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Fic: Mortal Fear (5/10) - NC-17 - Logan/Rogue

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  • karen_feigenbaum <kfeigenb@hotmail.com>
    Ok, folks – time for a big midterm payoff… Title: Mortal Fear Author: Karne-age Pairing: Logan/Rogue Rating: NC-17 Series: 5/10 (end of 4: Logan? Rogue
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2003
      Ok, folks – time for a big midterm payoff…

      Title: Mortal Fear
      Author: Karne-age
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Rating: NC-17
      Series: 5/10 (end of 4: "Logan?" Rogue asked hesitantly. "What are
      you doing?" His topaz eyes flashed wickedly as he took his gloves
      off. "Conducting a little experiment.")
      Feedback: yes please
      Warnings: language, sex...maybe a bit violent in later installments.
      Archive: by all means e-mail me if you would like to post on your site
      Disclaimer: Naturally, I do not own the Marvel characters - the story
      and characters and their histories are a blending of Movie-verse and
      Comic-verse lore mixed in with a big old heapin' helping of my own
      imagination (Karne-iverse) that totally brutalizes existing histories
      wherever I felt it made my story.
      Summary: Logan and Rogue meet; end up on the run from the Friends of
      Humanity. Interesting twist to Rogue's mutation.

      Wary suspicion sleeted through Rogue. "Conducting an experiment?!
      Um…Logan…I don't think I like the sound of that."

      "Relax, sweetheart," he assured her with the Devil's own grin. His
      mischievous smile deepened when he added, "Just lie back and think of

      She rolled her eyes and snorted inelegantly. "I'm from Mississippi,
      you arrogant--"

      Logan touched her – his bare hand swept across her cheek. Abrupt
      panic razored through Rogue's body, but the instant it began, his
      fingers were gone from her skin.

      "See?" he indicated. "As soon as I smelled fear, I pulled back. And
      you didn't get so much as a drop off me."

      Rogue was at a complete loss for words; he was absolutely right. But
      the fact still remained that the mere thought of physical human
      contact caused anxiety to smash through her like an earthquake. The
      reaction was downright Pavlovian, and she couldn't exactly just shut
      it off.

      Logan slid predatorily across the seat towards Rogue, and she shrank
      back against the passenger's side door. He unbuckled her seatbelt
      and leaned forward to let it retract, his other hand pressing against
      the window, effectively caging her in. "Logan?" she
      whispered. "Whatever you're thinking, it's probably not a good
      idea." She could feel fear growing within her.

      "I'm thinking I want to touch you."

      Rogue shook her head. "No! Don't! You can smell it – I'm already
      getting all spooked out. It's not going to work."

      A crooked smile slashed across Logan's lips. "Who said I want you
      calm? I want you to take a big draw off me. Maybe as big a hit as
      you took off that Cody guy."

      Anger flashed through her like lightning. "Why in God's name would
      you want that?"

      "So you can find my lost memories for me," he answered very matter-of-

      "No!" she protested. "Are you stupid? Absolutely not!"

      Logan's face contorted in fury. "What the fuck, Marie? You can get
      back my past!"

      "I can't!" she sputtered. "Accidentally bumping into strangers is
      bad enough…but you! Y-y-you're like pure China White! And you want
      me to…to…deliberately…"

      Logan leaned over her. Rogue trailed off as he moved in dangerously
      close and began sniffing her neck. His warm breath feathered across
      her pulse. She was torn between pressing back hard against the door
      and indulging in the sexual caress of air offered by Logan's mouth.
      A whine escaped her throat. "Shit, Marie, you smell so good. Clean
      and tangy…like citrus," he identified.

      Logan inhaled deeply, sliding along the shell of Rogue's ear,
      approaching achingly near contact. His lips were so close to her
      skin, the space between them crackled in unmet expectancy, and that
      mere sliver of distance was making her frenzied with want. Warm,
      humid air brushed the sensitive flesh of her earlobe. Her nipples
      coiled painfully tight; a tremor of electricity quivered along her
      thighs. "Logan. I-I don't think this is such a good idea," Rogue
      repeated softly as she felt herself become wet.

      He pulled back and breathed in, a deliberately long, savoring
      inhalation. Logan had gotten the scent of her damp excitement. His
      lips twisted into a cocky smile and his gold eyes gleamed at her. "I
      think it's a very good idea."

      Then he pressed forward and kissed her. The insistent pressure of
      his lips pried hers apart; his tongue plunged into her mouth and
      greedily explored the wet depths within. Alarm exploded deep inside
      Rogue and she stiffened in fright…right before she felt a sudden
      influx of concentrated power. A quick blast of electric energy and
      aggression and strength and naked vitality swirled into a heady
      concoction that injected directly into her bloodstream. The jolt of
      impact was just as tremendous as she remembered it; a groan rolled in
      her throat amid the drowning euphoria. She fisted the front of
      Logan's jacket and pulled him to her, sucking hungrily at his wet
      mouth, never wanting to release it.

      Then recognition of what was happening slammed home, and Rogue pushed
      Logan back with a small shriek of horror. The exhilarating freefall
      crashed to an abrupt halt. Her hand flew to her mouth in dread.

      After only a few tense moments, Logan shook off his confusion and
      looked at her. He hadn't been lying – he was a *very* quick healer.
      Despite his enervation, Rogue could still see raw desire roiling in
      his tawny eyes. She could smell it rushing off his skin. And the
      energy she'd pulled from him was beating through her circulatory
      system with every mad thump of her heart like some kind of wild
      amphetamine. Forget China White, the man was like liquid crack. She
      felt incredibly aroused, totally base, and completely fearless.

      Tension coiled inside her like a compressed spring. Without thought,
      Rogue bounded out of her seat and crawled on top of Logan, her knees
      straddling his lap. Her mouth came down on his with crushing force,
      her tongue thrust between his strong lips, her hips rolled into his
      lower body. There was no sudden power surge – having had just that
      one pull off Logan, she was as free from fear as he was. Nothing was
      happening! It was as if she had a temporary respite from the rules
      that normally governed her life.

      Logan was quick to recover from shock, his tongue snaking around
      hers. He kissed the way Rogue knew he'd make love: with a raw, bone-
      deep demand he couldn't seem to disguise. A guttural growl
      reverberated in the base of Logan's throat and he grabbed her waist,
      yanking her into him. She moaned at the denim-trapped bulge ramming
      between her thighs. Her heart pounded frantically in her ribcage.
      She couldn't remember ever feeling so wildly alive, so positively
      ferocious, so sexed up beyond all reason.

      Rogue shoved a hand between their bodies and started undoing Logan's
      pants, but she couldn't move fast enough. God, she needed to feel
      him inside her *now*! She was starving for him, half-crazed, on fire
      with need. Heat raced along her nerves and spiked low in her
      abdomen; she ground her impatient lower body astride his steely

      Rogue could barely hear Logan's groan of approval over the roar of
      blood rushing through her head. The sharp thirst between her legs
      wrenched in unfulfilled longing. She slid to her knees on the cab
      floor between his feet, and gnawed up along the inside of his jean-
      clad thigh. When she reached her goal, she raked her voracious teeth
      along the stiff cotton material. All the while, her hands were still
      working at his belt and the fly of his jeans. Logan grabbed the back
      of her head and hoarsely pled, "Oh Christ, Marie!" She was dizzy in
      lust, hot with frustrated emptiness. And every quick breath was like
      a hit off some wild opiate – she smelled male hunger, raw and pure
      and raunchy, mingled with her own wet need. Logan began peeling off
      her clothes as she worked at his.

      By the time she'd slid his jeans down his hips to free him, Logan had
      her all but stripped. Pinned between the steering wheel and Logan's
      hard body, Rogue finished the job, twisting herself into awkward
      positions to slide off her own jeans and boots as rapidly as
      possible. She was lightheaded at the prospect that she was actually
      about to have sex. The niggling sensation that this brief escape
      from her personal prison could be cut short at any moment prompted
      her to an increased sense of immediacy.

      She looked down at Logan's freed erection – sweet baby Jesus the man
      was packing heat! Rogue reached forward and ran a fingernail up the
      full length of his arousal; a small bead of liquid squeezed out from
      the tip. She leaned down and dragged the flat of her tongue across
      the split head of his shaft. His heartbeat pulsed in her mouth, and
      a hectic, burning ache echoed dully between her legs. Logan groaned
      and tugged her into his lap. With one rapid movement, he arched her
      back over his arm and feasted on her bare breasts. He sucked one
      nipple ruthlessly into his mouth and pleasure cracked through her,
      lighting her senses up like a Christmas tree. Then he bit into her
      flesh, breaking it and drawing blood. The pain was strangely and
      incredibly erotic, and Rogue bolted upright with a dazed gasp. She
      looked down and watched the wound close over. Logan stared at the
      fresh, unbroken skin in mild disbelief.

      But his puzzlement was short-lived, apparently obliterated by his
      driving libido. Anchoring an arm around Rogue, Logan leaned forward
      and reached for the glove compartment. Once it was open, he leaned
      farther forward to withdraw a foil packet. The gearshift stabbed
      Rogue in the small of her back and a pained yelp of surprise jumped
      out of her mouth. Christ – *this* was why she'd never had sex in a
      vehicle before. Using his teeth, Logan ripped the condom packet open
      and swiftly slid it into place, his hungry, tigers' eyes dragging
      over her nudity.

      Rogue shoved Logan's jacket and shirt down his arms as a single
      unit. As for the jeans…she'd already made sure that the important
      part of him was accessible; nothing else mattered right now. Her
      sense of urgency had become unbearable. Rogue hoisted her hips in
      the air above Logan, feeling the tip of his hard-on slip along her
      desire-slicked entrance. A frustrated grunt came from Logan, and she
      looked into his eyes, his pupils so dilated there was only a sliver
      of topaz around a bottomless black center. Wild anticipation
      thrummed through her veins.

      Then she positioned herself and sank down onto his throbbing
      erection. Her eyelids slammed closed; he was hot and thick and his
      penetration instantly filled her to the point of pain. Rogue cried
      out at the intrusion and her head dropped back. Oh God, it was too
      much. Logan was inside her, all heat and pulsating hardness, but
      he'd made her wet enough to stretch and accommodate him. Her nails
      dug into his hard chest and raked downward, scratching out red trails
      that immediately healed over. Rogue could feel his pulse snug inside
      her as she raised her hips, dragging moistly up his length. Pleasure
      sizzled along her nerve endings. When she'd measured his full
      length, Logan's fingers dug into her thighs and pressed her back
      down. He groaned a deep, ragged sound as he filled her again. Rogue

      Faster, she rode him, pulling his rigid, male flesh in and out of her
      body. Logan surged upwards to meet her thrusts, driving up into her
      against her weight. Rogue's insides tightened in tortuous rapture.
      It was pain and beauty all twisted into aching pleasure, driving her
      closer and closer still to a blinding release. Excruciatingly sweet
      torture. And God it wasn't enough.

      "Fuck, Marie," Logan ground out. "I need to take you hard. Wrap
      your legs around me."

      Rogue did as Logan commanded, and he rolled her to her back across
      the front seat. Positioning himself above her, Logan plunged into
      her with a hard, fast stroke. She arched up and cried out. Christ,
      she was so tight; her soft flesh swallowed him whole, gripping him
      like wet velvet. Hot saliva pooled under Logan's tongue and he felt
      his balls draw up close and firm into his body. He was going to
      come. Soon. "Keep your legs up around me," he commanded. Her
      slender limbs enfolded around him.

      The air all around them was saturated with the sweet aroma of her
      arousal, and Logan drank it in. The scent flooded his senses. He
      began pounding into her, and Rogue braced her hands over her head
      against the passenger's side door to resist his momentum. Her naked
      body twisted and writhed in ecstasy beneath him. Hectic energy
      stabbed his stomach muscles, spurring him to even greater speed.
      Logan knew he was going too fast, but some driving insistence was
      pushing him to ride her faster and harder yet. He couldn't get
      enough. And he couldn't slow down. Christ, he'd go slower the
      second time. Whimpers came from Marie with each slap of contact
      between them.

      Balancing his weight, he lifted Rogue's hips to better receive his
      heavy thrusts. Logan felt his testicles tighten even more. He
      hammered mercilessly into her and growled; he was about to peak. And
      then suddenly, Rogue's body bridged stiffly towards him and her
      sharp, keening wail cut the air. Her inner muscles twitched out of
      control, clenching and releasing him repeatedly, all but milking his
      pleasure out of him.

      The look of animal rapture on Rogue's face pushed Logan over the
      edge; his climax smashed into him like a body blow. His muscles
      seized up as he continued crushing his hips hard up into her, and his
      orgasm spurted out in wave after wave of convulsive release. A long,
      baritone groan tore from deep inside his chest; he slammed a palm
      into the vinyl seat and grunted again. His body jerked and arched as
      he emptied himself.

      Then Logan's arms crumbled beneath him, his weight crashing down on
      Rogue with a solid thud. She blew out a sharp exhalation marked by
      an "oof" sound at the impact.

      For the moment, Logan felt drained and replete, but he knew he'd
      recover quickly. Thanks to his healing abilities, it would only be a
      matter of minutes before he was ready for round two with his prissy
      little tigress. He'd been right about that streak of lasciviousness
      he'd seen in her and felt smugly self-satisfied for having spotted it.

      Just as Logan began recuperating – enough to want to move – Rogue
      squirmed beneath him and mumbled something. "Hang on a sec,
      sweetheart," he muttered sleepily into her breasts, his weight still
      pinning her against the seat. "I just need another minute or so to
      rise to the occasion."

      "Get off of me," she whispered harshly and audibly.

      Logan bolted upright. "What the fuck?"

      The scent of apprehension began tainting the air. "Get off of me,"
      she repeated, this time more forcefully. "Get off, get off, get off!"

      Rogue placed one hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him
      backwards. She was incredibly strong, Logan noticed, as he all but
      skidded across the front of the cab and landed in the driver's seat.
      Now he could smell fear flooding off her skin. A volcano of rage
      erupted within him. "Back to being scared of me, princess?" he

      Rogue winced. "Not scared of you, Logan. I'm scared of me."

      "Spare me the sanctimonious bullshit, Marie!" he spat out in a brutal

      Fury bloomed on her face, but only before her eyes narrowed
      snidely. "Be careful you don't misuse big words you don't
      understand," she sneered.

      A nuclear blast detonated deep within Logan's chest; scorching red
      mist burned his vision. Did she think she was slumming it with some
      kind of undereducated outreach fucking charity case? "Keep telling
      yourself you only wanted to screw me because you were all doped up on
      my energy," he hissed acidly. "You and I both know how much you've
      been itching to spread your thighs for me, sweetheart."

      "Well I must have been suffering temporary insanity," she snapped,
      not even bothering to deny the accusation. "Obviously, not being
      able to touch anyone for so long has wreaked havoc on my mental

      "Or maybe," he theorized through thick sarcasm, "it's not that you
      couldn't touch anyone, but that no man in his right mind would come
      within a hundred meters of a snotty fucking bitch like you!"

      Dark anger surged up and crimsoned her face. "Well, then the
      implications about *your* mental capabilities must be positively

      "Hey, stud service is simply part of the five-hundred dollar complete
      package deal," he shot back with a mock half-bow. His eyes dropped
      to her body. "Believe me, I wouldn't have touched your bony ass if I
      weren't being well financially compensated!"

      Devastation sprang up on Rogue's face as the insult hit its mark, and
      she curled her fists into two tight balls.

      "Go on," Logan taunted her. "I dare you to take a swing at me. Oh,
      but that's right," he mocked, "you're afraid you might like touching
      me too much!"

      Instead of the sharp retort Logan expected her to volley back, Rogue
      looked as though she'd taken a punch to the gut. Dazed shock and
      hurt gripped her features; her mouth hung open, and her dark eyes
      became bottomless pools.

      Embarrassment then flushed Rogue's naked skin from head to toe as she
      realized her state of undress. She turned her back on Logan with a
      disdainful sniff and began scrambling for her clothing.

      Shit! What the fuck had just happened? One minute he'd been having
      the most carnal sex he could ever have dreamt up, and the next he'd
      been madder than all hell. But then, she hadn't *really* been so
      carnal, had she! Logan realized. It had just been *his* mojo she'd
      been vibing off of. It had only been a warped set of circumstances
      creating a deceptive illusion. He felt oddly robbed. And violently
      pissed off.

      Christ, did Logan feel pissed! Rogue had pulled her jeans on and was
      now working on hooking her bra while turned away from him. He could
      see her shoulder blades shifting beneath her pale, satiny skin as she
      twisted to latch the scrap of cotton into place. Logan pulled off
      the used condom, hitched his pants back up from around his still-
      booted ankles, and grabbed his jacket with the shirt tucked inside,
      sliding the two back on as one piece. Muttering a curse under his
      breath, he slipped outside to get a smoke. He slammed the driver's
      side door behind him.
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