexual needs,
      since Toad knew that both Magneto and Mystique were drooling after
      the overgrown hairball like two horny bitches.
      Yes, even Magneto did. Not that Toad had ever understood why. Even if
      one preferred men, Sabretooth was not exactly the best choice, he
      thought. But some obviously had a different opinion.
      None of his team-mates ever looked in his direction. At least not
      when they were horny. And when they did look at him, disgust was the
      only feeling their eyes expressed.
      The green, froglike man knew why. Everyone who caught a glimpse of
      him looked the same.
      Toad was a virgin. When no one could even look at him without being
      disgusted by him, it was not likely that he'd find someone who
      to have sex with him, and that he hadn't done.
      Even prostitutes had refused the few times when he had asked them. He
      was 26 years old and a virgin. And he was convinced he would die a
      He still had his needs, though, and the only things he had to his
      help were himself and some porno magazines. There was a whole pile of
      them on his bedside table.
      Suddenly Toad reached out for a magazine to glance through. He had
      read every single one of them several times, but he rarely got any
      new ones.
      He would have happily sacrificed the entire pile for only a minute of
      sex with another, living person - man or woman.
      There were all kinds of magazines in his collection. The
      ones, with a heterosexual couple, and then those with
      threesomes/groups and lesbian women, and then gay men.
      Toad looked at colourful images of women with hard make-up,
      straddling and getting huge dicks pushed into their slits.
      He felt he was getting excited after a while and stuck his hand into
      his pants to touch himself. With his other hand he picked up a new
      magazine when he was done with the first one.
      This one featured homosexual men. Young, beautiful supple men,
      standing on all fours with another man who fucked them from behind,
      men giving each other oral sex, and groups.
      Toad's eyes landed on a picture of three men. One of them lay on
      back with a dick in his rectum and another one in his mouth.
      He thought of how it would feel to get a blowjob, or to be inside
      another person. He was quite sure he would have preferred a female,
      but if a male had offered himself, he would not have hesitated a
      But no one would offer himself, and he had accepted that. These porno
      magazines and his own imagination were all he had.
      He had taken some from Sabretooth. He didn't consider that a
      crime. The hairball had so many, and besides he had a TV, internet
      and two people to fuck.
      Toad had none of these things, but still he believed Sabretooth would
      not understand that if he found out about the theft.
      Toad pulled his pants down and took his erection in his hand. Even
      his penis was green. He was sure that wasn't considered
      He was watching the picture of the three men while he jerked off, and
      thought he could even have bottomed.
      At least it meant you had sex. With another individual. But he was
      sure no one would want to use him as a bottom either. Not even the
      hairball wanted to. And that was bad.
      Sabretooth would usually fuck anything with two legs. All but Toad.
      Whatever. He didn't want the hairball anyway.
      Toad focused on his erotic fantasies and on jerking off. He closed
      his eyes and moaned loudly and was so gone that he didn't notice
      someone knocked on his door.
      Nor did he notice that the person in question carefully opened the
      door and looked inside his room. In fact he didn't notice he had
      audience before he heard a voice calmly speak his name.
      Toad snorted and his eyes snapped open. When he had focused his eyes,
      he could see Magneto standing in front of the door, regarding him.
      Oh, no. What could possibly be worse?
      If Toad hadn't been green, he would have flushed. He wasn't
      embarrassed, but now he felt like he just wanted to drop dead.
      The elder, grey-haired man stood watching him while he lay there,
      with his pants around his ankles, and cock in his hand.
      "Don't you knock?!" Toad exclaimed with burning cheeks.
      "I apologize," Magneto said. "I did knock, actually, you
      just didn't
      "Oh... You might see why..." Toad muttered.
      Magneto didn't answer, just smiled and went to an old, worn out
      leather armchair standing opposite of Toad's bed, and sat down.
      was acting like he had no idea he had walked in on something
      Toad just started at him. He was so nonplussed that he hadn't
      thought of letting go of his cock and pulling his pants up. What
      could Magneto want?
      Magneto noticed the young man's confused, questioning look and
      Toad a friendly smile. He crossed his long, slim legs elegantly, and
      folded his hands, leaning back in the chair.
      "Mortimer," he said, "was this a bad time?"
      "I was jerking off. The first thing I want is an audience,"
      replied and it was impossible not to notice the sarcasm in his voice.
      He looked at Magneto and couldn't help noticing that the other
      was looking at his exposed cock.
      "I know it is difficult, my boy," the elder man said
      "What's difficult?"
      "Your...situation, or what to call it. I know your predicament.
      have got needs, just like the rest of us, and the need to satisfy
      Toad frowned. His face expressed surprise and disbelief. What did
      Magneto mean by suddenly starting discussing this with him? He
      understand anything. It wasn't his problem.
      Magneto glanced at the pile of porno magazines on Toad's bedside
      table and then at the magazine that lay open on the bed.
      It was a gay porn magazine.
      "You have never told me, Mortimer... Do you prefer men or
      "Which gender turns you on? Male or female? Or maybe both? It
      for me."
      "I know that" Toad was going to say, but he stopped himself.
      This was
      too weird. What did Magneto mean by suddenly asking questions about
      Toad's non-existent sex life, and revealing details about his own?
      "Uh... Both, I guess..." he got out. "But... since you
      my "predicament", you also know I have trouble getting dates?
      either sex?"
      "Yes, I know, Mortimer," Magneto said compassionately.
      Why did Magneto persist on calling him "Mortimer"? It even
      stupider than Toad, and he didn't like it at all.
      "Although I can't understand why," Magneto continued.
      "You are young,
      fit, and surely a good lover. Maybe it is your behaviour that
      intimidates people?"
      Toad couldn't hold back a gasp. "So you believe I'm a
      good lover?" he
      "I think you could become one, yes."
      "Unfortunately I may never get a chance to prove that," Toad
      "Well..." Magneto began and slowly stood up. " I could
      teach you a
      few things between the sheets... if you'd like..."
      He sat down on the edge of Toad's bed, took his now flaccid penis
      his hand, and started to rub it.
      For a moment Toad actually thought he was dreaming. Literally. This
      just couldn't be true. He refused to believe it. But he had to
      it felt extremely good - and real. Magneto's hand, rubbing his
      quickly making it stand again. Within only three, four seconds he had
      gotten a throbbing erection which twitched in Magneto's warm, dry
      He moaned and started to writhe on the bed.
      Magneto's laughter was soft and a little supercilious.
      "So, Mortimer, what do you say? Will you let me teach you some
      in bed?"
      "But you--- how..." Toad managed to say.
      "Hush. It is your choice. I won't force you to do
      "Are you serious?"
      "Absolutely. Do you really believe I would lie to you about
      like this?"
      "Hell yeah! Come here!"
      Toad grabbed Magneto's shoulders to pull him down in the bed, but
      Magneto shook his hands away.
      "Not so fast," he said and released Toad's member.
      "We'll go to my
      room. You should clean this place, Mortimer."
      "Anything... Your room?"
      "Yes, come."
      Magneto got up and waited for Toad to get ready and follow him. The
      green-skinned mutant was on his feet in a second.
      "Pull your pants up first," Magneto suggested. "We will
      have plenty
      of time for that later."
      Toad looked down at himself. He still had his stiff, throbbing
      erection, which Magneto's handjob had aroused. It felt like he
      have trouble walking, especially with his pants on.
      But he obeyed Magneto and pulled them up, then followed him out. His
      erection had started to leak and it hurt from being incarcerated in
      the far too tight pants.
      Hmm... Magneto's room... He had never been there before. He
      what it looked like. Surely much bigger than his own. And luxurious.
      Probably like a president's suite.
      While they were walking he watched Magneto. The older man looked as
      elegant and distinguished as usual, moving freely and casually, and
      with much grace.
      He was wearing a purple shirt and black pants. His slender figure
      looked very appealing underneath the clothing.
      Soon Toad would get to see him with no clothes at all. He
      deny he was looking forward to it. A lot. But what could have gotten
      Magneto into this? His mentor, teacher and boss?
      Toad had spent half his life - Magneto brought him from an orphanage
      when he was thirteen - with Magneto and the Brotherhood, but he could
      not recall that he had ever even received a look that could have
      indicated any sort of interest.
      Did Magneto pity him? That was one possibility. But, no matter what,
      a sympathy-lay was better than no lay at all.
      Magneto opened the thick, heavy steel door to his room with
      magnetism, and asked Toad to enter.
      Hmm, he had been right about the president's suite. This room was
      almost large enough to breathe in!
      "There is the bed," Magneto said with a quick smile and
      motioned to
      the large double bed standing in the middle of the room, against a
      wall. "You can wait there. In the meantime, I will just go and
      on some things."
      Magneto then disappeared into the adjacent bathroom. Toad did as he
      had proposed and sat down on the bed. It was as big as his whole
      room, he thought.
      While waiting, (and a while passed) he started to undress. He
      carelessly threw his clothes onto the antique Persian rug spread over
      the floor. He wasn't sure if Magneto would appreciate it, but he
      too excited to bother.
      He sat naked on the edge of the bed, with his green erection jutting
      from his body. At least *it* appreciated getting some space.
      A few minutes later Magneto came out. He had obviously "checked
      some things" just like he said he'd do. He had also
      undressed; all he
      wore now was a flimsy, wine-red knee-length robe. His legs were bare.
      "You have made yourself comfortable, I see," he said and
      raised his
      eyebrows when she saw Toad.
      "That robe is sexy as hell, Mags," Toad grinned.
      "I hoped you would think that. Perhaps you would like to come
      and take it off?"
      Toad wasted no time, but bounced up (literally) and landed about
      three feet in front of Magneto. He straightened, so they were
      standing face to face.
      Toad was only 5'8'', and Magneto was a bit taller than he
      was, but
      Toad was muscular and broad-shouldered despite being short, and
      Magneto was slender in build, with long, slim legs and a thin, lean
      Toad's hands trembled considerably when he placed them on
      waist to untie the sash that kept his robe together. Magneto clearly
      noticed the younger man's nervousness and insecurity. It was
      that Toad was a virgin. He really acted like one!
      "Mortimer," he said kindly, "you may relax. We'll see
      it will be just
      "Good, eh...damn sash..." Toad muttered while his sweaty
      worked to untie the knot. Finally it worked. The robe-halves slid
      apart and he gently pulled the garment down from Magneto's
      and let it fall to the floor.
      The old man was naked now. He didn't even wear any underwear.
      Toad watched him. Despite his high age Magneto still had a very
      boyish body. He was thin, and his skin was fair, smooth and
      completely hairless. His stomach was flat, and he was overall very
      Toad placed his arms around his waist and pressed his body against
      his own. His erection poked Magneto's groin and he could then
      that Magneto was also hard. Their shafts were both about 5 inches.
      Now Toad wasn't sure what to do. He had never touched anyone but
      himself this intimately before, and that alone was driving him
      He began to rub his erection against Magneto's and thrust against
      older man. After a while Magneto grabbed him by the shoulders and
      held him at arm's length. He was smiling.
      "Easy, my dear boy. You don't want to come already! Come,
      let's go to
      the bed."
      Magneto took Toad's hand and started to lead him toward his
      so neatly made bed. He noticed Toad's scattered clothes on the
      but didn't mention it. The kid was about to get his first lay. It
      gave him the right to be a little eager.
      He sat down with Toad on the bed and started to caress the younger
      man's body with his hands. Toad had hard, firm and well-defined
      muscles, and his body didn't look bad. Maybe it was his green
      colour that alienated people?
      He had no body hair, not even around his genitals. His only hair was
      on his head.
      Magneto reached out his hand and gripped Toad's member, which
      answered to the touch by jerking. Some pre-come trickled from the
      slit in the head.
      Magneto couldn't help feeling a little "bad" because of
      what they
      were doing. He still looked upon Toad as a young boy - a young boy
      who he had rescued from an orphanage and taken under his protection.
      He actually felt like he was using Toad. Sexually.
      But Toad was in fact already 26, and over the age of consent, and he
      wanted this. That could be told only by looking at him. The kid was
      Toad's touch was tentative and a little insecure, as though he
      really sure what to do. But he surely wasn't. It was his first
      They lay down in the bed, sideways, opposite each other. Magneto did
      not let go of his would-be lover's member.
      Toad did not know what Magneto wanted to do with him, but he decided
      that whatever it was, he would agree to it.
      If Magneto wanted to fuck him, so be it. If he wanted to tie him to
      the bed and whip him, then so be it. Anything would be fine. But his
      hottest wish was to top.
      Magneto, of course, was not sure of what Toad preferred. He realized
      he had to take it easy with the boy now, since it was his first time.
      "Mortimer," he asked, "would you like to learn how to
      pleasure a man?"
      Toad nodded eagerly. "I'll do anything. Just name it."
      "Hush, my boy. You are not my slave. You'll only do things
      that you
      want yourself."
      "But I do want," Toad claimed resolutely. And he did.
      "Then, fine. Would you like to start by giving me fellatio?"
      Toad frowned in confusion. Fellatio? What was that?
      "What...?" he asked carefully.
      Magneto laughed. "I believe you use the word "blowjob".
      "You mean...sucking your..."
      "Yes. But only if you want."
      "Yeah, sure! I'll be happy to!"
      Magneto lay down in the bed on his back, and pulled his legs up to
      give Toad access. The young man learnt quickly and stood on his knees
      between Magneto's legs. He bent down, grabbed the other's
      and didn't really know how to proceed from there.
      "I don't know how to do this," he said, embarrassed.
      "It's not hard at all," Magneto replied. "Just take
      it between your
      lips and suck, like you are sucking on a lollipop or an ice cream.
      But try not to use your teeth. It might hurt."
      Toad took a deep breath before he began. It was important that he
      didn't mess himself up now. Magneto must be satisfied. He licked
      lips. Magneto's penis was about the same size as Toad's own,
      but then
      the similarities stopped. Magneto was circumcised, and his genitals
      were surrounded by soft silver-grey hair, similar to his head hair.
      Taking his penis into the mouth was not a bad idea.
      So Toad did it. He started sucking hard and fast, and took Magneto
      deep, since he wanted to show he could do it.
      Magneto moaned with both pleasure and pain. He could feel Toad's
      teeth scraping his sensitive flesh, and it was clear that the young
      man wasn't experienced. But Toad was eager and seemed to like it,
      Magneto didn't want to discourage him.
      "Oh, oh..." he moaned at times. "Yes, yes, exactly... oh,
      It was ironic; Victor had given him oral sex on several occasions,
      but Magneto couldn't recall he had ever felt Victor's teeth -
      The older mutant watched Toad's head bobbing up and down in his
      crotch. The young man was hardly an expert, but he was eager to
      learn, and that was a good sign. Maybe he could become a really good
      lover sometime.
      Suddenly Magneto began to wriggle violently in the bed and threw his
      head back. Toad didn't realize why at first, and grabbed his hips
      keep him still. Magneto moaned and gasped, and managed to say,
      "I'm about to come... Mortimer... I will come..."
      It was meant as a warning, to give Toad a chance to recoil before he
      got a mouth full of semen, but Toad stayed and Magneto came in his
      The hot, salty liquid that gushed into his mouth in loads made him
      cough spasmodically. He tried to swallow the most of it, but some of
      it trickled out of his mouth and flowed down his chin. He had been
      sure he could take it, but it was harder than he could imagine.
      Magneto lay on his back in the bed, sticky with sweat, and gasped.
      His orgasm had been intense. His grey hair was muddled and some wisps
      stuck to his sweaty forehead.
      At last he sat up.
      Toad sat by his feet, looking at him with anxious eyes.
      "Come here," Magneto said and opened his arms. "That was
      Toad obeyed and crawled to Magneto and let himself be taken in his
      arms. He looked a little more self-confident now that he had heard
      that Mags was pleased.
      He leaned his head against Magneto's shoulder, and hugged him
      Toad had heard rumours that Magneto liked to cuddle after having sex,
      and obviously it was true.
      No one had ever held Toad before, at least not as far as he
      remembered. No one who had looked at him could hide his or her
      disgust; not even his biological mother, who had gotten rid of him at
      an early age, and dumped him at an orphanage.
      But there was no disgust in Magneto's eyes now, and it delighted
      "Well," Magneto said at last, "what would you like to do
      "Now?" Toad asked in confusion. "But...you're
      He glanced down at Magneto's now flaccid penis to make sure he
      right. Magneto *was* finished.
      "Yes, but you aren't," the older man replied. "Tell
      me what you would
      like me to do for you."
      "Me..." Toad stuttered. "I...I...d-don
      But his body responded eagerly to the suggestion, and within a few
      seconds he had received a full erection again.
      "Do you want me to return the favour you gave me, or do you want
      have anal sex? You can top me, if you wish."
      "So I get to...fuck you?" Toad could hardly believe what he
      "Yes, you may if you want to. I can top you too, if you give me
      time, but it might be quite painful if you've never done it
      and I don't want you to experience pain during your first
      "I want to...top you," Toad confessed.
      "Alright, let's just make a few preparations..."
      Magneto broke the embrace and started to poke about in his drawers.
      When he had found what he was looking for; a tube with lubricant, he
      turned to Toad again and gave him the tube.
      "Put some of that lubricant on your penis, and in me," he
      "Eh...uh...what position?" Toad wondered.
      "I think it will be easiest if you do it from behind,"
      replied. "Then you don't have to focus on things like
      supporting your
      own weight."
      He then stood on his hands and knees in the bed, with his butt in the
      air to give the inexperienced Toad good access.
      Magneto didn't usually like to be fucked from behind. He wanted
      make love face to face, and see his lover. He was no animal, and
      didn't want to feel like one either.
      Victor always wanted to "take him from behind", and although
      usually let him decide almost everything, he coldly refused to stand
      on all fours. He had done it once, and that was enough. Besides it
      made his back hurt. But he was willing to make an exception for Toad.
      Toad stood on his knees behind the slim, elegant man. He held the
      tube Magneto had given him in his hand, but when he tried to open it,
      he barely could. His fingers were slick with sweat and his hands were
      Damn it. Why did it have to be like this?
      Finally he managed to unscrew the stopper and squeezed some
      transparent cream onto his palm. He started by lubricating his penis,
      and when that was done, the hard part remained.
      "Eh...Mags, can I touch you?" he asked.
      "Of course, Mortimer," was the answer. "You can touch me
      anywhere you
      Toad started to stroke Magneto's smooth, pale inner thigh, and
      passed his hand upwards, until it reached his genitals. He lightly
      stroked the other's now half- erect penis and his soft ball-sac.
      there he proceeded to the cleft between his buttocks. His hand
      quickly found the puckered little opening, and he started to touch it
      with his finger.
      Toad had no idea how a woman would feel, but surely not better than
      this. His cock had become almost painfully hard and he longed to
      stick it in Magneto's ass.
      But despite Magneto's words, Toad didn't dare to stick his
      fingers in
      his hole. He was afraid of hurting Magneto.
      "You have to lubricate me before we can start," Magneto said
      "I don't dare," Toad confessed.
      "My dick will never fit in there. You're too tight."
      Magneto sighed. "Do this: put some cream on one or two of your
      fingers and put them in me first. You will not hurt me. I have done
      this hundreds of times before and there has never been any
      Toad's hands still shook when he squeezed out some cream onto his
      right index and middle fingers. He could tell by Magneto's voice
      he was getting annoyed. That couldn't happen. Then maybe he would
      back out and Toad would lose his lay.
      He brought his fingers back to Magneto's opening and gently
      them in.
      The old man squirmed and moaned with pleasure (Toad believed) and
      that encouraged Toad to thrust his fingers deeper. He kept them
      still, but Magneto started to move and skewered himself on the
      After some time Toad realized he could safely finger-fuck Magneto.
      "Ah!!" Magneto cried and his arms almost gave way when
      Toad's fingers
      accidentally hit his prostate.
      Toad got terrified since he thought he had hurt Magneto.
      "You found my prostate..." Magneto squeaked. "Do it
      "Prostate?" Toad asked curiously. "What's that?"
      "It is a... a gland inside the male body. When it is stimulated,
      creates pleasurable sensations. You have one too, Mortimer."
      "I do? I didn't know that..."
      "I think you can pull your fingers out and replace them with your
      member. I think I have received enough preparation."
      Toad complied. His pulled out his sticky fingers and wiped them on
      the sheet. His erection was leaking by now. A large drop of fluid had
      gathered in the slit. Almost frantically he put the tip against
      Magneto's stretched opening.
      "Ready?" he snorted and grabbed the other's slender hips.
      "Can you take it?"
      Magneto sighed indignantly. "Can I "take" it? I have
      taken pricks
      many times the size of yours. And you aren't that big,
      Toad thought of Magneto with Sabretooth. Could he take *his* cock? It
      was huge. Toad had seen it. The hairball didn't care to
      masturbate in
      private. But he didn't dare to ask.
      "Go ahead," Magneto ordered.
      Toad needed no further encouragement. He spread Magneto's pink
      buttocks and pushed in. He easily slid in all the way to the hilt.
      His thrusts were so violent that Magneto almost fell forward. As soon
      as he was inside, he started pumping roughly in rhythm with his
      At first he refused to believe it. He was having sex. With Magneto.
      And he was topping. He was topping Magneto. Pounding into him and
      making him gasp and squirm.
      Who could have believed this only a couple of hours ago? Oh, how good
      he felt! He had never felt so good before.
      Toad was not gentle. Magneto could feel that. There was a violent
      bang every time their bodies slapped together, and since Magneto was
      lighter and physically feebler he had to take the blow and was pushed
      He didn't mind rough sex, but in order to stay on all fours he
      had to
      try to follow Toad's rhythm. He was clearly the one in control.
      kid learned fast!
      But Magneto liked it. He was getting a new erection and it demanded
      attention - and touch - but he could not stroke himself since he had
      to keep both his hands in the mattress not to fall down. He decided
      to ask Toad for help. That was the least he could do.
      "Mortimer...can you...masturbate...for...me?"
      Toad didn't answer, but obviously he was going to do what he was
      asked, for the next second Magneto felt a hand around his engorged
      penis, and then the hand started stroking his member.
      Toad was happy to do this. Despite that it was his first time in bed
      with another person, he was almost an expert on masturbation, since
      that was all he had done almost half his life.
      He liked feeling the soft, warm skin of Magneto's penis, and the
      velvety head at the end.
      He was jerking off Magneto in time with his thrusts, and neither of
      them lasted for long.
      Toad came inside Magneto and emptied load after load into his body.
      The older man followed shortly and his seed spouted over the bed,
      staining the sheets. Then he collapsed into a heap in the bed,
      pulling down Toad, who landed on top of him.
      They lay with their bodies entwined for a while, just gasping, but
      after some time Toad's weight started to give Magneto trouble
      breathing, and he asked him to move.
      "Mortimer...please...you are choking me..." he whispered.
      Toad rolled over to his back beside Magneto. He wasn't really
      what he would do now. They were both too tired to continue, and he
      didn't know what to say or do.
      Leave? Was he expected to leave now that he was finished?
      He glanced at Magneto. The old man lay still with his eyes closed.
      Soon he would be asleep, if he wasn't already.
      Toad resisted the urge to touch his peaceful, beautiful, lined face.
      But suddenly Magneto opened his eyes.
      "Mortimer," he said. "Come here. Come here and sleep with
      "Would you like that?"
      "Come on now."
      He pulled the younger man into his arms and let him rest his head
      against his chest.
      "Well, Mortimer," he said matter-of-factly. "What did you
      "Think about what?"
      "About your first time?"
      "It was great!"
      "I am glad you feel like that. Was I satisfying?"
      Toad grinned slyly and said, "My best lay ever!"
      Magneto saw the irony in his statement and laughed. "I see."
      Toad hesitated for a second before he asked, but he just had to know.
      "And you? What did you think?"
      "My boy," Magneto said seriously, "you were not exactly
      an expert,
      but you were eager to learn and I consider that a positive
      The answer confused Toad. Did it mean Magneto was pleased, or was it
      just a more eloquent way of saying that he wasn't?
      "I wasn't... too rough, then?" Toad asked.
      "You were rough, but I can take that."
      "Did I hurt you?"
      "No. Don't you worry about that."
      "Why did you really want to do this with me?" asked Toad.
      "Why...?" Magneto asked confusedly.
      "You're my boss, and you let me ass-fuck you. You have to
      that's a bit strange. Especially when no one else wants me."
      "What do you want to point out, Mortimer?"
      "It's just..."
      "Just what?"
      "Nothing. Forget it."
      "No, now you are going to have to tell me," Magneto said
      "I am afraid of something," Toad murmured.
      "Afraid? What are you afraid of, my dear?"
      Magneto soothingly stroked Toad's green, spiky hair.
      "I'm afraid of...the hairball," he finally admitted.
      It took Magneto some time to understand. "What... Victor?" he
      asked. "Why?"
      "Come on, you know why!" Toad snapped. "I know what he
      does with you,
      and I don't think he'd appreciate to know he's sharing
      you with *me*!"
      "How can you know?" Magneto asked seriously.
      "I do have eyes and ears! Everyone here seems to think I'm
      "No. Why do you think this will upset Victor?"
      "Because he hates me...and because he has an attitude problem...
      Everything he touches belongs to him, he thinks. Well, you get the
      "Would *I* belong to him, you mean?"
      "I'm sure *he* feels that way, yes."
      "You cannot be more wrong, Mortimer," Magneto stated. "It
      is correct
      that I have a sexual relationship with Victor, but it has absolutely
      nothing to do with dominance, or him wanting to control me,
      "Is that a fact? And who's topping when you two are here?"
      Magneto fell silent. He was always the submissive when he had sex
      with Victor, but everything they did happened on his conditions, and
      he had never done anything he hadn't wanted to do.
      Victor understood and accepted this, and their respective roles in
      bed worked well.
      "He is on top," Magneto finally said, "but that is the
      way we want
      Toad snorted. "And you *like* it?"
      "Why wouldn't I like it? He is a skilled lover."
      "Because he hurts you! Don't you think I've seen it?! A
      few days ago
      you could barely walk!"
      "Yes, he was a little rough that time," Magneto agreed,
      "but he
      didn't mean to, and he said he was sorry."
      "He's a feral madman..." Toad muttered.
      "I am sorry that you two can't agree, but if you prefer that
      we keep
      quiet about this, I can agree to that. And he is not a feral madman.
      You won't say that again, Mortimer. Alright?"
      "Okay. I guess I won't."
      "Hey Mags..."
      "Can I ask you something? A personal thing?"
      "Of course. I will try to be honest."
      "How many men have you been with? You...uh...said you were
      Magneto laughed dryly. "You'd be surprised. The only one I
      have been
      with except for you and Victor is Charles Xavier."
      "Charles Xa... But that's the X-men's professor!"
      Toad exclaimed.
      "Yes, that's right."
      "You were together?"
      "Yes, but that was long ago. More than 20 years. It was
      wonderful. I
      still miss him."
      Magneto now sounded nostalgic.
      "So you were...in love with him?" Toad asked.
      "Yes. Very."
      "How come you've never said anything about it before?"
      "I had no reason," Magneto said. "It is my personal life,
      and it is
      the past. I didn't want to confuse you and make you believe that
      there still is something between us. Because there is not."
      "Have I answered your question exhaustingly enough?"
      "Mortimer, will you stay here with me tonight?"
      "Sure. This whole bed is bigger than my room!"
      Magneto laughed. "Alright. Let me just turn off the lights."
      He freed himself from Toad and reached for the switch to the night
      lamp standing on his bedside table. But when he was settling down
      again to take Toad in his arms, the younger man pushed him away.
      "I'm sorry, but I can't hug you while I sleep," he
      said. "I've never
      slept with anyone before. Besides, I kick. I think we should sleep
      with some space between us."
      "Alright. I understand," Magneto said.
      "You're not mad, are you?" Toad asked carefully.
      "It's not you, it's
      Magneto laughed mildly. "No, no, my dear boy. I understand. But I
      worth a goodnight-hug, am I not?"
      Magneto leaned forward and embraced Toad before they parted to sleep
      on either side of the large double bed.
      He could understand Toad's insecurity, but he was used to holding
      partner after making love. Even Victor, who was otherwise very non-
      cuddly, always let him sleep in his arms. Magneto loved to snuggle in
      to his big, broad, warm body and feel safe.
      But this young man had never shared a bed with anyone, and probably
      thought the whole idea was awkward.
      "Goodnight, Mortimer," he said and looked at Toad across the
      "Goodnight, Magneto," Toad replied and curled into his
      pillows and
      then became still.
      Magneto did the same and closed his eyes. He could feel that there
      were several wet spots on the quilt, but he didn't care about it
      the time.
      Of course, it was his own semen.

      Toad woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and got scared when
      he discovered he wasn't in his own room. It took his brain some
      to recall the events that had occurred the night before.
      He was with Magneto. In his room. His bed. Why? He had fucked
      Magneto. Right. That's why he was here.
      Toad sighed. Slowly his eyes started to adjust to the darkness. He
      turned his head and saw Magneto lying next to him in the double bed,
      sleeping. Probably deep. His breaths soughed, and he was completely
      Silently Toad got up. He tried to do it without bumping the bed too
      much, so that he wouldn't disturb Magneto's sleep. He thought
      he did
      it quite well.
      Quietly he padded around the bed and started picking up his clothes
      that lay scattered on the floor.
      He pulled on what he believed to be his pants and took the rest into
      his hands.
      He was going to leave. He didn't want to think of what might
      if Magneto's other male lover found him here. Oh, Jesus!
      But before he left, he stood by the bed and looked down at Magneto
      while he slept.
      The old man was lying on his side, with a pillow to his chest,
      looking peaceful. Now Toad couldn't repress the impulse to touch
      face. He let his fingertips gently brush the other's cheek. There
      were lines and wrinkles in his face, but his skin was still soft.
      Toad bent down and kissed his forehead.
      Magneto snuffled in his sleep.
      "Bye," Toad whispered. "I'm going now. See you
      He tried to open the thick steel door soundlessly, and sneaked out.
      He hoped that Victor "Hairball" Creed, AKA Sabretooth, would
      not see
      him leave Magneto's room, half-naked.

      The End
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