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hello, all!

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  • batmite3
    Figured I d just do a hello post . . . habit . . . y know how it goes. Anyway, I m glad to have joined this group because I know there are a lot of talented
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2003
      Figured I'd just do a "hello" post . . . habit . . . y'know how it
      goes. Anyway, I'm glad to have joined this group because I know there
      are a lot of talented writers here, and lots of great fics. I've been
      reading movieverse for quite some time now, but I only really got
      into it last year. My favorite genres by far are humor and the
      occasional parody, and I'll read just about any shipping, but I'm
      rather partial to Iceman, Jubilee, and the rest of the Gen-X students
      in the movie (and then there's Hank . . . ).

      My muse has decided to get going again, and I've been working with
      this little "humor" ficlet all day. I'm almost done, but I need a
      beta-reader just to help me out with grammar (I've been in spelling
      bees, so I'm quite the human spellchecker, but I think I should get
      some double-checking on my grammar anyway), brainstorming, plot . . .
      anything and everything. There's always room for improvement and I
      hope you can help me out. If anyone's interested in beta-reading my
      latest fanfiction endeavor (and first non-"ER" fanfiction), please
      check it out!:


      Just e-mail me back (batmite3@...) or IM me on AIM (darimacker)
      if you think you can help me. Thanks ahead! :-)

      Anything you want to know about me, you can ask, but I'll just point
      you to livejournal.com, and look for "batmite". I'm a "baby" compared
      to some of you here, so yeah.

      Again, I'm really looking forward to reading some awesome fics,
      learning to write better, and getting to know y'all better.

      Till next time!,
      --Rach :-)
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