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FIC: Reunion, part 20/20

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    *Yes, this is the last part.* Chapter 20 Logan was dressing in the morning after waking up. Rogue did the same. When Logan turned his head to look at her she
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2003
      *Yes, this is the last part.*
      Chapter 20

      Logan was dressing in the morning after waking up. Rogue did the
      same. When Logan turned his head to look at her she was just pulling
      on her long, white cotton gloves.
      When Logan was finished buttoning his shirt, he went and sat down
      next to her, on the edge of her bed.
      They slept in single bed nowadays, since it was considered too
      risky to sleep in a double bed, in spite that it was large. Rogue had
      coldly refused to wear gloves and protective clothing while she
      slept, so this had been the best (or only) solution. Their beds stood
      about three feet apart.
      - Hey, sweetie, Logan said and put his arm around Rogue's
      shoulders. It was safe now, since she wore a long-sleeved sweater,
      plus her gloves.
      - The professor asked us to come to the dining room eight A.M.
      today, he continued. It's ten to eight now. We should go soon.
      - I don't know if I wanna go... Rogue murmured slowly. I don't
      wanna be anywhere where there's people. Not now, I don't.
      - Marie... Now you're being silly. What exactly do you mean by
      - You know what I mean. Why can't I... just be a normal mutant? I
      hate this goddamn curse! she exclaimed and held her gloved hands in
      front of her. We won't ever be able to love a normal life, not after
      - Who says we can't? Logan asked.
      - That's quite obvious, isn't it? Rogue continued irritably. You
      won't stay with me. You'll leave me.
      - Marie, what are you saying? I will never...-
      - Logan, you're a man. Don't you think I understand? If you can't
      have sex with me, then you'll have it with someone else.
      - Well... Logan said and shrugged. I'll just get a blow-up doll, or
      Rogue's eyes narrowed and she gave him a strange look.
      - Honey, that was a joke! Logan exclaimed and couldn't help
      laughing. I will never cheat on you or leave you. Sex is the smallest
      - You say that now, but later...-
      - You're making it sound like I was some kind of sex-maniac.
      - I'm sorry, Rogue sighed. My defences are up. I'm just jealous of
      everyone else that has a normal life. Scott and Jean, for instance,
      and... I even envy professor Xavier and Magneto.
      Logan laughed. - Don't, honey. We'll be just fine. Besides, Jean's
      working on a new serum. She'll find one. You'll see that.
      - I really hope you're right.
      - I'm always right. Trust me. I think we should go down. Are you
      - Sure.
      Logan carefully kissed the top of her head before they got up and

      When Logan and Rogue arrived at the dining room and sat down at the
      table, all the other X-men were already there, plus professor Xavier
      himself, sitting at one short end, with Magneto next to him.
      It was impossible to avoid seeing that the two older men were
      holding each other's hands.
      Logan tried to be polite and not stare, and Rogue had to resist the
      urge to laugh at Logan.
      The table was set and the breakfast was ready. Everyone started to
      eat when those who were meant to come were on location.
      Professor Charles Xavier began to speak solemnly.
      - I summoned you here for a very special purpose, my friends, he
      said, smiling. He was still holding Magneto's hand.
      - I think we all know... Scott muttered with his mouth full of
      - It is good that you already know, Scott, but maybe not everybody
      is as well informed, Xavier replied kindly. Yes, I was to bring up
      something that actually concerns my personal life, but that still
      concerns you enough for you to be a part of it.
      He looked at Magneto with a smile, and Magneto shyly smiled back.
      - Erik and I, he began, have a very special relationship. He is my
      friend and my soulmate and has again become my lover. That is what I
      wanted to discuss with you. Most of you perhaps already know, and I
      truly hope this does not affect your way of seeing me or your
      conception of me.
      - Charles, Jean said. Of course it doesn't. We want you to be
      happy, and if you are happy with Magneto, then we don't mind it.
      - So you two are...a couple, or something? Rogue asked carefully.
      - Yes, Marie, you could say that, Charles replied.
      - I actually didn't know you were a homosexual, Logan said frankly.
      - No, I know. I have been only asexual for so long that you surely
      believed I had no sex life at all. And I haven't had any, for over 20
      years, but now when Erik and I have found back to each other, things
      have changed, and I am happy for it.
      - Will he stay here? Logan asked.
      - No, I won't, Magneto answered, now speaking for the first time.
      In fact I will leave tomorrow. But Charles and I will continue to
      have a steady relationship, and I will continue to visit your mansion
      as often as I can spare time. I really hope that none of you have
      anything against my presence here. I promise that when I come, I will
      try to be invisible and not disturb anybody.
      - Of course you are welcome here, Erik, Storm said. I'm actually
      glad to have you here. I have hardly ever seen Charles so happy as he
      is with you.
      Magneto smiled. - Thank you, Storm. To know you have accepted me
      means a lot to me.
      - Scott, do you have anything to add? asked Charles.
      Cyclops sighed. - I'm not very fond of Magneto, he admitted. But if
      he makes you happy, then I don't begrudge you that. But I'm doing it
      for you, Charles. You deserve to be happy.
      - I'm not asking you to like me, Magneto said. But what I do want,
      is your respect, and that you respect Charles' and my relationship.
      It makes everything so much simpler.
      - Logan? Xavier asked. I know you've been having difficulties...-
      Logan held up his hand and silenced him. - It's okay, he said. Do
      what you want, but remember what I told you about the door, Mags.
      That's all.
      Magneto nodded and couldn't help smiling, but the rest threw
      curious looks at him and Logan.
      - Come here, suddenly Charles said and took Magneto's head in his
      hands. And then he kissed him. It was a long, hot and deep kiss, and
      the five other people around the table started to cheer and applaud.
      At that moment Charles felt this might work, after all.

      The End
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