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FIC: Through My Eyes: The Scent of Snow White 2/7

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  • Autumn <autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com>
    *Disclaimer in part one* Previous installments can be found at: www.autumnpenguins.com Marie is screaming. The worst sound I ve ever heard. Purely animal, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2003
      *Disclaimer in part one*

      Previous installments can be found at: www.autumnpenguins.com

      Marie is screaming. The worst sound I've ever heard. Purely animal,
      it is fear, excruciating pain and a cry for help. And I want too,
      need to answer that call. I don't care what it cost me. My health, my
      life if necessary. I know there is nothing I wouldn't do for the
      girl. I know I need to get her out of that damn thing before the
      screaming stops. I owe it too her. I mighta picked her up in the
      hills, but I fuckin' stabbed her yesterday. Odds aside, I genuinely
      want too help her. It's been too damn long since I felt that. And my
      concern for Marie brings out the protective instincts. Her safety
      means I need to know what kind of people she is surrounded by.

      Charles and buckethead have a lot of things in common. They're both
      passionate about their dream. They're stubborn, tenacious, and like
      too win. I might be talking out of my ass, but I have a way of
      pegging people, and I'm usually right. Take Jean for example. Her
      heart's in the right place, her hands ain't. Storm, well never really
      got to know her but she fights for what she believes in. Respectable
      in anyone. Cyke is basically a good guy, even if it is fun to give
      him shit. He wants to do the right thing, even if it means
      sacrificing someone on the team. I don't know if Jean knows that, but
      I have no doubt she'd go on to another place if it was the right
      thing to do. Bitter pill to swallow.

      It pisses me off that he's getting ready to blast Marie. I've gotta
      at least try to get to her, I just need the chance. If I failed, I
      tried, and Cyke will kill us all. I can see that fucker up there
      hovering, doesn't look surprised to see us down here. The X-Men see
      him as a menace, a psychotic one at that. But he's as lucid as
      Charles. They're two sides of the goddamn coin, but only one of them
      sees it. Three guesses as to whom. It doesn't take long to judge a
      character. Well for me it don't, you just gotta use your senses. Eyes
      ain't enough, smells, sounds and movement tell you everything you
      need to know.

      Magneto is the most controlled person I've ever seen. He holds
      himself in a confident posture; there is no doubt he knows what he
      wants and how to get it. He smells of hot steel. I don't know if it
      has something to do with his gift, but I'd say that influences it,
      but he's steel. Rigid, uncompromising and collected. He speaks
      fluently and with precision, not a word is wasted. He's not the
      madman that even some of the X-Men see him as; he's a fucking genius,
      which is more frightening and much worse.

      Cyclops. He's struggling with the burden that's been placed on his
      shoulders. He's overtaxed which anyone watching him walk can see. An
      entire pole up the ass is kind of hard to miss. Scottyboy is the
      leader. He's young and inexperienced, a dangerous combination
      anywhere. I have no doubt that he will one day fit the role that
      Charles has fashioned for him, but at the moment he's treading water.
      His smell if of gasoline. His power is unharnessable, and his
      emotions are conflicting. Should he loose control, he could explode.

      Jean is probably the most contradictory of the X-Men. She radiates
      power and intelligence, and beneath that mask of confidence is an
      underlying sense of frustration. It comes out in her behaviors most
      often directed at her lover. I don't doubt that she loves him, but we
      often take our frustrations out on those we are closest too. I
      suspect her frustrations come from her lack of progress in
      strengthening her powers. Charles holds her in high regard, and
      weather he knows it or not, he influences all of them. They're still
      like kids that want to please their teacher. Her scent is of
      electricity. There is a surge of the unnatural, fused with her own

      Storm is the most enigmatic. She is aloof, she is confident and has a
      commanding aura. Storm is shrewd and calculating. She works
      everything over in her mind and examines every angle before she
      weighs in with her two cents. Her stint as a goddess probably had
      something to do with her behavior. Despite that, she smells of earth
      freshly rained upon. Rich and natural. She is the ground of this

      Marie. Marie is everything and nothing. She is a mixture of dark and
      light. I can smell her now. It is the cold metallic smell of steel,
      Erik's imprint upon her and her own natural bouquet. Marie is smoke
      and water. I can't explain the duality, but she is both. Her
      personality is hickory smoke. Sweeter than any other brand of smoke,
      its light and pleasant when many are irritating. The water scent is
      not so much a unique spell as it is a diffusion of her natural scent
      mixed with another. It smelled diluted the day after I stabbed her,
      and I can smell the same change now. A unique scent, she will always
      be easy to find.

      The lack of hickory is makin' me nervous. I gotta get up there now.
      Before the smoke goes out, before she dies. That fucker will get
      what's coming to him.
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