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FIC: Reunion, part 18/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 18 Three days passed before Erik woke up, and when he finally did, he was in such a deplorable condition he could barely open his eyes. (Or his eye;
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      Chapter 18

      Three days passed before Erik woke up, and when he finally did, he
      was in such a deplorable condition he could barely open his eyes. (Or
      his eye; his other eye was still so swollen he couldn't open it.)
      At first Erik didn't realize where he was, what had happened,
      even what time of the day it was. He tried to force open his
      eye, since he wanted to see, and managed, at some extent.
      It was dawn. The dim light coming from outside faintly illuminated
      the nearest surroundings, and was only just enough to depict the
      outlines of some objects close to him.
      He believed seeing a window, a table to his left, and...
      Erik let his eye slide shut again. Even the poor light hurt, and he
      was too tired to keep it open. Besides he couldn't see much.
      Everything was blurry and he only saw contours.
      Oh, God. What had happened...? Where was he? It seemed like a
      hospital. No, it wasn't a hospital, it was the
      Xavier-institute's med-
      Wolverine. Wolverine had beaten him. Now he remembered. Some time
      ago (he didn't know how long) Wolverine had beaten him
      and now he was here, apparently severely injured.
      Erik tried to sit up. Every bone and muscle in his body resisted
      the movement, and made him groan with pain.
      Within just a few seconds someone was by his side and he heard a
      soft female voice speaking to him.
      It was Jean. It had to be Jean. But he couldn't see her. Only
      her voice and feel how she gently touched him.
      When Erik remembered all that happened, and when he noticed how
      helpless he obviously was, he was stricken by fear.
      What had Wolverine really done to him? How badly injured was he?
      His whole body hurt and his face felt so strange. And why was he so
      helplessly tired?
      He didn't receive any answers to his questions then, but when
      noticed he was becoming worried, she instantly gave him something
      sedative, that made him drift back into unconsciousness.
      It was better than trying to talk to him then. She would do that
      when he was feeling a bit better. But he had woken up. At least it
      was something.

      The next time Erik woke up he was still in pain, and tired, and felt
      sick, but he felt better than last time.
      He managed to open his good eye entirely and could now see what was
      around him a little better. To his right, sat Charles. The other man
      gasped for breath when he opened his eye and Charles grabbed his hand
      at once.
      - Darling... he heard Charles whisper. Oh, thank God... You are
      Erik only managed to groan in reply. His throat was sore and dry
      because he had breathed through his mouth for too long.
      Charles' grip of his hand hardened. - How are you feeling,
      the telepath asked. Should I get Jean?
      Erik carefully shook his head. - No...stay... he got out.
      - Of course I will stay. How are you feeling?
      - Beaten... Erik croaked.
      - Yes, I can understand why, Charles replied seriously.
      And Erik sure looked beaten. His nose, which had been turned
      sideways when Logan hit him across the face, had Jean corrected by
      surgery. Now it was turned right, but there was a clip holding it in
      place, and on the bridge of his nose he had a scar, mostly resembling
      a red flash.
      His lips were swollen, and a large bruise, turning green covered
      the left side of his chin. His left eye was completely swollen and
      bunged up, and it would probably take some more time before he could
      open it.
      Yes. Erik was beaten.
      - Wolverine did this... Erik said very faintly.
      Charles nodded sadly. - Yes, Logan did this, he admitted.
      - I don't understand. Why?
      - I don't know why, sweetheart. He doesn't even know
      himself. But
      he is very sorry for what he did, and truly regrets it.
      - Oh, so you say? Well, he should be...
      - You don't need to be afraid, Erik. He won't hurt you
      - I'm happy to hear that. But Charles...
      - Yes, Erik?
      - Will...will I... recover...?
      Charles hesitated. - Jean says your chances of full recovery are
      good, he said at last. But since you are awake, and all... then I
      think you will be well.
      - You are not just saying that, Charles? Erik asked suspiciously,
      since he knew Charles sometimes lied not to frighten or worry others.
      - I feel so horrible... he added.
      - I am not lying. I swear, Charles said with a little smile. You
      will be alright, Erik. Believe it, and you will.
      - I will try.
      - You promise?
      - I promise. By the way... How is Rogue?
      - She is back on her feet, but she has to wear gloves, Charles
      - I'm glad to hear that.
      - And I'm glad you care about her. But Erik... I think we have
      talking long enough. Jean has told me you need rest. Maybe I should
      let you sleep for a while now?
      - Charles...don't go, please...? Erik begged.
      - No, I won't, Charles said soothingly. I can stay, but I want
      to sleep.
      - Maybe I should sleep, I'm tired...
      - I will stay, Charles promised.
      Erik sighed. It was comforting to know Charles would stay by his
      side. He closed his eye again and soon he slipped back to sleep.

      Logan slowly approached Magneto's hospital bed. He could see the
      man was asleep, so he tried to be quiet not to wake him. He stopped a
      few feet from the bed, and watched the slender, sleeping mutant in
      the bed.
      It was the first time he saw Magneto after the assault. He
      sure why he had come here. Charles had not asked him to do it. Nor
      had Jean.
      Where was Jean, in the first place? If she came now, and discovered
      Logan, she would surely ask him to leave, since his presence would
      upset Magneto in case he woke up.
      Logan wanted to see him. He didn't know why he did, but
      inside him said he should see his own handiwork.
      Magneto looked like shit. There was no other word for it. His face
      was swollen and discoloured and his nose... Oh, Jesus, his nose!
      Now Logan realized what kind of operation Jean had carried out. He
      had broken Magneto's nose, and Jeannie had had to turn it back
      Logan regretted what he had done. He regretted it more than
      anything he had ever done before.
      Suddenly Magneto woke up and opened his functioning, not swollen
      eye. When he saw who was standing by his bed, he got so scared he
      winced, and the grimaced because it hurt when he winced.
      Logan was near wincing himself. He had not expected Magneto to wake
      up, and he was definitely not prepared to confront an awaken Magneto.
      Watching him sleep was already more than enough.
      Magneto started to hyperventilate and his good eyes stared at
      Logan. Despite that his entire body hurt, he had tried to sit up.
      - No, no! Logan called and put his hands up when he saw
      reaction. I won't hurt you! Eh... I'll leave now...
      Logan kept his hands in the air and slowly started to back toward
      the door in order to leave. He wanted to make it as clear as possible
      that he wasn't going to hurt Magneto, when he had seen the
      He knew what Magneto could do if he got scared or upset, and Logan
      had reasons to fear him. Especially now.
      - No... Magneto whispered before Logan had a chance to open the
      door and sneak out. Stay, Logan. I want to talk to you.
      - You want to talk...to me? Logan asked.
      - Yes. I do. Come here. Please?
      Logan hesitated. He really didn't want this. He felt he just
      to pull the door open and run away, but at the same time he knew he
      owed Magneto an explanation, so he controlled himself and walked back
      toward Magneto's bed with a dogged expression.
      The old man in the bed looked up at him. Magneto's face was
      and he had bruises here and there, that looked nasty. Logan had to
      fight back the urge to look away from him.
      - Mags, he began. I'm so sorry for...-
      Magneto interrupted him. - Yes, they say you are. But I haven't
      heard it from you personally. Are you?
      - Yeah. I am. I don't know what got into me. I'm sorry.
      - Logan...the old man sighed. You hate me. Don't you?
      Logan shrugged. - What do you want me to answer to that? he
      murmured. You'd probably not believe even if I said no.
      - No, probably I would not, Magneto agreed.
      - What did you want to talk to me about?
      - Yes, there is one thing... I want you to learn something, Logan,
      he said quietly.
      - What? Logan asked.
      - Only...what it feels like to be at someone else's mercy.
      Logan didn't have time to ask what he meant by that, before he
      suddenly felt he couldn't move at all, and then how he was slowly
      lifted up in the air until he was hovering about 5 feet above the
      Magneto fixed him with his gaze, and Logan knew at once what had
      happened. Of course he was the one who did this.
      - Put me down! Logan hissed in terror. You crazy old man! Put me
      down! You hear me?
      And even if Magneto had heard, he pretended not to have done it.
      - Not yet, he just said. Not before you have learned.
      - Learned what?! Logan spat. Put me down!
      - How did you think I felt while you were beating me? When I still
      could feel anything, I mean, Magneto said in a louder voice this
      time. Within me I prayed you would stop before I died. Are you
      praying now, Logan? Are you praying that I will put you down?
      - *Put me down!!*
      - I was completely helpless. Like you are now? Physically I am but
      a feeble old man. Did you think of that while you beat me?
      This time he didn't receive any reply. Logan just growled and
      felt he would most likely beat Magneto again, as soon as he got a
      - Are you learning anything, Logan? Magneto asked. I do not want
      revenge. It wouldn't help any of us. This is but a lesson. Learn
      - What do you want from me?
      - Understanding.
      - It was wrong to beat you, I know that now. If that's what you
      want me to understand, then I already have!
      - I could throw you out of the window if I wanted to, Logan. But I
      am not going to.
      - No? Then what are you gonna do?
      - I want you no harm. Only to teach you one thing. Have you learned
      anything from this?
      - Put me down. Please, Mags...
      - I want us to respect each other, Logan, said Magneto. I am not
      asking you to become my friend, but I want your respect. For Charles.
      I love him. Don't you understand that?
      - How could I not to, after what I saw?
      - I am sorry if our love disgusts you that much, but honestly... It
      is our business, not yours.
      - I've got that, Logan said.
      - I am going to put you down now. Can I do that without having to
      be afraid? Do you promise not to attack me and break my neck as soon
      as I have let you go?
      - I promise, Logan sighed. Hey, I'm sorry. What more can I be?
      Please, my back's hurting if I hang up here. Please?
      - Alright. I will put you down nice and slow.
      Magneto kept his promise. Logan landed on the floor again as slowly
      as he had left it. He was free. Magneto had released his magnetic
      hold of him. It was strange. Only a minute ago he had been ready to
      beat the shit out of the old man again. Now he was not.
      - Can we shake hands on this? Magneto asked after releasing Logan.
      Slowly and carefully he reached out his pale, bony right hand.
      - Very well, Logan replied, and reached out his hand as well.
      - But be careful. I am still hurting very much, Erik warned.
      - I promise.
      Logan grabbed the other mutant's hand and gently shook it. He
      looked down at Magneto as he did it.
      He thought Magneto was ugly. And that was not only because of the
      current injuries. He was always ugly. What about him really turned
      Charles on?
      It must be his hair, Logan thought. His hair is beautiful. But that
      is also all. It was a characteristic and beautiful crown for the
      otherwise so ugly old man.
      - I hope we can agree, Magneto said seriously.
      - Yeah, I think we can, Logan replied. Are you and Charles...
      gonna... uhum... continue to...
      - Yes.
      - Okay, I won't stand in your way. But remember to lock the
      next time you...do it.
      - We'll try, Magneto promised, and even gave a smile.
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