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Through My Eyes: Rapunzel's Gold 1/7

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  • Autumn <autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com>
    Title: Rapunzel s Gold Seeries: Through my Eyes 1/7 Author: Autumn Summary: A seven chapter series on perspectives of seven characters about the events at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2003
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      Title: Rapunzel's Gold

      Seeries: Through my Eyes 1/7

      Author: Autumn

      Summary: A seven chapter series on perspectives of seven characters
      about the events at the Statue of Liberty.

      Rating: PG-13

      Archive: DDFH, Autumn's Penguin Emporium. All others please ask first.

      Disclaimer: I own none of the X-Men. The happy people that do are far
      richer than I. The bits of song belong to the band Coldplay.

      Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones Turn in to something
      beautiful. -Coldplay, "Yellow"

      Isn't she magnificent. Silvery white lines of perfection, her skin is
      golden. She is my Rumpelstiiltzkin. Spinning gold for me, yet
      taunting me with it, the price of it, flaunting the make of it and
      being rather selfish with it One life is hardly a sacrifice if it
      changes the world. She is a martyr in her own right, but doesn't
      realize her own significance. She is Rapunzel, she is Ophelia, she is
      Lilly Bart. Every tragic heroine meshed into a perfect skin. Pale,
      translucent, elegant, strong and deadly.

      Should we go into Christian lore, the girl would be significant as
      Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Her death is our rebirth. Like her
      predecessors before her, the choice to give life and to give up her
      own is not her decision. She was born with the golden skin, for good
      or ill we cannot say. My role is of the divine, egotistic as it
      sounds, it is the truth. Few people have the capacity to willingly
      take an innocent life and exploit it for their own intentions.
      Soldiers on the battlefield kill because they are told too, and they
      are against the enemy. The men, children and women are faceless and
      therefore are not real living beings.

      An innocent, one who is pure in some form or other is difficult.
      There is no broad brush label, there is no discoloring of who it is.
      People will hesitate, ignoring any of the possible benefits and
      seeing only the negative. Clinging to morals is crippling. Morals are
      funny contradictory things. Justice, righteousness etc. Everyone is
      born equal, yet children are treated differently, simply because we
      assume they are less capable and intelligent. Societies with a great
      respect with justice says it is wrong to kill, illegal even yet
      thousands are condemned to die every year by the blind eye of
      justice. Its amazing how thin of an excuse someone can invent to
      justify murder. Clothing, shoes, drugs, revenge, infidelity the list
      is endless. However, Rogue is the guilty one here. Should she refuse
      to do her duty and aid the cause, which will save thousands of
      mutants from a life of persecution, isn't she the one behaving as a
      criminal? Sentencing others to an unimaginable fate to save herself.
      A traitor in other hands. A death worthy penalty if there ever was

      I refuse to feel guilty. I am to be responsible for the death of an
      innocent, I accept that. But with that responsibility is the up side,
      which even as a realist I can see far outweighs the perceived
      negative side. Hope and a shot at life to be free. Freedom as a
      mutant, an escape from the social prison which has caged us on a
      global scale. It draws ever closer. Even the screams are fading as
      the light of hope stretches over the Atlantic. A holy light shines
      around the new Mother as she gives birth to her children.

      My Ophelia, Mary and Jesus is beautiful. Christ himself screamed out
      in pain as he lay on the cross. Mary undoubtedly shrieked as the
      savior was born. Her screams are to be expected, I do wish there was
      another way. I truly do. I've never been a sadist and I derive no
      pleasure from human suffering. Pain. The sound that draws the strong
      to the weak Predators to pray, parents to children. It excites them,
      it panics them and it gives them strength. It is a warning and a cry
      for help. Who will heed her cry?

      Cyclops? He would kill us both rather than risk me escaping. His
      moral compass is indeed full of Charles' brand of rational and logic.
      The end result is the thing which concerns them. Should it entail the
      loss of one, well tragedy is the hero's call. Neither will admit it.
      Doing the right thing as they say is so much easier to label in
      general than equally weighing all the components. We are the same,
      the three of us. Yet only I will see it and call it as it is.

      Jean Grey and Storm are out her tonight as well. The former is
      completely devoted to Cyclops. Her judgment is blinded by her
      affection and confidence in him. She will follow his orders on the
      field, trusting him to make the right choice. He will have his moment
      of doubt when they are tucked into shadows, she will reassure him.
      Storm on the other hand is harder to calculate. Her feelings do not
      interfere with her actions. It is her strength and her weakness. It
      is my own. I don't pretend that it is only a strength. Our shared
      trait allowed me to become close to Charles, and it is also what
      cause us to grow apart. The same cannot yet be said of the white
      haired woman. Time shall tell.

      The Wolverine is another matter altogether. He draws on his emotions
      to fuel his actions. It aids him to a degree. There is a tunnel
      vision in him that the others do not display with such a blatant
      energy. If any, he will insist on going to heroic efforts to save the
      girl. Speaking of the devil, I believe that my assessment of him was
      correct. For there is a shadow hovering over me, and it looks
      distinctly like a wolverine.
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