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FIC: Reunion, part 11/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 11 Scott woke up when he heard knockings on the door. The sound slowly trickled into his still dim mind and it took him some time to realize someone
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      Chapter 11

      Scott woke up when he heard knockings on the door. The sound slowly
      trickled into his still dim mind and it took him some time to realize
      someone was in fact behind the door.
      Instinctively he felt if he had his glasses on (it had been a
      habit, when you during almost your whole life had feared lethal
      eyebeams flying out of your eyes if you open them without having your
      glasses on.) He wasn't wearing them. Typical.
      Scott sighed and groped for them on the bedside table, so he could
      open his eyes and then open the door.
      But the person who was outside didn't care to wait for that.
      heard the sound of the door being opened and the person in question
      entered the room. It was not Jean or Storm, he could tell that by the
      steps. Nor was it the professor, since he couldn't hear any
      wheelchair, and none of the students would have the audacity to enter
      his room just like that.
      That left only one person. None other than Logan.
      It was Logan. He came and sat on a chair next to Jean and
      bed, and said,
      - Hi, One-Eye. Then how are you feelin'?
      - Like hell, and you know that, Scott muttered. He wasn't
      thrilled to have Logan there. What do you want, Logan? I was asleep,
      you know.
      - Yeah, I'm sure you were. Like you were partying last night.
      - How I "party" is none of your business! Cyclops snapped
      Give me my glasses so that I can at least see you!
      He reached out a waiting hand, and unlike he believed, Logan
      actually handed him the glasses. He put them on and opened his eyes.
      Logan was very much there, looking at him.
      - Okay, Logan, Scott sighed. What did you want?
      - I just wanted to see how you feel, Logan replied with a shrug.
      - Since when do you care how I feel?
      - You're my team-mate. Of course I care.
      - Alright. Now you've seen it. Did you want anything else? If
      did, then please say it, since I would really, really like to go back
      to sleep. My head still hurts.
      Logan sighed and lowered his eyes. - Honestly, Scott, I didn't
      here to make fun of you. Really. I came here to ask you for advice.
      Scott's chin almost dropped to the floor. - Ask me for advice?
      exclaimed. Logan, if it wasn't for your healing factor, I would
      believe you were sick!
      - Okay, screw it then, Logan muttered. You don't have to take
      - Do you mean there actually *is* something?
      - Yeah, I do. I want to hear another man's opinion about this.
      - About what? Scott asked.
      - It's... Do you know Magneto has come here, by the way?
      - Eh, no, but now I remember Charles said he would. So he is here
      now? Have you seen him?
      - Yeah.
      - When did he come?
      - Yesterday evening. But that was not what I wanted to ask you
      about. It is... shit, I saw something I shouldn't have seen this
      - What did you see? Scott wondered.
      - The professor and Magneto, having sex, said Logan.
      - Oh, shit... Scott moaned and leaned his forehead against the
      pillows. No... Is it true? Were they doing that?
      - Do you call me a liar?
      - No, of course not. But that was not something I wanted to hear.
      God! I really believed their "thing" was over, but I guess it
      isn't... Hell...
      - You *knew*? Logan exclaimed. Did you know they...? Fuck, Scott!
      How long have they been doing that?
      Scott sighed again. - Logan, he said slowly. Hasn't Charles
      you? They were a couple for 25 years before they broke up, about 20
      years ago.
      - Oh, shit...!
      - When did you see them? This morning?
      - Yes, I told you. Do you mean they have...for 25 years...?!
      - Yes. He has told us, but not the younger students, and I believe
      he wants to do it by himself if he does it at all. To whom except me
      have you told this?
      - Just Rogue... Logan muttered.
      - And don't tell anyone else, Scott warned. It is bad enough as
      is. I don't think Charles wants the whole school to...-
      - He is fucking our worst enemy! Logan called. Are you saying
      that's nothing to discuss?! He fucks Magneto! Shit, Scott, do you
      mean that's nothing that shocks you?
      - I'm not happy to hear it, Scott agreed, and I definitely
      like having Magneto in the house. But I do respect Charles, and I
      respect his personal life. If he wants Magneto in his bed, then there
      is nothing that I, or anyone, can do about it. It is his house and
      whom he sleeps with is not any of our business. Although I don't
      - Do you mean we just have to accept it? Logan snorted.
      - I can understand your feelings, but you can hardly forbid him...
      Maybe if Charles had told you about him and Magneto...
      - Shit, One-Eye, you're hopeless too! Logan snapped angrily.
      failed us, betrayed our trust! Have you nothing to say about that?
      Scott sighed deeply and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his
      thumb and index finger.
      - Logan, could you please not shout... I have still an awful
      headache... Can we continue this discussion when I'm feeling
      I can't do this right now.
      - What discussion? You weren't much help.
      - Please, Logan. Leave. You'll have to take that with Charles,
      he can answer your questions. Now I wanna sleep. Go.
      Logan snorted again and got up and left the room as quickly as he
      had come. He was angry and disappointed, mostly in Charles, but also
      in the others, who didn't seem to understand.
      Scott, on the other hand, was too tired to even think of what Logan
      had said, but curled back into his pillows and went back to sleep.

      - Erik, Charles said gently and stroked his friend's forehead and
      soft, silver-grey hair, while Erik rested his head on his lap on the
      - I really am sorry, Erik. Believe me, I am. But I am also truly
      surprised. Bobby Drake has so far been a very proper young man. I
      don't understand what made him act like that.
      - But I do, Magneto said in a subdued voice. They hate me. That is
      the only explanation. Everyone in this mansion hates me. Everyone but
      you. Maybe it would be best if I left again...
      - No, Erik! Charles interrupted. I don't want to hear about
      again. You are staying here, for as long as you want, since you are
      my guest. You mustn't let that incident frighten you off.
      - It was so awful, Erik said quietly. First that boy Drake stuck
      out his foot and tripped me up, and when I fell, everyone started to
      laugh, every last one, and someone even threw things at me. And they
      wouldn't stop... God, Charles. They made me feel exactly
      like "Carrie"...*
      - Who is Carrie? Charles asked questioningly.
      - It doesn't matter. The thing is that it was awful. I can
      hear their laughter in my head...
      - What did you do about Bobby Drake? Charles asked carefully.
      - I asked him to stay after I let the others go. I thought that was
      the least I could do. I asked him straight out why he did what he
      did, but he didn't give me any answer. Finally I let him go. I
      not hurt him, Charles, if you are worrying about that.
      - No, of course not, Erik. I never believed that, Xavier said. I
      will talk with him myself.
      - You don't have to, Erik said faintly. Not for me. I just want
      forget the whole thing myself.
      - But I want to, said Charles. I believe Bobby trusts me more and
      talks to me more easily than to you, and I really want to know why he
      behaved like that.
      - Yes, do what you want, Magneto sighed. He sat up, so he
      resting his head in Charles' lap anymore. He leaned back against
      sofa instead, so he and Xavier were sitting next to each other, with
      their arms and thighs brushing.
      - How about our agreement? Erik asked after some time. Charles, you
      promised you would go public with our relationship if I...had a shot
      with your students.
      - I know, Erik, Charles said seriously. Of course I will keep my
      promise, he continued. They will know about us. Tomorrow morning I
      will summon a meeting in the lecture hall, and tell them all how it
      He spoke with his head bent down, looking at his hands. Erik could
      not avoid hearing how sad his friend and lover sounded. He softened.
      - You don't have to, Charles, he said kindly and put his arm
      Xavier's shoulder and leaned his forehead against his bald
      temple. We
      have been proven that your students haven't accepted me. You are
      right; maybe you would lose their trust if you went public with our
      love. I don't want that to happen to you, Charles. We can wait.
      But Charles shook his head. He was going to go through with this.
      - It is acceptance that we teach here at the Xavier-institute, he
      said. The students here are here just because they have not been
      accepted by the society, and they of all people should know what it
      is like to be different. They will accept you, Erik. I will make sure
      of that.
      - You don't have to do it for me, Charles, Erik said gently. I
      it. You really don't have to. I don't ask that of you.
      - I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for *us*, replied
      Charles with emphasis. I have merely been the principal of the Xavier-
      institute and the mentor and father figure of my students for so many
      years now. Of course I will continue being that, but I want my own
      life too. With you, Erik. Tomorrow, eleven o'clock in the
      I promise.
      Erik embraced his lover and let him know that he loved him.

      A/N: "Carrie" is Carrie White from Stephen King's book
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