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FIC: Bored, NC-17, (Sabretooth/Mystique)

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  • Henrika
    Story Title: Bored Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Sabretooth/Mystique (reference to Sabretooth/Magneto) Fandom: X-men Movie, post movie. Disclaimer: They don t belong
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2003
      Story Title: Bored

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Sabretooth/Mystique (reference to Sabretooth/Magneto)

      Fandom: X-men Movie, post movie.

      Disclaimer: They don't belong to me and that's it!

      Summary: What happens when Sabretooth gets really bored? Read to find

      Series/Sequel: Independent sequel to "The Surprise" and
      Previous parts can be found on my site.

      A/N: No real warnings, I guess... graphic het sex, of course, but
      nothing more. And yes, some bad language as well:)

      Archive: My site: http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html
      If anyone wants this, then email me ( henrika15_@... ) and
      ask. I will probably say yes.

      Feedback: Always welcome. Please send to the addy above.

      Sabretooth was bored. Again. It happened quite often nowadays. He
      wasn't exactly sure why, but being stuck with three other mutants
      a cave-like dwelling, blasted into a small rocky island was not
      exactly something that suited him.
      He needed to be free. At least every now and then. At least once a
      month he needed to come out and enjoy pleasures that the small rocky
      island and the people he lived with could not offer him.
      He had not gotten out for almost two months. It was breaking him.
      It was their helicopter's fault, or rather Magneto's, who had
      promised to fix it, but hadn't done it.
      Just because he could fly he didn't give those who couldn't
      Sabretooth thought he had to remind Magneto so he'd get it
      Surely he could have swum to the mainland, but even if he knew he
      would make it, it wasn't anything he wanted to try.
      Suddenly he wished he knew more about engines and stuff, but trying
      to learn now was too late. He would have to wait for Magneto.
      Sex was nothing that he was short of in spite that he was stranded
      here. His sex drive was huge, and he felt he simply *had* to do it at
      least once a day.
      Magneto and Mystique took in turns to be his partner - whether he
      fucked a man or a woman didn't matter - he wasn't gay or
      and would rather die than let a guy top him, but fucking a male was
      not much different from fucking a female, so that way it didn't
      matter. And it definitely didn't matter whether it was a man or a
      woman who gave him a blowjob. And the old man sucked well indeed.
      Now he hadn't fucked anyone for almost three days, and that was
      killing him.
      Some time ago, in frustration, he had happened to ram Magneto's
      little bottom so hard with his big and very hard cock, that he old
      man could barely walk the day after.
      He had been terribly sorry when he saw what he had caused and
      apologized, but Magneto had been a little frightened of him ever
      since. And maybe he should be.
      Sabretooth was losing his temper, and when that happened, he was
      not nice to have around.
      Mystique had also been watchful. Apparently she had spoken with
      Magneto or seen what had happened, and also become scared.
      Or then she was just fucking with him. Anyway, the life in celibacy
      was killing Victor. Soon, if he couldn't get anyone else, he
      even take Toad! Ha!
      I really have to be desperate! he thought. What am I thinking of?
      Toad? I can last for some time more without considering him as an
      Now, this morning, he lay in his room with a hard-on that simply
      didn't want to flag. He had tried everything - jerking off,
      porno movies, looking in porno magazines, and simply ignoring it -
      but nothing helped.
      He had to fuck someone. Either Mags or Mystique. He had to.
      Otherwise he would explode.
      Victor put his pants back on and left his chamber. His huge
      erection was a bulge inside them impossible to miss; a 10½-inch
      was not easy to conceal.
      The pants felt uncomfortable while he walked. But what could he do
      about that? Either take them off or lose his hard-on. And although he
      wouldn't have minded taking his pants off, he did not, since he
      didn't want to run into Toad and let him see how desperate he
      Mystique or Magneto, he decided. Either of them. But I'll try
      to be
      gentle this time.
      The first one he encountered was Mystique. She was in her blue,
      true shape, and naked, of course, as always. When Sabretooth saw her
      the feeling in his groin redoubled.
      "Missy..." he growled. "I was just looking for
      At first Mystique looked surprised, but then her gaze slid down to
      the enormous bulge inside Sabretooth's pants.
      "You were looking for *me*?" she said, laughing. "You
      were looking
      for *someone*, rather. Someone who can do something about
      Victor shrugged. "Kinda. And I found you. Would you like to
      Mystique's eyes narrowed and she started to pout.
      "I dunno, Vic," she said. "I know what you did to poor
      Mags a few
      days ago."
      "I didn't mean to," Victor muttered. "I'm truly
      sorry. But I have
      to fuck, and right now I wanna fuck you. What do you say? You know I
      can make you feel good..."
      Mystique looked at the bulge in his pants again and noticed that it
      almost looked like it could burst through the fabric. She felt she
      was getting excited.
      A wet and burning feeling started between her legs. Yet she tried
      to play reluctant. It was fun to tease Victor and see his reaction.
      "I don't know..." she said with a frown.
      "You're lying, you blue bitch, I can smell your
      arousal!" snorted
      Victor. "I have heightened senses - forgot that? Your blue little
      cunt is aching for my big cock!"
      Mystique laughed. "You really know how to seduce women,
      don't you?
      Take me big boy, I'm yours!"
      Sabretooth was not late to jump at her offer. He lunged at her and
      before she could even notice he lifted her off the floor and threw
      her over his shoulder.
      She laughed and pretended to fight him by hitting her fists against
      his back.
      Sabretooth pretended not to notice it, but started walking toward
      his bedroom with Mystique hanging over his shoulder. She was light
      and supple and didn't weigh much, but she was hard to get a hold
      since she wriggled and squirmed the entire time.
      "You're a real caveman, you know that, Vic?" she
      "I know," Victor replied unconcernedly. And he knew.
      He pushed the door to his room open with his foot and went inside
      with Mystique still over his shoulder. He dumped her on his bed,
      whose sheets were muddled and creased, since he had lain there and
      lazed only a short while ago.
      Mystique threw down a porno magazine before she focused her
      attention on the blond giant standing by the bed, tearing his clothes
      off, not caring if they were torn in the process.
      His pants were tormenting the life out of him by now, and he ripped
      his belt off, pulled down the zipper, let them fall to the floor, and
      then kicked them away.
      He wore no underwear. He almost never did. It was too
      His erection now sprang free, and he couldn't describe how
      the feeling was. He had already struggled out of his T-shirt, and was
      now standing fully naked in front of Mystique.
      He knew she thought he was attractive. Many women thought so,
      actually, *despite* he had fangs, claws, and was almost seven feet
      tall, and looked, mildly expressed, very intimidating.
      But that turned many women on, including Mystique, and certain men
      too. Magneto being one of them.
      There is nothing he loves more than me fucking his pink little ass
      with my huge cock! Victor thought, and he knew he was right.
      Suddenly Mystique reached out her hand and grabbed his engorged
      penis and interrupted his thoughts. Her slender, blue hand squeezed
      his organ, but her fingers did not reach all the way around it.
      His member was hard and very hot and Mystique could feel it throb
      when she squeezed it. The erection was surrounded by blond, crisp
      hair, which continued up to his navel, and from there to his very
      broad chest.
      His thick pectorals and well-defined, washboard stomach turned her
      on even more, and the warm, wet feeling in her crotch increased.
      Oh, God, he's big! she thought when he towered over her. No
      how many times I see him, I never get used to it. Vic surely weighs
      almost as much as the rest of us Brotherhood-members together!
      Sabretooth let her squeeze his member for a while more, but not
      long. When he thought it was enough he pushed her hand away and
      grabbed her red hair with his own huge hand, pulling her head toward
      his groin, so that his erection ended up right under her nose.
      "Give me a blowjob before we start, Missy," he asked.
      Mystique placed herself on all fours in the bed - a position Victor
      liked to fuck her in - and did what she was asked.
      "Would you like me to turn into someone special?" she asked
      she started.
      "Nah, you're fine as you are. Now start."
      His penis was leaking pre-come now. A large drop had gathered in
      the small slit in the head. She started by licking the drop away. It
      tasted salt. Then she closed her mouth around his member and started
      to suck it.
      Sabretooth closed his eyes and let his head fall back when he felt
      her warm, wet mouth around his painfully erect shaft. He growled and
      moaned and kept his hand around her head.
      Magneto allowed no hands around his head when he gave fellatio, but
      Mystique did, provided he didn't try to force his penis deeper
      she could take.
      Sometimes it was hard not to. Mystique could not take more than
      half his length in her mouth - and few could take more - and although
      he understood her limitations, it was tempting to just grab her head
      and pump as hard as he wanted.
      But of course he didn't do it, but controlled himself and
      her to do it in her own pace and rhythm. Mystique knew what she was
      Victor looked down at her red head and blue face as she sucked him.
      He liked her appearance, despite that she was blue, had yellow eyes
      and scales here and there. She was a beautiful woman. Her figure was
      nice and she was tall and slim. There was nothing wrong with her
      features either.
      Had she not been blue, scaly and had such frightening eyes, she
      could have made a promising career as a supermodel. But instead she
      had become a mutant-right activist and a mutant terrorist.
      Like he.
      Victor didn't want to come in her mouth. He was a very
      and skilled lover, and he wanted to do more with her than just this.
      He grabbed her head and pulled his member out of her hard-working
      Mystique looked up at him at once. She looked both concerned and
      "Did I do something wrong?" she asked and knit her
      "No, baby, not at all," Sabretooth replied and stroked her
      hair. "But I don't wanna come in your mouth, I wanna fuck
      They lay down in the bed and he pulled her to him, and pressed her
      against his broad chest, so that her breasts were flattened. His
      chest hairs tickled her skin.
      Mystique laughed. She reached down her hand between them and
      grabbed his huge erection. Her own crotch was also throbbing now, and
      she was truly looking forward to taking him in her.
      She could not take all of his +10 inches, but she could almost take
      8 - which was much. That was more than Magneto could take anally, but
      she still suspected that Victor rather fucked Mags than her. She was
      jealous. After the two men became lovers, their interest in her had
      faded, and that annoyed her.
      But now he was hers, and she was going to have what she deserved.
      It was good that his sex drive was so huge!
      Sabretooth passed his hand over her belly and from there to her
      sex. His hands quickly found her cleft and his finger slid in between
      her labia and hit the hard little nub above her vagina.
      He rubbed her clit with his fingertip and she started to gasp and
      rock her hips.
      Victor just laughed. "Like that Missy, didja?"
      Mystique didn't answer, but her actions clearly revealed she
      Perhaps even more than liked.
      Her hands tangled in his long, thick hair and she pulled his head
      to her neck. Mystique was not gentle when she pulled, and it even
      made his scalp hurt.
      She was strong, and her strength clearly displayed itself in
      moments like these. Victor had to fight back grimaces of pain. He
      growled instead and moved downward, until his head was between her
      breasts. He took a blue nipple in his mouth and began sucking it. It
      stiffened immediately and he enjoyed feeling the hard bud between his
      lips, and her wet slit against his hand.
      He then left her breasts and moved further down, burying his tongue
      in her navel. Blue. Everything was blue. Even the inside of her
      Mystique knew what would follow. He was to give her oral sex. The
      thought of his tongue in her slit made her so eager she practically
      pushed his head down.
      Victor did what she wanted and spread her legs with his hand. Her
      genitals looked a little strange. She had no hair around her sex, or
      on her labia, but instead there were scales. They were soft and warm
      and flexible.
      Her labia were blue, like her clitoris, but inside the folds of
      skin around her vagina her flesh turned pink.
      Sabretooth opened the skin folds with his tongue and licked her
      pink flesh. He liked seeing the pink peep out between the blue.
      Mystique moaned, gasped, threw her head back and bucked her hips
      against him to create further stimulation. Her hand grabbed his long,
      blond hair.
      Victor moved his tongue from her vagina to the hard and swollen
      blue nub and started to suck it. He heard Mystique scream and groan
      indiscriminately, and now she was moving her lower body almost
      uncontrollably. He had to grab her hips and force her down again not
      to "lose his track".
      But no matter how good it felt to Mystique, and no matter how much
      Victor liked to do it, he knew he would not be able to keep doing it
      for much longer, since his own excitement was overwhelming him.
      He had to fuck her. Now. He couldn't wait any longer.
      He pulled his face away from her crotch and stood up on his knees
      between her legs. Mystique whimpered helplessly when she no longer
      felt his tongue on her clit.
      "No, don't stop..." she squeaked and tried not to pull
      his hair to
      get him started again.
      "Who said anything about stopping?" Sabretooth grinned.
      "Now comes
      the real thing! On all fours, baby, Now I'll fuck you."
      Mystique sighed, but she sat up, and then turned, so she very much
      stood on her hands and knees, with her butt in the air, ready to
      accept his cock.
      Victor placed himself behind her and brought the head of his hard,
      engorged and leaking erection to her opening. She was so wet he could
      have pushed his member in all the way at once, without having to
      worry about resistance. But he didn't. He wanted to experience
      feeling of taking her inch by inch, and hear her cry out as he did
      He grabbed her hips and started to push in. She was tight and warm
      and he ground his teeth to hold back a moan.
      Mystique started groaning again and when she felt he was pushing
      into her, she began moving against him already before he was halfway
      "Impatient, I see?" Sabretooth chuckled. "Alright,
      you'll have it!"
      He thrust in as far as he could get, which was about 8 inches, and
      then felt her cervix against the head of his penis.
      He didn't try to push in further, since he did not want to hurt
      her. Instead he pulled out again, till only the head was inside her,
      and then pushed back in.
      The first time he did it slowly, giving Mystique some time to
      adjust, but when she had, and writhed to create friction, he realized
      he could get started. He grabbed her hips with his big hands and
      started thrusting hard and fast.
      Victor growled and snarled and exposed his fangs while he fucked
      her. He rode her hard. Despite his endurance, he could after some
      time feel beads of sweat trickling down his forehead and cheeks. He
      blinked them off his eyes and snorted.
      Mystique would not know she was exhausting him.
      Mystique whimpered and yelped with pleasure as she stood on her
      hands and knees and felt Victor's large member go in and out of
      She had not come yet, but she *would* orgasm, although it was
      building slowly. She always did when she was with Sabretooth. Only he
      could keep going until she came.
      With Magneto, it was hopeless to even hope for an orgasm.
      When Victor's pleasure was getting intense he slowed down a
      not wanting to come yet. He wanted to wait until Mystique also had
      come, since he was not a selfish lover.
      He let his right hand slide down between her thighs and his
      fingertip sought out her clit and started to rub it. At once Mystique
      started to gasp and wriggled in pleasure.
      "Oh, yes, yes... Vic, don't stop...oh..."
      Soon she would come. She could feel it. With Victor's penis
      of her and his hand that rubbed her clit, it was hard, or almost
      impossible not to climax. He was good at what he did.
      When her orgasm approached, Mystique's arms gave way, and she
      have fallen forward if not Victor had grabbed her and caught her in
      his arms.
      Although she couldn't stay on all fours. Victor lay down with
      in the bed so they were lying sideways, in the spoon position, he
      behind her. He held her other leg up, and slid in and out of her a
      few times before her vaginal muscles suddenly flexed violently,
      accompanied by a cry from Mystique.
      This drove even Victor over the edge and he shot his hot seed into
      her the following second.
      For a while they lay still in the bed, gasping, with their sweaty
      bodies entangled. Sabretooth was still in her and he was gently
      nibbling her neck. Mystique's red hair was no longer neatly
      back, but hung like a rumpled mane around her face.
      "Did you like it?" Sabretooth asked in a low growl.
      "I did..." Mystique sighed, exhausted.
      "I thought you would. You always do."
      "Hmm... and you?"
      Victor answered her by thrusting with his half-erect penis which
      was still left inside her. He felt he was getting hard again.
      "I could continue," he said.
      "But I can't..." Mystique breathed. "I'm
      completely spent."
      "Too bad. I'm still horny."
      But he knew her limitations very well and although he felt like it,
      he would not force himself upon her. Instead he pulled out of her
      with a wet sound and rolled over to his back in the bed. Then he took
      his member in his own hand and started to jack himself off.
      Mystique stretched out beside him and put her hand on his broad,
      hairy chest and pulled her fingers through his spiky chest hairs. His
      pectorals were thick and very hard.
      He had such a great body, she thought. So massive and masculine. If
      he had not had fangs and lion claws, he could very well have been an
      ancient Norse God.
      Her hand slowly moved down along his chest and flat stomach, toward
      the wiry bush of blond pubic hair around his penis.
      Sabretooth was pleasuring himself now, but when her hand wrapped
      around his erection, he removed his own. He preferred her hands.
      "Hey..." Mystique murmured while she stroked him.
      "I came to think of something..."
      "I'm glad you're here," she just said.
      Victor chuckled, surprised. "What?"
      "I just... Nah, forget it."
      Mystique didn't really know how to frame her sentence. Or even
      she meant.
      Victor had been there the greater part of her life; he was three
      years older than she was; 42 years. When she was 15, and
      Magneto "found" her and made her a Brotherhood-member, Victor
      already there.
      They had become friends almost at once, and eventually even lovers,
      but she hadn't thought of how much he really meant to her until
      He had always been there, large and solid as a rock, by Magneto's
      Magneto, yes. Mystique wasn't sure how she felt about Victor
      Magneto's intimate relationship. She somehow felt slighted, and
      thought of that Victor rather fucked a skinny and wrinkled old man
      than her was depressing as hell.
      She had to admit she wanted Sabretooth for herself. But she had to
      accept it, of course. She was jealous of Magneto, though.
      Victor came in her hand a second time a few minutes later. He
      moaned loudly and pulled her into his massive arms until she lay flat
      on his chest.
      "Oh, my blue pudding, what would I do without you?" he said
      with a
      grin and cupped both her buttocks in his hands.
      No, Mystique thought, what would you do without me?

      The End
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