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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (1/?) [Logan/Rogue, Ororo/Legolas, Scot t]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness By Nadja Lee 02/01/03 You have to read “Fellowship Of Heroes” to follow this. You can read it at fanfiction.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
      Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness
      By Nadja Lee 02/01/03

      You have to read “Fellowship Of Heroes” to follow this. You can read it at fanfiction.net [http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=104470] or my own webpage [http://www.100megspop3.com/scottororo/fiction/FellowshipOfHeroes.html%5d.

      All usual disclaimers apply. You can read them at the beginning of “Fellowship Of Heroes”.

      Romance: Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn/Arwen, Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean(Phoenix), others

      Summery: Okay, you asked for this….let’s see how I can fuck up PJ’s “Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers”…

      Rating: If the movie can get a PG-13 rating with that many battles scenes and even a shot of burned corpses then this story sure as Hell can too….well, unless my bad language will raise the rating for the Americans to an R *LOL*….

      Feedback: What do you think? Give me some, and I’ll write more….Flames will be eaten by my nonexistent dog. My e-mail address (one of them anyway) is neh@...

      Anyway, to the fic and enjoy!

      Author’s notes: Remember this crosses the X-men from the movie over to the movie LOTR characters. However I’ll add comic elements to the mix but don’t worry; I’ll explain. Promise! *smiles*

      Remember also that things in *mmmm* is when a character speaks Elvish.

      This fic takes off right where “Fellowship Of Heroes” ended.

      For Estelle simply for being who she is because then no one can ask for more. Thanks also to Estelle for great Beta.


      Part 1:

      “This is ridiculous. We have been running after the Orcs who took the Hobbits for two days now and we still haven’t been able to as much as see them!” Logan complained as Aragorn finally stopped from where he had been running in the front, Legolas close behind him. Logan cast murderous looks at the Elf. Damn him! He was not even out of breath.

      “Saruman must help speed their way,” Aragorn guessed and looked out over the open plains they had reached now as they had followed Merry and Pippin’s trail to fulfil the promise Aragorn had given Boromir; he would see the Little Ones safe. To that he had sworn. As Aragorn’s thoughts fell on Boromir he felt a stone fell on his heart and he absentminded touched the armbands he wore, the armbands that bore the Steward of Gondor’s seal and had belonged to Boromir.

      “A Dwarf is not meant for this kind of running,” Gimli protested, breathing heavily in and out. He was having the most trouble keeping up with the determined and fit human King and the ever ready and elegant Elf.

      “This pace even gives your Danger Room exercises a run for their money,” Rogue teased Scott, trying to regain her breath.

      “We must get to the Hobbits before they are taken to Mordor. When first they enter there we will have no way to reach them,” Legolas defended his bond brother’s pace.

      “I have scouted ahead but I saw no Orc. However I feel something in the air, something isn’t right,” Ororo said concerned as she landed beside Legolas and blushed under his admiring stare as he saw her slowly decent to the ground. When she had landed she smiled at him and he took both her hands in his and leaned in for a kiss.

      “Will you two nature kids stop it with the bad vibes? We know already,” Logan complained at Ororo and Legolas but a smile tug at his lips at finally seeing his friend happy.

      “It’s getting dark. We should find shelter soon,” Scott suggested, observing the darkening sky so he didn’t have to watch the couple; their love only made him long even more for Jean.

      “Yes, let’s call it a day,” Gimli eagerly agreed.

      “Getting tired, Dwarf?” Legolas asked in a teasing tone, surprising the X-men with his tone.

      “What do you know? Pointy-ears has a sense of humour after all,” Logan mumbled. The other X-men smiled at this. “Not much but it’s there…somewhere,” Logan continued in hopes of drawing a laugh out of Rogue and succeeded. He drew her into his embrace and kissed the top of her head.

      “Dwarfs weren’t meant to travel like this unlike you Elves who have nothing else to fill your days with,” Gimli gave back, but his tone held no real heat.

      “We make camp. Ororo, did you find shelter nearby we can use?” Aragorn asked, turning to the white-haired woman he had come to respect as a warrior on their long journey.

      “I did. It’s just up ahead,” Ororo pulled away from Legolas and was forced to let go of his hand so he could be ready with an arrow should an enemy approach. She led them up to where some big stones would form a kind of wall to one side, making them feel a little more protected.

      “We mustn’t start a fire, it could draw unnecessary attention to us,” Aragorn warned and sat down with his back to the stones.

      “No warmth, no food….I love this place. Logan, darlin’, we really must come here every year for our anniversary,” Rogue said in a half complaining/half teasing tone of voice. Logan grinned and held her tight as they sat down, also having their backs to the stones but in the other end of where Aragorn sat.

      “We still have water and the bread we got with us from Rivendell,” Ororo said as she went through some of the bags that it had been Logan’s turn to carry for today. Scott noticed Aragorn looked away, one hand caressing the jewel that hung around his neck.

      “Bread and water. It’s a feast,” Logan declared with false cheer and Scott couldn’t help but smile. One day he would tell Logan how much his humour kept them all up in this hard time….well, okay that day would be on his dead bed…preferably the day after…but anyway. It was the thought that counted, right?

      Ororo began to share the food while Legolas sat down between Aragorn and Rogue, with lots of space on either side. He pretended to be checking his bow and arrows but his eyes kept returning to Ororo and following her every move.

      “She will be alright, you know,” Scott said and startled Aragorn as he sat down beside him.


      Scott nodded to the jewel around his neck.

      “Arwen. The Elvin Princess who waved at us when we left Rivendell,” Scott explained with a smile. Aragorn frowned, still looking at the jewel and not Scott.

      “I know.”

      Scott looked confused at him.

      “If you know this then why….” He spread out his hands in a bewildered gesture.

      “She will leave this land,” he looked up and into Scott’s shaded eyes. Such aguish was in them that Scott for a moment was at a loss for words.

      “What do you mean?” Scott asked.

      “Here,” Ororo handed them each bread and water and both men nodded a thanks. When Ororo had settled herself at Legolas’s right side, Gimli on the other side of him, Aragorn’s eyes returned to Scott.

      “My foster father, the Lord Elrond, told me before I left. Arwen will leave this land with her people as she should,” his voice was low and pained.

      “I don’t understand. But…what about Rivendell? Saruman will come,” Scott asked puzzled as he took a bite of the bread. When first he had tasted the bread it had tasted strange, maybe even a bit displeasing but now, after weeks with little else to eat he had grown kinda fond of it. He absentminded wondered if the bread was made by Elven or Hobbit recipe.

      “My father told me that the Elves’ time has come. They will leave,” Aragorn explained this as if it was an obvious thing. Scott stared shocked at him, first remembering to close his mouth after several seconds had passed.

      “Let me get this straight…. your father…okay, foster father, Lord Elrond of Rivendell will desert his own country? All the Elves will leave? The Queen we met as well?”

      “Yes,” Aragorn nodded.

      “Sooo…they all leave…to where?” Scott was more puzzled than ever by the ways of the creatures living in this world. Who would give up without a fight, just like that?

      “They will cross over, leave for Valinor and live forever where there are no wars, no hate or despair.”

      “Now that explains everything. I completely understand now.” Scott shook his head in frustration. “Good,” Aragorn nodded at him.

      “I was being sarcastic.”

      Aragorn looked confused at him.

      “I’m not familiar with this word,” the young King admitted.

      Scott shook his head.

      “Never mind,” he was beginning to feel a headache coming on. “Okay, one more time. All the Elves will…die, go to Heaven or something and leave Earth…”

      “Middle Earth,” Aragorn corrected.

      “Middle Earth to Sauron’s mercy? Sauron; a madman out to destroy everything. Am I right or have I missed something?” Scott tried to keep his voice under control.

      “I don’t understand the word Heaven but yes, as much as a human who doesn’t have knowledge of the Elves can explain it, it’s correct,” Aragorn nodded, his tone not patronizing but simply stating a fact.

      “And you’re okay with this? Everyone is okay with this?” Scott asked disbelieving. If this was true then Legolas had joined the Fellowship, knowing all he knew, his entire family, yes, in fact his entire race, would be gone and leave him the last Elf on Middle Earth. What a sacrifice he must have made and he bore it so well; without regret and without complaint. Though maybe such strength was in the Elven race but it was natural for the human race to question and mourn. Scott looked intensely at Aragorn but he remained quiet. “For crying out loud! It’s your family! Your father and your lover you’re giving up on not to mention your home. You have nothing to say to that?” Scott was aware that his tone had risen louder than it should but right now he didn’t care. Maybe Logan was right; everyone here was nuts!

      “Of course I care!” Aragorn’s eyes shinned with anger and sorrow and his voice had also risen, for the first time since Scott had met him he seemed to have lost his calmness. “It was my home, the only place I knew. The Elves are more my people than any group of humans will ever be. Arwen is my life, she’s my light, my heart and my soul. I have loved her for as long as I can remember.”

      “Then why do you give her up?” Scott demanded to know.

      “It’s because I love her I give her up,” Aragorn saw the confused look on Scott’s face. “Arwen is an Elf and though I often feel more Elf than human…I am human. If Arwen binds herself to me she will either see me grow old and die, having to spend eternity alone or her unhappiness could kill her,” tears shinned in his eyes as he explained. “In any case, all I bring her is death.”

      “Maybe you should let her decide what she wants. If Jean has taught me anything then it’s to believe in the power of love and the strength of a woman,” Scott said softly.

      “She sounds like an amazing woman,“ Aragorn offered, remembering that Scott too was without the woman he loved, maybe forever.

      “She is. She is powerful yet kind and loving. She’s…” Scott smiled to himself as he brought a mental image of Jean to him, of how she had looked one morning standing bathed in the sunlight, how she had seemed to glow.

      “She’s the woman you love,” Aragorn finished for him, knowing just how he felt. Scott nodded but noticed the sadness in the young King’s eyes.

      “Can you see my friends sitting over there? Logan and Rogue?” Scott turned towards them and pointed at where they sat, Rogue saying something to Logan as he had his arms around her and her head rested on his chest. Aragorn looked at them.

      “I see them.”
      ”They had every obstacle against them. Rogue can never touch as you know yet still Logan loves her, he’s much older than her but she doesn’t care…. he practically can’t die,” Scott ended and turned to look at Aragorn.

      “You mean to tell me…?” there was disbelief in his voice and written all over his face.

      “Don’t judge Logan by his at times, okay, often, rude behaviour. He’s a great warrior, a great friend and no man could love his wife more than Logan loves Rogue. He would die for her and he almost did, several times in fact,” Scott explained, his tone serious. “Of course, if you tell Logan what I just said about him I’ll have to kill you.”

      Aragorn looked surprised at him and Scott couldn’t help but laugh.

      “Just kidding. But seriously, look at how happy they are,” both men cast another brief look at Logan and Rogue. “They can never truly touch or kiss, never have children and Logan will outlive Rogue by at least several hundred years. We may not be talking about Logan living for eternity alone but it will be a very long time and it’s not just Elves who can die from a broken heart,” Scott explained, sympathy, concern and love towards his friends clear in his voice.

      “You’re saying…” Aragorn began slowly.

      “I’m saying that you can’t make decisions for others. There will be sacrifices, mostly on her part as there are mostly sacrifices on Logan’s part in their relationship but like Rogue couldn’t choose Logan’s path for him even if she felt he was better off with someone else, neither can you choose Arwen’s path for her. From what you have told me she truly loves you. Have faith in her love and her strength,” Scott finished, feeling a little out of breath.

      “You would make a great statesman. You have the word in your might,” Aragorn admitted and smiled, touching the jewel that hung around his neck. “You are right. She came to me once, not long ago. Even if she does leave, and I still think she should live forever, be with her own kind…. then I will believe in her love. I won’t forget,” it was a vow, softly spoken but strong nevertheless.

      “Good,” Scott felt better now than he had in days. If he never saw Jean again at least he could help someone else be happy.

      “Thank you,” the words were simple but sincere and Scott knew that giving thanks probably wasn’t something he was used to.

      “My pleasure,“ Scott smiled though in the back of his mind he was more concerned than ever. If the Elves had left and he had seen that the Dwarfs had been slain in Moria then all that stood between the destruction of Earth, Middle Earth he corrected himself, was the shattered Fellowship and the humans. He wondered if there were a lot of humans on Middle Earth. He knew Boromir’s land, Gondor, had to be occupied by humans but besides that….they hadn’t met many humans on their journey so maybe there wasn’t very many. Things didn’t look well at all.

      “We should get some rest. We have a long walk ahead of us,” Aragorn said and lay down on the ground, seemly doing just what he had said. The man was almost one with nature, so at ease here. Sleeping outdoors seemed natural to him but sleep didn’t come that easy to Scott. When finally he drifted off his dreams was haunted by fear and death…. a shadow haunted him and formed the figure of a Phoenix. The Phoenix changed and turned into Jean just as she ran him through with a sword. Scott awoke with a start in the middle of the night, his heart racing and his brow sweaty. Just a dream, he tried to reassure himself and get his heartbeat and breathing under control. Just a dream…yet why had it then felt so real?

      * * *

      “You alright? You look so thoughtful,” Ororo asked as she seated herself next to Legolas after she had handed out all the bread and water. It had been a hard and long walk so Ororo ate her dinner quickly, admiring Legolas’s calm while he ate his bread.

      “I’m well. I was just thinking of the Hobbits,” Legolas admitted and a frown covered his brow. They shouldn’t even have been a part of this trip; Merry and Pippin had only come along to help their friends.

      “We will find them,” Ororo promised though she wasn’t that sure they would. The Hobbits were like children and she had come to love and regard them as such. If they had been killed…she didn’t even want to think it.

      “Tell me of your world,” Legolas deliberately changed subject as she continued to eat.

      “It’s not like this place. It was once perhaps, but people have lost touch with nature. The beauty I find in this place is hard to find in my world,” Ororo explained, looking around over the open plains and back towards the woods. Nature had such beauty and power here; it was amazing.

      “How do your people live? In trees?” Legolas asked curiously.

      “No, no,” Ororo shook her head and smiled at him. “Only few people possess the powers my friends and I have and only a small handful of them can fly.”
      ”You must be a Queen among mortals then,” Legolas said softly, his eyes kind and intense. She frowned.

      “Where I was born I was worshipped as a Goddess because of my powers but I left for a more populated area. There they weren’t so kind.”

      “Please explain,” confusion was in his voice. Explain? How to explain, she thought.

      “People who don’t have the abilities my friends and I have fear us, often hate us.”
      ”I don’t understand,” Legolas said, even more confused than ever. “Why would they hate you when you have so much to give?”
      ”In my world humans always fear what they don’t know or don’t understand and they react to fear with hate and violence.”
      ”Then…Elves aren’t welcomed in human kingdoms?” Legolas wanted to know and sadness took a hold of his heart as he remembered that one day…they would part and there might not be a place for them in either world as long as they stayed together.

      “We have no real Kingdoms left and Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs…..we have no such creatures in my world, at least not as far as we know,” Ororo explained, her thoughts going the same way as Legolas. If they got through this there would be no place for Legolas in her violent and hatefilled world.

      “Your world sound like a cold place to live,” Legolas said softly.

      “In a way it is. We try to make peace now after hundreds of years of war but often fail. People hate so easily and forgive so rarely. They hate because of sex, sexuality, nationality, religion…colour,” she shrugged, not wanting to go on. Comparing her world with this one, even war-torn as it was now, made her see how much had been lost…too much to restore.

      “Colour?” Legolas asked surprised. She nodded. Having both finished their meal Legolas let a hand cover hers and looked at his own pale white hand cover her soft brown one. “How can anyone hate because of that? Look at our hands…so beautiful….poetic,” the last was said with his eyes meeting hers, such deep, soulful eyes…old eyes.

      “Fear makes people ignore the obvious beauty,” she said hoarsely, feeling suddenly that the temperature had risen. She licked suddenly dry lips. Had he any idea how endlessly magical, poetic…yes, beautiful he looked when he held her hand and looked at her with so much love in his eyes? Did he have any idea what it did to her heart? After all the failed relationships she had had, all the men who had cheated or used her or simply hadn’t been all there…to look into his eyes was like finding Heaven, making it hard to look away.

      “Love can make them refind it,” his voice was soft like a caress and his free hand laid around her neck, pulling her slowly into a kiss. Her breathing quickened as their lips met, such fine lips, such a sweet and light kiss. As they pulled apart she felt out of breath, her eyes shinning with love and desire.

      “We shouldn’t do this,” his voice was a mumble. She felt like someone had thrown ice water at her. She drew back and stood up.

      “No, you’re right,” she tried to keep her voice under control as she walked away, needing some space.

      “You alright, Ororo?” Rogue called after her.

      “Fine. I just need some fresh air,” she reassured her.

      “Yeah, it’s not like we have been walking outside all day,” she heard Logan say under his breath. She ignored him and walked over to a group of trees standing some 200 metres from where the others were resting.

      “Ororo?” Legolas’s voice reached her ears and she fastened her pace.

      “Ororo, please. Talk to me,” suddenly he was behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to come to a halt. She turned around to face him.

      “It’s alright, really. We have a job to do and should concentrate on it,” she knew she was being childish, she knew this was stupid, she knew he was right…yet she still wanted all she shouldn’t long for.

      “Ororo, it’s not that I don’t want you,” Legolas began and her cheeks flamed red. Damn him for being so insightful! “It’s just…. we aren’t married.”
      ”Married?” The conversation had taken a surprising and pleasing turn and Ororo looked him in the eyes for the first time since he had caught up with her.

      “I would not want to disgrace you,” he said sincerely. Was this man for real? Ororo briefly wondered. Yes, there definitely had been lost a lot on Earth…. Chivalry and honour seemed to have disappeared around the same time that money got the power over right and might ruled over truth.

      “You won’t disgrace me,” Ororo smiled warmly and stroked his cheek. He caught her hand and softly kissed it, sending shivers down her spine. “Legolas, fate brought us together and may very well tear us apart again. One of us may not survive this journey…the future is hidden from us and we walk in uncertainty about everything. Only this,” she softly kissed him before she drew back. “Only this we have now…that is real,” she touched the place of the human heart on his chest, not sure if an Elvish heart would be in the same place but sure he knew what the gesture meant because of his friendship with Aragorn.

      “Are you certain about this? I do not wish to hurt you but I can’t deny I want to seek comfort and a few hours of happiness and forgetfulness in your embrace,” he admitted, stroking her cheek with his hand.

      “I am certain. This may be the only moment we get; this may be all we get at all. Please…make me a memory worth remembering. A memory to warm me in death or alone in coming winters, whatever my future may hold,” she asked softly, tears forming in her eyes. He gently wiped her tears away with his fingers, his touch soft and loving.

      “Lovely Goddess…then I give you a memory of love,” he whispered softly and kissed her as he drew her down with him on the soft grass. The kiss deepened and she held him close. He began to plant kisses down her neck and she made a small noise of pleasure as his lips moved, lighting a trace of desire’s fire down her skin. She threw her head back as he unbuttoned her blouse and kissed the soft skin of her stomach. As she looked up she saw the trees gently move as they bent down to form shelter for them.

      “You did that?” she gashed as the trees protected and shielded them, like a pearl in an oyster.

      “The trees here are alive in a way through they don’t speak they do sense emotions,” he explained softly as he drew her into another kiss. She put her arms around him, her arms touching the silk like long blond hair of his as she drew him close.

      *Beloved, in all my years no one has ever made me feel the way you do. I love you, * he mumbled against her breath, the Elvish words excited her and made her smile but she didn’t understand them.

      She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of him, the taste of him….this was bliss…it was magical indeed. She hoped she would bring him as much pleasure as he was bringing her because this promised to be the best and most magical night of her life.


      Author’s notes: Don’t look at me like that! You don’t really want to read about Ororo and Legolas making love, now do you? Thought not….so we move on for some action here instead *G*
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