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FIC: Reunion, part 13/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 13 Rogue woke up after sleeping a few hours, after making love to Logan. What had woken her was the feeling that she was ill. Her head ached, like her
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      Chapter 13

      Rogue woke up after sleeping a few hours, after making love to Logan.
      What had woken her was the feeling that she was ill. Her head ached,
      like her stomach, and she felt strangely weak.
      With a faint moan she opened her eyes. It was already dark in the
      room, but her look was blurrier than it should have been. She blinked
      a few times to see if that helped. It didn't. It only made her
      hurt, and if she would continue to flex them, she was sure they would
      pop out of their sockets. So it felt.
      Rogue turned her head to look at Logan. Logan was there, of course,
      and he was sleeping heavily to her left in the bed. Her awakening
      didn't seem to have disturbed him.
      Rogue faintly attempted to sit up. She realized at once that she
      had done it too hastily. The dizziness overcame her like a tsunami
      wave and her world, that already was blurry and unsteady, started
      spinning like a carousel.
      Rogue sank down again and leaned against the bedside table for
      support. She closed her eyes again and rested her hot, aching head on
      the cool wood, which the table was made of.
      Oh, God... she thought. What shall I do? I'm really sick. I
      have to
      be. I can't even sit up... Oh, Jesus... It...It feels like
      I'm about
      to faint.
      She inhaled deeply a few times and waited for the spinning in her
      head to decrease. It faded after a while, but she still felt ready to
      - Logan... she croaked hoarsely, but she had only strength enough
      to whisper. Barely even that. She doubted it had woken Logan.
      Rogue tried to sit up again, but slower this time. In her current
      condition she was too weak to walk, but she didn't think about
      With her head drooping, and heavy, aching eyes she started groping
      for her clothes that she had thrown off before, when they made love.
      She was going to get dressed and then go and ask Jean to examine
      her, to find out what was wrong.
      Of course she could become sick, but she had never experienced
      anything like this before. It actually felt like..., well, like she
      was dying, really.
      Don't be silly, Rogue told herself. You've got a touch of
      the flu,
      that's all. But you still had better ask Jean to check you...
      When she reached out for her underpants and leaned out, the
      spinning in her head became violent, and this time it was too much.
      Rogue fell forward, down from the bed, and landed with a thump in a
      trembling and shaking heap on the floor.
      She did not lose consciousness at once, but she was too weak to get
      up, or even call to Logan, so all she could do was to hope he would
      wake up by himself soon and find her.
      Oh, God... she thought while she lay there, sprawled and naked on
      the floor. What is happening to me...?

      Logan only heard a thump, and something that resembled a moan after
      it, and he woke up at once.
      Instantly he understood something was wrong. He turned around to
      look at Rogue, just to make sure she was alright, and he got shocked
      when he discovered she was not where she had been before.
      Logan was confused and perplexed for some seconds. What had
      happened to Rogue? Where was she?
      Then he thought of what had woken him up in the first place, and
      remembered the thump he had heard, and the moan.
      Oh, God! Rogue!
      Logan jumped to her side of the bed and looked down at the floor
      too see if things were like he feared. They were. It was Rogue's
      moaning and the thump her fall had caused that woke him up.
      The person he loved most of all, lay in a fetal position on the
      floor, pale, sweating and trembling, unable to get up and even unable
      to lift her head and look at him.
      It didn't take Logan a tenth of a second to jump down from the
      and kneel beside Rogue to check her condition.
      He took her head in his hands and started to search for life signs.
      She was not dead, that much he saw directly. She was breathing, and
      he could hear her heartbeats, but she was not conscious, and
      respond when he tried to wake her. Her eyes were closed and her
      eyelids fluttered occasionally, and her whole face was so white you
      could have believed she was dead. A thin layer of sweat covered her
      whole body.
      She was breathing in shallow little puffs, and her pulse was high,
      higher than it should be.
      Logan had no idea what could have happened to her, but he knew one
      thing - whatever it was, it was severe.
      He was also in something that could be described as shock, but
      still he knew what to do, and he was really fighting not to yield to
      the panic.
      Jean, he thought. I have to get her to Jean. Jeannie is a doctor
      and she sure knows better than I what this could be. But I have to
      hurry. I have to hurry...
      Logan's first thought was to just pick up Rogue and rush out
      her, but when he was about to do exactly that, he came to think of
      that he was without a stitch of clothing, just like Rogue.
      Sure, he *could* have rushed out naked, he knew that; this kind of
      situation would have excused such a behaviour, but his jeans were on
      the floor, within his reach, and putting them on wouldn't take
      than a few seconds.
      Logan pulled the jeans from the floor and struggled into them. His
      shirt lay there too, in a heap beside his pants. He put that on as
      well, but didn't mind buttoning it. He ignored shoes and socks.
      Rogue was also naked, but putting on her clothes would take too
      long. Getting her off the floor and bringing her to Jean were more
      important. Much more important.
      Logan simply snatched the quilt from the bed and wrapped it around
      Rogue's naked, frozen, trembling body before he lifted her into
      arms and rushed toward the door.
      He really believed this could be a matter of life or death.
      Logan wasn't thinking much of what he did. He acted almost
      on instinct, and his instinct told him to find Jean. And since it was
      evening, and late, (Logan had not looked at any watch, but it seemed
      to be late) it was most logical that she was in her room, which she
      shared with Scott.
      Logan rushed over there, and if he had had a free hand to pull the
      door open with, he would have done it. But he had not, so he had to
      stand outside and call.
      But if they don't answer me, I'll break the door, Logan
      - Jean! he tried to call, but his dry throat only managed a hoarse
      whisper. He doubted Jean had heard him, even if she was inside, so he
      tried again.
      - Jean!! he called. Open up! Now! Hurry! Jean!!
      Now he could be heard. If Jean didn't hear him now, she was not
      her room. A few seconds passed. Four, maybe five. No answer from
      Logan felt he began to panic again, and sucked air into his lungs
      to cry for Jean one last time, but before he did, the door was
      Jean opened it, and the following second Logan stood face to face
      with her.
      - What is... began the partly annoyed, partly frightened Jean
      before she saw how worked up Logan was, and what he was carrying,
      wrapped up in a quilt in his arms. At last she noticed Rogue's
      condition. White, shaking, feverish, unconscious.
      Jean was wearing a robe, and her hair was still moist. Obviously
      she had recently stepped out of a shower and gotten ready to sleep.
      But all other thoughts vanished from her mind when she saw Rogue.
      - Oh God! she exclaimed and stepped over the threshold to
      side. What happened?
      - I dunno, she just collapsed.
      - When?
      - I don't know, I found her a couple of minutes ago.
      In her capacity as a doctor, Jean quickly checked the young
      pulse and breathing. She stated the same thing as Logan had done
      before; something was very wrong.
      Jean raised her head again and looked into Logan's eyes. Her
      grey eyes expressed fear and anxiety, but the look in them was
      controlled and steady. It was almost always so, whatever happened.
      Jean never lost control, but stayed sharp, no matter what the deal
      - Logan, listen, she said seriously and placed her hand on
      white, sweaty forehead. I'm not sure, but she is showing obvious
      signs of poisoning. We must get her to the med-lab. Now, at once.
      - Jean... Logan said, almost desperate, please, tell me she's
      be alright...
      - Logan, I don't know! First we have to find out what is wrong
      her. But we mustn't waste any time. We have to get to the
      Logan nodded several times, almost frenetically. Of course he knew
      Jean was right, but he wanted to make sure Rogue would make it before
      he did anything.
      - Jean! suddenly Cyclops' voice sounded from inside the room.
      what is going on out there?
      - It's Rogue! Jean called back to him. She's sick, and we
      have to
      take her to the med-lab, at once.
      Jean didn't care to wait for an answer. She rushed past Logan
      when he didn't start to follow her, she turned back and pulled
      - Logan, come on! We might be pressed for time!
      Then Logan noticed Jean was barefoot, like him. She had not cared
      to put on any socks or shoes either. He was about to do exactly what
      she said and follow her to the med-lab, when Cyclops had come to see
      what was going on, and exclaimed,
      - Jesus! Logan, what happened?
      Scott stood in the doorway, wearing pyjama trousers and a large,
      white T-shirt, which he probably slept in. He held a toothbrush in
      his hand, and his ruby red glasses concealed the shocked look in his
      eyes when he saw Rogue.
      - Logan, what happened? he called again.
      Logan didn't answer him, but Jean did it for him. She turned to
      and spoke calmly, but her voice sounded strained.
      - Scott, Rogue is ill, she said. We don't know why, but we are
      taking her to the med-lab now. Could you please go tell the professor
      and Storm that they should come there as soon as possible?
      - Jean, began Scott, who didn't really think he had received
      answers to everything. Jean held up a hand and silenced him.
      - Scott, I don't have time to explain. Could you please do as I
      say? Get the professor and Storm. Logan and I must take her to the
      Cyclops nodded mutely. He gaped dumbly and toothpaste trickled down
      his chin, although he didn't seem to notice it. Jean had already
      turned around again and started running down the corridor, toward the
      elevator, which would take them down to the med-lab that was on the
      same level as Cerebro, underneath the mansion itself.
      Logan, whose upset and perplexed mind had not completely registered
      everything that happened around him, realized he was supposed to
      follow Jean, a while after she started to run. He did it, and caught
      up with her within a few seconds, despite the burden in his arms.
      Logan was a mutant who possessed superhuman strength and
      durability, and when it really came to it, not much could stop him.
      If anything. Especially if it concerned Rogue, and now it did.
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