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FIC: Reunion, part 12/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    *This chapter deals with an explicit sex scene, (m/f). See part 1 for story information.* Chapter 12 Rogue sat crying on the bed in their room when Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2003
      *This chapter deals with an explicit sex scene, (m/f). See part 1 for
      story information.*

      Chapter 12

      Rogue sat crying on the bed in their room when Logan returned after
      visiting Scott and eating in the kitchen. But when he saw Rogue he
      felt like throwing up everything he had eaten.
      She looked dreadful. That was the most suitable word to describe
      her. Her hair was simply a mess and hung around her red, swollen,
      streaked face in thick wisps. Her eyes were flooded with tears, which
      showed she had been crying for some time.
      Something Logan couldn't help noticing was that her blouse was
      smeared with something that resembled dried up food.
      Rogue lifted her head that she had buried in her hands when Logan
      opened the door and came in, but she didn't stop crying.
      Logan reacted in a flash and rushed to the crying young woman and
      collected her in his arms.
      - Marie! he exclaimed and heard how shocked he sounded himself. Oh
      my God, Marie, what happened, sweetie?
      Rogue couldn't answer at once. She wrapped her arms around his
      and sobbed against his shoulder. The closeness to Logan made her (if
      possible) feel even more miserable, but she was happy to have someone
      who could take care of her and comfort her.
      For a while Logan just sat there and held her. He stroked her
      muddled hair and her back, and mumbled soothingly the whole time.
      - Marie...honey... what happened? Has someone done something to
      you? If so, then tell me who, so I can go trash him - or her.
      Finally Rogue lifted her head and looked into his face. She
      know if she could tell him what happened, but on the other hand she
      knew Logan would never give up before he found out what had made her
      this upset.
      She tried to control her sobs, and when she managed somehow, she
      - It has really been a terrible day, Logan! The worst day of my
      life, since I ran away from home!
      - But dear, what happened? Logan asked one more time. What has
      happened to you, Marie?
      - I... Rogue tried. I... I don't know if I can tell you, she
      with Bobby's threat fresh in her memory.
      But Logan was relentless. - Of course you're telling me! he
      You look ruined! You can't walk around like this! Please tell me
      you're scaring me, Marie.
      Rogue was quiet for a long time, and deliberated on whether she
      would ignore the threat and tell him anyway. Logan would become
      angry. Perhaps even furious if she told him exactly how it was.
      There was a risk he would even go and do something that would
      worsen her situation. But she also realized she couldn't avoid
      telling him anything. It was tempting to just heave out the whole sad
      - Logan, she finally said, listen to me. I will tell you, but you
      have to promise me you won't overreact.
      - I promise, darling, she said, stroking her hair. Just tell me.
      - Okay... It... It started on the math. Mr. Summers is ill, so...
      - I know *that*, Logan interrupted. He's got a hangover.
      - Yeah, whatever, we got a substitute. It was Magneto.
      As soon as she had said the other mutant's name Logan forgot
      promise not to overreact, and bounced up.
      - Has that fucking old man hurt you? he roared. Just wait, I'll
      break his goddamn neck, so that...-
      - Logan! Rogue cried to get his attention. Stop it! It wasn't
      He hasn't done me anything! Sit down and listen to me now!
      Logan scowled. - He hasn't? Is that true?
      - Yes, I swear. It wasn't his fault.
      Reluctantly Logan sat down again.
      - Magneto had to act as Scott's substitute, but he hasn't
      hurt me.
      He treated me - and everyone else - right. It got worse when...
      someone... tripped him up in the classroom and made him the laughing
      stock. Everyone laughed, and... Oh, God, I did... I... Logan, I saw
      who did it, and I told him! Now the other kids lock me out and they
      mob me and call me a traitor!
      Now she broke again and started crying uncontrollably.
      - Logan, I just thought it was terrible! They treated him like
      shit, and now *I* have to pay! It's not fair... It's not
      fair! I hate
      them! They're mean and I hate them all...!!
      - Marie...
      - I... I don't know what to do...
      - First I think you should calm down, sweetie, and stop crying.
      Marie...it will be alright, darling. I swear. Try to calm down...
      - I don't know, Logan... I almost thought about running away
      - Don't talk like that. It'll be alright.
      He held her tightly and caressed her shoulders, back and hair. He
      could feel her slender, firm body through the fabric of her blouse.
      Her thin back and shoulders and the soft skin underneath the blouse.
      Rogue was a beautiful young woman, and his body responded to their
      intimate close contact. He felt that his pants started to get tight
      around his crotch, and he had gotten a throbbing erection.
      He didn't think it was the right time for it, but his body
      lived a
      life of its own, without he being able to affect it. And right now it
      didn't care that he was here to comfort Rogue, but all it saw was
      beautiful young woman who it wanted to have sex with.
      Logan sighed, but he realized hiding it was no use. Rogue was
      sitting on his lap with her belly against his, so she had certainly
      already noticed it.
      But Rogue didn't respond like he thought she would do. She
      get angry or annoyed, but her hand found his groin and she started to
      touch his erection through the fabric of his jeans. It made it throb
      even more, and he drew a sharp breath.
      - Marie...he gasped. I'm sorry...
      - Don't be sorry... she whispered back. Her sobs had ceased.
      is just what I need right now.
      Her hands had started to unbuckle his belt. Logan didn't try to
      stop her.
      - Are you sure? he asked.
      - Yeah, sure. I want you to make love to me. Now. Maybe that can
      make me think of something else.
      Logan needed no more encouragement. He was already as excited as he
      could become, and he hurried to get all his clothes off. He started
      undoing the buttons of his shirt and struggled out of it, and then he
      pulled off his already unbuttoned jeans, and his underwear followed.
      A smile spread in Rogue's tear-streaked face when she saw
      handsome, broad, muscular body, now naked in front of her.
      Making love to him was always something special, no matter how many
      times they did it.
      Now when he was naked, it was his turn to undress her. First he
      pulled her out of the stained blouse, and she helped by holding her
      arms up. Then she unbuttoned her jeans herself and pulled them off.
      Her legs were long and slim and her skin was very smooth.
      He unhooked her bra and pulled down the straps from her shoulders.
      Rogue reached out her hand and caressed his erection while he did it.
      Rogue had very beautiful breasts. Her nipples were large and brown
      and stiffened when he touched them. The breasts behind them were soft
      and smooth. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed them gently.
      It is so *wonderful* being able to touch her! He thought back at
      the time when they couldn't have physical contact in their
      relationship, but that time was passed. And he was happy for it. More
      than happy. Delighted.
      They lay down in the bed, he completely naked; she almost, except
      for a pair of thin cotton underpants.
      They kissed as they lay down, and he settled on top of her,
      although he was careful not to put too much weight on her, since he
      was more than twice as heavy, and didn't want to risk harming
      Their mouths met in a hot kiss and they kissed hungrily. Logan
      could still taste the salt on her lips and face after her tears. He
      passed on to kissing her throat and she gasped with pleasure when she
      felt his warm, wet tongue against her throbbing aorta.
      Now Logan was so aroused he would not - or could not - wait any
      longer. He let his hands slide down along her lithe body, her
      breasts, her back and her waist, until they reached the waistband of
      her panties, and slid into them.
      Rogue gasped when she felt his hands approach her private parts and
      she held him tighter.
      Logan's rock-hard erection was squeezed against her inner
      and she could feel the heat and throbbing from it.
      Logan's hands pulled her panties down and she willingly slid
      out of
      them. He threw the panties on the floor and spent a few seconds just
      looking at the now naked young woman lying under him.
      She was so beautiful. He had not exchanged her for any other woman
      in the world.
      He caressed her breasts again and enjoyed hearing her gasp and
      feeling her writhe under him. His hand slowly moved downwards, over
      her flat belly, and down to her crotch. At first he passed his hand
      over her soft, brown pubic hair and then continued further down till
      he reached her vagina, which was warm and wet and ready for their
      But before he placed himself in a position to enter her, he let two
      of his fingers slide inside her warm, tight channel, and he rubbed
      his thumb against the small nub above her vagina, which was her
      Rogue almost screamed and started thrusting against his hand to
      create further stimulation.
      - Logan...! Please, hurry! she begged. I don't wanna wait no
      She reached out her hand between them and grabbed his penis, which
      was now so hard it could become, and brought it to her vaginal
      - Inside me, she said. Now.
      And Logan did what she asked. He spread her legs, so they were on
      either side of him, and leaned over her, supported by his own arms,
      so he could look down at her face.
      Her eyes were still a bit red, and she wet her lips with her
      tongue. He kissed her before he started. She returned the kiss
      eagerly. Then he entered her. It was easy, considering how wet she
      was between her legs. He slid in all the way without resistance.
      Rogue had been a virgin until a few months ago, when they did it
      the first time. It had not been as easy then. She had experienced
      pain, and the fact that Logan's member was not exactly small had
      made it easier, but he had been gentle with her and it had worked at
      Now it was different. She didn't want to call herself
      but she was no longer a virgin and she knew how to pleasure a man,
      and also how to get pleasure herself.
      Logan loved her. Her pleasure was more important to him than his
      own was.
      He thrust into her hard and fast, and he did it since he knew she
      liked it, and he received proof when he saw her gasp and toss her
      head back in pleasure.
      Rogue wrapped her legs around Logan's hips and pinched with
      everything to get him as far inside her as possible.
      Her stiff nipples rubbed against his coarse, hairy chest while they
      made love. It stimulated them both and Logan leaned further down to
      kiss her. Her eyes were moist again; he noticed, but not with tears
      this time. He kissed the corners of her mouth and her soft lips.
      Logan rode her hard for another while. He could have done it longer
      if he had liked, since his regeneration capability prevented him from
      getting tired, but he felt he wanted to come now. But he waited until
      he knew she also had come.
      When that happened, Rogue cried out, and the muscles around her
      vagina flexed spasmodically, and that made Logan give up too. He
      ejaculated inside her shortly after she received her orgasm, and when
      he was finished, he was overcome by exhaustion, and he lay atop her,
      slack for a while. But he was too heavy for her, he knew that, and he
      could not do it for long, since he could suffocate her.
      - Oh God... he sighed and pulled out of her, as he rolled off of
      her and stretched out next to her instead. He kissed her lips and
      touched her hair with his hand.
      - Oh, Jesus, Marie, that was good...! he said and smiled wearily.
      Rogue smiled too. - I'm not contradicting you. You were
      - You too. You really know how to wear me out!
      - This thing has a life of its own, replied Rogue and grabbed his
      penis, that was limp now, but still not exactly small. She gave it a
      He sighed and took her in his arms, and held her thin, smooth body
      against his own muscular and hairy one. His flaccid penis brushed her
      damp pubic hair.
      She rested her head on his shoulder and waited for her heart to
      start beating normally again. Logan's already did. His ability to
      recover was amazing. Probably he wasn't even tired anymore. But
      although Logan wasn't physically tired, he wanted to stay in bed
      his Rogue, just to take it easy. Her body felt so good against his,
      and he wanted her to remain where she was, at least for another
      - Are you sleepy? he whispered in her ear.
      - Hmm, a little, she replied.
      - Feeling better now?
      - Hmm...a lot...
      And she did, at least for a while more.
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