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FIC: Reunion, part 15/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 15 The mood at the Xavier-institute after Rogue s sudden collapse and Logan s brutal assault of Magneto was oppressed. A few hours ago there had not
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      Chapter 15

      The mood at the Xavier-institute after Rogue's sudden collapse
      Logan's brutal assault of Magneto was oppressed.
      A few hours ago there had not been any patients at all. Now there
      were two, and there was a risk neither of them would survive. Those
      who were involved, currently including Xavier, Jean, Storm and Scott,
      felt worse than they ever had before.
      Logan was nowhere at the mansion. They had not heard him leave, but
      it was obvious that he had left, since he wasn't left at the
      They wondered where he had gone. And if he ever would return.
      But besides Magneto and Rogue, Charles was the person they worried
      about the most. After getting Magneto under medical treatment (the
      old man's injuries included two knocked out teeth on his lower
      jaw, a
      broken nose, a fractured jaw, a (surprisingly) mild concussion, a
      dislocated shoulder, which Jean had managed to put back in place,
      plus some minor things - bruises, cuts, and a wound across his left
      temple, which sure was no minor thing, although it wasn't a more
      serious injury either. There was left too see if he had sustained a
      scull fracture or any other bone fracture.) Jean had had to carry out
      an operation and correct his nose, which had practically been turned
      Logan had hit him so hard it was miracle his face could be saved in
      the first place.
      Now, two hours after the operation, Magneto lay asleep in the med-
      lab, heavily sedated, and now they had to see if he would ever wake
      Jean had not allowed Charles to stay in the operation theatre while
      she performed the surgery. He had not wanted to leave, but she had
      been relentless and sent him away together with Scott and Storm.
      She could not simply induce herself to let him watch her operating
      his beloved, especially when it wasn't even certain that he would
      Charles had been upset, but she had stuck to her decision.
      Before they left, she had pulled Storm aside and told her not to
      leave Charles alone during the night. He was still in a so-called
      Storm had nodded seriously and promised to stay with him. They had
      not tried to hide their conversation from Charles, but he had not
      seemed to hear what they said, in spite that he was sitting only a
      few feet away. He had stopped crying at the time, but the look in his
      otherwise so soulful and eloquent eyes had been expressionless and
      - Please, make Erik okay...he had murmured, maybe to Jeannie, or
      maybe to himself. Please, make him well...
      Jean had given him a sad look and not given him any promise,
      although she had promised to do her best. Then the three persons had
      left, and Jean had been left alone with Magneto and her difficult
      Now, two hours later, the nose operation was finished, and Jean
      believed it had been successful, but even if it had, it didn't
      Magneto would recover. The whole nose thing had only been a cosmetic
      If he was to become well depended on whether or not he had
      sustained any brain damage. Jean was hopeful after examining him, but
      she was not certain. There was however a risk he would remain a
      Jean had not left the med-lab. Two so ill patients needed to be
      supervised around the clock, and she was the one to do it.
      Now with Magneto as a second patient she could not give Rogue as
      much attention as she had hoped. It was a pity. It was Logan's
      By doing that to Magneto, he had unconsciously also worsened
      Jean wondered where he had gone, and if they ever would see him
      again. And would Charles even welcome him here after what he did?
      The questions were so many, and Jean was tired. Even telepaths
      required sleep, and she got none, at least for now.
      She was almost falling asleep when she sat with her microscope,
      studying tissue samples from Rogue, and wondered what had made her
      body reject the serum.
      It was very likely that she had fallen asleep, if she had not heard
      the sound of a door opening and then the sound of footsteps entering
      the lab. She slowly raised her head and focused her weary eyes,
      expecting to see Scott, Storm or anyone else who had come to check on
      her, but not Logan.
      Logan stood a few feet in front of the door when she first saw him.
      His jeans and shirt were soaked, like his uncontrolled hair, and
      water was dripping from him onto the floor. It even sounded. Drip,
      drop, drip, drop, it sounded.
      When she spotted him Jean got so scared she screamed involuntarily.
      Then she cursed herself and winked to make sure he really was there.
      He was. She was not dreaming or hallucinating. Logan stared at her
      for some time, and she stared back at him, unsure of what to do or
      - So you're back... she said finally, when the silence had
      too awkward.
      - Yeah... Logan replied with a sigh. I almost thought about
      splitting again, but then I thought... I... I had nowhere to go...
      - Does anyone know you're here? Jean asked.
      - Not to my knowledge. Only you.
      At least Logan didn't think anyone had heard him sneak back in.
      sighed again and lowered his eyes. He at least had the decency to
      look ashamed.
      - How's Marie? he asked then. Any change?
      Jean shook her head. - No, she is still unconscious. I...eh, I am
      just...looking for... causes to why she is...rejecting the serum...
      - Alright. I see. How... how's the old man, then? Logan asked
      carefully, afraid of the answer he might get.
      Jean got up and rubbed the bridge of her nose before she answered.
      Logan's voice oozed with guilt, and it should. His behaviour had
      almost been unforgivable.
      - He...is alive, she told him and looked into his eyes. But we
      don't know if he will survive. You might have given him a brain
      damage, Logan. He is unconscious for now. I just operated his nose,
      which you turned sideways. I believe the operation succeeded. How it
      turns from here, time will show. But we are hopeful. His chances are
      - That was...great...
      - Logan, do you realize what you've done? Jean asked. A few
      blows, and he would have died. What were you thinking?
      - I wasn't thinking, Logan said miserably. That's the
      problem. I
      freaked out. I have no other excuse. I just saw him standing in front
      of me...and I snapped. He... I remembered he said he was sorry for
      Jean approached him until they were standing face to face.
      Logan didn't know what else to say. He could sense how anxious
      disappointed Jean was, and it greatly upset him. Now he really
      started realizing the consequences of his actions.
      - How's Charles...? he asked.
      - He is very upset. In total shock, Jean replied truthfully.
      - Should I go see him?
      - No, I don't think you should go see him now, she said
      Storm's with him now, taking care of him. He is all but fine at
      moment. Seeing you now would not be easy for him. Wait until
      - Jeannie, what shall I do? I'm sure he hates me! What should I
      I know I can't change what I did, but what would be the best to
      do? I
      don't know anything...
      Logan's voice broke, and he started sobbing, with his hand
      to his mouth. He cried for the second time in a row that evening.
      Despite all he had done, Jean couldn't help feeling sorry for
      and she placed her arms around him and held him to her. He was wet,
      and the water from him stained her clothes, but she didn't mind
      - Logan, she said and stroked his wet, spiky hair. Logan, take it
      -What do I do, Jeannie? What do I do? I lost control, that's
      How will I ever make this up?
      - That you are sorry is a good start, Jean said.
      - Does everybody hate me now?
      - I don't hate you, and I can't believe the others do
      either. But
      you did a terrible thing, Logan. You can't deny that.
      - I'm sorry, Jean.
      - Logan, answer one thing... Jean began carefully. Had you killed
      him if not... Scott and Storm had pulled you away?
      - I don't know, Logan replied honestly. I actually don't
      know. I
      might have. And I'm ashamed of it.
      Jean grabbed Logan's shoulders and held him at arm's length
      looked into his eyes.
      - Maybe you had better get some sleep, she suggested. And change
      you clothes, so you won't get pneumonia.
      Her uttering even made Logan smile slightly.
      - Jeannie... I can't catch anything. Healing factor, remember?
      - Yeah, right. So you can't. But still go and get some rest.
      need that.
      - Could I see Rogue first? Logan asked. Just for a little while?
      Jean hesitated. - Alright, she said then. Why not. There is not
      much more I can do for her tonight. Come on.
      Jean brought him to a small, sterile hospital cell with white
      walls. Rogue lay there, quiet and pale in an all too big hospital
      bed, with an IV in her arm, connected to a heart monitor. She wore a
      white hospital shirt.
      Her eyes were closed and she drew slow, deep breaths, and it
      sounded like she was asleep, even though she was unconscious.
      Logan went and sat down on the edge of her bed, and took her limp,
      warm little hand in his own and squeezed it gently. She did not
      squeeze back.
      - Oh, Marie... he said and tears started burning in his eyes again.
      - I'll leave you alone for a while, Jean said and gave Logan a
      on the shoulder. I'll check on Magneto. I'll be out there if
      need me.
      - Thanks, Jeannie, Logan replied, but without looking at her.
      Jean went and left Logan alone with the unconscious young woman.
      With his other hand Logan started stroking her forehead, that now
      felt cool and dry. Whatever Jean had done, she had at least made the
      fever go down.
      - Oh, Marie... he said again and brought her limp hand to his lips
      and kissed it. Why would this happen to you? Why?
      He didn't receive any answer from Rogue, of course, but she
      kept on breathing in the same, slow rate as before.
      Logan rested his dark head on her stomach and closed his eyes. The
      steady peeping from the heart monitor started to dissolve in his mind
      after some time.
      Logan was asleep.
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