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FIC: Reunion, part 16/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 16 When Logan woke up it was morning. The dim light coming from outside, through the small window, stung his eyes even though it was poor. Before he
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      Chapter 16

      When Logan woke up it was morning. The dim light coming from outside,
      through the small window, stung his eyes even though it was poor.
      Before he opened his eyes, he could see a network of tiny blood
      vessels on the inside of his eyelids.
      Logan opened his eyes. It didn't take him long to realize where he
      was. He was inside Rogue's hospital cell, where Jean had taken him
      last night after he returned to the institute, afraid of going
      anywhere else, and afraid of the reception he would get after what he
      did, in rage.
      He noticed he had fallen asleep with his head on Rogue's stomach,
      and he had slept like that, throughout the remaining night. Her body
      felt warm against his cheek, although there were two layers of fabric
      Logan didn't lift his head despite he had woken up, but all he
      wanted was to fall asleep again and not have to face the coming day.
      - Logan? said suddenly Rogue's faint and uncertain voice, and Logan
      could feel she put her hand on his head and started stroking his hair.
      Immediately all Logan's senses were on full stretch, and for a
      while he wondered if he was still dreaming. But he was not. Rogue was
      awake, and when he finally lifted his head, he was looking into her
      Her eyes were open now, and she was looking at him, though she was
      very pale and looked tired.
      - Logan...honey, what are you doing here? she asked, and moved her
      hand to his cheek.
      - Marie... Logan whispered, still completely charmed. Oh, thank
      God... How are you? How are you feeling?
      He took her hand in his and almost felt like crying again, but with
      relief this time.
      Rogue gave a sound that probably represented laughter.
      - Well... she said slowly. I've been better... What really
      happened? I...I don't remember much...
      - You... I don't know either, you just collapsed, and Jean said
      He interrupted himself.
      - You want me to get Jean, by the way? Would you like that?
      - No, you don't have to, Rogue replied. I'd rather have you stay
      here with me.
      - Of course, Logan said and sat up on the edge of her bed. I'll
      stay as long as you want, dear. Just tell me if you want anything.
      Rogue bit her lower lip anxiously and the look in her eyes became
      unsteady. She suddenly looked very scared. - What is wrong with me?
      she asked carefully. It's something serious, isn't it? Logan, please,
      if you know, then I want you to tell me.
      Logan hesitated, since he wasn't sure what he'd say. Of course
      Rogue deserved to know the truth, but was this the right time to tell
      - Marie, he said gently, according to Jean, it was an allergic
      Rogue frowned and looked instantly confused.
      - But I'm not allergic to anything, she said.
      - Jean says you are.
      - To what?
      - Marie, I don't think this is the time to discuss it. You should
      maybe rest, and...-
      - But I wanna know! Rogue called and her hand grabbed Logan's
      forearm. I wanna know, so tell me, Logan! What's wrong with me?
      Her voice sure was faint, but her attitude didn't tolerate
      defiance. Rogue wanted to know what had caused her collapse, and she
      demanded Logan to tell her.
      - Shall I get Jean? Logan asked gravely. She can explain this
      better than I can.
      - It's something bad, isn't it? Rogue asked, her voice trembling. I
      can see it is.
      - No, you'll be alright, sweetie. Don't worry.
      - But why won't you tell me?
      - Marie... Logan began and wasn't sure how to proceed. It's just
      that... I did a very bad thing last night, after you...
      - A bad thing? Rogue asked in surprise. What did you do, Logan?
      - Something very serious. I thought I have to tell you by myself
      before you hear it from someone else.
      - But Logan...? What could possibly be so bad? Rogue asked, and
      became worried when she noticed the expression on his face.
      Logan sighed deeply before he continued. I have to tell her, he
      thought. I must. It'll be worse if she hears it from someone else,
      and it's certain that she will.
      So he inhaled deeply and said,
      - Well, yesterday, after you collapsed, I freaked out, literally.
      Magneto came to me and said something, and then I totally lost it. It
      made me... Marie, I beat him.
      - You...beat him? Rogue asked and knitted her forehead.
      - Yes, I bead him *badly*. Very badly. Right now he's here too,
      after Jean has operated his face. She says... it's uncertain if he'll
      make it. I surely would have killed him there and then if not Scott
      and Storm had pulled me away. That's it.
      Some time after he finished the sentence Rogue just stared at him,
      blankly, as if she had not realized the meaning of what he had told
      - Logan...she then said, shaking her head. You...why did you do
      - There's no excuse... Logan mumbled in reply. I freaked out, it's
      just as simple. I terribly regret what I did, believe me.
      - Was it because of me? Rogue asked.
      - What? No, I...-
      - It wasn't his fault. What happened to me. He didn't do anything
      to me.
      - No, I know.
      - Logan, I can't believe you did such a thing. What if he dies?
      - I know. I know, and I am awfully sorry, Logan said, and he really
      was. And Rogue's face that expressed surprise, terror and disbelief,
      made him regret it even more. She had never looked at him like that
      It was very obvious that she didn't believe he was capable of
      something like that.
      - Have you checked on him? she then asked.
      Logan shook his head.
      - I think you should, Rogue said resolutely. That's the least you
      can do.
      - I don't know if I dare, Logan said truthfully.
      - Have you thought about what happens to you if he dies? Logan,
      it's homicide! Logan, God! What were you thinking? she exclaimed.
      - I told you, I wasn't thinking! Logan called back. I just felt I
      wanted to kill him! That was all I could think about! To kill him...
      - You...
      Suddenly someone opened the door to the room and they saw Jean
      stand in the doorway. Her eyes widened when she saw Rogue was awake.
      - Oops, she said. So you are awake, Marie? How are you feeling?
      - Good, according to the circumstances, Rogue replied, but she
      sounded very tired. Jean entered the room and closed the door. She
      was wearing a white lab coat, a blue blouse and a beige knee-length
      She had dressed since yesterday, but her hair was uncombed and
      muddled, and she wore no make-up. There were dark rings of weariness
      around her eyes. Jean could not have gotten a wink of sleep last
      Logan wondered if Jean had stayed up all night. Probably. What else
      had she done?
      Jean came and sat by Rogue's other bedside. She looked down at the
      young woman and managed to give her a weary smile. She didn't get any
      smile back from Rogue.
      - How are you? Jean asked again. Are you feeling better now?
      - How is Magneto? Rogue asked instead.
      Jean exchanged looks with Logan. Logan could see what Jean's look
      told. "So you've told her?" He nodded mutely. Jean turned to Rogue
      - His vital signs are stabile, she said, but he is still
      unconscious. I don't know much more. I was going to X-ray him today,
      to see if he has sustained any brain damage. The following days will
      show us.
      - I hope he makes it, Rogue whispered.
      - I hope so too, dear, Jean replied seriously.
      - Jean?
      - Yes, Marie?
      - What's wrong with me? Can you tell me? Logan knows, but he won't
      tell. Now I'm asking you.
      Jean placed a cool hand on Rogue's forehead. The young woman looked
      up at her with a resolution that she hadn't seen in many people.
      Rogue demanded an explanation, and she deserved one.
      - Okay, sweetheart. I will tell you, she said quietly. But it may
      take some time, and you may become upset, but it's really nothing to
      be worried about.
      - Just tell me, Jean. I think I'm woman enough to handle it.
      - Logan? Jean said and looked at him. Do you know what I think you
      should do? Go and talk to Charles now. I think he has calmed down by
      now. I believe he wants to see you.
      Logan grimaced at the thought. To look into Charles' eyes after
      what he'd done to his beloved Magneto, would not be easy. If not
      - I don't know... he murmured with his head bent down.
      - Don't be a coward, Logan, Jean said. You have to talk to him, and
      I think you should do it now. The professor is very understanding. He
      won't fly at you in spite of what you did.
      - Okay, Logan sighed. I guess I will then. Will you be alright,
      - Of course I will, Rogue said and even managed a faint smile. I'm
      glad you take responsibility for what you've done.
      - I actually left last night, Logan confessed. But something made
      me stop and I came back.
      - I'm glad you did, Logan, said Jean. But now go. I will let
      Charles know that you're coming.
      - How?
      - I'm a telepath.
      - Okay. See you later, sweetheart, Logan said and kissed Rogue's
      forehead. If there's anything left of me then, he added, mostly in
      Logan left, and Jean was left alone with Rogue. When she had heard
      Logan's steps withdraw, she prepared to tell Rogue what had happened
      to her, and what had caused her collapse.
      Maybe it would be necessary to take out the gloves again. At least
      for some time ahead.
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