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FIC: Will the Real Spiderman Please Stand Up 2/3

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    Quietly he laughs and shaking his head Creeps closer now Closer to the foot of the bed And softer than shadow and quicker than flies His arms are all around me
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2003
      Quietly he laughs and shaking his head
      Creeps closer now
      Closer to the foot of the bed
      And softer than shadow and quicker than flies
      His arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes

      Xavier was worried. He’d sent out two of his finest over three
      hours ago, and had had no word from them yet. Logan and Rogue worked
      together efficiently and more often than not were off on a mission and back
      home before dinner. He had chosen them to go after what appeared to be a
      missing child fully expecting them to retrieve him and be back. A quick
      scan of Cerebro had shown that the child was nowhere to be found. Charles
      knew that it could mean that the boy was unconscious and hastily set his
      X-Men off to the location he had been given.

      Unbeknownst to him, the boy had indeed been unconscious, but had
      only been in danger of falling off the top bunk bed. His arm hurt when he
      woke up and he rubbed it, surprised to see a small yellow bruise. Jamie
      hopped off his bed and went in search of Dr. Grey. He needed a teacher to
      take him down to the medical lab and he knew that Professor Xavier’s office
      was close by.

      “Come in” the cultured accent, said when he heard the soft knock
      on the door.

      “Ah Jamie. Good to see you back here safe and sound. Where
      are Logan and Rogue, do you know?”

      The boy looked puzzled. “No sir. I haven’t seen them since
      last Friday, when I had class with Miss Rogue.”

      “Where have you been all day?” Charles asked carefully.

      “Well sir, I have been asleep. I know it’s late, I’m sorry.” He
      said, realizing he was probably going to get into trouble.

      “No need to apologize, but I must know, did anything unusual
      happen last night?”

      “No sir. But when I woke up the door window was open, and there
      was this on my arm” he said pushing the shirt up above his elbow so Charles
      could see the bruise.

      “It looks like it did when Dr. Grey did those tests on my

      “I see. Thank you Jamie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have
      something urgent that needs attending too.” The Professor said, trying to
      mask his panic from his young charge.

      (Jean, Storm, Scott meet me in the lower levels immediately) Charles called
      them with his mind.

      A few minutes later the four were assembled near the place where the X-Jet
      lay. “I’m afraid Rogue and Logan have been abducted. I need you to
      retrieve them. Exercise extreme caution. I will explain how this came
      about as soon as you come back, but I fear that the time is pressing.”
      Charles said.

      His team nodded and changed into their uniforms and departed to save their


      "Be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy
      Don't struggle like that or I will only love you more
      For it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
      The spiderman is having you for dinner tonight"

      “What the hell?” Logan called out.

      “Profanity doesn’t become you Wolverine,” the man hissed.

      “Who the hell are you?”

      “Lets just say I’m not a fan.” he cackled madly.

      Logan and Rogue struggled to look at one another but they found
      themselves bound tightly by the web-like material. It was thin as gossamer,
      but strong as rope. The creatures drug them further and further into
      darkness. The farther into the cave they went, the colder it grew until
      they were hauled into a place where sunlight had never been. The two
      superhero’s had no idea what had them constrained so, but it certainly
      couldn’t be natural. Logan couldn’t break it, and even Rogue with
      superhuman strength was defenceless against it.

      A soft scuffling on the ground gave Logan the impression that
      whatever was holding them captive wasn’t human. No human covered as much
      ground as they had in such a short time. Soon enough they found themselves
      coming to a stop. A strange clicking sound was heard before Logan felt
      himself being pulled into an upright position, seconds later he felt rather
      than saw Marie next too him. Everything was quiet for about ten minutes
      before that slightly maniacal laugh was heard again.

      “What are you laughing at?” Rogue asked.

      “Nothing, sweetbuns! Just you made it so easy!” he said,
      giggling like a loon.

      “Made what easy?”

      “Oh I can’t tell you that. No, no dearie. The game’s not even
      begun, and I don’t want you knowing my secret yet.” the creepy, disjointed
      voice rasped.

      “You’re fuckin’ nuts.” Logan said rather bravely considering
      the circumstances.

      “You’re not one to judge thief!” the creature said, coming close
      enough for spittle to hit Logan in the face.

      “Thief?” Marie questioned.

      “Yes, yes sweetbuns! He is a thief.”

      Their captor dashed off into the cave laughing
      softly to himself. When Logan could no longer hear him, he began struggling
      against the bonds desperate to free himself. It was futile he was bound in
      the white web like material with no hope of escape. “Logan what the hell is
      that thing? Can you see it at all?” Rogue asked quietly.

      “No. It’s to dark in here for me to see anything. All I know
      is it has more than two legs and smells somethin’ fierce.”

      There wasn’t any more time for them to discuss exactly what this
      thing was before it appeared in front of them again. They heard what was
      unmistakably a match, and saw a flicker of light. A series of candles was
      lit by the creature and eventually there was enough light to see what was in
      front of them. They immediately wished that it had kept them in the dark.
      The creature before them was hideous. Logan had been right about it having
      extra limbs. The creature had what appeared to be two normal legs as a
      human would, but where the stomach was two shorter legs grew downwards and
      touched the ground when it hunched over.

      In addition, it had an extra set of arms growing out of where
      the pectoral muscles would be on the average human. The contorted body
      seemed to be covered in either a black or brown fur of sorts and was adorned
      in badly torn clothing. The head was normal sized, but had an extra set of
      eyes in the middle of its forehead and when it turned around to light even
      more candles, they saw an additional pair in the back of the man’s head.
      His face was pale, with wide black circles around the eyes and the fang.
      The mouth had what appeared to be mostly human teeth and a set of dangerous
      looking fangs leaked out of its mouth.

      “You like what you see don’t you?” he asked, his eyes
      glittering towards Marie.

      “Its, um different.” Marie said carefully, not wishing to
      incite anger in the strange being before her.

      “Ya look like you were beat by about 100 ugly sticks” Logan
      said, clearly amused.

      “I can give you the same look, Logan,” the spidery creature

      That immediately quelled Logan’s soft chuckles. He wasn’t by
      any means a pretty boy, but that didn’t mean he wanted a few extra sets of

      “You were a human once. What happened to you?” Rogue asked,
      trying hard to keep the revulsion she felt out of her voice.

      “I have been distorted by love. I loved a lady once, and she
      wasn’t faithful to me in mind and body.” He said, the bitterness of his
      confession fresh in his mind.

      “She wanted something that I couldn’t be, and so I was driven to
      this. I tried to change for her, and it went wrong. But it’s okay because
      I have her now.”

      He studied the face of the young woman for a moment before he
      set his eyes to a cold, disapproving glare.

      “What’s the matter Rogue? Don’t you recognize me?” he asked in
      a voice that was now barely an echo of what it had once been.

      Confusion fogged her mind before the terrible truth gripped her
      in an icy vice. “Ra-raymnod?”




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