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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" R (23/?) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, I know, I know....*hides under the table*...this fic is long overdue. So sorry for the long wait. Where were we? Oh, yeah....Ororo was believed killed
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2003
      Hi all,
      I know, I know....*hides under the table*...this fic is long overdue. So sorry
      for the long wait.
      Where were we? Oh, yeah....Ororo was believed killed but was in reality with
      BT. Jean had just come back to Scott and now let's take a brief look to see how BT and sickbay are handling things...
      Warning: Brief mention of murder and torture.
      Read the first 22 parts here:


      Part 23:

      Black Thunder walked from his office to sickbay. It had now been three months since Ororo had come to live with him. She had gotten better as time did indeed heal some scars. Her screams at night weren’t as frequent. The bruises and cuts on her body had healed and had left small scars and her white hair had begun to grow out again. It now went to her neck and was as a halo around her head. Over the months they had become closer and at night Ororo would fall asleep with her head on his chest. They’ll exchange kisses and voice concern for each other but never more than that. Ororo wasn’t ready for more yet and Black Thunder didn’t know if he was or ever would be able to open his heart to love someone again. Love…but then maybe was he felt for Ororo was love. He looked down at the chair he had put wheels on and sighed. He was under her spell, no doubt about that. Ororo had found it so sad that the professor couldn’t move around for himself but was bound to a chair until someone helped him that she had convinced Black Thunder to make him a wheelchair. Talking of making and helping…Ororo was now working in high gear to try and find a way out for them and the others. When Black Thunder had last seen Kitty her growing stomach spoke of the urgency of their plan. They had already decided that if all other failed they’ll just walk out together from his room and when they reached the first guard, Black Thunder would kill him and give Ororo his gun. Then they’ll try and fight their way to the others cell. Black Thunder knew they’ll never make it, their collars would be activated and stop them long before they went anywhere but it was nice to have a plan. Even one as crazy as this one.

      “ Black Thunder…what do you have there?” Cecilia asked as she saw him. Before he had a chance to answer she continued with a smile. “ A wheelchair. For the professor. Great. That’s so sweet of you,” she said with a teasing gleam in her eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

      “ Doctor? I think you better take a look at this one….” John interrupted and guided Cecilia away from Black Thunder. Black Thunder didn’t miss the look of jealousy in the young man’s eyes. When they were gone, he went to find Xavier. He sat by Gabrielle’s bedside and held up some objects.

      “ That’s good, Gabrielle. Now, take the ball,” Xavier said gently and the woman slowly reached out for the ball and handed it to him. Xavier smiled and took it. The woman’s eyes still seemed far away but not as much as before.

      “Professor?” Black Thunder asked and a quick flicker of fear clouded Gabrielle’s eyes before the empty look returned. Xavier’s eyes narrowed as he noticed her drawback.

      “ What is it?” He turned to look at Black Thunder. Scott had told them that he hadn’t been the one who had raped Jean yet his relationship with Xavier and all the X-men was strained at best. But that wasn’t really a surprise. He was after all one of the “bad guys” as Jubilee put it and the scars on his face and body gave him a grim look. Not ugly but still…marked. A man one would look after because he was different and not because he was handsome.

      “ Come,” Without further ado Black Thunder lifted Xavier up and placed him in the chair he had put wheels on. Xavier couldn’t hide a smile. He could move around again. He felt more like a man now and not a helpless child. He knew that in the beginning he had helped Gabrielle because she was more helpless than him and helping her made him feel that he could still do something. Still make a difference.

      “ Thank you,” Xavier said warmly.

      “ Welcome,” Black Thunder mumbled before leaving the room. He wasn’t used to kind words and so didn’t know how to reply to them. Xavier looked after him as he left before resuming his therapy with Gabrielle with renewed energy. He asked her about the objects for half an hour before she stopped responding, a sign that she didn’t have the power to do it anymore.

      “ That’s alright. We can just talk,” Xavier said softly and held her hand. Before he had been crippled he had been a doctor. Had worked as a doctor. It was on one of those missions to a Balkan country torn apart by war that he had met Eric. Eric had often accused him of caring too much for his patients, making it very hard for him when he lost one. But he had never cared for anyone like he did Gabrielle. He knew well enough that most of his feelings came from need, the fear of being alone and compassion. But there was something more there as well. He stroked her over the hair with his free hand and smiled at her.

      “ You can wake up now, Gabrielle, there is no danger. I’ll look after you. I’ll protect you,” Xavier said softly and her eyes moved a little. She had made progress for some time now but he knew that with patients like Gabrielle it was important that she had something to wake up to.

      “ Over these three months I have come to care deeply for you. I wouldn’t say “I love you” without meaning it so when I now say “ I love you” I mean it. Like a doctor a patient, like a brother a sister, like a father a child, like a teacher a student…..but hidden deep inside is a man who loves a woman,” Xavier whispered, his voice warm and real. Her eyes seemed to search for focus until they finally settled on him. Her lips curved in a small smile and her mouth tried to move to form words but no sound came out.

      “ It is alright, love. We have time,” Xavier whispered happily and Gabrielle nodded and reached out her arms for him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

      “ No harm will come to you. I swear,” Xavier mumbled and stroked her hair. As they drew back a tear glimmered in Gabrielle’s eyes and she pointed at herself, then laid her arms over her chest in an x and finally pointed at Xavier. He smiled happily, having no problems understanding what she meant.

      “ I love you too,” he said gently and she reached over and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

      Author's notes: Again sorry for the long wait. I'll try to get the rest of this story out as quickly as possible.

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