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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" R (24/?) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Where were we? Oh, yeah....Ororo was believed killed but was in reality with BT. Jean had just come back to Scott, BT had visited sickbay and now let s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2003
      Hi all,

      Where were we? Oh, yeah....Ororo was believed killed but was in reality with
      BT. Jean had just come back to Scott, BT had visited sickbay and now let's take a look at how our friends in sickbay handle things...
      Read the first 23 parts here:

      or on fanfic.net


      Part 24:

      “ John, give me a hand here,” Cecilia asked and John helped her put a bandage around an unconscious man’s head.

      “ Cecilia, we need to talk,” his voice was low but it held an edge of determination she had never heard before.

      “ No, we don’t,” she declared and hurried past him to go over to a table and put the dirty bandages there. John caught hold of her hand and forced her to stop. She looked with fury in her eyes at him.

      “ Let me go. Now,” she demanded and he did.

      “ Look, Cecilia. You can’t just pretend it never happened. We need to talk this through,” John insisted and followed her as she went to throw out the dirty bandages. He wasn’t really suppose to stay in Sick Bay, nor should Jubilee but after a very heated discussion between Cecilia and Black Thunder where she had been lying through her teeth and had sworn that Jubilee and him just couldn’t work any place else and if they did they’ll only get hurt or something around those lines, Thunder had given in. She had been lying and all knew it. However, in the end Black Thunder had left with a “Fine but then I want no problems, you hear?” and stormed out of the room.

      “ Happened? Nothing happened,” she denied and began making order in her medical closet. He laid his hands over the drugs so she couldn’t go through them.

      “ Will you stop that and look at me?” John asked annoyed and hurt over her statement. She slowly turned and looked at him.

      “ What?”

      “ Cecilia, I…” he began but then saw that all the mutants awake was following their discussion with great interest from their beds. Their arguments were probably the best entertainment they had had in a long time. Refusing to be on display, John lead Cecilia by the arm over to a corner with empty beds and lowered his voice.

      “ What? How can you say that? After what happened last night and don’t say it was nothing,” he said and now the hurt in his voice was clear.

      “ Look, it was a mistake,” Cecilia tried to go past him but he blocked her way.

      “ You feel nothing for me? Last night meant nothing?” he asked pained and Cecilia forced herself to nod. If only he knew…knew how much that one night which had actually only been a hour from nine to ten as he was to be back in the cell…if only he knew how much it had meant to her. But also how wrong it had been.

      “ It meant nothing,” she stated and tried to go past him, afraid he’ll read the truth in her eyes. He caught her in his arms and searched her face.

      “ I don’t believe you,” he said and brought his lips to hers. First she tried to draw back but soon she put her arms around him and deepened the kiss. She was disappointed when he drew back. “ That wasn’t nothing,” he claimed and hope and happiness was in his eyes and voice.

      “ Ok, so I want you, so what? I want a lot of things,” she hissed and again tried to go past him.

      “ What ever have happened to hurt you so, it wasn’t me. I would rather die than hurt you. I love you, you know what. I told you last night,” he said gently and stroked her cheek. A tear fell down her cheek and he wiped it away.

      “ I know but it is wrong in so many ways…you’re eighteen…”

      “ Nineteen,” he corrected and she smiled bittersweetly at him.

      “ … nineteen and I’m thirty-four. On top of that we’re all captives here. What kind of life will we have?” she asked sadly. He took her under the chin so her eyes met his.

      “ Do you love me?” he asked softly. She tried to lower her head but he wouldn’t let her. “ Please, tell me,” he added in a whisper.

      “ Yes…Yes, I do,” she admitted and looked into his eyes. And that was the problem. In here love wasn’t a strength but a weakness. If you loved someone you’ll just hurt that much more when they died. She knew that for a fact. The rules of society might not work in here but that didn’t mean there weren’t any rules. A rule of caution for one was a good thing; even if and that was a big if, he wouldn’t die on her he could in turn be used as a bargaining tool against her. The most ironical thing was that he most likely didn’t see any of those dangers.

      “ Then everything else doesn’t matter. Let’s take whatever happiness we can get and leave tomorrow for tomorrow to worry about,” he said and bent down so his lips caught hers. She leaned into his touch, enjoying it in full. He was right; she wanted and needed this. Caution be damned; if she lived like a dead she could just as well be it. She would just have to be extra careful, for both of them.

      As he drew back her eyes were shinning and her happiness was reflected in his eyes. One chocolate brown hand found and held his white one, bringing to them a symbol of hope.

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