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FIC: Reunion, part 19/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    *sexual contact in this chapter* Chapter 19 It took several days before Erik could leave bed and it would take quite long before the red and blue marks that
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      *sexual contact in this chapter*

      Chapter 19

      It took several days before Erik could leave bed and it would take
      quite long before the red and blue marks that covered his body
      Some had started to turn yellow already, but there were many that
      hadn't. And it hurt.
      Jean kept him in the med-lab until she was sure he had recovered
      enough to make it on his own. It was nine days after the assault, and
      Jean said he was feeling well - at least according to the
      Erik was happy to leave the med-lab, and he knew Charles also felt
      so. They hadn't slept together for long.
      Erik had missed the feeling of a warm body pressed against his own
      during the nights and he was looking forward to experiencing that
      When Jean finally let him go, Charles' (and his) room was the first
      place he headed to. It was already eight o'clock in the evening, and
      he was hoping Charles would be there. He wanted to kiss his lover and
      tell him that he loved him.
      When Erik opened the door to Charles' large bedroom he expected to
      see the other sitting in there in his wheelchair. But when he opened
      it and looked inside, the room was dark and seemed to be empty.
      Erik gave a disappointed sigh. Charles knew he would come back
      today from the med-lab and Erik had actually thought they were going
      to spend the evening together.
      Charles couldn't have gone to bed already, could he? He glanced at
      the bed, but without turning on the lights.
      - Charles? he whispered. Charles, are you here...?
      He received a reply, but the voice came from the adjacent bathroom.
      - Erik, I am in here! Charles called.
      Erik followed the sound of his voice and opened the bathroom door
      and looked inside.
      Charles was sitting in the bathtub. He looked up when he heard Erik
      - Erik! he said and smiled. So Jeannie let you go after all?
      - Yes, just a few minutes ago, Erik said. I thought...
      - You thought what, my dear?
      - That you were not here, Erik confessed.
      - You didn't believe I'd forget about you? Nonsense! Of course we
      are going to have a nice evening. I am just making myself ready.
      Charles was soaping his slim yet muscular upper arms.
      - Can I join you? Erik asked.
      Charles looked at him and smiled. - Of course. I think here is room
      for you too.
      - Thank you.
      Erik started to undress. He was wearing a white shirt, beige pants
      and white slippers. For the first time in several days he wore real
      clothes and not his white hospital shirt. He had started to become
      really sick of it.
      He undressed and neatly folded his clothes. Finally he peeled out
      of his plain, white cotton underpants and let them fall to the floor.
      Charles couldn't hold back a gasp when he saw his lover's naked
      body. Erik looked dreadful. He had bruises everywhere and some of
      them still looked very nasty. And large. And Erik was slender.
      Charles realized his mistake and the look in his eyes turned sad.
      - Oh, honey... I am so sorry...
      - It's alright, Erik instantly replied and tried to smile. I know I
      don't look too attractive now.
      He quickly stepped into the bathtub and sat opposite Charles.
      - No, I didn't mean that, Charles explained. I just...feel sorry
      for you. You are still beautiful.
      Erik snorted. - Sure, he said. I should be glad I don't looks worse
      than Frankenstein's monster!
      - You do not! Charles exclaimed and threw a bath sponge at him.
      Wash yourself. You have to get rid of that hospital smell.
      - Logan gave me a new nose, Magneto continued. With a red flash.
      Maybe I should be grateful. I never did like my nose anyway.
      - Erik...-
      - And then I'm missing two of my teeth as well. Maybe you have seen
      that? I wonder what happened to them? Perhaps I swallowed them? I am
      not sure.
      - Erik, now shut up! This was supposed to be *our* evening. Only
      ours. And I do not think you're ugly. Never.
      Suddenly Erik grinned so that Charles surely saw that he actually
      missed two of his front lower teeth. - Oh, really? he said. To make
      me believe that, you have to go through a lie detector test.
      - And where are *you* getting a lie detector?
      - I need none. I can check you like this.
      Erik reached out his foot right across the bathtub and placed it on
      Charles' chest. He started to rub his friend's nipple with his toes.
      - Erik! Charles squeaked. What are you doing?
      - I am just...checking you.
      He slowly let his foot slide further down, under the water, until
      it reached Charles' groin. To his delight he discovered that Charles
      was already half-hard.
      - Ohhh... Erik cooed and his wry smile grew. So you are still
      - Erik...now you're being a naughty boy, Xavier laughed.
      - Am I not always? Erik said and his wry grin became innocent.
      He pulled back his foot which he had rubbed against Charles'
      growing erection and instead crawled forward and sat next to him. He
      started kissing his neck and cheek.
      - You passed the test...he mumbled. Maybe you think I'm attractive?
      Charles cupped the back of Erik's head in his hand and softly
      kissed him back.
      - You know I think that, he said.
      - Is this going to be our night?
      - Isn't it already?
      - Mmm...
      - Oh, Erik... I am so glad to have you here!
      - Glad to be here too...
      - I was so afraid of losing...-
      Erik placed a finger over his mouth. - Schh. Don't talk about that
      now. Now I only want to think about pleasurable things.
      - I can see that. What are you thinking of, then?
      Erik smiled. - You should know, telepath? he said.
      - I want to hear it from you, Charles insisted.
      - Alright... I want to make love to you.
      - Here? In the bathtub?
      - No, later. In bed. When we are finished bathing.
      - I would like that too, Erik.
      Charles kissed his lover again. Erik's hand disappeared under the
      surface of the water and gripped Charles' full erection. He started
      touching it.
      - Ouhh... ready and eager, I see?
      - How could I not be, with you next to me? Charles replied.
      He took his sponge, soaked it and carefully started to rub it
      against Erik's skin. He was mindful of all the bruises and realized
      he had to avoid them since they were still sore.
      Erik closed his eyes and leaned against Charles. He murmured
      something unintelligible. The hot water and Charles' sensual touch
      were making him sleepy.
      Charles carefully washed his friend's arms, chest and back.
      Sometime he just soaked the bath sponge and let the hot water pour
      over Erik's body.
      - Hey. Don't fall asleep now, Charles whispered at last. It is
      dangerous. You could drown. By the way, I believe we are done here
      soon. If we stay for much longer we are soon as wrinkled as raisins,
      both of us.
      - Hmm, you may have a point... Erik replied and looked up. Maybe we
      Suddenly he stood up and stepped out of the bathtub. Then Charles
      could see that Erik had a hard-on. With that erection jutting out of
      his slender frame he looked unconsciously funny, and Charles really
      felt a strong urge to laugh.
      But he didn't get a chance to laugh. Erik quickly wiped himself in
      a large towel and then he turned to Charles. - Shall I help you up?
      he asked.
      - Can you manage that? Charles asked anxiously and regarded Erik's
      slender body and thin arms, and wondered if he could manage to lift
      - What is that supposed to mean? Erik said indignantly. If I can
      manage? I am not *that* feeble!
      And before Xavier could say anything more, Erik bent down and
      lifted him up from the bathtub, and then safely placed him on a shelf
      on the left side of the bathtub. It had all gone very quickly and
      Charles couldn't help marvelling at Erik.
      Maybe he was stronger than he looked?
      - Have you gained the powers of the Hulk? Charles snickered,
      At first Erik glared at him, but then his face was pulled into a
      - Well...he chuckled, maybe that, or then you are not as heavy as
      you might think. I hope for the latter, since you wouldn't like to me
      become huge, green and mean, would you, Charles?
      - Well... maybe not all of them...
      Erik laughed. - I knew it! You really do have a kink about huge
      green men with a bad attitude, have you not, my friend?
      - Why did I even start this conversation? Come here and wipe me dry
      now, please.
      Erik quickly wiped his lover's body with the same towel that he had
      used earlier, and then helped him to his wheelchair. He didn't even
      care asking if Charles would like to put on any clothes. It was
      unnecessary. They wouldn't need any.
      It was dark inside the bedroom. Erik switched on the night lamp
      standing on Charles' bedside table. The light originating from it was
      quite poor, but fully sufficient. He didn't want total darkness. He
      wanted to see Charles, and he wanted Charles to see him.
      They lay down in the bed. Erik pulled his lover's newly washed,
      still damp body into his arms and enjoyed feeling Charles' warm,
      smooth skin against his own body. He entwined their legs, and
      although he thought it felt good, he knew Charles couldn't feel it.
      Erik started to kiss his throat instead, sure of that Charles at
      least could feel *that*.
      Charles was also happy. He remembered how badly he had suffered and
      dreaded when Erik only a few days ago lay unconscious in the med-lab.
      Then he had feared he would never again get to hold his beloved, or
      kiss him or make love to him.
      That got him thinking about what they were actually doing. He
      needed Erik. Needed to feel him inside himself.
      He reached down his hand between them and firmly gripped Erik's
      penis. It was as hard as his own was, and throbbed when he touched
      - Erik? he whispered. Are we?
      Erik caressed his friend's bald head in reply and smiled. Then he
      placed light kisses on the other's cheeks and lips.
      - Charles, Erik said slowly. Do you know what I had in mind...?
      - What?
      Erik didn't reply audibly, but his body language was speaking for
      He flipped Charles onto his back in the bed, and then straddled his
      pelvis. Their erections were rubbed together and that stimulated them
      both further.
      - Well, Erik began while he rested his hands on Charles' chest. I
      thought I would let you "do the deed" this time. What do you say
      about that?
      - You mean that... you want me to be inside you? Charles asked.
      Erik nodded. - Yes. If you wish. Do you?
      - Yes... But... are you sure?
      - Absolutely. We have done it like this too rarely. I can sit like
      this and ride you. It will be excellent.
      - Erik... you never cease to surprise me! I actually thought
      topping was your field.
      - You don't know everything about me, professor Telepath, Erik said
      with a smile. Where is the lubricant?
      - In the top drawer of my table.
      Erik bent down and kissed Charles hastily on the mouth before he
      slid off of him to look for the little tube of body lotion which they
      used as lubricant.
      He squeezed some cream onto his hand and then started to coat
      Charles engorged erection. Charles gasped and moaned in pleasure
      while Erik touched him. He really had to fight not to orgasm
      directly. Erik's hands always had that effect on him.
      Erik could tell by the sounds and motions that Charles made that he
      was on the brink of his orgasm, so to stop him from coming, he let go
      of the other's penis.
      - Erik, please, hurry, Xavier whispered.
      Erik complied. He took some more lotion on his fingertips and this
      time he put the fingers inside himself to make his passage sleeker
      and to stretch his opening.
      He was a little unaccustomed to the feeling. He didn't do it very
      often. When he thought about it, he was mostly on top when he was
      with male lovers. Mostly, but not always.
      He noticed that Charles watched him with a tiny smile while he was
      preparing himself. Obviously he liked what he saw.
      - Alright, Erik said and removed his digits from his rectum. Ready?
      Charles nodded. Erik straddled Charles again and this time he
      grabbed his lover's nearly iron-hard shaft and put it against his
      opening. Slowly he started to sit on it.
      Charles moaned and placed his hands on Erik's waist. What he felt
      was pleasure. Erik was tight. Very tight. Maybe he was so because he
      wasn't the receiving end very often. But he felt extremely good.
      Erik experienced faint sensations of pain when he took his lover's
      erection into his body. He didn't do this with men so often. But this
      was not just any man. This was Charles, his soulmate.
      He grimaced slightly with pain when he had sat all the way down.
      Charles was buried inside him to the hilt. He needed some time to
      adapt to the feeling.
      - Erik? Charles asked anxiously when he saw his friend's face, that
      expressed pain. Does it hurt? Do you want to stop?
      - No... No, not at all... It feels good.
      Erik took a deep breath and started to move. The pain disappeared
      after a while and the pleasure began. First he moved slowly. Back and
      forth, up and down. He looked down at Charles who lay under him.
      Charles' face was a little vague in the dim light, but Erik could
      clearly see that his eyes were closed and his mouth half-open.
      Charles was in ecstasy. He explored Erik's body with his hands. His
      shoulders, chest, waist, hips and buttocks, and from there to his
      Erik was moving in rhythm.
      Charles was a little afraid of touching him. He was afraid of
      hurting Erik by poking in a bruise or something similar. Therefore
      his touch was very gentle and light. But suddenly Erik grabbed his
      hand and placed it between his legs.
      - Touch me. Here, he pleaded.
      Charles did what he asked. He touched Erik and stroked his genitals
      until he felt something hot and wet spurt into his hand. Erik had
      come. Charles came himself shortly after, and his semen spurted into
      his lover's dark, tight channel.
      Erik could feel Charles had come now. His own orgasm had made him
      tired and he rested on top of Charles. He lay completely still with
      his face against Charles' throat, breathing heavily.
      Charles was also spent. He took Erik's head in his hands and lifted
      it. Then he kissed his friend's forehead. - Erik... he whispered.
      Thank you...
      Erik sighed and rolled off of Charles.
      - Charles...
      - Yes?
      - That was good...
      - I do agree...
      - Charles, I am cold...
      That was not so strange. He was naked, and now when his body heat
      started decreasing after the intercourse, it was natural that he
      began to freeze.
      Erik reached for the covers and spread it over himself. Charles
      spooned behind his back and put his arm around his waist. Now Charles
      started to feel sleepy. He inhaled the scent of Erik's skin and found
      it almost intoxicating. He kissed his neck and slim shoulders.
      - Thank you, my love, he said again. That was wonderful. *You* are
      - So are you, Charles. But hey...
      - Hmm...
      - There is something that we have to talk about.
      - And that is?
      - About me, said Erik. I... I can't move back in here, Charles. I
      can't. I was foolish to believe that in the first place. I have
      already been here for more than ten days - and that is much longer
      than I planned to stay when I arrived.
      - You were hurt, Erik, Charles said. But I'm not driving you away
      from here.
      - No, I know that. But we can never have it like used to have,
      Charles. We have to accept that. I have my own life now, which I must
      continue with. I cannot stay here and live yours.
      - No, I know... Charles sighed. And he did know. He had known it
      all along, of course, but he had avoided giving it much thought.
      Although he liked Erik's upright attitude.
      - I will miss you...he murmured with his lips pressed against
      Erik's neck.
      - Charles... I will miss you too. But we don't have to stop seeing
      each other because of that. We found each other again, and for that I
      am grateful. I can come here and visit.
      - Erik, that would we wonderful.
      - If your students will let me.
      - Of course they will.
      - Very well. That is great.
      - When will you come?
      Erik laughed. - Charles! I haven't even left yet!
      - I am just curious.
      - I can't promise I will come every month, but...
      - We don't have to set up a schedule. Come when you feel like it.
      You are welcome here anytime.
      - I'm happy to hear that.
      - I love you.
      - And I love you.
      - Sleep well, Erik.
      - You too, Charles...
      And they slept.
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