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  • Linda J <adnilnosnhoj@yahoo.com>
    DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to me. I only get to take them out and play with them if I promise not to break them. RATING: PG Some adult
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
      DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to me. I only get to
      take them out and play with them if I promise not to break them.
      RATING: PG Some adult language.
      SUMMERY: Took the February plot bunny challenge at international x-
      men fan fics a little too seriously. :)
      FEEDBACK: If you don't write and tell me what you think I'll just
      keep writing this way!! adnilnosnhoj@y...
      ARCHEIVE: If you want just ask so I can tell everyone I know where
      they can find it.

      One Cold February Evening
      By Linda J.

      `What good is it to have a fucking healing factor if it can't even
      help you get to sleep?' Victor growled to himself as he tossed and
      turned on the pallet of furs he had for his bed. `Maybe if I think
      of something nice and pleasant, I bet that would help me relax and
      finally go to sleep.'
      He focused his mind on his favorite fishing hole back in the
      Canadian Rockies. He imagined the cool fresh mountain air, the sound
      of eagles as they soared in the higher altitudes and the babbling of
      the clear mountain water as it flowed briskly down steam. Soon he
      was in a near dream like state as he envisioned Emma Frost being
      there with him. He had her head between his hands and he was
      squeezing it like a pimple. Then just as he should have heard it
      pop, he was abruptly awoken by a sturdy knock at the door.
      "Sabretooth;" Magneto called in through the door. "Are you awake?"
      "I am NOW!" Replied a very annoyed felinoid.
      "Have you seen my helmet? I've looked everywhere for it and it seems
      to be missing." Magneto said as he freely opened the door. "OH MY
      GOD! Sabretooth! At least have the decency to pull the covers over
      you." Magneto shouted as he turned away. "You could put someone's
      eye out with that thing!"
      Sabretooth merely snarled and rolled over exposing his backside to
      his fearless leader. "I ain't seen that bucket of yours in days! Now
      go away and let me go to sleep!" He growled.
      But before Magneto even had a chance to walk out, Toad strolled in.
      "Say mate┬ůSeen the broom any where?" He asked in a friendly sort of
      "Sense when did MY bedroom turn into the G.D. lost and found?"
      Victor snapped. Then he had this to say. "Yeah Toad, I know where
      the damn broom is. Mystique has it. She had to go to the main land
      this morning, so she hoped on it and flew away."
      But before anyone could reply to his sarcasm, Gambit walked into the
      room as well. "Pardon moi bon ami." He politely excused
      himself. "But I cannot go any longer without a cigarette. If you
      would be so kind to help a Cajun out, mon cher I would be boo-coo
      Hearing the voice of one of his most hated enemies, Sabretooth
      whirled around and sat up to looked in the Cajun's direction only to
      see him and Magneto exchanging a "friendly" kiss.
      "Damn it Mags!" Sabretooth growled in degust. "I would have thought
      you had better taste than that!" Then Victor scratched his
      head. "Wait a minute! Did I miss something? When the fuck did HE
      join us?"
      Toad, who was now sticking to the ceiling of Sabretooth's room and
      hanging just above his head explained.
      "Magneto invited him to come and stay with us once the news got out
      that him and Rogue had broken up for the hundredth time. But only if
      Gambit promised to quit smoking."
      "Wait a second." Sabretooth was feeling very confused. "Wait one,
      tiny, cotton picking second here! Isn't that southern belle supposed
      to have the hots for Logan?"
      "Oh that's been over for weeks mate. Haven't you seen the news? It's
      been in all the papers and on TV as well." Toad asked Victor in a
      way that made the felinoid wonder if he had fallen into the twilight
      "No." Victor nervously replied as he was beginning to wonder what
      would happen next.
      Then before he knew it, Toad slipped from the ceiling and landed
      right on top of him with a thud. As he rolled away from Sabretooth,
      a bright blue pouch full of gold coins fell onto Victor's pallet and
      coins began rolling away.
      Then Toad went from speaking in his English accent to speaking in a
      Irish one!
      "Me gold! Me gold! Keep away from me gold or you'll have the curse
      of the little people on you!" Toad began scrambling to collect his
      precious coins.
      "Little people?" Sabretooth now KNEW he was in the twilight
      zone. "Aye...little people. Little
      G-R-E-E-N people. Ya' know...leapracons."
      Just then Sabretooth shot straight up in his bed.

      He looked around. Magneto was not there. Neither was Gambit nor
      Toad. The room was quiet and the imaginary gold coins were gone too.
      He relaxed as he made the conclusion. `It was just a stupid dream.'
      Sabretooth looked at his clock. Only five minutes had passed since
      he had tried to fall asleep.
      `Good thing about having a healing factor though,'He reminded
      himself. `You never need TOO much sleep.' And with that he got up
      and started looking for trouble. -END
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